'Degrassi': Catch a sneak peek of the new season here -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Recent Peabody Award-winner Degrassi returns to TeenNick in July — and, from the sneak peek EW.com got at the new season’s promo (below), it looks like it’ll be bringing the drama, as always. Singer/actress Keke Palmer guest stars as herself in the season premiere, which kicks off seven weeks of Monday-through-Thursday, “telenovela-style” episodes.

The promo — which hints at fistfights, gunplay, and jilted love (poor Adam!) in store this season — hits TeenNick on Monday, but you can see it exclusively here right now:

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  • Kay

    Wow, who are these people? I haven’t watched in ages–I know the original Next Gen stars have mostly moved on, but I miss Manny, Ellie, Craig, Emma and Co.

    • kt

      Don’t forget Jimmy! I mean…Drake….lol. But yeah, I miss the old days too!

      • Flip

        I hope they remember this is the 20th anniversary of School’s Out and the 10th anniversary of “The Next Generation”…I would love to see Joey and Caitlin return and reunite FOR GOOD…I will always hate Kevin Smith for breaking them up.

      • RAM

        WHEEL CHAIR JIMMY!!!!!!

      • erm

        does anyone else think that the girl that eli turns around looks like is dead ex Julia??

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    • Caitlin

      Here, here. I miss the old cast.

      • Tania

        who cares

    • stargirllover

      well if you kept watching then you’d know

      • Taylor

        Just chill. I have not been keeping up that well either, so cool your nuggets.

    • Jessica

      Seriously People stop obsessing over the old degrassi when you watch the new stuff! During the week days around noon the old episodes are on so don’t be hating on the new ones! Because the old people have moved on, high school doesnt last forever. I LOVE DEGRASSI! <3

    • Jessica

      Seriously People stop obsessing over the old degrassi when you watch the new stuff! During the week days around noon the old episodes are on so don’t be hating on the new ones! Because the old people have moved on, high school doesnt last forever. I LOVE DEGRASSI! <3 p.s. Drew is hot! And Casey and jenna are adorable together, they are going to make great parents and a great family together! <3

  • Viv

    As a Canadian, I have Degrassi fatigue, I mean, it’s so unrealistic! Covering every issue under the sun does not make a series “groundbreaking”!

    • Matt

      Could not agree more! It’s just laughable.

    • Kelcie

      I agree as well! Even as an American getting these episodes late. Besides, how many times is someone going to get shot or killed or come out? It’s gotten less realistic, more ridiculous… -____-

      • Captain

        Its done for shock value now, that’s the problem. Before, Degrassi was revolutionary because it took on real-life, taboo situations that no other show would cover and it handled them with care and honesty. Now, its just a poorly written soap where they test the limits to how many people can come out, become an alcoholic and get pregnant in one season. Television in general is often pushing the boundaries as well so what may have been “taboo” 20 years ago is more cliche.

      • Kamren

        actually it is realistic these are things that some teens go threw some teens go threw bullying school shootings, teens geting pregnant, alcohol problems , drug use etc. These things really happen there just such sensitive subjects that not many people talk about them.

      • donna

        i love all of degrassi

    • Emmy

      I agree. At this point it’s just like an American teen soap. The original Degrassi and early TNG episodes handled sensitive issues with care. Now it’s mostly about sex, dating, and violence. If a character isn’t dating someone, then they don’t really have a storyline.

      • degrassi crazed

        Just because a character isn’t in a relationship, doesn’t mean they don’t really have a storyline. And there are real issues that still come up. For instance, they have begun to get into the reality of special needs students. I know they did some in other episodes, but they are covering different special needs. I like the diversity of the problems surrounding the scenarios. There may be someone who ends up pregnant but they change up how the teens deal with it. They also change how the schools are dealing with the problems that happen. They are now starting to touch on the way the families are coping with their trials and tribulations. Alli is the first to have run away and they did a good job with that. So how can you say that everything is so cliche? Or that every character needs to be in a relationship in order to have a storyline?

    • Allie

      unrealistic? what show are you watching viv? all the issues they cover are real

      • Taylor

        I totaly agree with you. Everything is real. Peopls dating, getting pregnant, shootings, jealusy, drugs and drinking, proms, its all real because everything that i just mentioned happens at every school, no matter where you go. TRUST ME. ITS REAL.

    • jubr

      i don’t understand what being canadian or american has to do with it anyways i totally disagree.

      • Redd

        this makes meh want to cry so badly … but its still my favorite show ..

      • Captain

        The OP mentioned he/she was Canadian because he was saying he had “Degrassi fatigue” as they play every episode about 100 times a day on Much Music here.

  • Zoe

    Love Degrassi promos (remember the “carnival” one from last year?) but the actual episodes rarely pay off in terms of suspense and excitement. But at least there’s something to watch every weeknight!

    • HOLLA

      tru!!! they always make it look so hype in the promos. but then the actual episode falls short.

    • alexis

      exactly!!! my guesses on what is going to happen are always better than the episodes:( but the storylines for this seems interesting
      so hopefully they do better

    • Isla

      haha so true, I feel more drama/excitment reading a recap of the actual episode than watching it.

    • maiv

      I was thinking the same exact thing haha that’s why i usually just read recaps and watch the ep after wards if it sounded good

    • Antonio

      I watched the orinigal series when I was a kid, but anyone who loved the orinigals eschews the “new generation”. Yuck. Seems like a pretty giant rip off to me – it would be less embarrassing if they’d just admit that they’d run out of ideas and were now blatantly plagiarizing.

  • Flip

    I love the soap opera format! It’s so addictive to watch 4 nights a week. The second half of the season was a total snore because it went back to the once-a-week schedule.

    • Allie

      yea i know once a week was lame. so glad it’s coming back to 4 nights a week!

      • Amanda K

        Will if be 4 nights per week in Canada only, or the US too?

      • Carmen

        how do u know its coming on 4 nights a week…..?

      • Flip

        Did you even read the article, Carmen?

        And yes, it’s 4 nights a week in both Canada and the US this summer, just like last year.

      • Maddie

        We know it’s four nights a week because their last summer series was four nights a week so why wouldn’t this one be?

  • Jen Jen

    Ah Degrassi. I watched you until Degrassi High and then I let you go. Spike had Snake’s kid. And Joey streaked through the halls with just a hat. Now, I no longer even slightly recognize you. But that’s OK, you are no longer the kids anyways.

    • steph

      Lol, spike didn’t have snakes kid.. smh

      • court

        yeah she did, it was later on on the degrassi next generation. Emma is not his, but she had his son.

      • Jonnie Ann

        i remember when joey streaked.. and spike and shane had emma, but spike and snake had the boy (:

      • alexis

        his names jack

      • steph

        I thought they were talking about emma considering they said degrassi high and that they never watched it after degrassi high. Thanks.

      • Vicky

        agreed with steph. they were referring degrassi high, and spike did NOT have snakes kid then.

    • Beauty

      Spike had Shane’s kid in junior high got pregnant when she was 15.

      • Sal

        It wasn’t Shane’s (Snake). I don’t mind them bringing in new characters (are we really gonna follow our Degrassi faves into the working world?) but I haven’t kept up so I won’t be watching.

      • steph

        I figured they were talking about Emma.

    • Zit Remedy

      Everybody wants something!

  • Allie

    thank you!!!

  • Zach

    I admit its not as good as the original next generation and nothing can compare to the old 80s cheesiness but i still enjoy it i hope drew gets shot hes kinda annoying and needs a wake up call thats wat would happen in real life he’d prolly die but he wont on the show cause hes a big character we need another sad thing to bring something back to the story like the rick shooting or jt being killed it was sad but it gave the characters new motivations that this story desperately needs

    • Maddie

      JT died and he was a major character.

      • Maddie

        Sorry about that last comment, I didn’t read the entire post before I wrote that!

      • DJ

        Kids these days. You can’t even read a whole comment before replying? Of course some of you can’t seem to read the story either since you were asking how we knew it was on 4 nights a week.

    • jubr

      i never knw ppl got shot for being annoying!!!!…i disagree with that..but about the major character gettign killed off i agree they wouldn’t do that but J.T died and he was a major character.

  • Meg

    That’s it? It’s like 1:30…last year shark in the water was like a whole minute longer…I’m really disspointed now. But it was still really good.


    I LOVE THE SHOW I WATCH IT ALL THE TIME THE NEW season looks good some what drew is my favorite

  • anahi

    Cant wait to see degrassi this summer

  • QuennBee


  • Michelle

    this promo is fantastic! love the song too!

  • Danny Adams

    Love it can’t wait looks great:D

  • de

    i love watching this silly show, lets me know what i missed growing up, i’d love it if manny came back for any reason.

    • degrassi crazed

      I agree…she can teach there with snake. Wouldn’t that be funny. ‘Cause if Emma were to visit again, she would have to deal with Snake and Manny at the same time almost no matter where she went. And Manny would have to throw in a little “knowledge” with the students and some “risque” with the other faculty!

  • Chu

    Lol. Why would you punch a guy with a gun? Idiot.

    • Bambi

      Look who it is, what do you expect? lol

    • ASH

      cause he was pissed off for macking his girl

      • latifah s

        Season 11 is omg and degrassi just got renewed for a 12th season so excited.

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