'House,' 'Glee,' 'Leverage,' 'Royal Pains': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room


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It’s hot in New York right now. Not awful… but getting there. And watching the premiere of Leverage, where the team heads to Alaska for a case, not only made me wildly jealous but provided just the escape I was craving. That’s summer TV for you! And we’re gearing up for the bulk of it, readers. So send in your scoop requests to spoilerroom@ew.com (that’s two r’s) or Tweet them to me @EWSandraG. I’m also accepting random questions about finales, questions for EW staffers, and your general TV musings. (I read them all when I run out of TV to watch, which happens more often than you think.) Thanks, as always, Roomies!


There’s so much change going on at House, it’s both terrifying and a little exciting. Exciting because there’s no way to predict how the post-Cuddy world will shift this show. One option currently being explored? The advancement of the Thirteen/Chase chemistry we’ve all picked up on.

“I think the fact that Chase confessed to her about the Dibala incident from last season is a very [important statement]. I think they have a powerful bond. I hope we only explore that further in the future,” executive producer Greg Yaitanes told EW after we screened the episode “After Hours.”

Of course, the future of this possible couple depends on Olivia Wilde’s commitment to the show next year, which is currently up in the air. Creator David Shore says anything can happen. “We’ve got lots of options and lots of things we’re stewing about. But we won’t know for sure until we start digging into season 8. But that was a nice surprise toward the end of the season, seeing the two of them together.”

Thoughts, House fans? Did you pick up on the chemistry? And would you like to see this pair become… closer?


Will Divya marry Raj? Are Evan and Paige going to stay together? Is Eddie going to prison? And what about Hank and Jill? Yeah, it’s been a long winter waiting for answers to all the burning questions we were left with about Royal Pains, but the wait is almost over! (T-minus, one month.) But what’s on the horizon? I had a spoilery chat with star Mark Feuerstein about this very subject for EW’s Best of Summer issue (on stands now).

“We’re coming back to life in the Hamptons after a long winter. So you may not even recognize my character in the first shot of the season premiere because I’m looking so haggard,” Feuerstein laughs. “Life in the Hamptons continues where it left off: Paige and Evan had their big trip together, my father is now in jail, Boris and Marissa are having the baby … [and] Jill came back from her journey to South America, and she had a great experience. So there’s a big question in the air: Will she be staying in the Hamptons or not?” A packed premiere? You bet. And filming has been anything but easy. (I know, surprising for “the Hamptons.”) In fact, Feuerstein says, it’s been painful! Particularly an episode that found Hank getting into an altercation with an old football nemesis.

“I kept getting a little too carried away, and in the fight, his cast that he’s wearing — cause he hurt his arm, which is part of the medical scenario in the episode — went right across my nose, and he just took all the skin off the bridge of my nose,”he says. “So if you see a scar in the second episode, you’ll know that that’s really from the shooting of the episode, playing football, it’s not make-up. But it’s okay, I’m gonna live. I just wanted my nose to be that much bigger.”

The football episode also guest stars Green Bay Packers receiver Greg Jennings, and in the next episodes, as Eddie gets out of jail, Ed Asner will appear as Hank and Evan’s grandfather.


Last season’s Leverage left off on a scandalous(ly awesome) reveal: Nate (Timothy Hutton) and Sophie (Gina Bellman) rolling around in bed, finally succumbing to the lusty looks we’ve seen them exchange. But in the fourth season’s premiere (airing June 26), you wouldn’t know anything had changed between the two — at least while they’re on a case. And the team’s first of the season is a cool one. Well, a freezing one. It takes them to Alaska to stop a dirty deal from going down. But even more interesting than how all that goes down are the sweet moments shared by Leverage‘s other buzzy pair — Parker (Beth Riesgraf) and Eliot (Christian Kane). Are they more than just friends? You’ll have to be the ultimate judge, but my feeling after watching Eliot help Parker through a breakdown of sorts while they’re trapped together in an ice cavern is that at the very least they are the best of friends. (I love them!!) Also great in the ep? Alec’s one-liners about the bitter cold, one pair’s undercover smooch (is it for the case?), and Nate’s (unintentionally funny) battle with altitude sickness. It’s so good to be back!

(By the by, I’m talking to Hutton after Memorial Day! Send your inquiries! Spoilerroom@ew.com.)


Sandra, I’m as excited as you are about Sam and Mercedes. Please tell me what’s in the cards for them. — Joanie
I can’t speak to their longterm viability, but EP Brad Falchuk assures they’ll continue to simmer over the summer. “When we come back [in season three], they will be together,” he assures. Also on the table as an option next year? A new romance for recently heartbroken (and newly made-over) Quinn!

I loved your idea about bringing in Dustin Goolsby for more Glee time. I find him hilarious. But I’m not totally ready to give up on Sue yet. What’s she going to be up to next season? — Claire
According to Falchuk, the sweet streak will find an end. Asked whether Sue is actually going to stay sweet and stop trying to destroy the glee club, he replied, “No, of course she’s going to try!”


Image Credit: Virginia Sherwood/USA Network

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your twice a week chats! So since it’s two times the fun, how about two scoops on my two favorite USA shows that are returning this summer? Covert Affairs and Burn Notice. Can you tell I love spies? Thanks. — Pink :)
I sincerely hope that’s on your Facebook profile because it sounds pretty cool. “Enjoys: Spies.” And while Spoiler Room is on once a week during summer (hey, it’s better than going into reruns), I don’t mind double the fun here. For Affairs, the first episode back picks up exactly where we left off last season — with Ben fighting for his life. And the first few minutes will try to deceive you. Also, Annie will be in distress after someone she cares about disappears with no explanation. But there’s someone close to her who knows the truth… On Burn Notice (which I’ll have more on next week!) all will seem fine with newly unburned Michael Westen…for a while. But in episode 4, there will be “a huge murder twist” that will throw Michael’s life into turmoil. “It’s a big twist, and it’s exciting,” says star Jeffrey Donovan. “I’ll be honest with you, you do a series for as many episodes as we do — we do 18 a year — some episodes are more exciting than others. But this particular season opener and the big murder twist that happens in the fourth episode is pretty challenging for me and really exciting to kind of act.”

Sober Jackie is freaking me out. In I think a good way. How long does she stay this way? — Elizabeth
At least through the next new episode of Nurse Jackie, but it’s not easy, especially as her daughter begins having more and more troubles herself. But as Jackie finds herself more sober than we can remember, someone’s suspicions threaten to cause her major troubles at work.

Hi. Love to read the Spoiler Room. I have a question now that The Mentalist finale has aired. Awesome ending, will the next season time jump or start where they left it at the end? Thanks. — Linda, Omaha, NE
It’s a little too early to tell, but creator Bruno Heller sounds pretty excited about the “How does Patrick Jane get away with murder?” question. My guess would be that they’re not going to skip over that part. And I have to admit, I’m deathly curious to see how the heck they write themselves out of this one, too. In fact, I’d go so far as to say I’d be a little disappointed if they didn’t pick up exactly where they left off. (Passing up a chance to see Patrick Jane in cuffs = crime.) Agree?

I haven’t heard a word about the upcoming season of Rescue Me that
starts in July. Any news? Cheers. — Laurie Schlagel

Here are three (not necessarily related) words: Wedding. Major death.

Any word on Jeffster’s role on next season of Chuck? I love those idiots… — Mary
In the cards? Job security! “They have job security in the fact that they’re funny,” assures EP Chris Fedak. “Jeff and Lester are certainly a part of the show. Chuck bought the Buy More because he thought it was the perfect cover. If he started hiring some professional people, it wouldn’t be a good cover any more. So they’re still going to be part of the show.”

Do you know what Chris Noth’s commitment to The Good Wife is? Will he be absent like he was in season 2 or will he be in more episodes? Will and Alicia can’t be together for long, right?  I am not a fan of the pairing. Thank you. — Kevin
I hear Noth’s commitment is (on paper!) for the same amount of episodes as last year — he’s on tap to appear in approximately half. That can nudge slightly in either direction depending on what direction the show heads. As for Will and Alicia, I guess it depends on your definition of together. I don’t know if you saw our exclusive Q&A with creators Robert and Michelle King last week, but it sounds like they’re definitely not afraid of putting these two through the ringer. They told EW’s Tanner Stransky: “There’s a satisfaction in seeing them together, but that is going to be awkward. And also Alicia is going to become more desirable to other law firms, and the combination of that and what happened is going to put some strain on that relationship.”


@EWSandraG you cover a crap-ton of shows. Which is your favorite? — @Tensai214
I have a crap-ton of favorites, too. And I recap two of them!


I’m really looking forward to the return of Entourage. (I promise I’m not a douche, contrary to my choice of TV programming.) So any word on Vince’s drug problem? — Brian
It’s pretty much over. Doug Ellin told me in a chat that the issue would be dealt with “early on” to make way for a season that is much more hilarious than the previous season.

Any idea what’s the plan for Cary and Kalinda next year? I know it’s all about Will and Alicia for some, but I love this pair! — Char
Who doesn’t love them? [Insert inevitable contradicting statement from commenter here.] And lucky for us, Matt Czuchry has hope for them, too. “I think we saw both of those characters in a different light in season 2, and it’s been developing slowly. I think there’s still more potential for that. I think it’s a possibility in season 3.” Woohoo!


Image Credit: Bob Mahoney/Lifetime

My favorite summer show, Drop Dead Diva is scheduled for arrival soon. Scoop, please!! — Sam
After Stacy and Fred finally do the deed (awww) look for them to hit rocky times! “Fred books a commercial and Stacy starts to feel a little jealousy. But, of course, he doesn’t really understand why,” April Bowlby dishes. “You see a lot of her colors this season.”

Hey, Sandra. So far I’ve heard nil about the return of Memphis Beat. Any word? — Frank
The first episode back hits home for Dwight as he deals with a case of an officer killed, leaving behind a young son — a situation that echo’s his own childhood. But my favorite part of the episode is when the whole station breaks into song to honor the fallen comrade. I’ve always admired how this show wove the music of the show into the storyline and made it believable. This season is no exception, and if the first case is an indication of how this season will proceed, you’re in for a treat.

Are you able to post all the Upfronts interviews you did online so we can read the rest of TVD banter and Mikita finishing sentences? — @Sirenella
Fine. I’m such a softy. This bit from my convo with Shane West and Maggie Q has scoop on next season to boot! You’re spoiled rotten.

Shane West: It’s exciting to come back for a second season, period. I think what’s exciting about this year is now that they’re together we’re going to see how difficult it is going to be to keep that together. For Maggie, we’re also going to get into the backstory of Nikita.
Maggie Q: What I really like is that Nikita played a pivotal role in Michael’s journey to find out what happened in his past and what went down. She was sort of that person for him and I think, going into season 2, Michael’s going to be there for her. To me, that’s rooted in something deeper. It’s going to be a lot deeper than what you see in a normal romance…
SW: …because I think these characters that Craig [Silverstein] created, they’re very difficult. They’ve had different lives. I think Michael went through a lot of that this year. So he’s in a better headspace…
MQ: …but now he has to deal with what Nikita’s been dealing with, which is looking into what he’s done in his career with Division, which is not good. We don’t really know the extent of that yet. He’s just moving into another phase — as she is.
Me: Safe to say it’s not going to be sunny.
SW: It didn’t even end that way — literally. [Both laugh.]

Sons of Anarchy, please!! — Lisa
I’d be worried about Juice and Bobby, who in an upcoming episode come face-to-face with a very scary Russian man.

Anything on The Closer? I’m going through major Brenda Lee withdrawal — Hope
Per creator James Duff, the theme of this season is: love and loss. And ever the poetic man, he tried to sum it up for me. “In the words of Claudius, it’s time for all the poisons that lurk in the mud to seep to the top. And that’s what’s going to happen. You’re going to see all the darkness that’s been building up for six years finally rise to the top, and she’s going to have to confront who she really is.” More on this soon.

(Additional reporting by Tim Stack)

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  • Pink

    Yay!! Thanks for answering my question!!! Can’t wait to get more BN scoop. Hoping Jeffrey Donovan took some voice lessons so he can work out new accents… since he pretty much only has 2 in his bag of tricks lol.

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    • jd

      yeah, i get that, but he looks hot doing em so i’m ok with it! he can come over my house and try new accents out anytime!

      • Emily

        I’m ok with most of his accents, but the Australian (or was it supposed to be South african?) one from when he was posing as a security consultant makes me cringe every time.

  • Kate

    I hope they don’t confuse and we don’t confuse anything between Parker and Eliot other than Eliot really thinks of her like his little sister because we all know that Parker and Hardison actually really like each other in the romantic sense.

    • E

      Really, Parker & Eliot?? No, it should be Parker & Hardison!!

      • Zazazing


      • Gwen


      • Mary

        Yes … agreed!!!

      • Sue1

        Thank God I’m the not the only one who said, “Parker and Eliot????”

      • laylagalise

        I know! She must not be watching the same show we are….

      • Spikenalabama

        Completely agree..Parker and Hardison are adorable together. NOT Parker and Eliot.

    • Mavis

      I was confused by that as well because I always saw Parker & Hardison together! Then I read Parker & Eliot and my brain hurt.

      • Carrie

        Yeah, there’s always been something between Parker & Hardison, not Eliot. I don’t get it. I have no problem with Parker and Eliot becoming closer friends, but she belongs with Hardison.

    • Anna

      If Leverage split up Parker and Hardison to put her with Eliot, a lot of us would be VERY upset!

    • suzyb

      I know I’m in the minority here, but I was always rooting for Parker and Eliot, but John Rogers has said repeatedly on his blog and DVD commentaries that they would never happen – bro/sis relationship, but Eliot doesn’t sh*t where he eats.

      • Lindsey

        Love the idea of Parker and Eliot. Hardison is just too weirded out by Parker.

      • kt

        If John Rogers thinks Eliot/Parker looks like a brother/sister relationship, his family need(s)ed serious counseling. Parker and Hardison as a couple are kind of like two kids in junior high who think the other is cool and wanna play together. It’s SOOO unconvincing.

      • Wesley Gibson

        That’s good and all but Rogers and Devilin already confirmed that Season 4 will see movement on the Parker and Hardison relationship.

      • Emma

        I think a few of us see potential for Parker and Eliot…bummer it won’t happen. :( I just get a vibe off them I don’t see with Hardison. Though when he puts on his English accent I’d steal him away for me lol.

    • PJM

      Same here. Parker and Hardison should be together. Maybe the kiss is for survival purposes.

    • Alice

      Agreed also. It should be Parker and Hardison not Parker and Elliot.

  • kacey

    No! No ! No! Not a new romance for Quinn. She belongs with Puck.

    • Amy

      It must be Puck. The Glee kids do not stray from their core group and Puck is the only one left for her to be with. I mean does anyone really think he and Lauren will make it? It would be pretty shocking if a Glee clubber actually looked outside their group.

      • steph

        I like Puck and Lauren :<

      • Rachel

        I can’t stand Puck & Lauren.

      • kbean

        Maybe it should be Artie and Quinn. That would be horrible/wonderful. hehe

      • Maggie

        Glee is bringing in new cast members next season-at least one from the summer reality show. Knowing this show, a newbie guy will fall for Quinn, but in one of her bipolar episodes she will cheat on him and dump him even though she seemed so perfect and sweet with him.

  • Jasonbres

    Isn’t that Drop Dead Diva plotline from last season?

  • Benj

    More of that annoying daughter on Nurse Jackie?!?! Noooo!!! I can’t take her, I almost had to switch off the TV because she was whining over Saints in the last episode I saw.

    Please just give us a Dominic Fumusa or Peter Facinelli nude scene!

    • Cannon

      That’s an astute answer to a tricky quseiton

  • Fridge

    Really? Sue is STILL going to go after the glee club? Can they please give that plotline a rest? It was already old this season and I don’t know if I can go through another season of the same recyled plotline of Sue hates Will, Sue hates the glee club, Sue wants to destroy the glee club. Enough! Give Jane Lynch something else, she deserves better and so do the fans.

    • Laura

      I totally agree! When I read that, all I could think was that I don’t know if I can stand another season of tired “Sue wants to destroy Glee” plotlines.
      Seriously, what was the point of the Funeral episode, then? If they’re just going to keep re-hashing the same old plots over and over again, I’d rather they didn’t try to pretend they were going to do something new.

    • Deena

      Actually, thats kinda Sue’s purpose. All “villains”/protagonist have that one main goal, like supervillans and trying to destroy the “world”. Sue’s purpose is to destroy the Glee Club and restore he power at McKinnley which she lost when the Glee was established and her head cheerleader left. I think they should bring back the cheeriors actually.

  • Kay

    So that entire episode of Glee that was spent on humanizing Sue Sylvester when her sister died was basically all for nothing and she IS going to go after the Glee club again, despite her promises not to? I’m shocked. That show is so inconsistent.

  • KC

    I can’t believe Olivia Wilde hasn’t jumped ship at House for good yet.

  • Jackie

    I absolutely do NOT want Chase and 13 to become closer because that means 13 will be sticking around, and I just don’t want her to. No offense to any of her fans (to each their own), but I do not like her character, and I’m sorry but I don’t think Olivia Wilde is a very good actress. I do love Chase, though, and I would love for the show to find an interesting direction to take him in since he hasn’t had much to do recently.

    • jules

      Exactly! I can’t take 13, either. I love Chase, though, and I’d love to see someone else for him. I want Wilson’s wife (the one House can’t stand, played by Cynthia Watros) back and a new love interest for Chase. House needs to be single for a good, long time. But he can have Andre Braugher and Lin Manual Miranda back to play with.

    • Sacha

      IMO, Chase has been the most compelling fellow when he wasn’t romantically involved and got marginalized when he was with Cameron. I’m worried that the same is going to happen if the writers go for the idea of Chase/Thirteen. Didn’t she ‘bond’ with House already? She so seems to be the center of the show. Jesse Spencer has proven he can do *anything* if given some substaintial story line, and he’s fantastic in dramatic scenes. He can even carry Olivia Wilde, and that says something. Hugh Laurie seems much more awkward in scenes with her. However, if the make Chase a part of Thirteens ever so uber-tragic fate by pairing them up, I’d be very disappointed. Another doomed relationship on the show that I don’t need nor want.

      Btw, he did confess to her about Dibala? It looked like casual chat to me at the office (even if it wasn’t, according to Greg Yaitanes). It’s sad that the authors are too lazy to give him screen time enough to show what a fantastic actor he is. It’s Thirteen who gets two eps for euthanising her brother while Chase, as a closure to the most interesting and exciting arc of his character, gets to ‘bond’ with her over a cup of coffee. Very disappointing.

      • jd

        13 is boring, but no matter how many times the fans scream that to the high heavens, the folks at House refuse to listen. I get it. She’s a beautiful girl. But you can look at beautiful people in magazines. I want an interesting character to watch on my tv, and 13 just isn’t that. And then I guess the writers thought they were doing fans a favor by giving them anti-13 Amber Tamblyn. Uh. No. Just because she’s not fashionably pretty and wears ugly clothes does not a compelling character make. It’s so sad what the writers keep doing with this show. They need some distance from it and the actors so maybe they could make some good objective decisions about House’s direction. I also wish Lisa E. would’ve just stayed through next year and that the show could’ve ended with most of the original characters intact. Or at least gotten a better write off than the finale.

      • Dan

        13 is super boring no matter what they do . She is like a walking tragedy & the writers even managed to give her another one this season .
        If they think they’re making her more likable by adding the latest tragedy or by shipping her with either Chase or House , THEY’RE WRONG,THE ONLY THING THIS WILL ACHIEVE IS MORE HATE TO 13.A lot of fans hated Cuddy when she was coupled with House when they originally liked her or were indifferent to her

        With 13 , she is already an unlikable & unpopular character since she was introduced ( a fact proved beyond doubts by the ratings of her come back episodes) & the more they try to force us to like her the more we’ll dislike her.
        I can’t believe they’re still willing to loose money & more fans with this weird obsession with OW especially with her not willing to commit to do a full season.

      • Maka

        Thirteen is “super boring”? I disagree (and to be frank, I’ve never seen it. When people say she’s “super boring”, what kinds of drugs are they on? Yes, lets look at Foreman or Taub. She’s oh so boring compared to them). I’ve always liked her, although her relationship with Foreman was a non-starter. She gets House more than most, and her and Chase are IMO the most interesting team members at the moment. She’s basically a mini-House in terms of her pain and suffering. Actually, technically, House is a mini-her. Huntington’s vs. leg infarction, Huntington’s is much worse.

        Also, “The Dig” and “After Hours” are critically two of the best episodes in a very irregular Season 7, and both of those have sizeable Thirteen subplots. Coincidence?

        RE A Chase/Thirteen relationship, if they can keep it in the background, I’d be behind it. Here’s to hoping it would get kept in the background, though.

      • NLP

        Add me to the large group of fans like jd: “With 13, she is already an unlikable & unpopular character since she was introduced … & the more they try to force us to like her the more we’ll dislike her.”

        And now for the final season their big idea is to put Chase & 13 together?! I was just getting ready to start watching the show again now that the ghastly Huddy is now over, but if that’s the plan, I’ll just stick to my fond memories of the show when it so amazingly began.

        Other than House & Wilson, I’m sick of them all. Foreman, 13, Taub, & Chase all now just bore me silly.

        I’ve never been able to figure out why they thought Cameron was the one to dump! Especially considering that now they’re left with the one female who is widely disliked by the fans. Kinda limits the storytelling. Since they won’t bring Cameron back, just put House & Wilson together as a couple and get it over with!

    • Dan

      I agree.I absolutely don’t want Chase in a relationship with 13.I also don’t wan’t House/13 since it would definitely make her the center of the show( something I highly suspect Shore was planning to do early on).

      I can’t believe we are having the same discussion about OW extent of involvement in next season, like last year!& if they are planning this Chase/13 , are they going to give Chase another crappy storyline to waste time or continue with his man whoring until OW decides to come back?

      For GOD’s sake just let OW go & bring in a good actress
      ( this time ) that will stick around till the end & a character with a normal background( not over the top as Masters)

      • D

        To Maka ; The Dig got VERY LOW RATINGS(including male demo) . The episode being heavily around her much anticipated (not) return! Quincidence? Don’t think so. It proved that 13 not only wasn’t missed , her come back wasn’t welcomed by a huge number of people( including the male demo).Even House being heavily featured with her wasn’t a reason for many to tune in.
        You like her, that’s OK ,but as being proved over & over many don’t.
        P.s: episode 22 was great because of HL,LE, & JS performances .OW (13)’s large involvement definitely wasn’t the reason, she had her chance & it only proved how unpopular she is.

    • D

      Jesse Spencer is a wonderful actor & they’re stupidly wasting his skills on doing soap opera storylines.Enough with the shipping , start writing real drama other than two regular characters in a relation ship.You did that before & it got old & recycled.

      Give Chase a decent story arc this year that show case the actor’s incredible range. Chase is the only character that is under used (since the series started).
      I used to think Shore has something in store for him in the future , If so,I think S8 is a good time to do it to gain back his fans who left over the years & this year because they simply couldn’t take this huge ignorance of him any more.

      If they’re not willing to give Jesse any significant role they should let the actor find his opportunity elsewhere .maybe that’s why he hasn’t signed his contract yet.

      As for me , unless I hear a spoiler that Chase will have a significant story arc that will play throughout the season , I won’t bother tuning in for S8.I’m done with the waiting & hoping game & I’m sure I’m not the only one.

  • Jen

    Love, Love, Love Justified…has it been picked up for another season and how much longer will we have to wait for more Raylan Givens??

    • julie

      yes, it’s been picked up for a third season. i imagine it’ll come back around the same time this past season did. which means february. which stinks.

  • Fido

    Love to see more of Chase+13. What with House (possibly) awol, will Chase take on the “kill me when it’s time” pledge. AS for Leverage, Burn Notice and Covert Affairs – their return can’t come soon enough cos everything else has just ended.

  • Caiman

    Thanks for the scoop on Royal Pains. I love that show!

  • Ally

    SO excited for Sons…& Franklin from Prison Break is the new sheriff in Charming! Whoo!

  • Ryan

    who is the blonde girl in the photo on this page?

    • Devon

      April Bowlsby from Drop Dead Diva (and Alan’s ex wife from 2.5 Men)

  • dawn

    Chase and 13 together is as gross as Kalinda and Cary together. Don’t want to see either of these pairings. I’d quit watching House if they hooked up. I wouldn’t quit watching TGW but I’d be very, very nauseous.

    • Ashley

      I love Cary and Kalinda! I didn’t expect to, but I totally do.

    • Benjamine

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