George Lucas has not shot 50 episodes of a 'Star Wars' TV show


Image Credit: Lucasfilm, Ltd

Stories popped up all over this morning that George Lucas has shot 50 episodes of a live-action Star Wars TV series, that the shows are “in the can,” but, for some reason, are just sitting on the shelf waiting for some future technology to come along and finish them.

Lucas may operate in his own Skywalker Ranch bubble, but we had a baaaad feeling about this — it seemed highly unlikely The Bearded One could have cast and produced 50 episodes of a TV show without anybody finding out about it. Turns out the stories were based on a misquote and that Lucas didn’t, ahem, shoot first. Lucas has 50 completed scripts, a Lucasfilm spokesperson says, but he’s “waiting for a different type of technology we can use so it’s economically feasible to shoot the shows.”

Wonder what Lucas is waiting for? Cheaper CGI? 4D?

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  • RayT

    George, what if you directed something that WASN’T Star Wars-related!? I know this might sound shocking to you, but, when most directors have a hit, they don’t spend the next 30 years just remaking that same hit over and over again. Do something else!

    • Misha Lauenstein

      Rembrandt did 5000 paintings of his own head wearing a stupid hat.

      Who cares.

      • Emilio

        But not only that, Misha, he did a lot of paintings with other themes. Unlike GL.

      • Dave

        Uhm, Lucas did Indiana Jones as well as Star Wars. Both are perhaps the most successful trilogies of all time. Besides, Star Wars is a continuing saga, he’s not remaking the same story, he’s creating completely new stories that are all relevant. Soooo STFU

      • Jamaaliver


        Lucas hasn’t directed a NON-Star Wars movie in 38 years. And the last three he did make (Ep 1-3) weren’t very good.

        For that matter, the last Indiana Jones movie wasn’t that hot either.

      • Robin

        First Cowboys and Aliens, and now this.

      • MarcHon

        THX, American Graffitti, etc.

        The guy loves the stories and world he created, and there are MILLIONS of fanboys around that would agree with him.

      • Robin

        cgi for the win

    • Diane

      I’m pretty sure that George lives in a galaxy far far away and makes quick visits to earth every six months or so. The teleporter is on Skywalker Ranch

      • KeeKeeDee

        Thanks, JPX.

    • JPX

      Why the Lucas hate? Lucas made one of the most popular movies of all time. Who cares if he keeps making more Star Wars related stuff? RayT, once you make one of the most popular movies of all time than maybe I’ll listen to your opinion.

      • Jamaaliver

        James Cameron is what we want, desperately, for George Lucas to emulate. A talented director willing to take chances and actually move on to NEW projects. Titanic, Avatar, Terminator, T2:Judgment Day, Aliens. He’s made classics, but he keeps moving forward. Not just re-releasing the same movie over and over again.

        Lucas damages his own legacy everytime he re-releases Star Wars or makes another crap cartoon.

        PS HAN shot first.

      • Your Mama

        Um…are you forgetting that he spent the next decade after Titanic underwater? Filming the Titanic?

      • Henri M.

        Lucas is an awful director, and an even worse writer. That’s why Empire Strikes Back is the best Star Wars film – he didn’t direct it.

    • Captain

      Most hits don’t have the legs to spawn 30 years worth of material. I doubt anyone will argue that the best of the franchise is behind him but as long as people pay to see it, Star Wars movies/TV shows/webisodes/musicals/books/pornography…will be produced. Its the same reason more remakes than original movies are made each year despite everyone complaining about them, they make money.

    • Robert S

      He did. He directed and wrote RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK.

      • Ryan

        Spielberg directed Raiders; Lawrence Kasdan wrote the screenplay–Lucas came up with the story. And that was 30 years ago (1981).

      • Don

        he came up with the character and the story.

      • Joel

        No he didn’t. Spielberg directed it and Lawrence Kasdan wrote it. He did come up with the story idea though.

      • James Hibberd

        Lucas was a totally brilliant story creator. For proof of his contribution to Raiders, see this:

      • Psac

        That was a way cool link, thanks for posting.

      • Kevin Smith

        After Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of the Crystal Turd, I think both Lucas & Spielberg have lost their creative film making cred….

      • Kevin Smith

        Hey James Hibbert, that’s an awesome link. Everyone should check it out. Too bad THOSE guys weren’t around to do that piece o crystal skull… wtf?

    • Ked

      I also wish Lucas made more films during his career. American Graffiti was a great film, and I wish Lucas had the time to make more films like that. Although I do appreciate Star Wars and ILM.

    • Ian

      Or…..he made so much money on Star Wars he can do whatever he wants to do, lol. Like start Pixar and then sell it….start THX….start Industrial Light & Magic and help with the visual FX of thousands of movies….start Skywalker Sound….start LucasArts…..make Radioland Murders, Indiana Jones, Willow, and the long in development war movie he’s thought about someday making. I think he’s done a lot of things non-Star Wars, especially since the guy has openly said he doesn’t exactly love the process of making a movie, especially making one where he has to worry about what a studio thinks of it.

    • john

      Yeah, but most directors don’t make a billion dollars off of one franchise.

    • Eric

      Indiana Jones, Willow, THX-1138, American Graffiti. He’s done other stuff. And the thing is; Star Wars is still in HIGH demand. It’s one thing if it wasn’t selling anymore or a demand for it but people still want it.

    • Gavin

      Ray T.,
      How about not watching it?

    • J.J. Abramson

      RayT, meet Kevin Smith. Kevin Smith, meet RayT.

    • ukulelemike

      Next time you want GL to make something non-Star Wars, just keep telling yourself, “Howard the Duck…Howard the Duuuuck!”

    • ryan

      But he is like most human beings who like money! Duh. And he has had his hands in other projects. Look at that sentence, it had 5 H words in it.

  • Johnification

    Aw man, he’s writing it?! I thought they were gonna get some awesome showrunner to write and produce them, and Lucas would only be EP. This doesn’t bode well…

    • Jeff

      Read closely. Where does it say he actually wrote the 50 episodes? It says he has 50 completely scripts. Not that he was the one to write them.

      • Kevin Smith

        When you think about it, Lucas hasn’t written a real script for almost 30 years

  • harry

    4D LOL!!!

    • Brian Wallace

      It WILL be in 4 dimensions. It’s going to waste all of our TIME.


      • Chris

        Brian from downtown!

      • Marc

        Boom goes the dynamite!

      • fish eye no miko

        And we have a winner!

      • Jeff

        and we will have to once again throw away all our Star Wars 3D DVDs we just bought to replace our Blu-Rays to buy the 4D ones.

      • brian is da man

        down goes lucas! down goes lucas!

  • UGH

    That man has ruined the franchise.

    • Dave

      That man IS the franchise. No Lucas, no Star Wars.

      • MikeB

        I bet some of the book writers could give us much better stories and scripts. I kinda wish someone would take Star Wars away from Lucas.

  • Walker

    Who Cares? Have you watched any of the prequel movies on an HD TV? The quality is terrible. The lighting is completely off. The picture is pixelated. The CGI sucks. These movies were supposed to be cutting-edge and unfortunately Lucas decided to make them right before cutting-edge technology came out.

  • Diane

    He’s obviously waiting for holigraphic technology to film them

  • Don

    Why believe he would film 50 hours AND not charge people for behind the scenes info as he did for the prequels. Believe me, WHEN filming starts Georgie will more than let us know.

  • Michelle

    Who wants to watch 50 hours of painful, inane dialogue?! Weren’t the prequels bad enough?

  • Jawsphobia

    He as a producer has the scripts though they are of course written by others. The Clone Wars animated shows have better scripts than the prequels because they must be delegated. But it doesn’t stop him from urging a “more is more” philosophy that proved unexciting in Attack of the Clones.

    • MikeB

      Amen. The scripts and story line for Clone Wars is far better than the prequels, and I think it’s exactly because he lets other people write them and just gives them pointers as to the over all direction of the series.

      • Cheryl F

        I say that to people all the time. The scripts for the Clone Wars are so much better written because George delegates all of it to Dave Feloni, et al. They come up with the goods and all he has to do is nod or shake his head to approve or disapprove the ideas.

  • Robert

    WHo knows what Lucas is waiting for he is a extremely creative guy and will wait till he has what he needs and to get it right in his opinion, that could be forever

  • Mort Spielberg

    Actually, this is not a rumor. Lucas wrote, cast & directed all 50 episodes with the same care he did the prequels; they all have the same quality in terms of story, dialogue & acting. Now, just like he did with Episodes 1-3, he’s just waiting to spend the remaining $499.99million of his $500million budget on the special effects to enhance them… Can’t wait for more hilarious Vader monologues! (“Where’s Padme?…. Noooooo!”)

    • MikeB

      LOL. Does that Noooooooooooo!!!! at the end not totally ruin the only semi-decent prequel or what.

      • J.J. Abramson

        When you watch Episode 3: Revenge of the Sh#t again (which I unfortunately did), you’ll notice the entire “film” is horrible. Most notable is Anakin’s “seduction” into the dark side – it’s absolutely sit-com laughable and makes no sense… The third is the best of the prequels, but what does that really say – it is the least smelly turd pile left from a sick bantha? Remember 3 of sh#t is sh#t – if Lucas really wanted to screw us, he would have made a fourth

    • Bob

      LOL x infinite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Betelguice

    Remember when Lucas wanted to film a space movie, and he went and got people to help him create new ways of filming the scenes he wanted? 1976/77 sure is a galaxy far far away now, isn’t it?

  • bobbyz

    Lucas lost his magic.
    those last 3 movies made me feel that we were living in hell.

  • Jed Eye Night

    I should have known that little quote would be taken like that. I was watching Attack of the Show and I heard him say that. And I said “50 scripts…” to the TV. (yes I talk to the tv all the time… tv good)

  • Bony

    Hmm… Maybe he did loose his powers hope fully the next time he do it big u never no………

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