Patrick Dempsey responds to reports that he's quitting 'Grey's Anatomy'


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Is Patrick Dempsey quitting Grey’s Anatomy?

The actor’s publicist released a statement to EW that suggested he was taken somewhat out of context during a recent interview that’s set stirred up Grey’s fans.¬†Dempsey told the Italian edition of Vanity Fair that he won’t return to Grey’s Anatomy after next season. “It will be my last,” Dempsey said. “I don’t know what will happen with the other characters, but for me, it’s done.”

That sounds pretty clear to us. But Dempsey’s rep says he was only referring to his contract being up after next season and it’s uncertain what he will do next:

“He was referring to the fact that his contract is up at the end of next season and we have no idea what the future holds.”

So … is this post-publication hedging the result of showrunner/studio/network phone calls telling the actor to continue the party line for the sake of the show? Or is Dempsey laying the groundwork for his next round of contract negotiations? At the end of the day, both statements could be true: The actor may feel totally done with Grey’s and want to move on, but you never know what will happen if ABC backs up the money truck.

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  • Kari

    LoL..Both Patrick Dempsey and Ellen Pompeo have made difinitive statements to leaeving GA when the seasons ends, and now both have backtracked on them a little. Love PD/EP but both just need to say “no comment” the next time they are asked and leave it at that because this making firm statements and then taking them back is getting a bit ridiculous out of both now.

    • Becca


    • bruno

      totally. and lame, old, negotiation ploy.

      • wsugar

        They should back up the monet truck right over the two of them.

      • KM

        What? a truck full of paintings?

    • Billie

      Ditto! LOL!

    • lmallen2790

      you are correct. well said. jane seymour wishes she had so “no comment” right about now too!

    • laura

      Agree!!! Remember what happened to K.Heigl and TR Knight ; ) lol

    • KikiD

      Couple of Divas testing out what the response would be to see how far along they can stretch their negotiation tactics for more $$

    • Jethro T Bodine

      As a women, you must already aware that the way to make someone want you more is to tease then deny then tease then deny then tease…. need I continue?

  • Entertainment2u-Twitter

    negotiation tactic

    • robin williams

      this. oldest trick in the book.

  • jessica

    Italian Vanity Fair loves this guy.

  • erin dowden

    If patrick were to leave the show it would be a tragedy. I only watch it to see where his charectar and merideth will go in the stories. If he did retire from the show would he race his cars full time or continue with bigger roles on the “Big Screen”?

  • Marten

    Shonda Rhimes wants to drag the series as out as long as she can keep it on life support, but even she’s stated in recent interviews that it’s very likely that Patrick, Ellen, Sandra, Chandra, and James Pickens Jr. will leave at the end of next season. Sure they could pull a Robert Sean Leonard and stick around another season past their contracts, but they’ll probably leave. And frankly I wouldn’t begrudge them, 8 years is a long time to be on any show.

    • CTV

      If Chandra leaves the show, I really will quit watching.

  • PiratesDaughter

    I am so glad last season Grey’s rebounded. So glad. Because that means next season can be everyone’s last.

  • Bontle

    I love grey’s to the core..but its time the show ends b4 they ruin their legacy..

    • alan

      Lets be honest. That boat sailed as soon as Dead Danny was Ghost Danny.

      • melizaberry

        agree. ghost sex was the shark

      • Matt

        @melizaberry, your use of the word “shark” is incorrect. The shark implies the peak of the show, and afterward, you “jump the shark”. Ghost sex was most definitely not the peak.

      • gigi

        @Matt…Ghost sex was the “shark” and Callie’s coma musical was “the jump”. Grey’s has ran it’s course. It needs to bow out gracefully while it’s somewhat on top.

      • Leslie

        DENNY – not DANNY….just fyi

      • Michelle

        @alan…it’s Denny
        @gigi…Totally agree!

      • Zoe

        Matt: No–YOU are wrong. The shark is not the peak of the show. When Fonzie “jumped the shark” (literally), it was a sign that the show had gone past the point of no return. Going by your reasoning, the shark would have been the good days of Happy Days, which wasn’t true. The shark is NOT the peak, but a sign that the show is past its sell-by date. So if you think that ghost sex drove Grey’s past the point of salvation, then yes, the ghost sex equals Fonzie jumping the shark on Happy Days.

      • Rocky

        Finally someone (Zoe) got it right… “jumping the shark” is a throwback to how ridiculous it was for the Fonze to jump the shark in the surfing scene. The new “jump the shark” phrase is “nuke the fridge”… from the scene in the latest Indiana Jones movie where Indiana gets in the fridge before the nuke hits, flies a few miles in the air and then jumps out unharmed as soon as the fridge slams into the ground.

        The shark (or fridge) isn’t a metaphor for anything… it was a literal shark in the episode.

      • hannah1

        You mean ghost DENNY???? duhhhh

      • Wa Wa?

        There was ghost sex and I never watched this? With all the reality TV on these days and ideas like this, is there ANY proof that the writers strike ever ended?

    • Robin

      Agreed. It is time to wrap this up.

  • Alexi

    He’s done! This is the party line

  • B

    I think they ought to use next season to wrap up the show entirely. This last season was good, characters are becoming more settled (I know there were separations, but I expect them to be temporary), and they ought to close it out on a high note.

  • Jay

    Man… If this happens.. .Then life is gonna suck.. A LOT! I really enjoyed this series with the original cast… WHY ARE THE LEAVING!!! Atleast leave when the series ends!

  • Agent Smith

    It’s been an interesting series, most of the time. But if that many leads leave, then end it.

  • Alan Carver

    I was never a fan of this over-rated show and so anyone of these actors that decides to leave … who cares! Please just kill this show off entirely! It was way past it’s prime!

    • Leslie

      If you never watched – then why the heck do you care if it ends or not?

    • hannah1

      Only stupid people watch stuff they don’t like.

      • lynnie

        LOL Hannah1!!!!!

      • GeorgiaPeach

        Only stupid people piggy back off of false conclusions drawn from statements that were never said.

    • @ Alan Carver

      If you never watched the show, how do you know it’s past it’s prime.

      • GeorgiaPeach

        Never a fan does not necessariy equate to never watched. Nor does it exclude liking certain aspects of said show. I have never been a fanof American Idol

  • lifer

    Why not end the series at season 8. It’s kind of limping along right now. Karev’s character needs a major reboot or to go to africa. Tired of the tortured Mer/Der dynamic. All the originals are looking 15 years too old to be surgical residents still. They should at least be fellows by now! LOL!

  • Mike

    Ya know, I love “Grey’s” and I always will. But, like “Desperate Housewives,” “Greys” is beginning to suffer from fatigue. Season 7 was a definite shot in the arm, far superior to Season 6, so why not announce Season 8 as the last season and go out with high ratings? In my opinion that’s far better than an aging show dragging into the ground.

    • DTO

      I bailed on this series early in season 3 when there were, like, 3 different wedding proposals in the final 5 minutes of the same episode. Later, reports of Ghost Denny and sex with ghosts did not lure me back. What started out as a more dramatic SCRUBS from a female perspective devolved rather quickly in season 3 into little more than a goofy (not in a good way) primetime soap. I’m glad I left and never looked back.

  • Cindy


    • ME

      Obviously you do… since you must of read this article to put your comment. Hello.

      • LUZ MARIA

        I agree. She probably likes the show and watches all the time.
        I see nothing wrong with the show.
        Would hate to see Danny leave.

      • @ LUZ

        Who is Danny?

      • GeorgiaPeach

        Maybe they just read the title and responded as a who cares protest? It is an entertainment website asking for comment right?

    • Haley

      Best Comment Ever xD

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