Syfy renews 'Ghost Hunters' for eighth season -- EXCLUSIVE


Hey, quiet! Listen… Can you hear that? It was like a voice, and it was coming through the phone and it was saying… “Syfy has renewed Ghost Hunters for an eighth season!”

The paranormal hit is Syfy’s longest-running reality show (and one of the most veteran on cable) and has spawned both spin-offs (Ghost Hunters International, Ghost Hunters Academy) and knock-offs (A&E’s Paranormal State) as it continues to reign as TV’s top paranormal docu-series.

The most recent seventh season has averaged 1 million adults 18-49 on Wednesday nights. Tomorrow’s episode is a special hour-long case in Hawaii investigating the Pacific Aviation Museum in Pearl Harbor. Twenty new episodes are planned for 2012. Here’s a clip from Wednesday’s episode:


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  • Kate

    Sometimes I watch this to hear accents I am familiar with (I am from Southeast Massachusetts, so we get plenty of that Rhode Island) but it seriously gets old.

    • The Man

      If you believed anything on this show, you a delusional, gullible idiot.

      • rerun

        Yeah, any God-fearing person know there’s no such thing as ghosts. That’s just stupid!

      • Para-abnormal

        So, you’re an idiot if you believe in ghosts? But, doesn’t your God-Fearing bible say something about “worlds without end” and “Hosts of angels and demons unseen by man”? In fact, didn’t Christ ward off “legion” when he/it had possessed someone? Heck, READ YOUR BIBLE, and you will see ghosts are nothing to be trifled with. Just because you don’t understand it doesn’t make it less real. “God-Fearing” men should know there’s more out there than we are aware of, and should realize that being closed-minded is a SUREFIRE way to ‘hell’. But I guess you have to believe in hell to go to hell. But you’re God-Fearing, so you DO believe in hell, don’t you?

      • Para-abnormal

        Just because you lack the experience of encountering the unknown doesn’t make it less real. Don’t believe what you see on TV – GO OUT AND EXPERIENCE IT! Once you’ve encountered a REAL ‘unknown force’ you’ll stop nay-saying. Easiest way to change a “Skeptic” (like Jason) to a “believer” is to have an encounter. Just because I’ve never been to Australia, or Europe doesn’t mean they aren’t real. Just because YOU haven’t had an encounter with the unknown doesn’t make it less real. It mean you need to get out more.

      • Tony

        LMAO! There’s aword for you. Retard!

      • Venkmann

        I have feelings of dread in my attic or basement.

      • CntryAngl

        Only rude, crude, uneducated people call people idiots. Especially when they don’t even know them personally.

      • Bikerb54

        You know what, The Man. I believe because I’ve seen ghosts and experienced many things that can’t be explained! I’ve had a neighbor pass away and the next day, I heard him walking the hallway between our apartments and I was in the hallway when it happened. The footsteps stopped outside his door for about 3 seconds and then I heard them on the inside of his apartment and no one else lived there. It was never re-rented. Some nights after I’d hear his footsteps outside my door, my blow dryer would turn on, no one in the bathroom when it happened and the outlet was turned off! Explain that one-The (narrow minded) MAN!!!

      • CONNIE

        some people are idiots if they have bad an negetive things to say about this show,then dont watch!!! but i believe because i have seen….so go away if you have nothing positive to say!!

      • CONNIE

        DON’T LIKE IT??? DON’T WATCH !

      • Rene Forgy

        I’m sooooo glad your coming back on in september I miss watching you guy Love the show and learn all from you. keep up the good work and I do pray that you’ll keep on keep’n on. and hope that Grant will show back up soon!

    • Anonymous

      I am too from Southeast Mass! I can’t even tell they have any accents, and Steve is from New Bedford and still has none. Steve also needs to tell everyone how to pronounce his last name, Gonsalves. I love that he is Portuguese! Need more Portuguese/Azorean people on tv.

      • Palmer

        Steve grew up in Springfield, not New Bedford. He currently lives in Palmer, Mass. (the town I live in) My son sees him around town every now and then and gets a little star struck.

  • darclyte

    I finally gave up on this series after the last batch of episodes. When they started, they’d go to people’s houses and whatever happened, happened. Now they seem to be going to places that could benefit from the exposure, and more and more things seem to be contrived. Even GHI which seemed to work really hard at using new and better equipment and having a more thorough understanding of it has suffered since they got rid of Robb. The lack of understanding of their equipment by everyone on the GH and GHI teams makes any data collected and interpreted suspect. Plus, Pilgrim Films which produces the series, seems to more and more “enhance” each investigation. I wish Jay & Grant would spend some of the money they’ve made and get in depth training for all of their employees on all of their equipment by people who better understand how each piece of equipment works. I may watch this episode in Hawaii because I’ve been to that museum, but the shine and the novelty of the series has definitely worn off.

    • Jiminy

      I stopped watching when they decided that there had to be eye candy involved. Adding the vapid Kris and her cleavage ruined the show.

      • Matthew

        God I love cleavage. Personally I love the frequent ass-up shots, when shes heading up stairs. Gorgeous woman.

      • Anonymous

        Her boobs are huge! They should investigate them!

      • Robin

        You would think by now they would have found something.

      • Robin

        Ghosts and bewbes. Interesting.

      • spookfest

        I wonder how many ghosts right now are hiding in her bodacious bosom.

    • Brad

      I loved this show when they went into homes and investigated. I even loved the guy who had a hard time telling the truth. Was his name Brian?)Donna with her boobacious body….ah, the good old days…the show became complete crap when they left people’s homes and started investigating well known landmarks. I can’t believe they ignore the Neilsen numbers and continue to film this $&8!…..oh, and the time when Jason was told by someone in production to use the remote control Recorder that turned the flashlight off and on in the Brandywine episode…I mean, c’mon. It’s just a cartoon now.

  • Ann

    I was watching a lot of Scifi this weekend (I had the Star Trek marathon on while getting ready for the bbq) and they kept having the commercials for the Ghost Hunter’s trip to Pearl Harbor. I guess it was in “honor” of Memorial Day, but really I was just offended on behalf of the people who died there that this was how their sacrifice was being treated.

    • Matthew

      What did they sacrifice exactly? It’s not like they climbed on the boat expecting to be killed by their own country.

  • layla

    Ghost Adventures on the travel channel is 100 times better. Ghost hunters is pretty hokey, Ghost Adventures sometimes creeps me out.

    • Elincia

      I like Ghost Hunters better. Ghost Adventures turned me off when they kept doing stupid things like locking themselves in morgues and straight-jackets and doing “black magic” with a white voodoo queen while screaming unnecessary profanities.

    • madsircool

      Ghost Adventures is all madeup..kinda like professional wrestling. Its the most cynical show on TV. And zak is as phoney as his comb forward hair.

    • David Scobey

      I agree, I used to be a fan of Ghost Hunters, but Ghost Adventures is a MUCH better show. All those lame skeptics calling people retards, watch Ghost Adventures, and more importantly, open up your teeny tiny narrow mind a little bit

      • daffaney hopkins

        i like all those paranormal shows and i watch them all but i have to say ghost hunters is my favorite

    • CntryAngl

      Ghost Adventures is fakest I ever seen! He tries to make every little noise something outrageous. Ghost Hunters tries to de-bunk first, then when there is no other explanation they say it might be paranormal.

    • loyal

      Ghost Hunters may not find something “huge” every episode, but at least when the hear a noise, or see an “orb” they try to find a non-paranormal reason behind it. And most of the time end up throwing a lot of stuff out. Ghost Adventures? I think I watched for 1/2 an episode, and knew they were a bunch of fakes.

    • D

      LMAO not thats a retarted show, the network its played on is about to kick it off do to his over drama acting, looks like his daddy dearest will have to fund him a different show, ghost adventures sucks sooooooo bad,

    • Timothyf7

      You have to be kidding!!! They’re the 3 Stooges of paranormal research. They hear a click and say it is an EVP saying “Kill Zack”, In reality, it was the collective wishes of the viewers saying it! They are pure fake!

    • donna

      Iagree with timothy,ghost adventures so made up and zack thinks we cant understand the people he is talking to that so he reapts everthing they say and 10 times lounder yukkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    • Rene Forgy

      Sorry Ghost Hunter is better cause they check things out to found if it’s anything else before saying its ghosts or not that’s the right way to investigate anything to try to found the truth, that’s what I love about Ghost Hunters. Good Job Guys!!

  • listen! do you smell that?

    I stopped watching after it became “museum that needs an attendance boost of the week.” Plus the whole “steve repeats the history of the place to Tango” got too annoying.

  • Ian

    I haven’t seen the show for a while now, but I hope this is the season they finally catch, kill, and eat a ghost.

    • captain steve

      The wings are the tastiest part.



  • Austen

    Ghost Hunters used to be really entertaining, especially when Brian was there. Now it’s so structured and boring I don’t care to always tune in. My husband swears by them but I think as they’ve progressed, the show isn’t as interesting. The only thing redeeming about it is the Steve/Tango moments. If they ever leave, that show will have nothing.

    • Sue

      I first started because of the banner between Jason and Grant which included the family ties. Brian I found very entertaining. I don’t think they did him right.
      Now Grant is leaving so just have to see how it goes if I watch. And WHY is Grant leaving?

  • madisa

    I love ghost hunters. I like the whole gang of guys and I don’t mind the girls. Some episodes are more exciting than others, but it’s still entertaining to me after 7 seanson. I do think they jumped the shark when they branched out to the ghost hunter academy and the other spin offs. I like the original.

  • Nice

    I knew one of the cast members of GHI. Trust me, it’s a show made for entertainment purposes only so don’t believe everything (anything?) you see!

    • Amanda

      I am going to guess this person’s initials are SS…am I correct?

  • Jimmy

    Having watched every season I went from being a believer (although having no physical personal experience myself) to a skeptic. I really used to think it was possible but after so many years I really do doubt just about everything now. I can’t trust Grant at all after several shady “experiences” he had not including coatgate on that Halloween live show. Ugh. Just no. There are no ghosts.

  • KTin UK

    Josh Gates 4 EVA. *stars in my eyes*

  • Shannon

    I have one question for those of you who have NOTHING better to do with your time than to sit on here and make fun of people you don’t know and people who watch this show……WHY, WHY,WHY are you even on here reading this article if you DON’T watch & DON’T believe??? I’m sure you are the same people who watch Jersey Shore because that show is SOOOOOO real!!! Get a life!! If you don’t want to watch it, that’s fine, that’s your right, but stop being a waste of air and bust on someone who does watch it…I’m sure If I sat here long enough I could come up with a few things about your life to bust on…The difference between you & I is that MY mother taught me manners…Just because someone does or doesn’t watch the same things as you, doesn’t give you any right to belittle them..The only thing that shows is what kind of person you really are and I for one am glad I don’t know you!!

    • brenda hogland

      i agree i don’t have shows on my wall i don’t like

  • Lol

    There are LOTS of reasons people come here and post. First and foremost because it is a PUBLIC forum. If you want a place that does nothing but pat the heads of the investigators, I suggest you join a “friends of GH” group or something of that sort. I don’t know if you’ve actually read through some of these posts, but there seem to be several reasons people are “busting” on the show and the players. One person has watched EVERY SEASON, but has doubts. One person knows someone on the show personally and probably has an insight few of us are privy to. Some are using religion as a reason to condemn. The fact is…people are ALLOWED to voice their opinion here – even you. So I’m sorry that the rest of the world hasn’t attended Miss Manner University in your eyes, but maybe you should take a step back and actually process what you read before you make accusations?

  • Connie Tsiris Melendez

    I am a faithful Ghost Hunters watcher and despite what people around me say I truly believe. Since my daughter died, weird inexplainable things have been happening around me. I know there are ghosts within our realm and you guys are fabulous in debunking and showing the reality of it all. I want to thank you so very much for making me feel I am not alone. Thanks

    • Phyllis

      You are absolutely right. There are ghosts and I guess you have to have had an experience to actually know the truth. This show is the best. You don”t see them running off screaming every time they see anything. I also, am a faithful Ghost Hunter watcher and will remain one.

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