'The Event' lives? Syfy in talks to pick up NBC thriller as miniseries


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Promising news for fans of The Event, NBC’s low-rated thriller that got axed after one season: EW has learned that SyFy is considering whether to develop the second season into a miniseries.

Okay, so maybe this isn’t GREAT news — it’s not a full season of Blair Underwood– but there’s always the chance the drama could live on if a ton of genre fans decide to tune into the miniseries. And the bar is lower for SyFy, which is an NBC-Universal owned net. When it aired on NBC, The Event only averaged 7.13 million viewers and a mere 2.4 rating/6 share among adults 18-49.

The drama lost some momentum on NBC when it was tabled over the winter months to make way for The Cape, another high-concept show that ultimately failed to rally the genre fans.

For now, an SyFy rep is saying there is no deal.

Should it close with the cabler, it’s unclear how many of the original cast members will return for a miniseries. There were a lot of them (besides Underwood, core members included Jason Ritter, Sarah Roemer, Ian Anthony Dale and Laura Innes).

Would you watch an Event miniseries?

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  • Ryan

    I gave up watching The Event when it went on that hiatus. It was starting to bore me. Well at least the Jason Ritter stuff. I could care less about he and his girlfriend. I like the political and alien stuff

    • Strepsi

      And when the writers gave up on a grand scale, LOST mythology, and went “OK, it’s an invasion”, The Event just became “V” without the action. Ouch.

      • dianaprince

        YES – do it SyFy!! Best move ever.
        The Event was good. (Yes it was slow, but got better and the last month of episodes were great!) Finally found their focus.
        I could totally see this as a mini-series. That’s the way this show probably should have been from the beginning.
        These high concept shows – should be short-term, to avoid the stretched out Lost debacle.

      • Al

        The event was not actually the invasion… it was something that would happen to Earth if an invasion happened, though still a mystery what that is. The final episodes got much better after its hiatus. I was glad I stuck it out.

      • Just Curious

        Do they drug test the ‘powers that be’ at NBC? Wake up networks! You’re writing at the speed of the 80s for 2011 people that have a very short attention span. Stop putting shows on hiatus and expecting them to retain viewers. When you finally do get it going, you morons decide to cancel shows with potential. Shareholders should be demanding drug tests.

      • this they pick up???? WHY????

        SyFy is a ridiculous network run by incompetent people, they pass on Firefly and Legend of the Seeker but pick up garbage like the Event? Please.

      • pam

        Besides “THE EVENT” picking up the pace in the 2nd season, I would love to see V continued on SYFY. The storyline developed & some of the original cast came back including Marc Singer, from the 80’s production. Really loved DIANA’s character. Maybe she could come back as a clone??? Hoping again ppl. Thank you for your sharing of thoughts, Pam

    • Mike


      • Rita

        It took 2 of them to write this in-depth article with no information beyond a rumor.

        And they both think it’s “an SyFy rep”.

        Great work.

    • crispy

      I stopped watching around episode 4 or 5. Did they ever say what the actual “Event” was? In interviews, the producers kept promising it was coming

      • Mike

        “kind of” said what it was in the season/series finale. But still pretty vague. But, it was okay for THAT to be vague when they provided at least a little information to go on. If it’s the whole point of the show, it would be silly to unveil it all in one fell swoop. But MAYBE they could have unveiled the info they did a little earlier.

      • Julia


        The finale revealed the Event. The ‘aliens’ are actually from Earth. They were the first humans to evolve. The left Earth to colonize another planet. Their prophets said that if all of their people returned to Earth, they would hyper-evolve but this evolution would kill all humans.

        Also, it was pretty darn eventful to see that huge planet in the daytime sky!

        I loved the Event. I agree that less Sean & Layla would be great. They were the weakest link.

        A mini-series or a 10 to 13 episode season would be awesome. Focus on Martinez, Christina, Simon, Sofia, White House staff, and the new “aliens” would be awesome!!!

    • Dustin Ingle

      WTF ?
      SYFY dumps SG:U for a possible shot at this NBC turd ?

      UGH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Julia

        Please. SG:U was canceled months ago because its ratings sucked. SG:U wasted its first season. Second season ratings were disastrously low, around 1 million viewers.

        If the Event only got half of its NBC viewership, it would be the best rated show on SyFy.

      • Tom

        SG:U was horriblem thats why it was cancelled.
        The Event actually got better after the hiatus, but it was to late for the ratings to recover, most had already jumped ship.

        The finale was great, and I hope somoeone lets the story continue.

        I wish V would get a mini series to finish up it’s story, heck, thats how the whole thing started.

    • Kevin

      I agree, the Jason Ritter stuff was BORING, I would watch it on tivo & ff through those parts, the politics and Blair Underwood stuff kept me watching

  • Jonathan

    yes, the show went from boring from being very good in the last 5 or so episodes. The end of the last episode opens up a ton of fun possibilities.

    • Rob

      I agree – they had no side stories to support the main story that was so very slow at the beginning – it got better when they knew they were being cancelled. All the stories became interesting and exciting. Bad time to cancel it. Personally I grew up in the 50’s so the Mad Men copy “Playboy Club” could have been dumped for “The Event.” I won’t watch that 50’s crap for nothing. The 50’s sucked.

      • Don

        I don’t see me watching “The Playboy Club” either.

      • @ Rob

        Except it’s set in the 60’s. So, yeah.

      • Brian Meloche

        I totally agree. I like pretty women as much as the next guy, but I can’t see The Playboy Club being successful. I’m totally uninterested. I’d much rather see The Event in its place.

      • Julia

        The Playboy Club isn’t designed for men. It’s a soap opera for women.

        NBC is focusing on female viewers for the upcoming 2011 Fall season.

      • Well Now

        can’t say I see a lot of woman wanting to see the playboy club either. It is very clear that Comcast owns NBC now. They are used to forcing people to watch garbage.

    • Bug-a-Rini

      Totally agree with you. The last episode is a real cliff hanger. Syfy really need pick this up!

    • Bug-a-Rini

      Totally agree with you Jonathan. The last episode is a real cliff hanger. Syfy really need pick this up!

    • pam

      Nice to see that some of us see the POSITIVE reasons for SYFY to air “THE EVENT”. Besides VAMPS being the rage, ALIEN scenerios have been a HOT SUBJECT for many years. We all know that either a HIATUS, PRE-EMPTED PROGRAMS & sometimes a slow start with a new series will steer viewers away, especially when a program jumps from 3wks ago, 60yrs ago, yesterday, etc. When the series first started, there was alot of concentration on Jason Ritter’s relationship with Leila. So the audience may have drifted, yet the series came back on a POSITIVE NOTE with characters & plot expanding. I say that “THE EVENT” is a fantastic series which CAN DO VERY WELL ON SYFY & is well acted & the storyline is smartly written. Love the whole cast. I love “THE EVENT” & believe the series will be very successful once the execs make their decision to grap this #1 SYFY/ACTION series. KUDOS SYFY. My family & friends are confident this show still HAS LIFE. Thank you viewers & SYFY (hoping). Pam

  • Steve

    It got a lot better towards the end. I hope this happens, totally would watch.

    • Anna

      I agree. It got soooo much better the 2nd half of the season. I really hope syfy picks it up. I would watch!

      • thomas

        i really do hope iit comes bak i love the show i think its great it has me at the edge of my seat every week

    • Katie

      I agree! I think a mini series would be a good format for this show. The story is awesome but definately would benefit from having a target end point.

    • elr

      I would watch it because the story was getting better near the end, but only if the camera work improved. There were hardly any long shots and way way too many close ups on the actors. This is the only series I ever remember having a hard time watching just because of the way it was shot.

    • Michelle

      Totally agree, much better the second season – hope syfy picks them up!

      • Michelle

        second half of the season, not second season

  • Styrch

    Yes I would watch it! I would love to see the reaction to the planet coming closer, the realization of the WORLD that something big happens, how they deal with killing or not killing the human race. I wasn’t a huge fan of the show, but it did have some fun things toward the end.

    • Barry

      Plus the realization that the President’s wife is an alien.

      • Rita

        Which they already revealed 4 episodes earlier.
        Nice try, though…Barry.

      • Tres Gatos

        It wasn’t revealed 4 episodes earlier, it was just implied that the President’s wife was hiding something. While it came as no surprise that she’s an alien, it definitely wasn’t confirmed until the finale.

      • Well Now

        Instead of her saying home, she should have put on a leather jacket and some water ski’s and just cut right to the clip of her jumping the sharks.

  • Carly

    really? they are thinking about making a miniseries of this show? What about FlashForward? That at least was an exciting show, this show just started to lag in the story department. The mythology just seemed to dense, and the characters weren’t really likeable. Except Jason Ritter – I hope they find a decent show for him soon!

    • Hannah

      I agree I loved Flashforward aswell but I hope it does get picked up!

    • Melissa Lane

      And that decent show is called Parenthood! I dearly miss him as Lauren Graham’s love interest. I must admit, I’ve never seen The Event, but I have hoped that if it got canceled, he’d return to Parenthood.

      • tnsmoke

        I thought he looked too young to play her love interest. He has a baby face.

      • Casey

        I think Melissa Lane is confused. The guy who played his girlfriend’s dad is who she’s thinking of.

      • Wendy

        Melissa is right. Jason Ritter was Lauren Graham’s much younger boyfriend on Parenthood. And the guy who played his girlfriend’s dad on The Event was with Lauren Graham on Gilmore Girls.

  • MWeyer

    So Event gets closure but Heroes and the 4400 don’t? That’s just not right.

    • Ann

      I loved 4400 and was devastated that USA Network never gave it a final season to conclude it’s storylines.

      • Jordan Marsh

        devastated?? Wow you must be a loser!!

      • Mike

        That’s kind of harsh, Marsh.

    • CSheen

      Heroes had no closure because the writers had no idea what the story was supposed to be in the first place.

      • matt


    • Phil

      The Event did not have closure either. Many questions were answered, but there are still many answers we don’t know.

  • chad

    Not on Syfy. Except for Eureka, the channel is dead to me after their F U to SGU. After 14 consecutive years on the air, and bringing Syfy massive revenue for 9 of them, the Stargate franchise deserves some sort of proper closure.

    • Rita

      Okay…”chad”. Whatever you say.

    • Wesley Crusher

      Both SGU and The Event were boooorrrring. SyFy still has some good shows. Warehouse 13, Haven, and Merlin (ok…last one is really BBC)

      • Ryan

        Amen on SYFY torpedoing Stargate The Franchise

      • Just Curious

        Merlin was on NBC before it was on SyFy.

    • WmAdams

      I’m with you Chad. With SGU, they had a good show that was becoming great, and they ditched it in favor of professional rasslin’. I’ll be damned if I’ll watch them resurrect a show that was mediocre from episode 2 on.

  • David

    Please no. I really don’t want to have to deal with fans of every canceled tv show thinking they have a chance at getting it renewed on SF.

    • @ David

      Perhaps you’re life revolves around the internet too much if it’s that big of a deal. Seeing people comment on message boards wanting their show to continue shouldn’t be that big of a hassle for you “to deal with.”

    • @@David

      It’s ‘your,’ not ‘you’re.’ You’re means you are. You’re not smart enough to dis anyone else.

  • Greg

    Yep, it would be great if it return on SyFY. It got slow for a while but then it all came together with Sean and girlfriend, etc.

  • Dave

    I’d continue to watch it. I wasn’t crazy about The Event and I wasn’t devastated by its cancellation, but I was enjoying it a lot more towards the end of the season.
    Honestly, though, if SyFy is going to pick up a canceled series, I’d much rather they pick up V. That cancellation pissed me off.

  • ks

    I agree with chad and David-Can we have closure to SG? what’s happening with the BSG spin-off? SyFy rushes through shows so fast. HATE WWF!! Eureka and Warehouse 13 are my last two shows.

    • Simon Jester

      BSG spinoff “Blood & Chrome” will probably hit Syfy in the fall.

      • Sakubai

        Rahkayelle on March 19, 2011 BRRRRRR! I have shivers down my spine! This alarm doesn’t play where I’m from, but I rebmmeer watching an American television station and this alarm went off when there was a suspected child abduction.

  • Mike O

    All right. This is great. More pointless scripting, absolutely terrible acting, characters (and entire plot lines) being built up and then totally forgotten about. The show is so terrible, it’s great fun to watch. Let’s have more!!!!

  • MP

    I would definitely watch. I thought it was really getting good.

  • LS

    Yes, my husband and I would watch the Event on SyFy.
    Chad, try watching Warehouse 13 on SF…very good show as well. Love Eureka too.

    • dianaprince

      Warehouse 13 is just awful. If they recast the lead girl, perhaps I’ll watch again. Her acting is fingernails on a chalkboard irritating.

    • lu

      And Haven is good tool

  • Benjamin

    This is a brilliant move SyFy. Picking up a failed LOST wannabe is an excellent move that should score you some big ratings.

    In all seriousness, this is a HUGE F U to all the Stargate fans clamoring for some kind of closure to the franchise. I can’t believe SyFy won’t give a proper ending to one of their own properties but is willing to give one to another network’s cast off.

    • Rita

      Shut your hole, “Benjamin”. Stop making the same comment over and over with different names.
      Take your Stargate BS somewhere else, simpleton.

      • chad

        For the record, my name is chad, and I have no clue who Benjamin is. I work within the industry. I’m not saying SGU deserved a pickup. Just closure to the overall franchises story. What’s with the attitude? Is your gonarrita flaring up? And in case you’re too inept to notice, that’s a play on words comparing you to a venereal disease. FOCUS, indeed.

      • @ chad

        WTF is “gonarrita?”

      • Julia


        SG:U had TERRIBLE ratings. Why take your frustrations out on the Event? SyFy gave SG:U two season. It wasted the first season and a quarter of the second to get its act together.

        The Event had 7 million viewers on NBC. SG:U had around 1 million. Do the math. Even if the Event only gets 3.5 million that would make it one of SyFy’s most successful programs.

        I’ll miss SG:U but its cancellation has nothing to do w/ the Event!

      • @ chad

        Since you work within “the industry” can you kindly stop wasting your time posting on message boards and use your play on words to come up with a script worth reading/watching. Here is an idea, hilarity ensues when sci-fi guy who is afraid to speak Romulan at work goes online to bash people who support a show other than his. While you are at it can you work to bring back Bionic Woman and M.A.N.T.I.S.?

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