'Young and the Restless' star Daniel Goddard on his dead (now alive) character: Don't hate us, fans!


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The Fourth of July celebration came early for fans of The Young and the Restless star Daniel Goddard: On Tuesday, it was revealed that Goddard’s alter-ego Caleb is actually his twin brother Cane  — the character that fans came to love before he was killed outside of his father’s wedding in February.

Confusing? Heck, yeah. But it should ultimately be good news for fans who were outraged at the Y&R writers for offing the beloved character in the first place. “What can I say?” Goddard told EW exclusively. “I was completely overwhelmed by the fans and all the things they did, all the love and support. I really appreciate my fan base and I love them very much.”

Here’s a quick recap for the uninitiated: After Cane was shot dead during the Feb. 2 episode, fans rallied around Goddard and showered CBS and Sony, which produces the sudser, with complaints. Within weeks, an about-face was crafted to bring Cane back as a ghost who “haunts” his poor grieving wife, Lily. (Hey, it’s a soap, people!). Only recently was it revealed that Cane was actually Caleb — a sociopathic twin brother who was helping his father Colin (Tristan Rogers) kidnap Cain’s twins and take them home to Australia.

Goddard “takes the fifth” when asked why his character was killed off in the first place, though it appears it had little to do with his contract on TV’s No. 1 daytime drama. He acknowledges the convoluted nature of his return, though the actor admitted to EW that “chaos can lead to creativity. Amongst all of that, some wonderful twists and turns come into play and its somehow lent us great intrigue and mystery, which is great for the show.”

His only regret was not being able to play Caleb longer. “I just loved him. They wrote him on paper as a bad guy who is pure evil, but more cruel than calm. Caleb was a person who always wanted his dad to love him. What was interesting is that I didn’t know as the story developed when Caleb was Caleb and when he was Cane.”

Say again, man?  “I found out in the scripts,” Goddard admits, laughing. “I had the feeling fans would be upset that Cane was really Caleb … Cane was Caleb pretending to be Cane who was really pretending to be Caleb… you know, I feel like Robert Downey Jr. in Tropic Thunder where he says, `I’m a dude, playing a dude, pretending to be a dude.’

“I kind of relinquished my quest to control,” the actor continued. “I’ve learned now to get the script, open the script, read the script, and to try to say it in a way where you give the script the service it deserves and hopefully along the way if you say something one week and it changes the next, the fans won’t hate you. They’ll understand that we are merely squirrels on the conveyor belt of where’s the nut.”

But Goddard’s not complaining. On the contrary, he says it’s been a great journey and it should be the same for viewers (they’ll get an explanation in the coming week about what actually happened at the wedding, and how his mother Genevieve, played by Genie Francis, played a role). “They figured out a very organic way to explain it, which is good, ” Goddard said. This was easy to roll with.”

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  • peggy

    I’m so confused.

    • jd

      No joke. I’ve never been a fan of Lily and Cane’s storyline. Lily is a boring character that they’ve never done anything with. She has no job. All she’s done recently is whine about some new secret Cane kept from her and have cancer and babies. Y&R hasn’t been treating women very well lately. Vicki was supposed to be a shrewd businesswoman and now she’s a shrill idiot. Phyllis is obsessed with her grandchild, Nicki is a drunk and Diane is a slut. Sophia was another shrewd businesswoman who they turned into a shrill idiot. I only continue to watch this show bc I always have and look forward to it having a good storyline again.

      • jd

        Oh and for the record, I would rather they had killed Lily than Cane. But I’m happy he’s back because he’s awesome eye candy and I love the accent. Just wish they would give him a more dynamic storyline. Something that didn’t involve him and Lily for a change.

      • cattyfan

        The cast on this show is outstanding…but the writers need a firing. They have written and re-written Cane’s backstory so much it’s absurd. This is like the fourth version of Ethan Cane Ashby…which isn’t even his real name.

        And Lily is better when she isn’t paired with Cane.

      • Justis

        I agree with Cattyfan, the writers need firing. But that will never happen since MAB is the main writer of it all.

      • Darlene

        I am wondering why JD even watches Y&R, it seems like that person dislikes everyone on it. I watch it because I love the show and the people on it.

      • Your Mama

        Days of Our Lives pulled this stunt three decades ago with the Tony and his EVIL twin brother. So Original….

      • cattyfan

        Your Mama…Y&R is currently employing on of DOOL’s old hack writers. That’s why all the stories seem familiar.

      • Gigi

        JD , I agree with you completely on everything.

    • stu

      this is y these soaps r getting canned!

  • dgf


    • he will forever be the Beastmaster

      To me Daniel Goddard will always be the Beastmaster!!!

  • barack

    Maybe SyFy’s “Ghost Hunters” can sort this one out.

  • Gina

    Cane SHOULD STAYED DEAD!!!!! Can’t stand this character since the first day. HE SUCKS!!

    • nisha520

      Well to bad!!!! The rest of the world just LOVES him… They won’t watch Y&R if Cane’s not in it..

      • Allison

        You are right!!! I can’t imagine not liking Cane!!!!

    • Jack Bauer

      Go go, girl. Cane’s had more re-writes than the bible.

    • Patti

      He is great guy

    • Susan Giammarino

      Gina- If you don’t have anything nice to say-Keep your trap shut! DG has a HUGE fan base & we worked our butts off to get him back you idiot!

      • Jeni

        Susan- seriously? Do you honestly have so little going on in your life that you would work your butt off to change a soap opera story line and then become grossly offended by someone’s comment about a fictional character??? LOL LOL LOL

      • Janie

        you go, girl….

  • kinley

    This was the best twist EVER! When I found out Caleb was Cane, I just went WOW. If you love Y&R, this was a good thing.

    • kat kay

      It’s a great thing! its been interesting trying to figure out which brothers viewers were watching in episodes! Y&R really is a great show!!!

    • Ebony

      I agree! I definitely think Cane being alive is wonderful. Lily and Cane are great together.

  • alias

    This storyline is ridiculous because Cane was supposed to stay dead. Daniel Goddard was FIRED; we all know this so why doesn’t he just admit it? The writers were forced to create this ridiculous plot at Sony’s demand because it was Sony who decided to bring Goddard back.

    • nisha520

      Well thank god for Sony!!!!!

      • MacKayla W.

        LOL, exactly. Go Sony!!

      • Allison

        Yes!!! Thank God for Sony!!! Man, there are some mean people on this thread with hateful comments. Cane is the best and has the best supporters!! All kind and full of love!!!

      • Masha

        Totally agree! Why do some people take such delight in the pain of others?

        Also, what’s so horrible about fans of Lane winning? Lily and Cane are extremely popular. It made no sense to dump kill off Cane.

        I’m grateful that a soap opera actually listened to fans for once.

    • Vicki

      Good for Sony. They knew they had a star! Daniel’s a Phoenix! I am so glad he’s back and love this story. Best I’ve seen in a very long time. So creative and original! I love my Y and R and love all the actors!!

    • Stacey

      Sony did the right thing. If the majority of viewers were unhappy with Cane’s death, it only makes sense to fix the mistake of getting rid of the character and the actor.

    • Betty

      I’m happy he’s back because he’s awesome looking and I love the accent. Also, he is a really great actor.

    • Don’t take it Personal

      WRONG!! If you noticed the closing credits, they Never deleted Daniel’s name. Nor was it Ever mentioned in any of the SOAP magazines. So this was obviously planned to get the response all publicity for the show. So Y&R will be one of the few surviving soaps.

      • Crystal

        So, #1 they could not remove his name from the credits as long as he was still under contract! #2 IF it all was a ruse for ratings and such, it worked. And as a Cane fan and one who participated in the fight to get Daniel Goddard back on my screen, I am not in the least bit offended by it. No matter what the reason, I gladly did what I did and said what I said to support Daniel. When you are a TRUE fan, you don’t give up, change your opinion or start to back away even when things are bad. Look at how many sports fans are out there who continue to support their teams and players, even if they are on a losing streak or if an individual player acts like a total idiot and does something stupid. In fact, a little controversy often helps their careers. It is no different in this case. No matter what the truth is (and I don’t believe for one minute that the fans were duped) I have no issue saying that Daniel Goddard deserved our support and he is going to continue to get it no matter what!

      • Ruby Crouse

        This was NOT planned this way. Daniel Goddard had been let go and was never suppose to come back! He was to appear as a ghost until his contract was up in April. He has a huge, loyal fan base and they are the ones responsible for convincing TPTB to bring him back. To suggest that this was a ruse for ratings is an insult. That implies that Daniel was lying to his fans and playing them and nothing could be further from the truth. Daniel has never lied to his fans about anything. He is one of the nicest, sweetest men I have ever known, not to mention a superb actor, well deserving of the support of his fans. The only plan they had was as Scott Hamner stated, (one of the head writers) they decided to kill off Cane because he was such a popular character. They thought that would bring in viewers. Well they found out very quickly how wrong that was because immediately after he was killed their ratings dropped dramatically with the loss of nearly a million viewers. The ratings did not start back up until he was brought back due to the campaign we waged to bring him back, which incidentally Daniel had nothing to do with. He did not ask us to do it but was delighted, and very humbled and apprecitive that we loved him and his character enough to do it. Now that he is back the ratings are nearly back where they were and will probably go even higher. I and thousands of his fans are ecstatic that he is back and are loving the s/l. He is doing an amazing job in the dual role and deserves an emmy and all the love, support and good things that are happening to him now!! We will continue to love and support Daniel. We consider him a friend as he does all of us. That’s how friends are!!! We all pray that he is an intregal part of the Genoa City scene for a long, long time. As long as Daniel wants to be!!! We love you Daniel!!! xoxo

    • Janie

      You don’t know what you’re talking about…

    • Fran

      Well then let us take our hats off to SONY for bringing him back. Hooray to SONY. This is the most intriguing s/l to come from MAB’s or maybe SONNY’s pen in about three years. If Sony is the one then fire MAB. Happy Days are here again!!

  • Denise

    Those of us that love Cane don’t really care how they do it as long as he is back.

  • Michelle A.

    Best thing Y&R has done! We fought long and hard! So glad Daniel is back as CANE!!!! Y&R now has a bunch of us back! Thanks Daniel for the nice words. GFF’S forever!

    • Jeni

      “Long and hard.” Tee hee!

      P.S. I love Daniel Goddard too

  • Matthew Diestel

    Confused? Fans are suppose to be confused. The whole revised story line is written with so many twists, curves and double-backs that at times it will be nearly impossible to see where the whole plot is going going to end up. The only option, therefore, is to hop on board and enjoy a truly classic, old-fashioned story line that is reminiscent of the Golden Age of soap opera story telling.

    • Vicki

      My favorite post. Hey Matt!

    • cattyfan

      Golden age story-telling was character driven, not plot driven…or, in this case, plot-hole driven.

    • Lynda

      I agree totally with Matthew. This storyline will keep me watching as a faithful viewer! Glad to see Daniel back! Oh and to the negative people out there…if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it.

      • cattyfan

        The network won’t know how dissatisfied most of us are with this dumbed-down version of Y&R unless we speak out. (As evidenced by the plummeting ratings.) So, no…I won’t keep silent.

    • kat kay

      I agree. I like that there’s so much mystery, yet there are funny moments too. It keeps supporters and fans guessing every episode!! Way to go, Y&R, is a amazing show, daniel goddard works so hard to portray his characters!! So many great storylines, great great show!!

    • Jennifer GFF for life

      Well said as always, matt!

    • Fran

      Amen to that

  • alias

    As for Goddard’s portrayal of Caleb… painful! Very indicative of why he was fired in the first place.

    • Vicki

      Who peed in your cornflakes? I know, that was ugly of me, but you sound a little jealous.

      • nisha520

        You go Vicki!!!!

      • alias

        Definitely not jealous! Just upset with this plot-driven storyline!

        I’m just stating my opinion, and I respect everyone’s right to disagree with me.

    • Christina

      So happy that Y&R listened to the majority of it’s fans (postcards, letters, calls and even plane banners) and brought Daniel back as Cane! We worked really hard to get him back on our YR screens. Plus the extra benefit of Geanie Francis, Tristan Rodgers and more Jess Walton, Kristoff and Christel Khalil. Thank you YR for listening to this 30 year fan. We did it GFF’s!

    • Tricia Allen

      Definitely not jealous! Just upset with this plot-driven storyline!

      I’m just stating my opinion, and I respect everyone’s right to disagree with me.

      This is my reply to your post quoted above. If you are tired of plot driven s/l then you better stop watch all Soaps because that is all there is on these shows. The no longer do character driven s/l it’s all Wham Bam thank you Mam!

      • Fran

        They are all plot driven My dear and will continue to be as long as MAB is at the helm. That is who should be fired! Oh by the way, if your hate Daniel and Christel so much why are you spendid so much time commenting on his state of affairs? I would find a better use of my time. I felt the same way when they brought Adam back. Now that was plot driven and stupid and nauseating. See? We all have our likes and dislikes. I have never been to an Adam discussion. go

    • Janice

      DG is a good actor and having met him, he is a nice guy…always open and accessible to his fans!!! To each is own if you don’t like him, but don’t trash the man! I don’t like Michelle Stafford’s character, but certainly don’t talk about her as a an actress — she’s good at what she does..and even if I felt she wasn’t I would say so “tastefully”! So Alias, perhaps you could learn a few things when it comes to having some integrity. Glad Daniel is back!!!

  • tilly

    Confused is not the word for this convoluted mess! I like Cane as a good guy! But, that wouldn’t move the story, would it? Lily needs a long rest/vacation/cruise?

    • cattyfan

      Cane has never been a good guy. He is a compulsive liar.

  • Bryna Tilton

    I am so glad that Daniel Goddard is Cane! I was worried for Lily there for a bit!!

  • Lily

    Very confusing, but SO glad Cane is alive! Have a feeling why he’s doing this to Lily, 2 put his parents behind bars, then again, maybe wrong.Just so glad 2 see his gorgeous face, no matter who he’s playing!!

  • Dee Jones

    I use to e a huge Y&R fan, but not as of lately. This storyline is just not good in my book. This is a recycled tired storyline. Poor unoriginal writing. I must admit that Mondays episode with Chance going back to Iraq and the Blue Star flag was very good and moving.

    • Asgaard

      ” I must admit that Mondays episode with Chance going back to Iraq and the Blue Star flag was very good and moving.”

      I disagree with that completely. I thought that was the corniest and goofiest big ball of gouda I’ve seen on TV in a long, long time.

      Can’t Daisy just stay away already? She’s got to be the worst actor of all time. I can’t stand her stupid face.
      They killed off one super annoying character (Jana). Now all they need to do is kill off Phyllis, Adam, Sharon and Daisy and I’d be one very happy camper.

      • bootsycolumbia

        Mark my words, Daisy is going to end up murdered and the whole cast is going to be suspected of it. Summer’s almost here and Y&R needs a juicy summer storyline. Boring Cane and BORING Lily doesn’t cut it for me.

      • Fran

        Well I’d be equally happy if they offed Chloe

  • Candace

    I’m so happy Cane/Caleb is back. Daniel Goddard is a very talented actor and I love his story-lines.

    • kat kay

      Daniel Goddard is back that’s the best part!! No matter the character and storyline he makes them so believable to supporters and fans! I could not believe cane was gone from the show. Cane and Lily have gone through very hard times. Hopefully more happpy times are ahead for them! Welcome back Daniel Goddard, fans and supporters are happy and support you!!

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