Joe Rogan 'very high on the list' for 'Fear Factor' reboot host -- EXCLUSIVE


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“I am a big Fear Factor fan. I’m a big fan of anything Joe Rogan does, actually,” — Michael Scott, The Office

Could Joe Rogan return as Fear Factor host?

He’s “very high on the list” according to Endemol North America chairman David Goldberg. With news of the NBC rebooting the action-stunt classic just breaking today, producers haven’t yet turned their attention to who will host the show. But the comedian and UFC color commentator who add his own sardonic style to the role isn’t being ruled out.

“Joe was a great host,” Goldberg told EW. “I think his brand and his personality is associated with this show. This has all happened fairly fast. We’ll sit down with Joe and see if something he even wants to do. He’ll certainly be very high on the list.”

Rogan had no comment, though we do have a few more details about the new Fear Factor. NBC has ordered 10 episodes, and the show will aim for “bigger and scarier” stunts, according to producer Matt Kunitz. The gross-out bug-n-food challenge will remain part of the show, but “it won’t be so much about eating animal genitalia.”

“Back then, we didn’t even have it in HD,” Kunitz says. “We’re going to be able to take it to a new level.”

UPDATE: Joe Rogan reacts to Fear Factor reboot on Twitter: “To answer all the Fear Factor tweets, I’m not exactly sure what’s happening. Nothing is concrete at the moment. Should I do it again? … To answer the #1 concern, I’ll NEVER stop doing the podcast. No worries about that. It’s one of my favorite things to do.”

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  • Judith

    Joe is the only person to talk about being the host! He was the best part of the show!

    • vin

      Agreeed. the way eh would egg on the cotestants during the stunts was great. Besides, I don’t see him doing much of anything after fear factor.

      • Rita

        You don’t see him doing much of anything???
        He’s the voice of the UFC, you clown. Fastest growing sport on the planet.

      • Charlie Lost the Sheen

        My, what a FAT HEAD he has!! Fatty Fatty two by four…

      • Marcel


    • pickle t1ts

      “I’ma tell you something about me Joe Rogan about me that you might not know… I smoke rocks.”

      • Easy…

        Yes! Chapelle’s Show reference for the win!

      • hi-cee

        Haha! This was the first thing I thought of when I saw the headline. Love it!

      • Bigmouth

        Fear is never a factor for me, Joe Rogan!

    • HD

      Joe Rogan was so hot back then. And if this is a recent pic, still pretty smokin.

    • Magnitude

      Your last name is Garelli? POP POP

      • SciotoSlim

        newsradio ftw

    • Big Walt

      Fear Factor was good up until it became Gross Factor.

  • AK

    Didn’t Joe Rogan once say that he hated being the host of “Fear Factor”? I can’t imagine he’d want to come back, unless he really needed the money.

    • Traci

      I seem to remember him saying the same thing.

    • Andrew

      So do I.

    • jordin22rules

      Joe has stated many times that he enjoyed working on Fear Factor.

    • Monkeystuff

      I believe he spoke about hating Fear Factor on Marc Maron’s podcast. He explained that he did it for the money, and that it was worth selling his soul for 5 years in order to never have to worry about money again. He also said he was super high on every episode after the first year, lol.

    • Jiro

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    • Sadia

      Today’s WOD was fantastic! Almost didn’t do it ucsabee legs were sore from Tues/Wed. Glad I did ucsabee now after I feel less sore and more loosened up. 10:24 ran this puppy w/ steve f and really pushed each other. accidentally mixed up order did run, pullups then HSPU. Now ready to watch Cards push it to game 7!

  • Loser17

    I Hope He Comes Back.
    He Was My Favorite Part Of The Show At Times.

  • A


  • can’t wait

    It won’t be the same without him. i always wondered why they got rid of that show. It was one of my faves.

  • René De Beaumarchais

    Love the show, it’ll be even grosser and funnier on my plasma.

    Free local HD over-the-air FTW!

  • sarah

    I have heard Joe claim he hated the show after a short while. He also said the people on the show are idiots for doing the stunts and eating the stuff they ate. I think he has more sense than to host that show again.

  • Hermione

    Boooooooo. He’s a dirtbag. How about zachary Levi. Admit it! He could be good.

    • GMan2

      I’m with ya, 110%.

  • Keith

    He is so gross.

    • GMan2

      Yep, well said!

  • Jim

    No Joe Rogan, no Fear Factor.

  • Not fooled at all “Rita”

    Notice all the comments by “Rita” this week. Definitely a man with the heart of a woman and the yellow streak of a coward.

  • ugggghhhhhhhh

    Biggest tool on the planet could go back to hosting a show he thinks is stupid. W/b a step up for him. Side note – aging well buddy. That hair style totally hides the fact you’re going bald

    • Big Walt

      He should become the spokesperson for Rogain.

  • Siobhan

    Anyone besides Joe Rogan is not acceptable. He IS Fear Factor.

    • Nemo

      I feel the same way.

      • GMan2

        Joe Rogan is my least favorite reason to watch the show. He’s an arrogant smart ass. NOT an asset to the program.

      • Santos

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  • ant3x7

    Title is missing a comma, it should read:

    Joe Rogan very high, on the list for Fear Factor reboot host

    Joe said something at one of the UFC events on air awhile ago about how dumb Fear Factor was and he couldn’t believe it lasted as long as it did, and the fact that they just did the same thing over and over. Well, I’m sure if showed him the money, he’ll definitely host it again.

    • Joe

      LOL! I heard him say on the Marc Maron podcast that it wasn’t long before he burned out on the show and used to go to the tapings high or else he wouldn’t have been able to keep doing it. Totally did it for the money – can’t blame him – it’s not like HE had to eat the bugs.

  • bob

    Joe Rogan has one of best podcasts on the internet.

    • Jon

      I agree. Watching it right now…take a couple super-intellegent guys and mix in some high octane weed, and you get a pretty fascinating conversation.

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