Paris Hilton's new reality show ratings are not hot


Image Credit: Sheryl Nields/Oxygen

It’s a small world after all for Paris Hilton.

Her new Oxygen reality show, The World According to Paris, got off to a ho-hum start Wednesday night. The premiere drew only 409,000 viewers, with merely 274,000 of those adults 18-49. That’s unexciting, even by Oxygen’s relatively modest standards. By comparison, the recent debut of All About Aubrey had 724,000 viewers, and well below the 1.7 million for Bad Girls Club season six’s debut.

Did you see the show?

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  • Javadude54

    Did I see the show? No. Why would I, or anyone, WANT to see it? Did Paris Hilton suddenly become interesting?

    • Rita

      Yeah, great article Hibberd.

      Lazy putz.

      • UGH

        Let’s hope those idiot Kardashians suffer a similar fate once the majority of TV watchers actually gain some intelligence.

      • Kardashians sux

        I HATE THE KARDASHIANS. Khloe and Kim are HOES.

    • Jethro

      Another lame excuse to crowd more reality shows about STARS? Ho hum on this one! Her 15 minutes were up years ago. She should return to school to improve her vocabulary so she can teach Physics at Yale!

      For some reason, TV execs continue to offer this gal shows that become worse than the previous one. Oxygen continues to put out slushy fluff and is becoming the laughing stock of cable!

  • Nikki


    • yo mama

      I second this ‘UGH’, and not just in reference to Paris Hilton’s show. To that entire network, which I refuse to give any respect to, including calling it by its name. Way to make women look like good human beings, network-which-shall-not-be-named. Seriously. They feature the dumbest, trashiest programming on television. Remember when that Bad Girl’s Club show was supposed to be about them learning to coexist and behave? What a giant pile of garbage its become, and it was a rotten banana peel to start with anyway!

      • Rhia

        They do air snapped on oxygen which is the only reason I know about her show and bad girls because even the commercials are offensive. I do not know who their target audience is… 18 yr old boys who have no clue about women? They’re all a bunch of ho bags with no true meaning to their existence. Might as well call it the ho channel.

      • Tom

        Tonight on Snappers you’ll see…

  • bill

    I would watch only if Paris was subjected to some kind of torture every week. Imagine Paris being attacked by wild dogs, getting hit by a train, hit over the head with a sledgehammer or having her head shoved in a meat grinder. That’s entertainment. Go away you worthless trash. We hate you.

    • K

      Geez, bill – get a hold of yourself. You don’t have to be a fan of hers (I’m certainly not) but what is wrong with you? Wishing all that on someone, let alone someone you don’t know, is downright disturbing.

      • JOsh

        I think there are better and less violent ways to torture Paris Hilton. Take away her make-up, make her do community service but DON’T BRING THE CAMERA, take away her weave, make her read a book..or worse one of her own books!

      • Captain

        Make her clean the bathroom of a men’s prison (while they watch) and DON’T publicize it!

    • I don’t usually

      use this word, but Paris is a major cvnt. She is a piece of $hit who is worthless trash like bill said. Did you see the way she made fun of the woman’s wolf sweatshirt? And what a total b!tch she was to Brooke’s friend?

      Also, after watching this, I almost would say that Charlie Sheen is looking better than his ex-wife (Brooke). She was a greasy, drugged out, pilled out zombie throughout the episode. Shopping and clubbing with Paris? Shouldn’t she be at home with her twins?

      Also, did anyone else think their houses were really small and ordinary, compared to the extravagance you would expect?

    • Daniel S

      You are my new hero!!!

  • Kadeem

    She should go away forever.

  • Dee Jones

    This is great news! Lets get rid of this ……for lack of a better word youbg lady (yeah right)

  • Allison

    I don’t necessarily want anything bad to happen to her, but I think she needs to realize she isn’t very interesting… and if anyone does really want to know more about her, they can just watch the news and wait for her her next drug arrest.

  • DZ

    I don’t recall there being much publicity/marketing for the show. This is the first I’m hearing of it. That being said, I still won’t watch it.

  • JPX

    Who in the world thought that anyone would want to watch this vapid, uninteresting, waste of space walk around with an undeserved sense of entitlement? I can’t think of another individual with less of a personality. She’s just a giant zero. I’m happy that her 15 minutes are essentially up.

    • cass

      I thought her 15 minutes ended a long time ago.

  • VLh

    Watched last night I’m over it. Plus her eyes creep me.

    • etm

      I was grossed out by her nasty extensions when she was in the bathtub. It reminded me of when you’d get a Barbie doll’s hair wet. Yuck!

      • VLh

        And that dumb baby voice r u old r u

      • @VLh

        Well, I guess we could ask you the same question….

  • helena handbasket

    no one is watching this? best news i’ve heard all day!

  • BLT

    paris hilton is a has been…or never was, whichever.

  • Ahmed

    Yah!!!! This is the best news all day… I hope they cancel the show… and while we are at it, let’s do away with all shows Kardashian as well…. please!!!

  • Glen beck Sheep

    At least the Kardashians are entertaining in a Jerry Springer-style circus show.
    Paris has difficulty stringing a sentence together, let alone a joke.

    • etm

      And at least Kim seems nice and is stunning looking. Paris is such a mean btch. Though both the Kardashian sister and Paris are dead behind the eyes and speak in a monotone.

      • CandaceTX


    • Cuthbert

      “At least the Kardashians are entertaining in a Jerry Springer-style circus show.”

      The Kardashians are “entertaining?” No, they aren’t, no matter how you try to qualify your reasoning by comparing it to Jersey Shore (also not entertaining). Not even in a it’s-fun-to-watch-train-wrecks way.

  • olivia

    she is a big airhead! I HOPE OXGYN CANCELS HER SHOW!

    • Jason

      Jealousy will get you nowhere!

  • Eurydice

    Hmmm, sounds like she should be on the History Channel.

    • Squishmar

      That’s a good one!

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