'The Glades,' 'Burn Notice,' 'Covert Affairs,' and 'House': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room


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Summer is in full swing here, as you can tell from the slate of shows on tap this week. And it’s going to be a pretty solid week, Roomies! I’m particularly excited about The Glades and Burn Notice, the subjects of your two pieces of big scoop this week.

Be sure to send me requests for your favorite summer shows via email: You can do so by emailing spoilerroom@ew.com. And, as always, I can be found trolling Twitter @EWSandraG.


The new season of Burn Notice is upon us, readers, and it’s going to be a good one! But it seems I’ve been inundated with your inquiries about this season more than ever, and I’m happy to help!  So I’ve plucked out three of the most frequent questions and posed them to Jeffrey Donovan:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Will there be a main foe on this season?
JEFFREY DONOVAN: “There is a big baddie coming, and it has to do with the murder [in episode 4]. And the murder involves Michael very, very specifically,” says Donovan. “The bad guy who did that … is going to become a huge, formidable foe, but that’s going to be really in the second half of the season, way down in, like, August.”

Will Michael’s new un-burned-ness interfere with his old life? 
“What’s interesting is that plot line actually doesn’t intersect,” says Donovan. “Michael has his CIA job for the first three episodes, and the rest of the team have to take on the little guy and the client and help out the side stories. So they don’t really come across [Michael’s new CIA partner Max, played by Grant Show] too much. Their issue is never going to be with Max, their issue is always going to be with Michael and the choices he makes.”

We know that Michael and Fiona will be living together. What else can we expect from them?
“They’re going to see Michael and Fi come together like they never have before. If the fans have always wanted to know about Michael’s past before he joined the CIA, they’re going to find out a lot about that,” he says.

BONUS! I’ve included a Burn Notice extra somewhere else in the column!


The Glades, A&E’s answer to procedural television… with a twist, is back this Sunday. And this week, I sat down with star Matt Passmore to talk about the upcoming season, that, as expected, will not be an easy one for Jim and Callie, who at the end of last season took their relationship to the next level. Aside from Callie’s ex-husband, Ray, being released from prison, Passmore tells me a person from Jim’s past will reappear and “throw a spanner in the works.” A female from his past, to be exact. “She is actually someone that he worked with up in Chicago, and she ends up representing that one person who broke his heart. And what do you do when that person’s back in your life?” he says. “At the same time, Callie’s husband is coming out of prison, so they’re really thrown under the bus as a couple.”

Word is this mystery woman is sticking around for more than one episode and is a important part of the entire season.” “I can’t say too much, but certainly, let’s just say that … she’s significant,” he says coyly.

Come back later today for more from my conversation with Passmore, where we talk about America’s fascination with pie, the new side of Jim we’ll see this season, and circus freaks.


Will Anne Dudek have more to do this season on Covert Affairs? After seeing what she can do on House, her relatively small role as an affable housewife doesn’t seem to be the best use of Dudek’s considerable talents. — Bruce
This isn’t something you’ll see from the beginning of this new season — the first episode mostly wraps up the cliffhanger from last season and sets us on the path to a new interesting arc. But later on, Piper Perabo tells me things will start shaking up at home in a big way. A secret-revealing way. “Danielle is becoming more and more suspicious of the lies that I’m telling her and things aren’t adding up,” she says. “I actually just read the next episode that we’re shooting, two episodes ahead, and Danielle found out this piece of information that made me think, ‘Oh my gosh, she’s not going to be able not to know for so much longer. It’s getting really hard for Annie to hide all that she has to from Danielle.”


Image Credit: Ray Mickshaw/Fox

I’m really worried about House. Please give me good news about the direction they’re heading next season. — Sharde
We’ll have more from the Inside the Writer’s Room with House event last night, which benefits The Writers Guild Foundation, in a bit. But here’s a little nugget I drew out for you this morning from executive producer and writer Peter Blake about what’s on tap for Chase. “I only have one good idea for season 8 so far, so I hope they use it. I have an idea for a Chase story. Who doesn’t like a Chase story?” Also discussed at the event: A certain beloved person’s exit and the future of House after season 8.

Franklin & Bash was good, but you know what was great, Sandra? Mark-Paul Gosselaar’s booty!!!!!! I’m a pig, I know. But tell me this isn’t the last skin we see. Oink. — Rita
Well, oink, oink. That was my highlight as well. And while next week’s episode doesn’t go as far as the premiere, there is some shirtless tanning. Hey, it’s better than nothing! Also, Fred Willard guests as the friend of a woman who’s on trial for murder. And he’s a real… jokester.

Thanks for supporting Royal Pains! I have loved every season on that show, and really loved when they brought Henry Winkler on. What’s Eddie up to this season? Will he be in prison the whole time? — Susie
Not likely. But things won’t be easy once he does get out, Mark Feuerstein teased. “In getting out of jail, Eddie R. Lawson faces — yet again — the challenges of going down the shady criminal path or walking the straight and narrow, and he’s made just the friend in prison who will make it very hard for him to make that decision.”

Sandra! I missed Julie Plec on Kevin Smith’s radio show yesterday. Sad panda! Did she say anything about the new season? — Tracy
Hat tip to Vampire Diaries Online for the heads up about the interview. And as for season 3, I’d say the biggest hint in the rather spoiler-phobic interview was that the writing staff, who yesterday were on day 3 of mapping out the new season, had just added Rebecca Sonnenshine, a horror writer who Plec was particularly excited about because she specialized in “psychological horror.” Her hiring definitely speaks to the direction they’re heading this season, and let me say, I like the sound of it. Speaking of which…

I need some Mystic Falls scoop, please!! — Ann
The writing room might still be on the road to fleshing out the new season, but Nina Dobrev is definitely full of ideas. “The energy is going to be different, the roles are reversing and Elena is also going to have to live with the consequences of why and how she did that, a.k.a. the kiss,” she said. “Last year it was a fake-out Elena/Damon kiss. This year it was legitski. And she initiated. So it’s going to be interesting to see what the consequences are.” Now if only there were consequences for using the word “legitski” …Oh, wait, there is: a virtual high-five, awarded for acts of awesome.

Hey Sandra. I’d like spoilers…  — Margot
I think you pressed “send” a little early there. Try again next week… maybe with some specifics? Meanwhile, I’ll pretend you finished that sentence with “on my favorite show Rookie Blue.” To which I’d reply, “Sure! The June 23 premiere will not disappoint. This was definitely the only network show from last summer left standing for a reason.” (I’m going to stop using quotes now to avoid dousing this answer with douche-ness, which actually sounds pretty gross.) Anyway, the not-so-rookies are given a big task right out of the gate in the season 2 episode: helping solving a murder that takes place at a concert (ergo, a ton of witnesses). And each of their unique skills, particularly Dov’s (Gregory Smith) knack for navigating social media and Andy’s general kick-assery, come in handy. The only setback? When someone on the team takes a bullet!

Hi, I just read spoilers for the season 4 premiere of Leverage… you said that you wouldn’t know that anything had changed between the two while they’re on the case. What about when they’re not? And do they talk about what happened between them? — Maya
It’s definitely talked about in the first episode back. And they come to an… agreement. And thanks to Leverage fans for your great questions for Timothy Hutton! Hopefully you’ll see a few of them answered in the upcoming Q&A!

I’m missing all of my CW shows! The Vampire Diaries, One Tree Hill, and 90210 especially! Scoops will be rewarded with sweet treats! — Sophie
Someone on one of these shows wants to go dark side, and who might surprise you! (Not “Darkseid.” SOB! Smallville… ) Tristan Wilds recently opened up to EW about his hopes for seeing the twistier side of Dixon, following a season of mostly seeing his sweeter side. “I think Dixon definitely has that side, i.e. him punching somebody every season,” he says laughing, “but I don’t think we’ve really tapped into that.”  What do you say, 90210 fans? Want to see this different side of Dixon come out next season? Oh, and I like cookies, Soph.

Memphis Beat is a fantastic show! I was so happy to see it get a little love last week. Can you tell us any more about the upcoming season? – Veronica
I spy with my little eye none other than Jake McDorman! The Greek alum makes a guest appearance on the second new episode of the season as a rich but troubled son of a break-in victim. And there’s more to the story, too, because he’s a little worse for wear by the end of the episode. But I was so happy to see him (briefly) back on TV, I didn’t take comprehensive notes. You’ll have to watch. And now I’m sure you will!

Californication? — Alex
Straight and to the point. I like it, so I’ll do the same: The show is currently casting a pretty, young development executive named Ali who admires more than just Hank’s talent. This come-on happens much to the chagrin of someone in Hank’s life.

Going through major Chuck withdrawals. SOS! (Send out spoilers.) — Viv
What about some RMC instead? Ryan McPartlin Cuteness. Last time I chatted with the Chuck actor, he opened up about what his reaction will be when the show closes out its run at the end of next season after a couple of, um, false alarms: “I’m glad I can stop slobbering on everyone at the end of every season, thinking it’s going to be the last.  I know now when I shed tears next time they’ll be for real. It’s awkward after I cry very hard, say my goodbyes, then show up on set [after the show gets picked up again],” he said, laughing. “It’s like, ‘Well, that was weird. But hey! We’re back!’ There will be no more awkwardness when I go back to set.”

Any hope of Kristin Chenoweth returning to Glee next season? I love April Rhodes! — Maya
You never know. Scheduling could work out, but it’s less likely to happen if her new show, Good Christian Belles takes off. And if you ask me, it should! I absolutely loved this show, which was like Cougar Town-meets-Mean Girls in the South.

** Random question break **

Sandra, have you gotten a chance to see any of the new shows in yet? What are some of your new favorites? — Lindsay

See above for one. But I still have a fair amount of them to work through this weekend. But all should feel free to shoot me questions about specific first-year shows as well! I’ll try my hardest to give you an answer based on the first looks we’re given! On the slate this weekend? The Ringer

** resume programming **

Sandra, what are you hearing about Falling Skies? I’m excited about it, but am hoping it’s worth the wait… — Joe
Depends what your expectations are, but actor Noah Wyle promises “a really exciting, dynamic alien invasion show that serves as a backdrop for something that’s a good character piece.” But, he warns, viewers must watch from the beginning and pay close attention. Like any good alien show, there will be twists galore. “By the end of the season, the audience has to radically redefine what they’ve learned,” he said.

Sandra! Thank you for the Nikita awesomeness! But you haven’t said anything about Alex next season! —  Ana
Allow me to remedy that with Lyndsy Fonseca’s take on what lies ahead for the rogue agent: “I think honestly the fact that Alex is not hiding behind any shadows any more. There was some insecurity about her past and her family and not standing on her own but I think she’s really starting to take responsibility for who she is,” she says. “It will be exciting to see how she goes about that.” As long as it includes more interactions with Melinda Clarke, I’ll be a happy camper.

I need to know what Michael Vartan will be up to on HawthoRNe. We saw a wedding in the promos! Is this before or after the baby is born? — Grace
The wedding takes place at the very top of the hour, and it’s a lovely mess of an affair. The pair does get hitched though, and Christina is very much with child when that happens. The rest of the episode then launches what is likely to be an incredibly emotional season for your man Vartan and his new wife. I can’t say much more. You’ll have to watch the premiere on June 14. Also, submit your questions for Jada Pinkett-Smith, who I’m chatting with next week!

I love Drop Dead Diva and can’t wait for it to return! Any scoop? – Randy
You’re going to love the cameo from former *NSYNCer Lance Bass, who plays the producer/director who is helming Fred’s first commercial. I’m more of a Backstreet Boys girl myself, but I trust the word of April Bowlby. “He plays a smarmy guy, and he did that really well. He was that classic Hollywood director. We’ve got a lot of colorful, amazing guests this season.”

**Burn Notice bonus!**

Sometimes, interview bits end up on the cutting room floor for one reason or another, and that’s a damn shame… because they’re sometimes funny! (Example: Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder’s exchange that I shared with you recently.) So here’s another peek behind the curtain:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Where do we pick up with Michael and Fi?
JEFFREY DONOVAN: Big surprise, and I guess that is a spoiler alert, Michael and Fi move in together! Yes. They live in sin. [Laughs] They’ve been living separate lives in sin, and now they live together in sin. She moves in.

[Laughs] I like that: “living together in sin.”
Love is in the air in the first half of the season for Michael and Fi. She moves into the loft with him. She starts decorating. We’re going to get a puppy next — I’m kidding.

That would be terrifying for the puppy.
[Laughs] What are you saying? That sounds like a line Sam Axe would say, “That’s terrifying for the puppy.”

No! I’m afraid someone would use the puppy against them. It would turn into the mid-season cliffhanger.
“We have your puppy.” [Laughs] Oh my God, Fiona would kill everybody.

Maybe they should get a puppy after all… that sounds sort of badass.

(Additional reporting by Carrie Bell)

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  • heather

    Callie’s ex’s name is Ray.

    • Kiki

      And her name isn’t Kelly.

    • heatherp

      Thank you! I can’t even read the little paragraph because those two errors are giving me a headache.

    • Allison

      Isn’t the actress’s name Kelly? I could see him calling her the two names interchangably.

      • Liz

        Her name is Kiele.

  • Fred

    “The thing is … we’re going to have to take the puppy.” – “Burn Notice” cliffhanger.

    • Marc

      The puppys’s name will be Walt so we can hear Micheal yell “Waaaaaaaaalt!”

      • Nicotine

        “Nobody moves… or the puppy gets it!”

      • elizabeth

        Waaaaaalt!… I swear to goodness, as if I hadn’t already LMAO at the interview, this totally did me in. Thanks for making my day!

    • Nagy

      Ok, so first off.. DRAAGGOONNNSS!!! This show is beyond amnazig. The wait till S2 is going to be torture. TORTURE. Did the ‘witch’ intentionally kill Khal Drogo?? Dany got her to ‘treat’ his little scratch, and then next thing we see is this infected, seeping wound. Either she’s the worst healer in the history of time, or she totally f’d it up on purpose. If she did? She *fully* deserved to ‘die screaming’. RIP Drogo. There’s too much to say about this show for a little comment box.. WINTER CAN’T COME SOON ENOUGH!!

  • deedeedragons

    Sad Panda? LOL! now i have to go watch that South Park episode.

  • TQB

    I agree, that would indeed be terrifying for the puppy. I also think it would be some really messed up attack pomeranian or something. Very pretty but lethal, like Fi.

    • Angel

      What’s-her-pajamas is seriously one hawt woman. Been that way since I first saw her in the first X-Men movie, but there’s steiohmng about this series that never grabbed me. I don’t hate it. . . I dunno . . . just steiohmng about this particular brand of Vampire doesn’t itch my Vampire fetish. I think the first couple episodes went a little over the top with the gratuitous vamp sex and it kind of ruined the image in my opinion; like it was the big selling point of the whole series or steiohmng. Red Shoe Diaries: BDSM Vamp Bayou Vamp Style.

  • Marcus

    A future for House after season 8? I’m hoping it doesn’t have a future after that, the show has been dragging considerably and it deserves to end on a positive note rather than slowly fading away.

    • Counselor42

      Anybody remember the Norm show? “Weiner dog, weiner dog, get the remote!” They could have a former bomb-sniffing dog that Fi rescues from one of her activities.

    • elizabeth

      “Slowing fading away”: my personal feelings about House for the last two years. It’s time to end it NOW. Good talent is being wasted on a show that has run its course and then some.

  • Zazazing

    I’m so happy to hear about Leverage, but I wish they had spoiler info on my other favorite summer shows like Eureka, Haven and Warehouse 13. But I’m not tech-savvy enough to know how to email a question. Sob.

  • Jon88

    “Worst for wear”? Alas, the English language is the worse for wear.

    • Bwana

      Be glad it was not “wurst for wear”…proper english usage but a horrifying concept

  • Javadude54

    Oh, man…. who proofreads these things?

    • Dreggor Gade

      No one. Absolutely no one. Just reading the poor, poor, poor writing on EW.com makes every single one of us more stupid, not to mention worse writers. It’s the top reason I hate reading “articles” on the internet. Readers beware.

      • LG

        Then stop reading the articles… Some of us out here really like them!

  • Linda


  • Andy

    I’m excited for Rookie Blue! Maybe I’m the only one but I really enjoyed this little summer gem!

    • Sara

      You’re not the only one. I have been anxiously awaiting the season premieres of Rookie Blue and Burn Notice since they were announced! Thursdays are going to be AWESOME this Summer!

  • Nikki

    So glad the House people remember they have an interesting and popular character on the show! I hope it’s not going to be another drama alongside Thirteen’s. If they pair her with Jesse Spencer or Hugh Laurie, it just shwos what a poor actress she is in comparison. Anyway, Chase deserves a story for himself. Hope it’s going to involve House. Always loved their little moments.

    • Steph

      I couldn’t agree more. Chase is by far the most interesting (and most House-like) person on House’s team and Jesse is such a great actor. Hopefully season 8 will be his year to shine.

      • D

        Chase is definitely the most interesting team member.Jesse is a wonderful actor who’s been neglected by the writers all these years & he has great chemistry with Hugh.
        I really hope Chase’s story in season 8 isn’t wasted on shipping with 13 or on anything that involves her( in other words IT SHOULD BE HIS OWN STORYLINE).
        Let him have some interesting interaction with House(and please more serious drama in S8 & less comedy).
        I too,hope S8 will finally be Jesse’s year to shine.We’ve waited for so long.Moe details please in future scoops.

    • D

      I absolutely agree with every thing Nikky wrote.I’ve always loved Chase’s interaction with House, not only because Jesse & Hugh are great actors, but because Chase is the most House-like character .
      I just hope I won’t be disappointed but I still have faith in Blake as a writer.I really hope though that Chase’s story isn’t actually about 13 & he’s only part of it or just supporting her, because if that is the case , then I won’t bother to tune in for S8.

      • Sasha

        Not only is Chase the most interesting and house-like character, he also is played by a incredibly talented and tragically underestimated actor. I really hope they’d stop shoving the ‘upcoming movie star’ into the viewer’s faces already and start concentrating on the strength of the rest of the cast. It’s funny how Olivia Wilde makes every scene uncomfortable to watch due to her lack of expression and her Mary Sue-ish written, annoying character.

        I hope they’ll give Jesse a good story line which is about Chase and probably House. I always enjoyed their dysfunctional father/son relationship and I guess Peter Blake is the guy to pick it up again. If they go for Chase as a 13 supporter, then I’ll stop watching for good.

  • Chris

    So I guess EW has just forgotten about Doctor Who? Lots of good stories when the season started, now nothing.

    • AB

      Yes please. DOCTOR WHO SPOILERS PLEASE!!!!

    • Rachel

      And there’s so much going on there, too! Who killed him? Who’s the child? Is Amy pregnant or isn’t she? When is River coming back and when in space and time will we finally find out the extent of their relationship?!

      • James

        Ok Rachel if you didnt see it last week, River is actually Pond, she is Amys daughter. as there is no word for pond on galafrey so she was called river, that answers is she pregnant well yeah, we know River is in and around a jail for something she had done, she had killed a man (the Doctor)

  • Captain

    Trevor Donavon plays TEDDY on 90210. Tristan Wilds plays Dixon.

    • ST

      Sounds like Tristan WIlds is looking to keep his name in the hat for next season since no one is guaranteed they’ll be returning.

      • Maria

        He’s guaranteed to return S4.He already said it here in NY. What Tristan wants is material, not nothing like they did to him last season. That guy is the best actor on that show since S1.

  • James P.

    I think that psychological horror might be for jeremy seeing Ana and Vicki

  • Melody

    Michael and Fi with a puppy, I love it!!

    • Counselor42

      This should have been posted under Melody at 12:57. Not sure why it ended up where it did.
      Anybody remember the Norm show? “Weiner dog, weiner dog, get the remote!” They could have a former bomb-sniffing dog that Fi rescues from one of her activities.

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