'House' scoop: Producers thought Lisa Edelstein would return for eighth year


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The character of Lisa Cuddy wasn’t expected to disappear after House’s seventh season. Read the full post.

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  • Lura

    I don’t like the way they are spinning this like they had big plans for Cuddy and House next season. Shore stated many times that Huddy was over, before she decided not to renew her contract. Now they are trying to make LE’s fault. If she had come back she probably would have just handed him a case file every week.

  • Mike

    didn’t scurbs go throw these as well

  • waya

    The whole “Huddy” thing ruined it. I gave up on this show half way through the last season. I watched the finale only to hope that Cuddy was under that car.

    • T2

      I’m with waya. HATED HATED HATED the episodes where House and Cuddy were together.

    • Jess

      ITA, huddy is an asinine arc for stupid fangirls

    • ZZ

      Thankfully, you’re in the minority. The ratings started to drop rapidly after Huddy break up.

      • SK

        Actually ZZ the ratings dropped dramatically during the whole set up of Huddy. Compare season 6 and 7 to lets say Season 3 and 4. The opening this year got 10.6 million whereas the opening for season 5 had an opening 13 million. Since season 4 the show has lost nearly 6 to 8 million viewers. Clearly a lot of people weren’t impressed with Huddy, just a bunch of rabid fangirls.

      • JamesX

        Not sure about other people, but I actually lost interest because House M.D. turned into 13 M.D.

        Finally started watching it again when they got rid of her and focused back on House Again.

        Now… I might just drop House all together since the producer/writer seems hell bent on keeping Wilde.

  • Patricia

    Wouldn’t it be great if they brought back Cameron to take Cuddy’s job?

    • David


      • Jan

        Never cared for Cameron at all.

      • kate

        I love Cameron! She is the best!

    • Teresa

      Yes! Though I know it won’t happen since Jennifer has moved on to bigger and better things. I’m thrilled for her though. I hope the moron ptb are kicking themselves for firing her!

    • Sally

      Yes, totally! But Jennifer has new projects, and I hope she won’t let herself lure back to House after they treated her so badly.

  • grandpajoe

    I will miss Lisa, but the story lines were getting too muddled – bring back Hous’s “wife”

  • Mark

    Lisa Edelstein’s departure is a major blow for this show and reason enough for me to be less interested in watching. If this was truly about a slash in salary, David Shore needs his @$$ kicked! Unacceptable! Get LE back and quick so we can wrap up what really needs to be and hopefully is the last season of “House.”

    • Sila

      David Shore doesn’t negotiate salaries. FOX/NBC negotiate his salary & everyone else’s. Shore is the creator of [H]ouse & the creative lead. If salary is the main issues blames the Networks, specifically Kevin Reilly @ FOX Entertainment.

      • go back to school

        Sila, you clearly know even less than Mark about how it works in Hollyweird…

      • maggie

        Sila is correct that David Shore doesn’t negotiate salaries. NBC/Universal produces House for Fox and they do the negotiating with the talent.

  • Jess

    No, Mr Blake, the House-Cuddy dynamic is not the reason a lot of us watch the show, actually millions started to left since the moment Cuddy and huddy were pushed on. Have you seen the ratings? Do you remember what this show used to be during the first, amazing season? Do you really think that a bad soap opera and a boring character like Cuddy is what most of the viewers want to see? The first episodes of season 7 had an average of 10 millions of viewers and that put House in 42 place (source tvbythenumbers). What a shame!

    • Sally

      Ratings started to tank mid-season 6 when there was no sign of huddy and actually featured more Wilson-centric episodes. I think ratings slide is all about substandard writing with a few very good episodes interspersed in the beginning and end. What the show needs are new writers.

      • Lura

        They also dropped quite a bit after the breakup this year. I guess hookers and monster trucks aren’t a big draw. Even the heavily hyped return of movie star OW didn’t help.

      • Jess

        Please, season 6 was all about House mooning because of Cuddy and it was also clear that Lucas was just a plot device for huddy angst! And don’t forget Nolan, the huddy cheerleader who reduced House’s pain to his love for Cuddy: you’re miserable because you want to be in a relationship with Cuddy, you’re truuu luv, be with her and you’ll be happy, your pain will go away and bla bla.
        And care to explain why the rating didn’t go up this season, why the premiere had only 10 millions? Easy, people could care less of huddy. Also the finale was LE’s last episode and still the ratings went down.
        Huddy was a big mistake and what I get from tptb’s interviews is that they are well aware of that

      • Sally

        Compared to the first seasons, the ratings during the Huddy arc. Not even the break-up helped, Huddy ruined it.

      • Katie

        Not fair to blame the Wilson episodes. Setting House up as a boring, love sick puppy pining away for Cuddy is probably why a lot of people tuned out.

    • Kelly

      Jesss, I agree with you that House and Cuddy, as presented from season 5 onwards, was bad soap opera. It was very poorly written and executed, as most of the romances have been.

      However, I will never agree that Cuddy was “boring” or that House and Cuddy were a mistake, per se. I loved the will they/won’t they dynamic from seasons 1-4, but the writers screwed it up.

      House is on life support, as far as I’m concerned.

      • JenR

        It could have worked. I don’t understand why TV writers can’t write a good, complicated relationship between two strong people. I feel the same way about Barney and Robin on HIMYM. We need some TV writers who can write couples who aren’t sappy, whose relationships work but aren’t boring and don’t change the characters unrealistically. Can anyone think of examples of this being done successfully?

    • mel35

      I know ratings, and they went down in season 6 where, instead of Huddy, we got Luddy.
      And s7 was crappy even for huddies for a simple reason: writers are idiots and they weren’t able to write characters properly.

      • Lor

        Jeez, here’s the huddytard of iwfc ops iwfle now who wasted 7000$ for a stupid ad! Get a life, moron and just compare the ratings of the first seasons when Cuddy had just few lines once in a while with the ratings of this season!
        Oh, and I see LE had 3 seconds in a bed scene, I guess this is the best she can do, lol

      • troll

        LE is on vacation!
        she did that guest spot a while ago.
        go take your poison and spread it some place else.
        both LE & Cuddy were a very important part of the show House and more people than you think will miss her!
        also, you cant compare ratings of the first few seasons with a different timeslot, air day and lead in to what was during the past 3 seasons. that’s not how it works! the highest rated epis of S7 were the ones Cuddy heavy…
        also, the H&C arc didnt do so bad considering how numbers fell mid S6. it actually improved and then fell again after the break up…
        but you clearly only want to see what suits you.

      • Emma


  • tina


  • Lura

    I never liked Cameron, but the show didn’t get better when she left. I liked 13 as a supporting character but never liked it when they made her the main character, but the show didn’t get any better when she was gone. I liked Huddy, but their relationship was for the most part poorly executed. Taub is fine as a supporting character, but again his story is boring or stupid. I liked Chase, but they haven’t done anything interesting with his character. Foreman might as well not be there for all they use him.
    The writers were very good at teasing the idea that something interesting might happen in the future. That kept people watching and waiting. The problem is they don’t actually have anything interesting for the characters to do. Once they couldn’t tease anymore I realized this show isn’t journey it’s a hamster wheel.

    • Claudia

      ICAM. Ditto to all of that.

  • LucyAnne

    Obviously they still are not hearing what fans AND critics are saying. It’s not just Cuddy and Lisaj it’s the House of domestic violence turn. It doesn’t matter the reasons, justifications or motivation. The man drove his car into an occupied home. It’s domestic violence, and yes they knew that or they wouldn’t have put the anvil conversation with the cop in the script. Our loved anti-hero is a villain now and they are still focusing on Huddy. Who’s more obsessed, them or the fans? It’s pathetic really.

    Yes, Shore, write what you like, but don’t be surprised when viewers stop watching what they don’t like…And FYI, your damage control stinks.

  • LucyAnne

    And “Huddy” didn’t work because they intentionally wrote it shallow. They pushed it and wrote it that way. Those who liked Huddy hated it. Those who hated Huddy, hated it more. Get a grip!

  • RMW

    Hugh should leave after this season. He is far too good for what this once-great show has become.

  • Jennifer

    Gee, would it have been less of a fustercluck if they’d known she was leaving? I’d like to think so, but given how this show’s devolved from great to mediocre to absolute crap in the last two seasons, I highly doubt it.

  • Claudia

    It’s not gonna work Shore…. really no matter what BS you come up with now to try and bribe the fans into coming back, it’s not gonna work. You blew it. Big time.

  • CJ

    The main problem with the series is that the House character is totally out of control. His addictions would have cost him his license in real life by now. The Huddy-line shouldn’t have happened and the Cuddy character weakened by it. House’s character has no redeaming qualities at this point and the show has jumped the shark. RIP. It was a good show for a few seasons!

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