'House' scoop: Producers thought Lisa Edelstein would return for eighth year


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The character of Lisa Cuddy wasn’t expected to disappear after House’s seventh season. Read the full post.

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  • FastEddie

    I liked “13” also, but when she was absent from the show for most of season 7, Masters grew on me. In fact, Masters was a far more interesting character than 13 and I now wish they had kept her and dumped 13.

    This really should have been the last season for the show. There is simply too little left to explore. In the beginning we learned about the characters and their philosophies by how they approached medicine. Now it’s all about who is sleeping with whom. B-O-R-I-N-G!

  • Caiman

    I think they should give Foreman Cuddy’s admin job. That would finally give the poor guy something interesting to do! Omar Epps is so awesome and he’s basically been hung out to dry. Promote Foreman and let him kick House’s *ss for real!

  • Sharyn

    I think Cuddy should take her baby and go to Israel to live. I loved the way they wrote her Jewish faith into the show and this would be a nice appropriate way for her to leave. Maybe if Lisa Edelstein is willing to come back for future episodes, House can go to Israel to try and find her or something.

    • fritz

      BRILLIANT ! I secxond the commotion and here’s why. Cuddy was a stuckup, self-centered, artless, heartless J A Pee all allong and needs the shock therapy of being dumped into a world of Maccabeans instead of yuppies. Opening of next season could be someone asking where Cuddy went and House telling that tale, ending wikth “No, really, she’s on a kibbutz looking for an apartment and she ain’t coming back.” And then series needs to return to case-focused… which can introduce complex characters and fresh stories each week instead of beating the dead horses of Epps and Taub etc

  • Chris

    Meh, it’s time for a new show anyway. House got stale. Oh, look, House is being sarcastic, Chase is being sexy, Wilson is being exasperated, Foreman is being token, Taub is having woman problems blah blah blah. I’ve moved on to the Chicago Code. Check it out if you haven’t already.

    • Cindy S,

      Hasn’t Chicago Code been cancelled?

      • Chris

        Yeah I just looked that up… well, that’s just stupid. That was the first decent show Fox has come up with since, well, House.

      • hank

        Not surprised the Chicago Code was cancelled…..it was the same thing every week.

  • Billy

    Just bring her back for one more episode and have her support a compassion killing of a patient, and have that patient be a close companion of Dexter Morgan. Then let Dexter finish her off. Kind of strange, but I cannot help but have a little bit of mental overlap with my two favorite shows.

    • Sarah

      I like the way you think. I also think it would be cool if Dexter killed Cuddy off. It would be a lot better than the finale

    • Eurydice

      That could work. My thought was that House driving the car into Cuddy’s home is really an hallucination brought on by Cuddy hitting him repeatedly over the head with a 2-by-4. So it’s Cuddy who gets taken away for domestic violence. Only problem is finding a jury that would convict her.

  • Dan

    I dont blame Lisa Edelstein for leaving at all. The writers have ruined the show so better to leave.

    The finale was simply an awful ending to a horrifyingly bad season.

  • helen

    i think cameron should rejoin the team as a more confident-sexy woman because of spending time with someone “special”. then have house develope “no vicodin” feelings for cameron. house seems to be more emotional when he isn’t using.

  • david

    I am sorry I could not even get half way through the article because of all the errors in the writing. Perhaps you should worry less about finding a replacement for Cuddy and more time finding a new editor for this site.

  • Rich

    Have always really liked her until I saw her accept something on some awards show. Wow, talk about dumb! She was incoherent without a script. She sould have taken the reduced salary and run with it because this is probably the last we’ll see of her.

    • Claudia

      Erm, I think I know what you mean. The PCA award? She wasn’t dumb, she was simply ridiculously excited and super nervous because it was the first time she’d ever won an award. Give the girl a break.

      • well

        PCA is such stupid award without credibility

  • Teresa

    It would have been nice to see such regret about Jennifer Morrison’s departure. Whatever you may think of Cameron, Jennifer was one of the people that made House a success. Despite the cowardly way she was let go, she’s never had a negative thing to say about the show or anyone involved with it. She deserves way more respect from Shore & co. Stay classy Jennifer and I wish you much success with your new show!

    • Meg


      • Sally


    • Lura

      Why would they regret her departure? They wrote her off it was their choice.

      She got paid for the remainder of season 6 so it wasn’t that bad a deal for her.

      • lol

        Lura and Claudia are so pathetic! You are mel35!fake-identity from IWFC, I’m sure! LOL

    • SK


  • Hudman

    I quit on this show mid-year. It’s just going no where and dull. The cases began to always be similar with House hearing someone say something and that leads to his solving the case. Dull writing. Maybe Lisa felt this way too.

  • Tom

    I don’t care about LE or Cuddy!
    you should blame her! it’s her decision
    I’d like to see Jennifer Morrison in the last episode of the serie

    • Reality

      True Tom. I think people are forgetting that the show is called House, not Cuddy.

  • WatchesEverything

    I just wish they’d move back a little and revisit the House-as-Sherlock-Holmes vibe that the series started with. They weren’t too shy about it in the first season, what with a drug-dependant genius solving multitudinous mysteries, having a street address of 221-b, with Wilson being his Watson. All of that is still there, but it’s very diluted now, and some people may not even be aware that it was there at all.

    • Eurydice

      Yeah, it deviated from that as soon as they decided to make House’s addiction a major issue. With Holmes, it was in the background so there were no plot lines about him getting better or worse. Once House’s story became about “getting better” with all the baggage that goes along with it (professional relationships, love, friendship, family), it’s like House started kicking and screaming no, no, no – he didn’t want to get better and no matter how hard the writers have tried, they haven’t been able to make him do it.

  • DC

    I’d like to see next season of House with his team in jail. House for attempted murder; Chase for murder. Eventually that is where he would logically end up — it would be interesting to see them in a new environment for the last season (and let’s face it — some people in jail still get drugs and House could work the system in interesting ways).

    • hank

      Attempted murder would be overcharging him. If the DA tries that, House could walk.

  • Shannon

    We started watching House because we love Hugh Laurie and we will continue to watch as long as he is part of the show!

    • JenR

      I have to say I’m with you on that one, Shannon.

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