Sexy new 'True Blood' trailer: 'I can eat who I want' -- EXCLUSIVE


Sex, violence, biting and more sex!

If you weren’t already excited enough about True Blood season four, here’s HBO’s second full-length trailer for the new season. This will make its on-air debut Sunday during the MTV Movie Awards, but you can see it here first. Season four debuts June 26. Here’s your must-watch new trailer:

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  • Kristina


    • Adwina Lambert

      eric can bite me and i could suck him tee-hee!!

    • deedee

      Who is the dark haired woman supposed to be?

  • Annie

    Who is biting Sookie at the end of the promo Bill or Eric? I can not tell.

    • District 12

      def looks like Eric

      • District 12

        well now that I watch it again it could be bill, the hair looks dark but that could just be the lighting

      • Shellibelli

        looks like Godric and Eric perhaps a dream

      • Lori

        Eric can bite me anytime!

    • Rebecca

      I guess everyone has a different opinion, I stopped the video and I think it’s Bill. Since she’s screaming, I guess she’s not enjoying it. Can’t wait for June 26th.

      • matt

        Given the complexion, definitely Eric.

      • Lindsay

        i think it looked more like Bill

  • mwinchell

    Is it June 26th yet?? So excited.

  • megan

    wow look at jessica!

    • Gus

      OMG, Jessica is sooooo hot!! Wish she has a bigger plot this season!

  • AZR

    can’t wait… no, literally can’t wait… 22 more days …

  • @VLh

    Eff yeah. Can’t freaking wait. Please give me a sex scene between Sookie and Eric…….. PLEASE

    • Barry

      You mean in the shower?

  • OMG

    Holy Crap! color me EXCITED!

  • Yoshi

    oohhh Goshhhh…. can´t wait… i love Eric….

  • sookie&eric

    looks awesome!! cant wait. my season 3 blu ray is in the mail!

  • ppp

    That trailer fools with us, I think that is Bill who is forcibly biting Sookie at the end. Eric will be quite innocent this season (everyone who has read the books knows what I mean)

    • Shea

      its definitely eric. right before that part, you see godric and eric with fangs out, and then its sookie and that person in the same setting, so it’s eric.

      • Snarksville

        In a trailer the previous scene doesn’t mean anything. Trailers are made up of sliced and diced scenes, that’s how they hook people. For all we know the two scenes could be from two different episodes. I paused the preview and the head isn’t shaped like Eric’s and lighting is way too bright to change his hair color. So I think it’s Bill’s but, then, we won’t know until it airs.

      • Snarksville

        Ok I went back and watched…again…Teehee…and maybe the lighting isn’t too bright but the person biting Sookie just isn’t built like Eric. He seems much shorter.

      • AT

        Looks like Bill to me. Eric’s hair isn’t that dark.

  • Liz

    OH MY GOD!! Can’t wait!
    But I hope Sookie & Bill WILL get back together, cause they’re True Love. But in the mean time, I guess Sookie will have fun with Eric (or Alcide, or Quinn, or…). They will pass, but in the end, it will always be Bill (at least in the show, cause show & books= two different entertaining experiences).

    • LOL

      LOL, you are an obsessive Billsbabe, you can´t even see this abusive relationship.
      Bill: I have known you for only a month and you know nothing about me, will u marry me? Sookie: Yes I will! Bill: I just had wonderful vampire sex with Lorena! Sookie: That’s ok! I love you! Bill: I just nearly drained you to death Sookie: I love you! Let’s have sex Bill: I have a secret file on you Sookie: I love you! Bill: I tried to kill Eric and Pam for u.

      • Liz

        Oh my… a book/Eric rabid fan. I won’t even go there about the down right abusive relationship of Eric & Sookie in the books.
        Let’s just agree that we love both show & books, but that True Blood is a different entertaining exerience (as Charlaine & Alan said), so the characters are a bit different as well (as Charlaine & Alan said). Ok?

      • Captain

        Oh my god, you must be so delusional to Erik if you’re calling Bill abusive. Does “Sookie, you’re MINE” not say anything to you? They’re BOTH extremely abusive which is why she shouldn’t end up with either of them. From what I can see, the only people who have treated Sookie right are Sam and Alcide.

      • @captain

        seriously, you are wrong, only Bill was abusive to her, Eric didn´t do such things to her. And it is normal that vampires talk like that with you are mine its based on the charlaine harris books and vampires always talk like that in her books.

      • Steven

        She shouldn’t be with either because they are both dead. Some of you take these shows way to seriously.

      • Krista

        I want to see Sookie and Eric’s romance develop this season too, but I dont think that Bill was abusive towards Sookie on the show. Books, maybe, but not the show. Bill’s character is much different on the show than in the books. I dont even think about who Sookie should end up with, because I hope there will be more seasons to come.

    • @cece

      thats nothing about the book, what I have mentioned has all happenend on the show and why the hell do you obsessive Bill fan already talk about a reunion, seriously the show isn´t about that, its about sookie and her adventures. I am betting my money that you have an account on Stephan moyers fanpage LOL; I don´t even care with whom she is going to end up, I think it would be the best if she would end up with no one, her character is absolutely dumb on the show, I would actually prefer her staying with Bill, because then the other characters could get more screen time, because all of them are better actors and their storylines are much more interesting.

      • B

        Man oh man did they dumb down Sookie’s character on the show! I’m just happy to see someone else say it… I actually hate Anna Paquin the most on this show (the TV character of Bill is a close second, but I feel it has less to do with his acting than with what they write for him) I don’t get all hype about her, she’s actually a pretty lame actress. But everyone else is absolutely amazing so I can’t give up watching it… even though I would like to punch Sookie in the face every time she say’s “B*tch”

      • @B

        There are actually a lot really a lot of people who can´t stand Sookie, I think she gets portrayed just as a really dumb person. In the books she had at least a brain. And Alan Balls ridicilous love for Bill is getting on my nerves, he seems to be the only one who thinks that Bill is an awesome and interesting character. Seriously, if Sookie is going to get back with Bill I am going to vomit, if my boyfriend would have done something that he has, I could never forgive him for that. How much dummer do the True Blood writers want to make Sookie?

  • cece

    What about Alcide?! That is who I CANNOT WAIT to see more of!

    • @cece

      That guy looks like one of the chippendales, why the hell do people like Alcide, he only mumbles!!

      • cece

        seriously? how is it possible you don’t find him the yummiest of eye candy

      • no

        do you only watch the show for the good looking guys, why?? I loved Alcide in the books so I was looking forward to him on TB. At first I thought Joe was handsome, but the minute he opened his mouth and I realized he couldn’t act his way out of a paperbag, I was really turned off. No amount of good looks matter to me if there is not enough talent.

      • erin

        @no How could you “love Alcide” in the books, when he really a big a@@hole?

  • cece

    I would be surprised if anyone watches TB for the acting. I love the Bill, Sookie, Eric triangle, but it would be great to see her spend more time with Alcide

  • Mick

    I love the show but last season had issues mainly with its pacing.

  • Christina

    “Sookie is mine”?!?!?!?! Is that Erik?
    Wooooooooowwwwww =)

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