'Young and the Restless': Lily learns shocking truth -- VIDEO

Yep, it was pretty dang crazy to kill off a popular character like Cane but his death — and sudden resurrection — has certainly ushered in a whole new level of crazy fun on The Young and the Restless. Check out this promo that teases a big reveal about Daniel Goddard’s beloved character and his poor put-upon wife Lily (Christel Khalil). Oh, and have a nice trip, see you next fall, daddy-o!

Young and the Restless star Daniel Goddard on his dead (now alive) character
Genie Francis joins Young and the Restless

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    • Rita

      I’d bang Lily. All day long.

      • Rossman

        Why would you write something like this on a Soap blog? Come on this is not a pron site. Sick!

    • Flip

      Cane is not popular! Most Y&R fans HATE him (and Lily!). Stop trying to pimp Cane, Y&R. This is like your fourth article on him in the past few weeks. ENOUGH.

      • unlimitedjason

        Flip, I don’t know if you’ve been noticing or not… but Lily and Cane are always ahead in any poll taken. I’m not a fan of them together, but I can’t deny that they are popular.

      • agatematt

        If Cane was not a popular character then why would Y&R’s Co-Head Writer Scott Hamner, at the time of the shooting episode, say that the reason Cane was being killed off was because the character had become so popular? It may have been a dumb statement, but nevertheless that was the soap’s official statemnt on the killing at the time it took place.

      • tonia

        Viewers don’t hate Cane. His Facebook page and twitter has thousands of followers. Speak for yourself not for everyone. I love Cane and he has a huge fanbase..

      • sophia

        What show are u watching Flip? BC this fan loves the storyline.just hating.

      • deedee

        ITA; I am amazed how many articles EW does about this show. Don’t get me wrong, love the show. But it makes me wonder

      • rtsmith

        Flip, you are so wrong. Obviously Cane and Lily are extremely popular hence the reason they are bringing him back. You must be a new viewer.

      • Jamie


        Wrong! Cane & Lily are immensely popular. All of the polls show that fans love them.

        I’m just glad to have another great couple outside the boring Newmans! Ugh! Phyllis/Nick/Sharon ate the show.

        Praise the soap goddess for Lily & Cane!

        I’m just sad that Colin is being exposed so soon.

      • Tricia Allen

        So you know most of the Y&R fans huh? You can only speak for yourself. Since you seem to live in a closet because only someone who is disconnected from the real world would not know Cane/DG is popular. I hate it when a poster/person doesnt like something or someone and their hate has given them tunnel vision that causes them to believe that everyone sees things the way they do. Please put a disclaimer before your declarations of who is or isnt popular by saying “this is just my opinion” because it sure aint the gospel truth!

      • Monique

        HI HATEER

    • liza

      WTH? Did Colin just grab Jill by the neck and throw her to the ground?

      I don’t think this will be a good story at all if Colin physically hurts Jill.

      • wasabi

        Looks like she recovers in time to watch him being shoved off that balcony in one of the later clips.

      • Dennis

        I don’t have an answer for you, I don’y try to dstcanie myself, I wouldn’t know how. Ill come back to you after a few more canings!Beau

  • Cassondra

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant wait

  • Jaci

    Whoa!! That looks good!!!!!!!

  • Desria

    Wow that looks epic!!!!!!

  • Mandy

    Whoa! This looks exciting! Can’t wait to see it. LOVE LANE! YES!

  • GG

    FIYAH !!!! Can’t wait to see Lily’s reaction to all of this .

    Cane and Lily forever !

  • GG

    Oh and its Christel Khalil please fix that glaring error !

    • Barbara

      That glaring error was fixed when they asked CK back…thank goodness they did fix it…

      • Dezimarie

        Sorry, but Davetta was exactly what Lily should have been like. She was Drucilla’s daughter! I think that Christel was better as a teenage Lily.

      • Barbara

        That’s exactly why I and a lot of other’s like CK, because she isn’t over the top like Dru…unfortunately for you, Daveeta is gone bye bye, and fortunately for me and a lot of other’s she is gone bye bye…by the way, what is Daveeta doing now?..just asking..really not intrested but just asking…

      • GG

        tooooo funny ! Thank goodness they fixed that !! LOL LOVE CK!!!

  • Brenda Barrett

    Great promo. I’ve been watching Y&R sporadically since word came that my beloved OLTL has been cancelled, in preparation for a 2012 switch to Y&R. Thus far, I’ve found the show’s plotting and pacing to be slow. And I hate the character of Phyllis. I don’t mean I love to hate her; I just hate her. She needs to go.

    • wakeforce

      Oh, pleasw. I think you mean Sharon! Sharon is a whiny, needy, anyhting-for-a-man tramp. Phyllis is one of the only strong females on this show!

      • ME

        Sharon a tramp HELLO Phylis this year alone went from Banging Nick, to jack, back to Nick then Deacon on a garbage dumpbster in an aqlley( talk about trashy ) then back to jack then Nick and i think she wants to do another round with jack again. her obsession with sharon controlled her and broke her down and she couldnt handle that and went nuts when Nick cheated on her with Sharon but it was ok when she slept with nick while he was married to Sharon and they were grieving their teenage daughters death. the list goes on on what Phylis has done in the past and the havoc she has caused not to mention deaths.

    • Tonya

      Your new to the show.. one of the things I like about Y&R is that they DON’T drag plots and the storyline keeps moving. They are the only soap that does this..

    • AskChristine

      I agree. I loathe Phyllis. Always have. The writers expect the long-time viewers to just forget about Phyllis’s past. Like how she ran over Paul and Christine the night before their wedding. Which is probably one of the nicer things she has done. It’s too bad Lauren didn’t shoot her when she had the chance. She is the reason I record the show, so I can forward past her and her repulsive self.

      • Fran

        Ask Christine,I think everybody has a character that they find repulsive. I am a love to hate Phyllis, well I use to be a love to hate Phyllis. Now I find that that clan(Newmans or maybe it is those who eat up all the air time with their inane problems i am just bored with her. i do think that she should get her granddaughter.
        Ahh what was my point? Oh Oh we all have characters that we find detestable. my character is Chloe and Victor. I FF through all of their stuff.



  • Laura

    This is a great promo..But I like Tristan as Colin..He’s the reason I started watching Y&R..Oh, well it was a fun ride while it lasted.

    • Jaci

      Laura, I don’t think Cane’s Dad is necessarily dead. Maybe he will be in a coma and come out of it with no memory of the slimy person he is.

  • Leana Miller

    Can’t wait to see more of this story!!! Keep up the GREAT work, writers! Feels like your at the movies while watching Y&R these days!!! LONG LIVE LANE!!!!!

  • Barbara Toliver

    OMG!!! WOW!! This looks so good!! Love the Ashby’s!!

  • sus

    Have only ever watched GH.. WAS very loyal.. but the Genie Francis addition to Y&R has made me a convert. Can’t wait to see Ms. Francis and Tristan Rogers working together again. Been a long time since I have wished away my weekend to see what was going to happen next. Should have switched to Y&R a long time ago!

  • Jaci

    Laura, I don’t think Cane’s Dad is necessarily dead. Maybe he will be in a coma and come out of it with no memory of the slimy person he is.

  • meh

    Are these the only characters on the show?? Give us some Billy and Victoria PLEASE!!!!

    • Tonya

      Uh… where have you been?… Villy are on a lot.. what? you want them everyday? They are not the only characters.. Sorry

    • AskChristine

      I agree with you. I love Billy & Victoria. Do I expect them on everyday, of course not. I’m not talking about on air. I’m talking in the press. The only press coverage ever is for Cane and Lily. They are both amazing characters and Daniel & Christel are great actors. But so are Billy & Amelia and Melody & Eric and Eileen & Stephen and Tracey & Christian and Jess, Jeanne, Tricia, Doug, John, Jeff, Peter and yes, Maura too. The list goes on. They deserve press coverage too.

      • Fran

        ASK Christine you have got to be kidding, right? If you go to SOD and look at that background, you will see some of all the SOD of the past, count how many time you have seen Cane and Lily on the cover. It amazes me when these two actors finally get what they deserve, people start whinning that they get too much press. I get so sick of seeing Bill. Vickotia< Victor, Jack Victor, Nikki if they blech too loud the soap mags are there to catch the air flow. Bored! Bored ! I only buy the mag when Cane and Lily are mentioned or on the cover

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