Official: Nicole Scherzinger replaces Cheryl Cole on 'The X-Factor'


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More crazy news from Fox’s The X Factor. It was announced today that Nicole Scherzinger will replace Brit singer Cheryl Cole on the judging panel for the singing show. She will join Simon Cowell, L.A. Reid and Paula Abdul in their search to find another “global superstar” or group who could ultimately win a $5 million dollar recording deal.

Nicole has previously joined Cowell as a guest judge on The X Factor for the UK version of the show in 2010. She had filled in for Cole, who was a U.K. judge, too.

Cole was originally announced as part of the show’s U.S. judging panel last month, participated in early judging rounds, then was seemingly booted off. Over the last few days, however, news emerged that she was being offered another role on the show. What went down next is the subject of some dispute, but one U.S.-based executive involved in the matter tells EW that Cole “wasn’t quite herself” during her four days of filming, potentially due to nerves or just feeling out of her environment with the new show.

Some reports made it sound like U.S. producers basically booted Cole from the show because they were unhappy with her performance. Our source says it was more consensual. “After the Chicago auditions, producers suggested she might be happier returning to the UK panel and her management clearly indicated she’d be happy to consider that,” a source told EW. “It wasn’t meant to be the case she was being fired. She was offered an alternative [to work on the UK version] for more money where they thought she might be happier.”

It’s unclear what role Cole will play, if any, on the U.S. version.

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  • glenn

    This is old news!

    • Daw Johnson

      No it’s not. As of this morning, FOX was still advertising Cheryl Cole as the judge–it had never formally said that Nicole was in, nor had it confirmed that she would not be hosting as well.

      More importantly, there were rumors all weekend that Cheryl was coming back and they were just going to pretend that the “firing” never happened.

      • Jerome

        Wow, get a life Daw!

      • Tarc

        Since you’re responding to this thread, Jerome, you’re really not in a position tolecture anyone about ‘getting a life’. Geesh.

  • Jim

    This show better be good with all the attention

    • Andrew

      That’s what I’m saying. They’ve hyped this show up way too much. No way it can live up to any of it.

    • Lil Jo

      How can it be good, it’s AI with the possibility of groups.

    • Ann

      We have run out of original ideas.

  • Realangst

    The media should be ashamed for the slaughter of Miss Cole. They had her fired for being herself long before today. They ran her through the mud and Cowell and FOX did nothing to stop the hurt train. It sure gave X Factor momentum it did not have before this fiasco. Good luck Miss Cole and like that guy said, this show better be good!

    • My Name is Your Name

      Is this Sarah Palin?? Always blaming the darn liberal media!

      • @Name person

        Say what? Realangst only spoke the truth, the media is an equal opportunity hurt train – it will go after liberals too. Sarah Palin has nothing to do with this discussion unless you are obsessed with turning everything you read into a smear campaign for your personal fears. Go haunt another site, we’re talking entertainment here.

      • simmer

        She blamed the Media…Like Sarah, who is all over TV and she is entertainment. So connect the dots. It’s not that hard!

      • LiLi

        ITA with @Name person. I am sick to death of people dragging Sarah Palin’s name into every conversation. This has absolutely nothing to do with her. There aren’t any dots here unless you are dotty enough to draw them yourself.

      • My Name is Your Name

        Hello…She was blaming the Media…Like sarah always done. It is not that hard to connect.

    • Miss Talk

      I think Simon wanted her on X-factor US, he did what he got to do but it is up to her to fight for herself. Let’s be honest, she has NO credibility to judge in America. Nicole had several hits with PCD and 2 concert tours.
      I start to think that this tv show will fail, there’s too much going on. The only reasons why I keep the faith are Simon Cowell and L.A Reid. I know LA Reid didn’t left Def Jam for some hot mess.

    • Blonde Ambition

      Cheryl Cole just didn’t click with most of the American public. It wasn’t just about the accent … being constantly hyped for being “gorgeous” & so beloved back home just didn’t translate here.

      Majority rules. Some things just aren’t meant to be

    • laura

      everyday hard working americans are being let out of jobs with plenty of mouths to feed and struggling to stretch a dollar. and you want me to feel bad for this rich celeb losing her place. she still has money to fall back on/ fans in the uk. she just got greedy with wanting a us audience. simon/fox bit her in the ass as is life for many people everyday. it happens people and it happened to her, you, me everyone once in our lives. but we pick up the pieces and we move on. nothing in life is easy especially the things worth it. so if she is serious about breaking into a US audience she should show some preservence. find other ways to get into the american market.

  • Jill

    This show is now officially over. She is the best thing they had to offer. Not it is just American Idol 2.0 and will flop!

    • asher

      Yeah Jill, because you really know that! LOL

    • Kimmie

      I WANT it to be American Idol 2.0!! It has the best of both worlds, and it’s exciting. Nicole will do fine; I’ve always liked her. Simon and Paula are the main attraction, and what I am looking forward to most. It won’t flop, it’s going to be a runaway hit, because this is just what so many of us have been missing.

  • S

    Ugh. Nicole is as basic as you can get.

    • JJ

      That’s actually being kind. How can Nicole find the next “global superstar” when she’s can’t have her own solo career? If this were ‘Dancing With The Stars’ maybe she’d make sense but beyond that she’s C List at best.

    • jules

      Basic cable, that’s Nicole Whazzername. Not that Cheryl Cole was any better. I think all the judge-switching has been somebody’s attempt to keep buzz going before the show actually begins. She’s in, she’s out, somebody else is rumored, no, we’re back to the first person, now she’s fired and blahbahblahblah, no, it’s somebody else… Desperate attempts to keep people talking.

  • timelord

    a fat geordie c*** replaced by an orange stripper.

  • phil

    Well at least she Cheryl cant come back and pollute our British screens seeing as they gave her the boot here as well. I hope we never have to see this vacuous bore again!

  • freckles

    agreed – i feel so much overkill with this show. like, x-factor has been coming to the US for years now and it still hasn’t aired. *yawn*

  • eyeovine

    I really don’t like either of them but I’d take Cheryl over Nicole.. Over this show before it even begins!

  • @kejsi@

    is this official i’ve heard the bosses will wait until tomorrow?

  • Amy

    What about Nicole’s job as judge for The Sing Off? I may have missed that info in all of the craziness…

    • B-

      The Sing Off was never expected to do so well. So the talent was never signed up for another season. This freed Nicole to move on. Now The Sing Off will return in September in a 2 hour format on Monday night, and they are looking for a new judge to replace Nicole.

  • Ritchie

    One article states that it was about money all along. Whether, Paula and Cheryl weren’t getting along or Cheryl’s accent was too strong for the American public, we don’t know. Whether they were telling Cheryl to leave her boyfriend because he wasn’t popular enough or not, we don’t know. It might all be true and that’s why she was let go. But, one thing is for sure, Nicole doesn’t have anything to do about this drama. Articles are trying to pin it on her and we are not stupid because both Nicole and Cheryl are the one’s being hired and the power lies to Cowell and the producers. Besides, Nicole is known worldwide and she can sing, dance, act, model, judge, host, write music, play instruments etc. She is one multi-talented Independent Woman! She can sing different genres of music like pop, rock, r&b, techno, ballad, dance etc. She was a former contestant from the WB show “Popstar” and she won out of thousands. She also won “Dancing With The Stars” and showed her dancing prowess to America. She has judged a tv show before and to tell you the truth, she is more qualified to be a judge than Paula, Cheryl, Simon or LA Reid because she was a former contestant, an artist, can write music, play instruments, knows the business, and can dance and entertain.

    • 30rocker

      Ritchie, all those things you said also apply to Ms. Cole. She was a contestant on Popstars: the Rivals, has been in the music industry for about 10 years now, and is part of the most successful British girl band. She also can dance and sing and has co-written songs as well. Oh, and she was a judge on the UK X Factor and won twice in a row. So I would say Nicole and Cheryl are equally qualified, it’s Paula who needs to give it up now; she’s no longer current.

      • Jana

        @30rocker -You may not thnk Paula Abdul is current, and maybe she’s not, but this show will initially draw the AI fans who have been so disappointed in the show since Paula and Simon left. Personally, I can’t wait to see them again, I don’t care who else is on the panal.

      • Ritchie

        That may be true that Cheryl is popular in Britain but Nicole is known worldwide. She is a multi-platinum artist and sold millions. Her songs Dont Cha, Buttons, Stickwitu, When I Grow Up, Jai Ho, I Hate This Part, Hush Hush all went top of the charts not only in US but around the world.

    • Erick

      Perfectly said! You’re so right! YAY for U.S./Nicole!

  • Matt

    Snore. They should have just gotten Danni Minogue, from the Aussie version. She’s hot, interesting, more in the industry than Cole, and most people have heard of her sister. I’ll just keep watching The Voice instead.

  • maya

    this show may success but i still say the judging panel could be better, nicole needs to have a success solo career first before being a judge, yes she is a singer but so much basic

    • Ritchie

      Nicole as the lead singer of the PCD sings all the songs and the backup singers only chant. The back up singers don’t sing at all, they dance around her. She is a multi-platinum artist and her songs like: Dont Cha, Buttons, Stickwitu, Hush Hush, Jai Ho, I Hate This Part etc. were all top of the charts worldwide.

      • maya

        i know but she is not that huge (like liona louis)thier is alote of multi-platinum artist but not massive you can not compare her to rihanna or katy or britney spears even chrisitina aguilera or JLO or madonna or lady gaga all of them are unique people
        BUT she is better than paula for sure she can sing really and dance and she is beauty but something to me is missing
        but the show will success for sure (simon is involved)

      • B-

        Maya. The fact that you can’t even spell Leona Lewis shows she’s not a huge star.

    • Ritchie

      Those people you mentioned are not part of the equation here. Also, I disagree that you named those artists as unique, what do you think of Nicole? Not unique? She made an Indian song and people thought she was Indian. Jai Ho was number one in many countries. She has made her new song “Right There” and it’s Caribbean. When she made the song “When I Grow Up” that was one of the hottest songs of that Summer year. Her songs are all different and unique and I like that she keeps changing it up. She can sing “Ave Maria” opera and sing “Black Dog” rock. Try to listen it in youtube. She is one talented artist….amazing!

  • Instigator

    If my math is correct, two wannabes do not equal one talented person.

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