CMT orders 'Texas Women' reality show -- EXCLUSIVE


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These ain’t no desperate housewives: CMT has ordered a new docu-soap reality show about ambitious young working women in Texas.

In the upcoming Texas Women, a quartet of friends work in the rodeo and country music scene by day and party by night in the Lone Star State. There’s a competitive barrel racer (if you don’t know what that is, you haven’t been to enough rodeos), a part-time barrel racer, a stock contractor, and an aspiring singer.

“They’re kick ass. They can fight like cats on a Saturday night, then wake-up Sunday, apologize, and go to church together,” says Jayson Dinsmore, CMT’s executive vp of development.

CMT has picked up eight one-hour episodes of the show for July 14 debut. And here’s something rare: Normally series announcements never have trailers ready yet, but we have one for Texas Women (and that title could still change, btw). Here it is:

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  • Wha’ever

    “I’m blowing (up) my ex-boyfriend”…

    It looks classy…

    • Lizzie

      maybe u just b jealous!

      • Rocky

        I b with you Lizzie!!!

    • Bethany

      Classy and Sassy…..

      • Kaye


    • Trevor

      Nothin like watchin pretty Texas Women at shooting pratice

    • louis

      Ha I sure hope my girlfriend doesnt blow mme up

  • Vighorois

    Isn’t that supposed to be called Texan Shore?

    • Olivia

      U wish you were there?

  • Laurie

    I live in Houston and these women are scarily familiar. I dont know if the hair comes across as big on TV. Maybe in 3D.

    • Aly

      All these women are amazing. I come from a Rodeo Family. The one I am most impressed with is Anna. She is Bada**. Being a successful contractor is hard enough, let alone being a beautiful chick. She deals with alot of sexism from her fellow colleagues. Many girls don’t rope either, it’s suppose to be a Man’s world.
      Unlike most TV series, I think all of these girls are the real deal.
      I have mixed feelings about Brooke. I think she is a good horsewoman and I like her personality in the way she tells it like it is. But I think she thinks of herself as a little too good. She is awfully judgmental, On Hannah and Anna. She is older than Hannah and in a different stage of her life than Hannah so I think she just needs to sit back an watch and give advice if it’s asked, not have conniption fits if she doesn’t approve.
      Ali is a good singer and hopefully this show helps her make a big break, cause she deserves it. There are not many beautiful, talented, and genuine people out there anymore.
      I think Hannah should become a model. She is beautiful. I also think that she shouldn’t worry about Brooke. In the end if Brooke is a true friend, she will be there in the end. I think that right now in her life, having Brooke in her life is just added stress and drama.
      I hope this show helps all these girls make it big or obtain all their dreams.


    My Sister is Brooke. You will either love her or hate her. There is nothing fake about her. It is going to be a halarious show.

    • Nick

      Met Brooke last week and she is a total Hoot. Can’t wait to see her and Ali in this show.

    • Sarah D.

      I grew up with Brooke and her twin sister Kourtni. Her sister is right, you will love her or hate her, better to love though. She is a real Texas Woman and will give it to you as it is! I can’t wait to laugh my but off, watching her.

      • Bobbt

        WHere is the series filmed.?

    • Mary

      I just saw your sister on Country Music Awards .Their video at the end of the show Love your sister!!!!!!!!Hope you 2 have fun in the sun

    • dakota

      she is cool

    • Brandi kolos

      Hey courtney i hope you remember me! I used to ride around with you and Brooke back in the day back in yoakum! Then we’d make our way to Halletsville to the dance!! Im Brandi Kolos, from Hallettsville! And sheri beyer was my friend…its been a while but i remember yall, yall were so much fun and i enjoy watching brooke on tv…she is so dang cute same as she was 15 yrs ago!!! Look me up on fb!!

    • desertcowgirl

      Brooke has spunk, I think she is a true horse person! :-)

    • m

      did your sister go to Northwood University for a bit? She looks very familiar like maybe I had her in a class. I could be totally wrong. I wil have to check out the show.

    • kari

      Love,love Brooke, she tells it like is it=) do u know if she ever been to Oakdale, ca

    • Renee

      hello are they making a second season of this show? thanks

  • Kim

    Cliche white trash garbage reinforcing Texas stereotypes and exaggerating them for brainless “reality” TV.

    I’m a born and raised Texan (Houstonian). I hate “country” anything! I don’t have big hair. I don’t like beer, football or beef.

    Boring obligatory Texas stereotypes stereotyping themselves.

    • Jason

      “Dont like Beef, Beer, or Football”………well looks like you just legitimized as a native Texan….or is it a Kalifornian…you left out Obama supporter……please move somwhere else you are embarasing to Texans

      • FarmHand

        I’m with Jason! Beef up!! RED State baby!

      • O RLY?

        And stereotypical Texans are embarrasing to humanity. Please move off the planet.

      • summit

        This funny! Bill needs to chill!

      • Eric

        Where did you come from? Definately not The Lonestar State

      • Nzoh

        O RLY…… I’m sure this comment is coming from someone who’s has never left the state they were born in, speaking for the world………Jackwagon

      • True Texan

        Thanks Jason……
        if you don’t like Beef, Beer (Shiner Bock) or Football…. MOVE!

    • Puddin tane

      Bummer to be you, KIm

    • Cynny

      Kim, you b exhausting me with your negativity. Chill, lighten up, watch the show and have some fun.

    • Peanut

      Hey Kim, pull on your big girl boots, saddle up, and enjoy the ride!!

    • Crabtree

      Wow, Kim! You are not only boring–your’re hateful. What do you stand for? I grew up in California, Alabama, and Tennessee, but I’ve lived in Texas for almost 5 years now. It was the only state big enough for my personality. You might try Rhode Island. It seems like you’d fit right in. Here’s to the Lonestar State and everything stereotypically Texas. It’s why we moved there.

    • Hanna

      Ditto to Crabtree about wierd Kim.

    • Genieve

      Yada yada yada U seem to be a miserable girl. I almost feel sorry for you

    • Mary

      You are so mean and nasty. I would hate to be walking in your shoes. Pitiful, just plain pitiful Kim

      • louis

        I feel sorry for this mean girl. Probaly doesnt have a friend on the planet Kim I hope you can get a life

    • Tracy

      Houstonian and Texan don’t go together, is it even part of Texas??? Houston should be given to Louisiana, most of us from Texas would be happy to see ya go. Pointing your finger saying white trash and being in Houston, now thats funny! Sweep your steps off in front of the government sub apartment which you live in and eat a steak Michell Obama. Texan…that’s funny!

    • gwynn

      This is just as bad as Jersey Shore,but none of them are from Jersey. I can’t understand these Texas women’s accent. Don’t know what they are saying. Can it.

    • Miranda

      I AM a California girl, and some of us girls here, like me, love beef, beer and football!! Actually, I couldnt live without any of them! The show is great and I hope they keep it going for a while!

    • Dave

      What’s great about TX and the Metroplex? The laid back attitude with the kick butt ambition. This show captures it – love that they showed Joe T’s (War marrying a Texan!)

  • but naked

    Rich Girls Playing in Texas…..

    • louanne

      you dont know anything about these girls. I kno one of them and she works really hard

  • Rhinestonecowgirl

    Finally!! A reality show that shows women with actual talent! A true reflection of a cowgirls’ life!!

    I’ll be watching! Best of luck to Texas Women!!

    • HARRY

      I’ drink to that

  • FarmHand

    Awesome!!! Been waiting for a show like this for a long time! Texas rules!!

    • Adam

      Texas women rule!!!!!!!!!!! Cant wait for the show

      • joseph

        Long live the Texas Women show!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jeff

      Texas rules. Let the fun begin with Texas Women

    • Sierra

      when i heard about this show i got so excited! theres another reality show airing in helotes, tx i heard. wont be on tv till later this year

  • Cathy

    One of these women is not from Texas, just moved to Fort Worth area recently. Being a native Texan, why do you have someone from California calling themselves a Texas Woman?

    • jodi

      I agree with that! Born and raised in Texas and well yes some of these girls have talent but the Hanna chick what is that?? I am all about Texas women rodeo,music, and beer drinking, but some of this on here is not TEXAS WOMEN at all!!!

    • Shelly


  • roperchick

    I think the show will rock..doesn’t matter where your from…how many females do you know that raise their own bulls and become successful stock contractors. love you girls


    Its funny how negative you Texans are when you are commenting on here. Rich girls they are not. They are hard working girls.

    • Sarah D.

      Tell them Kourtni!

    • coletrane

      If you can eat “Cream of Mushroom” Soup out of a can COLD…ur Not a RICH Girl!!! And don’t forget those Vienna Sausages!!!

  • Shannon Helvey

    I know and love those girls! They are all amazing young women! Stay tuned and see for yourself. They might surprise you and make you very proud.

  • Bri

    Go Hannah! Yes, I personally know one of these women…and this isn’t “real tv”..its reality tv…it is stretched n skewed so ppl will watch. Sure, its based off of real life..but the girl I know isn’t some snobby big haired bimbo. She’s smart, beautiful, and a genuine caring person.
    Realize that these girls are on tv, acting out real life. It doesn’t mean it is there life.

    • Frances

      I know one of the girls also. She is so sweet and her hair is beautiful as her brain

    • Puddin tane

      Very sweet thing to say. You are a classy chick yourself.

  • Someone

    Brooke Jeeter! gO BABY! Shes my neighbor! <3

  • Maure

    Don’t think these girls stand a chance compared to the other “Housewives Of”, only 4 not enough to go around.

    • Eddie

      watch the trailer. 4 from Texas be way more than enough

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