Simon Cowell explains Cheryl Cole's departure from 'X Factor'


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Hours after it was confirmed that British singer Cheryl Cole would not be part of either the British or American version of The X Factor, Simon Cowell said the show’s producers believed their decision “would be beneficial to her, funny enough,” according to the Associated Press.

Yesterday, Fox and producers announced that Cole was to be replaced on the network’s version of the show by Nicole Scherzinger, who will shift from co-host to judge. Cowell dismissed reports that Cole, who had already been a judge on the U.K’s X Factor, lacked chemistry with fellow judge Paula Abdul or that her accent was a hurdle for American audiences. “She was good on the American show,” Cowell said. “I personally thought she was missing her family and friends. She just looked a little bit, I wouldn’t say uncomfortable, but just not as happy as I’ve seen her on previous shows.”

Cowell said he’d texted Cole that he assumes “full responsibility,” and that he hopes his friendship with her remains solid. “I always, always would hold the door open to work with her again,” he said.

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  • Amy

    Who cares? She is a nobody and I’m glad she got replaced. Looks like Simon is trying to help her save face but we all know she got FIRED.

    • connor

      are you somebody amy?

      • salma


      • Ann

        Do we really care about why Simon did not choose Cole? The show has not even started..Americans don’t have a clue who Cole is..the back forth on Cole and Scherzinger was irritating. Please stop reporting on this non starter. Actually bring scripted TV back…that would be better

    • My Name is Your Name

      Are you somebody Connor?

      • anna

        he wasn’t claiming to be.

      • Mel

        technically, neither was amy.

      • Bob

        But conner’s question made it sound like he was someone and better then Amy.

      • Sarah

        No it didn’t, that’s your low self-esteem projecting itself on to other people’s words, Bob.

      • laura

        wow sarah are you sure your not the lone person oh here that actually feels the need for a shrink. i know how people now days always have a psycho babble explanation for everything. and when did these shows become all about the judges? i thought they were focused on the performers silly me for making use of logic

      • Bob Bob

        I think that is you Sarah projecting your low self esteem on someone you know nothing about just to make yourself feel better. Did it work?

      • Rebecca Black

        They should put me on there! Im a somebody!

    • Aunt Sassy

      I personally don’t care that she was replaced, but by that Nicole Whateverhername is person? Seriously? So now we have Simon, who knows something about talent, and LA Reid who knows something about talent, and Paula and Nicole neither of which could sing their way out of a paper bag – without the help of auto-tune at least – mentoring new artists? If I wwere a contestant I’d quit before having to be mentored by either of those has-beens.

      • Aunt Sassy

        And yes, I see the typo’s…

      • Matt

        Nicole has actually been through a process similar to the X-Factor before she was in PCD, so I would say she will be a good mentor with her past experience and knowledge. Although I am sad for Cheryl. She is a really great person!

      • john

        I agree with you on Paula but I saw Nicole in a stage production of Rent at the Hollywood Bowl and she had a fantastic voice. I never cared for her before but she changed my mind after seeing her as Maureen.

      • Ann

        Aunt Sassy, What are Cole’s qualifications? Lip synching?

    • Rith

      I love cheryl! so i am not happy with her dismisal. I hope she be on the TV show again.

      • deedeedragons

        Other then Nicole showing people how to mime in front of strippers what else can she teach them???

  • Madox

    Why are people always so nasty on message boards?

    • wsugar

      Because they can be.

      • Vince from NYC

        Exactly. I’d bet none of these people would ever have the guts to be this nasty in person.

    • Drew

      Cause their all virgins.

      • Luke

        Trolling is our national internet pastime

      • Luke


        (though if I corrected every idiot’s bad grammar on here I’d never get anything done)

      • Lil Jo

        thanks Luke, your write, nothing like bad mouthing some one and knot using the rite words.

    • bp

      because they are the types of people who are afraid to say things in your face, so they hide behind their computer and insult away…cowards!

  • Ana

    Its obvious she was fired and he is trying to cover up for her incompetence.

    • james

      And what about the incompetence of those who hired her in the first place? Her accent couldn’t have come as a shock. And it would have been fairly easy to test her rapport with the other judges. This was all PR and she was the pawn. She never had a chance.

    • Brooke

      How can she be incompetent if she’s been successfully working on the British X-Factor for several years? Incompetent at what?

    • Sarah

      Incompetent when all reports I heard from people who were at the auditions is that the audience warmed up to her quickly and she did a good job? She was fired because she plays the same role than Paula on the panel and I don’t understand how producers can think that recycling American Idol is the right way to launch a new show that should be fresh and bold. Stupid move, FOX.

    • bp

      i honestly believe the main reason she wanted the job is to be near her boyfriend derek hough. i believe simon when he says she looked a little out of it. whether he did the right thing by using that excuse to let her go is between him and her.

  • Ellie

    Cheryl was my favorite judge on the British X-Factor. She was always so kind to the contestants and offered them helpful criticism. And I never had trouble understanding her accent. Too bad she won’t get a chance in the U.S.

    • Mary

      I agree Ellie…I liked her on UK X-Factor as well. I think there was probably a lot of pressure on her to break through to America and it probably hindered her performance.

    • Rudy

      Don’t think Wagner would agree with you about being kind to contestants. Maybe you got her mixed up with the other judge. Danni is the foreign judge with accent. You know the one who actually has something constructive to say. Cheryl is the English one we can’t understand, and when we can, it’s “You own the staged, love it or well done pet.” Never a think about notes, tone or stage presence.

    • Rhama

      You are 100% right. Cheryl and Dannii were very good judges / mentors.

  • My Name is Your Name

    I am glad she is gone. I just never liked her. I felt like Simon was pushing her on us. That’s not being mean, just how I feel before people go jumping on me.

  • Rob

    Simon Cowell used to be a nobody to US audiences. I’m sure Cheryl could have been an important part of X-Factor. I sense there is a little part of Paula having a fit and Simon trying to appease Paula. I think Cole’s accent should be a non-issue since what comes out of Paula’s mouth is mostly jibberish anyway…they’ll cancer each other out! Simon’s got a HUGE ego and I’m glad he had a stumble already with this show.

    • Rob

      Oops…I mean’t ‘cancel’.

    • Bob

      So was that type of show at the time so it did not matter.

  • Kimberly Smith

    Who are any of them!!! I was very dissatisfied with the nobody judges during the first audition in LA. No Simon, no Reid!!! I personally feel as though all this crap is rigged!!!! I sound better than Whitney,& JHud, but they looking for a retarded Lady GA GA!!!! Please

  • Jen

    Hmmm, so you’re a somebody then Amy?? Would you like it if you got fired for your accent and it was smeared across the headlines?? Sorry, you probably would. And you would know she was incompetent then Ana? After one lot of auditions and you’re the expert in failure? At the end of the day, she’s still human, no need to be so nasty. If you haven’t got anything nice to say, keep your mouth shut.

    • AJ

      Words you should live by, Jen.

  • Kimberly Smith

    Whatever happen to the Apollo???? That was real!!!

    • Skye Hill

      Black people burned it down and sold what remained for crack.

  • Dave

    When does simon DEPART soon I hope

  • Martin

    Is this how you all speak to each other in real life, face to face. I doubt it. The internet makes you all very brave doesn’t it, hiding behind your keyboards. I fyou can’t conduct a civil conversation then leave.

  • Gabi

    So, he was doing her a favor when he fired her, just because she missed her families and friends?? Please!!

    • Rudy

      She was fired because she knew nothing about music, and the Americans don’t fancy her like Simon does.

  • Sir Alan

    Cheryl, Youre Fired!

  • JJ

    It’s a big leap to go from “she seemed like she missed family/friends” to removing her from the show. Pull her aside and talk to her, review footage, set expectations, etc. What if Nicole is not comfortable? Is she gone too? Simon over-reacted here and set off a domino effect of miscommunication. It’s his show though, he makes the decisions but if Nicole Scherzinger is Plan B I think he made a really bad call. I’ll take an uncomfortable/out of sorts Cheryl over a consistent solo flop Nicole.

  • Roland Sigal


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