'Game of Thrones' hits ratings high

Another bloody good performance for HBO’s Game of Thrones on Sunday: The 9 p.m. airing averaged 2.7 million viewers, up 22 percent since the series premiere. If you count the additional 900,000 people who tuned in two hours later, GOT lured 3.6 million viewers for the night. Sweet.

Season to date, GOT has an average gross audience (linear plays, DVR and HBO On Demand) of 8.3 million viewers.

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  • Matt W

    Great news, especially for an HBO going UP. Can’t wait for season 2 and we’re not even done with season 1 yet.

    • Quirky

      Yeah, I just realized after the last episode that the waiting between Season 1 and 2 is probably going to be way harder for me than most series.

    • Cygnus


      • James D

        HODOR PENIS! i think it could be a new internet meme

      • ree


      • Ilyn, Ser

        No spoilers or someones going to lose their head.

    • Dayanara

      To think, I was cfonused a minute ago.

  • sarah


  • jodipo

    This news makes me happy, and hopeful they will make it to season 3 without too much trouble

  • mark

    How can I get spoilers for this show?? I cant get enough.

    • Race

      Read the books.

      • Emilio

        I tried. They’re as boring as hell. And I’ve read Finnegans Wake twice.

      • Griff

        Try harder, because they are awesome and get progressively better (until the 4th one that is)

      • dwain

        Emilio, you’ve never read Finnegan’s Wake.

      • crispy

        The 4th one is actually fantastic too. Some readers were just pissed because a lot of characters and plotlines were dropped until the next book, and new characters were introduced. But I thought all the stuff happening in Dorne was awesome.

      • Joe greps

        have to concur with Crispy, AFFC is actually an excellent book just not the story lines people were wanting. I suspect though it will prove an important framework for the series going forward and was necessary with the vacuum left by ASOS.

      • Marcus

        Problem with AFFC is that it ended with “meanwhile back at the wall…” 6 years ago.

      • ks

        @ marcus and crispy-totally on board with you. I liked AFFC but yea it left me with WTF feeling.
        That is our new saying Meanwhile at the wall…..

      • Herba

        First time I read a book in english. good thing I play world of warcraft so I at least I knew a few medieval words you dont see in the common english language. I tried in french but they translated direwolve by werewolf and dwarf by imp for Tyrion ( I know they sometimes call him imp, but not all the time)

        Anyway after 50 pages I am ok with english now and its much better than the french translation. Not to mention that the books are 75% cheaper then the french translation.

    • Get A Q

      or wikipedia

      • GavinStrick

        I went the wikipedia route and read the synopsis of all the books so far, and you know what? It hasn’t spoiled my enjoyment of the HBO series at all, and in fact, I’ll probably read the books this summer (and hopefully the new book too!)

    • Cain

      Mark – Why would you want spoilers for the show? Just wait for it on dvd. Or, Get HBO for the weekend of the finale and watch all the episodes. It only cost for the days you have it. Cheap.

      • Francis

        I think he just means that he wants more of the story.
        So like the other said, read the books. You’ll get spoilers for the first 4 seasons. And the 5th soon (July 12th).

    • JD

      I don’t understand why you’d want spoilers. The best thing about the series is when you reach those HOLY #&^! moments that come out of nowhere. At least read the books.

      • Dolley

        Gee whiz, and I toughht this would be hard to find out.

    • ks

      You can’t just enjoy the ride?

      • Storm

        Great stuff, you heelpd me out so much!

    • tlw

      If you really, really want spoilers, there are quite a few great websites dedicated to the books with sections on the show, and now some just for the show. At this point though, I highly recommend waiting for the last couple of eps, enjoy the journey and then dig into the books (they aren’t boring!).

    • Cygnus

      Go to IMDB community forums for GoT, and you’ll see all of the spoilers you could ever desire.

    • DMG

      read the books

    • Michael

      You’ll find out in the next episode that the Lannisters are the White Walkers and that Kal Drogo is having a secret affair with Arya Stark(he likes ‘em young).

    • Trollh8ter

      what kind of person wants to know spoilers?
      why even watch the show?

      if the books are boring you probably have the attention span of a dog. lol

  • kate middleton

    Great news! This show is amazing. Can’t wait to see what happens next week.

    Anyone know how many people have HBO?

  • Carlos Morales

    If you post spoilers I will rip your tongue out of your neck wound like Khal Drago!!!

    • Jen

      Here, here!!

    • Ell

      Bravo Carlos! Please rip his tongue out, if he post spoilers. Part of the excitement is waiting to see what happen next.

  • maneo33

    The books are actually good. They are all about 1200 pages long but I really like them so far. Quick and easy reads

  • darthwilson

    These books are in no way boring! One of the best series I have ever read.


    I read on Wikapedia today. Now I am a little disappointed because I know what to expect.

    • Herba

  • Barbara M

    Does anyone know when season 2 will start?

    • Khal Dorko

      Most likely April 2012

  • Khal Dorko

    Excellent news! Even my wife who is iffy about blood and guts watches this!

    • Jake

      Khal Dorko. Best name ever. Bloody hilarious!

  • Silly Sansa

    Can someone explain how a single airing of a single episode can “average” 2.7 million viewers? What is being averaged here?

    • Mathboy

      Silly Sansa,

      My guess is that they are averaging the show as played at 9:00 East coast and then 9:00 West coast. The second showing they are talking about is at 11:00 East Coast and then 11:00 West Coast.

      • Silly Sansa

        Thanks. I suppose that must be it. (Although I’m still sort of confused because the HBO West schedule does not list GOT at 9:00 and 11:00, but at 12:00AM and 2:00. With the time change, this indicates that these are the same airings as the East Coast…)

        However, The claim that the average gross audience for GOT (I assume for each episode/week), delivered across all media, has been 8.3 million sort of supports your interpretation: They must be summing West coast and East coast viewings, otherwise, I can’t see how the weekly average would be anywhere near 8 million… Still it’s kind of strange that they wouldn’t just report a summed viewership for the two 9:00 PM viewings together in the first place.

      • Mathboy

        When you are looking at HBO West, it’s still showing you Eastern Time. So 12:00 ET is 9:00 PT.

  • hooch

    How do they know how many people viewed ? If you record a show with your DVR, does that count as “viewing” it ? Or do people who DVR it and watch it later not even count in the ratings ?

    • Mr. Vegas

      Your cable or satellite provider can tell when you DVR a show and then provides the data.

  • Rand

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, GOT! Haven’t been this addicted to a TV show since Lost! And I am halfway through the first book, and think the book is fantastic! The show is the most faithful adaptation to a book in a long time.

  • Nick

    Considering how insanely faithful the show has been to the book I’m a little nervous to see what they’ll do when they get caught up. As long as it’s taking Martin to finish the series the show will probably catch up with the books before he finishes them.

    • cdha

      i think they’ll end up turning books 4 and 5 into 3 seasons. That give GRRM 5+ years to complete the next book. If he can get book 6 out in 3 years, then that’ll give him 2+1 years for the last book (i think he said this series would end as 7 books?)

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