'The Voice' first look at NBC's mega futuristic new live stage -- EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS


Tonight, NBC airs the first live-performance episode of its smash hit The Voice, and EW has your first look at the show’s new futuristic live stage. Set designers crafted a somewhat big space for the audition rounds, went larger for the battle rounds, and now are going even bigger and more intense for the live-performance shows that kick off this evening.

Coaches Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton will open the show by singing a medley of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “We Will Rock You” and “We Are the Champions.” Check these photos of the stage — lights, screens, catwalks, towering arms. It’s like a giant videogame that might attack you, or a really cool place to duel with lightsabers:


The network has boosted the number of planned live-performance shows as a result of the program’s towering ratings, and The Voice will run through June 29.

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  • ziggy

    wow, that’s an intense, gorgeous stage! I’m looking forward to tonight’s live episode!

    • Flip

      Me too! The stage looks intense and exciting. I hope they are finished with the coach’s “helpers” (Reba et al.). I wasn’t a fan of their presence (even though I love Sia).

    • Alan

      So the Voice is already over it’s whole “judges can’t see the singers” gimmick and now it’s basically just Idol? They should have had the singers appear in shadow or behind a screen all the way to the finals, whereby they remain anonymous to the judges AND the audience for the whole show. Wouldnt that have been better fit for the whole “only their voices matter not their looks” gimmick?

      • Janetc

        That would be a great idea!!!!

      • Colin

        No offense @Alan, but weeks of battle rounds during which we never see the contestants (and they couldn’t be effectively coached) sounds a bit dull. Plus what makes The Voice different from Idol is the “team” concept and the coaches, not just the blind auditions.

      • swietie

        That makes no sense.
        Even if you put the contestants in another building, their coaches will exactly know who is singing the song.
        With AI the looks and the physical performances are more important than the voice. In the Voice this is the other way around.
        Also the live show is really a live show.

      • Alan

        @Colin – But the Team aspect and the Coaches is the entire premise of X Factor, which already existed in the UK, so they stole yet anoyher idea

  • Magnitude


    • Elizabeth


    • dropper


  • Alex

    That’s AWESOME looking. Keep up the great work, NBC, hope to see more shows this well produced and organized in the future!

    • Trent

      Amen! Clearly The Voice is doing well enough to get a sizable production budget. LOVE the mega-stage and can’t wait for tonight!

  • Rock Golf

    So now you got 16 singers performing. How does it differentiate from American Idol, America’s Got Talent, Star Search, Nashville Idol, Rock Star, The One or The X Factor?

    • Mariano

      Christina Aguilera is in it!! Isn’t it good enough??? XD

      • donna

        excellent answer! =)

      • krisko

        Christina is only there for looks. She can’t remember lyrics.

      • TvTroz

        Uh… Krisko… jealous much? She’s one of the few pop singers that actually has a good voice (you know, take off the costumes, and autotune, see what’s left). And frankly, her looks are not what they used to be. Not sure which of your songs she forgot the lyrics for, but simmer down, will ya?

      • you dontneedtoknow

        Um, she forgot the lyrics to the Star Spangled Banner at the Super bowl

      • theo

        omg ppl still going on about a line that she forgot…. get a f.. life.. stupid americans

      • JayNYC

        Oh, come on folks. Xtina herself joked on the show how the lyrics “aren’t important” in a self-deprecating reference to her SSB performance. Lighten up!

    • PN

      At least they don’t have all 16 performing on the 2 hour shows like on the other shows.That gets exhausting to watch. They’re spreading it out with the quarterfinals on 2 shows.

    • Alan

      Can someone help me understand The Voice (I havent been watching). Now it’s basically just Idol?? The whole “judges can’t see the singers” gimmick is already over?? They should have had the singers appear in shadow or behind a screen all the way to the finals, whereby they remain anonymous to the judges AND the audience for the whole show. Wouldnt that have been better?? Now it’s just Idol!

      • Bean

        Umm how long would you watch your TV is all you saw was shadows on a screen. TV is a VISUAL medium even in shows called the Voice. That would only work for a radio competition.

      • Alan

        I’m just trying to think of someway to make The Voice different from Idol or the XFactor, and as of now, it’s a copy of both.

      • Zakry

        It’s a singing competition Alan. There are only so many ways to reinvent the wheel.

      • mjinmd

        I think the difference between this show and Idol is that the contestants on Idol can SING. Sure hate to see Blake Shelton connected with this show.

  • Emily

    That’s insane, I love it!

  • Pookie

    Why is everything “mega futuristic” on EW? Perhaps, in a 70’s “Logan’s Run” sort of way…

    • Jennifer

      Hey, maybe all eliminated contestants will fly up into the air and burst into flames! That would be awesome!

      • Drew

        Renewal time at Carousel?

    • LiLi

      I think it is pretty gaudy – tacky.

  • Big Walt

    Man that’s a lot going on there. It looks like a pinball machine.

    • Matt

      I love your name.

    • PN

      It does look like a human pinball machine a little bit and sometimes like any of the glossy lighting at the casinos and their slot machines in Las Vegas, New Orleans,Detroit, some sites in California, Biloxi, Gulfport, Tupelo, Canada and other cities.

  • Dutchy

    @ Rock Golf

    If they follow the Dutch concept it will be different than those shows. The two contestants with the least votes of each judge/coach will have to sing again. After that their own coach makes the decision which of the two pupils will have to leave the show.
    So each coach will lose a pupil, this is not the case on Xfactor. But it can also be the downside of this show, if one of the coaches has more than one title candidate in his or her group.

    • lena4md

      I’m proud to be a Dutchiee and seeing this show from Holland being a BIG Hit in the USA. Well done John de Mol love you.

  • LOfringeST

    From Holland!!

  • Deborah

    The stage is too busy and the people will get so lost in it..I won;t watch it -it will give me a migrane,,,ugh

    • Skye Hill

      Are you mentally challenged?

    • Bean

      Migraines have nothing to do with mental challenges and a whole lot to do with distraction and hyper stimulation. I agree it is way over the top and will challenge the singer and the viewer to keep the focus on the voice and not the “shinies”

  • GaryfromCinci

    I’m I the only person who does not know ANYONE who watches this program? The show seems like its trying too hard to me, it does not leave me looking forward to the next show. Is anyone else creeped out by those huge hands? lol

    • allie

      yes, you are. I know LOTS of people who watch it. And obviously the ratings are good, so a lot of people ARE watching it.

      • MJ

        Lots of people are watching. A group in my office started a pool for tonight’s episode. We used to do that for Idol but after season 8 everyone lost interest in Idol. It will be fun to have a show to follow again. I’m looking forward to it.

    • DextersKnife

      I gave up the moment CeeLo kept the prayer-driven teeny boppers over an actual talented singer in Kelsey Rey. I got enough of that votes over talent crap from years of Idol

  • gmac

    I am DEVASTATED that this show is over by the end of June!! It has been the highlight of summer TV so far. Wish they would have designed it so it ran through July.

    I am assuming that 4 people will be eliminated every week?

    • PN

      Because I don’t think that they want to go that marathon that Idol does, eliminating one person every week for 11 weeks and a period of 71 days. It feels too LONG! It shouldn’t take that long to decide on a winner and The Voice is speeding it up and closing it out in 3 to 4 weeks on June 29th, eliminating 4 every week instead of one to narrow it down to the winner. I think it’s a good length of the season that the show is doing without dragging the viewer down. July wouldn’t have helped anything if they prolonged the competition.

      • Mike

        Oh PN…how naive you are! If you recall, season 1 of American Idol debuted in the Summer and was a shorter show. Then it came right back in season 2 with a post-superbowl slot, a top 12 instead of top 10 and an all winter to spring run. Just so you know….THE VOICE has been booked for a post-superbowl slot this year. Need I say more?

      • Mike

        granted…that’s IF the NFL decides to have a Superbowl! lol

      • Dave

        Guaranteed they will extend it next year and make it run longer, similar to Idol.

    • swietie

      In the Holland edition the show spanned 3 hours in one night.
      Do not forget the performances of the coaches and other starsingers.
      You’ll get all you need and expect of a show like this. Even your need for a quick result will be fullfilled, because there are only 4 live shows to have a winner. Unlike AI and X-Factor where you’re waiting for months to know who the winner is.

  • Lily

    I’ve never gotten into a show like I have this one. I don’t watch Idol or anything else in the genre, but this one got me right from the start. It’s fantastic.

  • Bebe

    Can they inject a little energy into the host? he seems uninterested and too laid back!!I think the stage is too complex!!C’mon, this show is about finding a great singer and not about futuristic stages!

    • Eric

      Let’s see how Carson Daly is in a live show before we start to rip him apart. Give the guy a chance- everything we’ve seen so far has been edited and chopped down.

    • PN

      I think that Carson Daly is very much into the show. It’s just the first couple of shows. He’s always been laid back ever since his TRL days on MTV with his hosting style. He’s probably getting used to the massive live stage of the show.

      • Eric

        Okay, saw the show. We can rip on Daly now. He was horrifically dull.

  • Eric

    Why don’t we give Carson Daly the chance to host live before we rip him apart? Everything we’ve seen thus far has been heavily edited and chopped down.
    I’m not a huge fan of his late-night talk show, but this is stylistically different, and he claims he excels at the live shows, so we’ll see!

    • Eric

      Sorry for the double post!

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