Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo exits 'General Hospital'

Vanessa-Marcil-GiovinazzoImage Credit: Slaven Vlasic/Getty ImagesVanessa Marcil Giovinazzo, the Daytime Emmy Award winning actress who returned to General Hospital last summer after an eight-year absence, is leaving the show. “June 9th! will be my last day on the set!” the actress tweeted. “Thank you GH for a great year. Best cast and crew in the world and in my heart forever.”

The actress created the role of Brenda in 1992. She returned last June when the three men in her character’s life – Sonny, Jax, and Jason – were in crisis.

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  • Summer

    Damnit! I was just waiting for the Guza episodes to finish up and go away and I was going to start tuning back in! I like Brenda….but Brenda from the Ned/Lois years!

    • TOM

      you do realize they are fleeing because it is being cancelled…..YNR and BB are the only ones renewed…..

      • Lincoln

        Tom…Sorry, but you’re wrong. Vanessa only signed on for a year. She said it in MANY interviews. It was a 1 year plan. The show has not been canceled yet. Although it might be, it hasn’t yet. YNR and BB are NOT the only ones renewed.

      • Rupert

        Not the same network. Not that it might not be cancelled now that Katie Couric is starting her talk show but for now it’s fine.

      • Captain

        She was never going to stay longer than a year. She always said it was just a visit. As much as she seems to enjoy her time on GH, for some reason she has no interest in being apart of the show long-term. She did say that if GH is cancelled, she’d come back so Sonny and Brenda can end up together.

      • IMO

        I miss Las Vegas and Sam. The only way to salvage this show from the Guza/Phelps destruction, is to head back to Dallas and have the last fifteen years be a bad dream of Alan’s. Since Genie Francis and Tristan Rogers are on Y&R now, that could be a storyline – that they ran off together as retribution for the Luke/Holly fiasco. You can salvage whatever storylines are working, and immediately reinstate fan-faves with all new storylines. Simple way to eliminate all the characters that are boring/not working and bring in a whole load of new characters with new storylines to get to know. Calling Wendy Riche! Wendy! Come back, Wendy!

      • rae

        Tom. GH is the only soap that has not been canceled on ABC. I can’t speak for other networks as I watched ABC soaps only, but GH remains to live another season

    • KC

      I guess the rumors are true that they’re using the Joker in the next Batman movie again.

      • meanie

        that was way harsh, tai

    • Lucy

      not surprised…besides it’s obvious she is going to leave Sonny and take her child somewhere safe

    • ugh

      I wish they would get rid of Jason and sonny. then maybe I could start watching again

      • tomy

        ugh, if you get your wish the show will be gone, no sonny and jason, no show, period

      • shelly

        that is a stupid idea i love jason and sonny is ok so i think it would be a terrible idea if they got rid of sonny and jason…….ugh you need to just watch it and you will love it

    • Alan

      Why do soap stars keep leaving? Don’t they realize how good they have it? Sadly, all remaining soaps will be dead within 2 years, so why not take the paycheck while you can?

      • Jessica

        Y&R will be around for longer than 2 years. It gets pretty good ratings (5 million) and the show can still afford locations shoots.

      • meanie

        what I’m really curious about is how many of them will successfully migrate to primetime tv……. you know a few of them are decent enough to give it a shot, they just haven’t because they’re making an easy paycheck

    • nanaili92

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  • dee dee1

    I wish she would stay longer on the show, but happy that she came back even for awhile. Hopefully the door is still open for her to come back again to GH.

    • Flip

      GH will end in September 2012 so I’d say she’ll be back next summer.

      • Abe Froman

        Not necessarily, nothing has been officially announced. GH has about a year to get its act together. With a new headwriter and rumored new EP, looks like ABC may be holding on to the show in case one of its new reality shows tanks. Stay tuned…

      • Robbyrob


        Do you honestly believe anything that ABC says? I used to have such trust and respect for them…not anymore. They have taken away GH’s iconic East Coast timeslot of 3pm. That is HUGE. GH is good as toast.

      • Jessica

        I don’t trust ABC, but their new shows sound terrible and if they get awful ratings there is a possibility GH could last a little bit longer. People need to watch GH (or at least turn your tv to it when you’re not home). GH’s ratings need to rise and the new shows need to flop in a big way.

  • jr

    this is old news. she tweeted about this at least a week ago.

    • ej


  • MissMel

    It’s a shame how badly they screwed up her return. I was really looking forward to it but this Brenda was a shell of the character she used to be. Even the Sonny/Brenda wedding I waited so long for left me cold.

    • KC

      No, it’s a shame how badly they’ve screwed up the show these past several years by turning into Sopranos lite.

      • Jason

        You’re wrong the show has been great the last year. Luke’s rehab story was as good as anything from the precious 90s. Dante and Lulu is an amazing couple. The Lisa storyline has been strong. Ethan is a great character. All they need is to get Maxie and Spineelli back on track and front and center and you got an amazing show. Sonny and Jason were the central characters before there even was a Sopranos so in a sense the Sopranos are GH lite if you’re going to be that riddiculous. Even Luke was in the MAfia in the 80s and the whole Duke mafia story in the 80s.

      • @Jason

        YES Luke was in the mafia, but he was a BAD GUY and the mafia was a BAD thing…the cops were the good guys, Scorpio, Sean….Luke even went good eventually! The show runners (Guza and Frons) clearly hated women (Sonny is regularly verbally and physically abusive), cops, and children (seriously your audience is 85% women and in the course of 2 years you kill off one child and shoot another in the head – HOW does that make sense????!!!!).

      • Jason

        I think the mafia is portrayed as a bad thing. It’s actually more realistic to portray the mafia characters as not black and white. Sonny suffers immensely for being in the mafia so does Jason. They are treated as morally gray. And the abuse of women thing was called out on the show. Sonny was accused by his daughter of abusing women and yet Sonny still can’t admit it!!! He is not a good guy!!! He never was!!! He is just a charming man!!! Women like him because he is bad but sometimes is good. They think they can change him but they never can. That is the point of his character. Originally he turned Karen into a stripper. He got his wife murdered. He is a bad guy. He corrupted his best friend Jasoninto a life of crime. Just because he never goes to prison for his crimes doesn’t mean the writers are trying to say he is good. HE pays for hius crimes in other ways like his wife dying, his son being shot in the head, etc. etc.

    • Allison

      I agree. The writers totally ruined her and made her return an absolute disappointment.

    • Jeanie

      Agree! Brenda used to fun and spunky. Not insecure and whiny.

      • Andrew Dice Clay

        But now she’s just full of Sonny’s spunk..OH!

  • Beauty

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Brenda, I’m ride or die Brenda fan for life. They totally screwed up and wasted her return. You can thank idiot non writing Guza the Luza. I’ll miss you girl! The best years of GH will always be Brenda & Sonny back in the day!

  • Lyndsey

    Thank God! I’ve never been a fan of Brenda but this time every scene she was in was like nails on a chalkboard!! I am beyond sick of her & her “the world revolves around me & no one else” attitude. I still can’t believe she acts like she knows Sonny’s kids better than him & that she tried to blame Carly for the hell Michael’s been through, even to the point of bad-mouthing her to Michael. Her departure can’t come quickly enough for me!!!

    • Mike

      Well, isn’t it kinda Carly’s fault because she did choose -and continues to choose to have her son surrounded by mob influences. She raised him in the mob world and while bad things DO happen anywhere, you can basically expect them to be even worse surrounded by criminals and killers that mom keeps propping up as the greatest men in the world.

      • Captain

        Exactly. Carly just delfects when she argues with Jax but essentially, she’d rather have Jason and Sonny in her life, than her children safe. When it comes down to it, she’ll always choose herself over her children which is why she’s a terrible mother.

    • Lyndsey

      Newsflash: Sonny is their FATHER!!!! She can’t just cut him out of their lives. In reality no court would deny his parental rights as he’s never been convicted of a crime. Did she make a bad choice in the beginning? Sure, but it’s way too late to change it now. And I certainly don’t blame her about Jason who has been the only person who is always in her corner! Despite what he does for a living he’s still about the most moral character on the show. And it was his son that saved her daughter. You don’t cut someone out of your life that you went to five minutes after their kid died to ask for one of his organs.

      Carly’s a horrible mother? Seriously? Need I remind you that she was the ONLY one who didn’t give up on Michael. If it weren’t for her he’d still be in a coma. Then she risked her life to carry Josslyn to term when everyone else, including Jax, wanted her to terminate the pregnancy. Carly is exactly the kind of friend, or mother, I would want because she’ll fight to the death for the people she loves.

      • Mike

        All the while making ten horrible choices for every right one ..

        Nothing she does negates the fact that she raised her children among criminals and violence, while teaching them to distrust the police. A loyal killer as her best friend, is still a killer at the end of the day. And I’m sorry, saying a hired MURDERER is a moral character is beyond ridiculous.

      • jules

        Actually many courts would let her have sole custody based on his life, even if he’s never been convicted of a crime. Family courts always favor the mother. That’s one thing about this show that has bothered me because they made Alexis fight Sonny for custody of Kristina and Carly fight Sonny for custody of Michael and Morgan back in the day when in reality it would have been no contest.

      • Lyndsey

        If that’s the case then neither Carly nor Jax can have custody of Josslyn…or were you forgetting about Jerry??!! Jerry has done far more horrible things than Sonny or Jason ever have, including his participation in getting Carly’s son shot & trying to kidnap Michael & Kristina to use as leverage against Jason. So whose associates actually pose more of a danger?
        And compared to the rest of the characters on GH, I’ll completely stand by Jason’s morality! Yes he may kill people for a living but they are all far from innocent. Besides that he’s about the only character who doesn’t lie (except to protect those he loves), cheat, steal, or manipulate. That’s kinda rare for a soap character!

      • bpeels

        Three cheers for carly

    • geanie

      well 1st few months brendas story line was good n funny w jason made her loose her self w sonny love s n b but didnt work love gh n sam n jas hope they get it together n show edward more but love vanessa a great actress mis ya

  • Patricia Carey

    I was happy she returned but something was different this time. It just wasnt there anymore. She had an annoying laugh and after awhile I just wondered why it wasnt working? Then she announces she is leaving,why did she come back. I quess I thought it would be a great homecoming and it fell short. No need for her to return again!

    • js

      I agree, liked her then but can’t stand her this time. Good ridance. Please take Sonny with you, and the Zacharas, and all future references to the mob.

      • Patricia Carey

        I also think Anthony can go, I have had enough of him. The word annoying comes to mind. There is hope for Johnny and hope they take advantage of that. I am tired of Lisa and Michael needs to straighten up. I dnt want Jason to ever leave. General Hospital has always been my favorite and I hope its around for a long time. As for the other two, ABC is making a big mistake. There so many of those food shows that it is ridiculous!

  • TOM

    Sorry….But True! Thats Why they are Bailing!

    • TOM

      read the news! GH IS BEING CANNED! YNR and BB(god knows why) are the only survivors for three years!

      • Lincoln

        Post a link to this “news” you speak of…because it was just the other day when ABC clearly stated they SUPPORT General Hospital

      • Captain

        Come on, I want GH renewed as badly as the next guy but it is clearly getting cancelled. They’re taking GH’s timeslot from one quarter of America.

    • Lyndsey

      She said from the beginning that this wasn’t a permanent return, long before AMC & OLTL were cancelled. GH has at least until the debut of Katie Couric’s new show debuts next summer…after that it’s anyone’s guess but it’s not going to be dropped before then. It’s the highest rated soap on ABC & #3 overall.

      • mark

        Number 3 out of 6, not good. If ABC was not playing politics it would cancel GH and uncancel OLTL. It is going to take years to turn around GH, plus the have Anthony Geary prima donna attitude to contend with.

      • jules

        It’s actually #2 behind Y&R.

  • Robbyrob

    I agree 100% with the posters who will NOT miss the 2010/11 version of Brenda. I didn’t expect for a second that Vanessa would stay longer than a year. What I did expect and he followed through was how much Bob Guza royally screwed up the love many fans have for Brenda. I wanted to see more of her friendship with Robin and slap Carly around. I wanted to watch her interact more with her ‘adoptive’ family, the Quartermaines (oh, that’s right, Guza killed them all off!). I loved Brenda during her initial time on the show…from her triangle with Jagger & Karen to her love stories with Sonny and Jax. Add the Brenda bummer to the number of reasons why ABC should be boycotted. I applaud ABC for firing Guza (he has nothing left to decimate anymore) but I wish they fired executive producer Jill Farren Phelps too. She and Bob were like the Bonnie & Clyde of Port Charles…killing off beloved characters and bringing darkness, violence, and stupidity to GH. If ABC is to be believed that they want to save GH, then please rehire Wendy Riche to replace Phelps. The Riche years, 1991-2000, were rich indeed. She helped bring heart, humor, action, drama, friendships, and Antonio Sabato Jr. to GH. Brian Frons first earned my wrath for firing Riche…so he can bring his partner in crime, Phelps in to totally dismantle the joy that was in watching General Hospital.

    • as

      Couldn’t agree more. I’ve watched this show for 40 years and in the past year….maybe 20% of the time max. The low ratings are the fault of ABC, the producers and Bob Guza. They brought Lucky back after all those years and gave him nothing…they killed off the Quatermaines and left the
      Sopranos-lite to rule another decade after that should have been over. They hire and fire teen actors that no one gives a damn about cause they’re cheaper.
      How about saving the show and letting women join the 21st century ABC?

      • jules

        I agree as well. The 90’s were definitely the best for GH – loved Brenda and Sonny both back in teh day. Stopped watching in ’09 but tuned back in for Brenda’s return. It has been extremely disappointing. Sonny is downright unlikeable these days, as is Jax. Totally sick of the mob stories, miss the Q’s, Felicia and Mac, the Spender / Cassadine fued, etc. Guza royally screwed up this show and I fear that it doesn’t have enough time to become great like it once was.

    • maryb

      You summed up my thoughts exactly! Stopped watching 2 years ago because I couldn’t take it anymore. Did tune in for the Sonny/Brenda wedding. Will she be killed now in a shootout? Loved when I thought Sonny could be “redeemed”. Now he’s just a mobster.

    • Alan

      I watched GH every day in the years 1996 to 1999, and it was SO BRILLIANT back then. Those were the highlight years of the show by far (ORIGINAL CARLY FORVER!!) Don’t watch it anymore.

    • Patricia Carey

      Boy do I agree with many of you. Why Frons is still there, I would really like to know. GH needs to have more fun, and stop repeating the same storylines. I loved when Diane and Alexis. So funny and need the women to stick together. I also loved when they all went to the bar and just had fun. I am very happy the old Lucky is back and do like Siobhian is with him. There many good things going on but there are definately some negative things that need to be addressed.

  • Autumn

    Yay! I won’t have to FFWD thru 65% of the show anymore! It wasn’t necessary to bring this character back when there are so many actors on the show not getting air time. The entire storyline with Brenda didn’t make sense.

  • Reality Check

    The Soap only has a year to live Katie wants the time slot.

    • Ms. Dipesto

      You’re right. It won’t be long before GH is canceled too. Brian Frons is a clueless jacka$$.

    • It’s True

      Katie Couric is a stupid c*u*n*t.

  • NAM

    Well since GH will probably be cancelled it won’t matter but if they aren’t DO NOT INVITE HER BACK AGAIN! She’s a lousy actress and she does this all the time. See ya…

  • Maria

    They wasted our time this year with a sorry story line and made the character annoying. Glad shes leaving she is not a great loss. I just hope if the show doesn’t get canceled they never invite her back.

    • Daniela

      Invite her? Hah! They always beg her to come back despite haters like you!

  • Mike

    I think part (all?) of the problem with Brenda’s return is that she regressed as a character. In order to reunite her with Sonny, and actually marry him, means that all the personal development and decisions and life changes the character made over the years had to be conveniently forgotten. For long time viewers, Brenda fell in love with Sonny as a girl and spent time in his world before ultimately falling in love and choosing Jax – who provided her love and stability and safety and support. The viewers at the time went on that journey with her as she accepted her love for Sonny but realizing the world he offered her was not for her. Granted, Jax rejected her on her last return, but that shouldn’t negate the growth the character had over the years so to have her come back and be a thirty-something year old woman returning to the romance of her youth and acting like she never had those realizations and personal growth made the whole thing seem silly and juvenile.

    • Mike

      PS – I personally love Vanessa but Brenda was an annoying, clueless idiot this time around.

      • jules

        agree 100%

      • jules

        let me clarify – agree 100% with your PS. But I personally always liked her with Sonny better than Jax. Personal development or not – Vanessa and Maurice had much better chemistry.

  • Elbyem

    Used to love Brenda, but this time around she was a whiny, neurotic, melodrama-generating diletante who sat around all day self-obsessing, with a pretext of a career.My friends and I are convinced they morphed her into a “reality-tv star” type, a la Paris H. or Kim K. – hence, her extreme ANNOYINGNESS.Still like the actress, but she has to find roles in the future that don’t require her to look like she’s going to burst into tears any second.

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