Chris Rock defends Tracy Morgan

Chris Rock tweeted a defense of embattled fellow comic Tracy Morgan on Friday, prompting GLAAD to fire back.

Rock, who’s known to push the envelope during his stand-up routines, said of Morgan’s anti-gay jokes:

“I dont know about you, but I dont want to live in world where Tracy Morgan cant say foul inappropriate s—”

Replied GLAAD: “Language about stabbing kids for being gay isn’t ‘foul.’ It’s dangerous.”

Earlier, NBC’s top programming executive Bob Greenblatt and Morgan’s 30 Rock co-star Tina Fey issued statements about Morgan’s routine, which he has apologized for.

UPDATE: Chris Rock reverses on Tracy Morgan: ‘I don’t support it at all’

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  • lynnette


    • Tom Strong

      Why doesn’t Tina Fey have the courage to fire his intolerant, sexist, gay-hating ass?!

      • honeysucklejazz

        Y dont u hav the “balls” 2 be a “straight” man?

      • Boo

        @Tom – Its individuals like you that are the real danger to society. Your hyper judgment is both sick and offensive.

      • larry

        Wow. You people are unbelievable. This is Morgan’s way–it is his humor. Toughen up already. GLAAD has now become just as ridiculous as PITA. Making statements about anything and everything to get their name out there.

        GLAAD, PITA, and all of these other publicity seeking lobbies need to just go away.

      • Nothanks

        PITA? The middle eastern flat bread? It is pretty ridiculous. Seriously, how am I supposed to make a sandwich with that crap?

      • teabag hater

        f you

      • roamcoude12s

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      • commentor

        @ Boo – It’s individuals like you that are the real danger to society. Your apathy and intolerance is both sick and offensive.

      • vivien

        larry, this is how I feel. GLAAD just goes around bullying everybody who doesn’t agree with them. Jumping down people’s throats for every little innocuous comment (this ONE time maybe it’s actually called for, but still, he was joking!) I’m tired of GLAAD’s whining.

      • JOsh

        Tina shouldn’t fire Tracey over a comedy bit gone wrong. This isn’t like the Michael Richard’s incident where he verbal assaulted people in his audience, it was just a bit gone WAY too far.


        Bringing up Michael Richards is an excellent point. He gets lambasted as a racist for using the N word. Did Chris Rock rush to Richard’s defense and say “Hey, it was during a comedy routine so it’s all good” back then? I don’t THINK so! Nothing but a bunch of hypocrites. Attack them and incur the wrath of the naacp. But attack gays and its “Just Kidding!”


        Ofcourse Chris Rock didn’t rush to Richard’s defense cause he knows that would be hypocritical since Rock is one of the biggest racists out there.

      • DJ

        NBC fired Imus when he said ‘nappy headed ho’.
        It’s time for NBC and Tina Fey to live up to their own rules and fire Tracy Morgan of his far worse rant. Oh but Tracy Morgan is black so he can be even more explicit in his hate.

      • Michael

        No matter what side of the fence you all are on, it simply comes down to the fact that we aren’t all rational human beings. We don’t all have the same capacities when it comes to processing information. Most of us are capable of distinguishing between a joke and a call for violence. That said, why risk it when those few who took Tracy’s comments as literal could cause a great deal of harm. Racy, provactive, ugly and even inappropriate humor is fine. We have the right to enjoy it, but nothing is worth the hate and violence that could result from a public figure condoning the stabbing of a gay son, whether he means it or not. I don’t know why people can’t get it through their heads that we all don’t have the capacity to distinguish well between truth and fiction.

      • Pale Horse

        So these “Doo Doo Chasers” can take a D!ck up the butt, but they can’t take a joke??? smh HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!

      • World

        This thread is a prime example of why the U.S is considered behind most of the world. Being racist is a mortal sin but spreading hate about gay people is still acceptable.

      • Angela

        Because Tina Fey believes in the right to freedom of speech. Because she understands that as a comic you may tell jokes that though some may find them funny you may not agree with the jokes you tell. She understands that because someone says something off the cuff as a joke it does not make them hate mongers or anything like that it only makes them human. What I don’t understand is why people take themselves so seriously that no one can say a word about them without them getting their feelings hurt. What ever happened to sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me. So what if Tracy Morgan is a biggot. He is allowed to feel however he wants to feel even if it is not a popular opinion. He has the right to express those feelings the same as every other human being lucky enough to live in this country. You have a right not to buy tickets to his show or watch his show on tv or support anything he is involved with. BTW I love all people and respect the rights of all people so please do not lump me into the hate mongering pigeon hole you chose to put Tracy Morgan in. Tracy I accept your apology.


        Fa-get about it he can sa wat da hell he wont no kid of mines betta be gay I no dat o he neva make it az a crime boss we Vito his azz outta Joisy. My break is ova kiddies, Juicy Joe is back on shift at the sanditashen depawtment

      • the joke

        I think Tracy’s joke was about…everyone gets bullied…not just gays. If you can’t take it…speak up, switch schools.

      • Jawsphobia

        Tracy Morgon will continue to be one of the reasons I watch 30 Rock. He is funny and that’s his job not to be a role model.

      • Rob

        The problem is the 24/7 coverage of entertainment news. Everyone is just waiting for some celebrity to “screw up” and say or do something distasteful so they can act sanctimonious. Who cares enough about these “celebrities” to get upset over something they say that is atypical for them anyways? They do not have any influence that you do not give to them.

      • Classic Racist Mentality!

        I hate therefore I am!

      • hahaha

        This is like a lame media war. To point out real news…I doubt most of you know this…osama bin laden was killed.

      • cc

        @Vivian. STFU, all women are dumbasses and should go back to the kitchen where they belong.

        Hahaha, just kidding!


      • Henry

        He is her pet project. She understands he’s working thru near debilitating demons. Every now and again you can see glimpses of his untapped brilliance.

      • Tina

        @Nothanks Ha ha ha ha ha! Thanks for the pita joke. It can be hard to make a sandwich. (Shocking how many people here don’t know the difference between pita and PETA.)

      • wakeforce

        Wasn’t Goffreid fired for making a tastelss joke avbout the Japanese tsunami.
        If my black son came home with a white girl, I’d kill them both. (Just kidding) All Repuublicans should be shot and killed (ha ha! I’m a comedian!) Sarah Palin’s daughter is a tramp (I cr4ack myself up!)

      • Beth

        To all you jerks who are using this as an excuse to use gay slurs and are happy that Rock defended Morgan, NEWS FLASH, Rock changed his stance. FACE! BURN!

      • Moosh

        ….because he’s the star of the show and w/o him she wouldn’t get her fat paycheck….

      • eric w.

        If you know so little about the Constitution that you think that Tracy Morgan can’t be criticized, or fired from his job, for running his mouth….then please go away.

        If he gets fined or jailed by the government for saying what he said, then I’ll agree that the First Amendment isn’t being respected. But all of us – and GLAAD – have the First Amendment right to call him an idiot, and Tina Fey has the right to fire him if she wants to.

    • HD

      I am black and gay and lived with the threat of violence from my father simply because of my sexuality. So this issue really hits home for me. How NBC/30 Rock handle this is up to them but I am done with the show. Same as I was with Seinfeld reruns. And as big a fan as I am of Chris Rock, there’s no defending stabbing a child because of their sexuality. No exception.

      • teabag hater

        so dont watch it dont try to control how people think even if you dont like it its there right

      • HD

        I clearly said I will stop watching and though I agree no one should try to enforce their views on someone else, abuse against children is and should always be the exception as people who generally can’t defend themselves.

      • Da Truth

        I’m all for your comments HD, but you act like your gay, black a$$ was watching 30 Rock anyways. That’s for the white ones baby!

      • Miss Talk

        Sorry but your biggest issue is coming out in front of your father, it’s not you watching or not watching Seinfeld or 30 Rock.
        Tracy Morgan doesn’t tell you what to do with your life. He doesn’t tell anybody either.
        Fear is not gay or straight, it’s human. We are all scared of something but we wake up and we choose how to deal with it or not. If you’re really scared of your father, (I guess) you’re an adult then just move out, go to a gay-friendly city, anything but do something more meaningful to you than just switching channels. God Bless.

      • HD

        I love 30 Rock, even it’s very uneven 4th season. The decision to stop watching it is something I wrestled with until I decided I have to walk the talk. There aren’t really many funny comedies on television and I will miss it but oh well. Btw, my favorite episode of 30 Rock is Reach For the Stars, ya know the one where Tracy plays a white woman to show how hard the black man has it. He sure does and usually from no one more so than the other black man. At least if you’re gay. That could be considered ironic.

      • HD

        @Miss Talk, I have been out to my father for the past 10 years. I have been out in my LIFE for the past 10 years. You do not know me or anything about me so do not presume to know what I need to do, have done or will do to assert myself as a human being or a gay man. Now god bless you.

      • Miss Talk

        I replied based only on what you wrote in your first post. No need to get all dramatic.

      • HD

        And there was no need for you to come in, assume anything about me, offer unsolicited advice and tell me how to find meaning in my life.

      • Miss Talk

        Indeed, because I misread what you said on the first place.


        @ HYPOCRITES, Chris is FRIENDS with Tracy (maybe not w/ Michael) so his support shouldn’t be viewed as hypocritical. And Michael went ballistic on specific people. Get your facts straight and stop spreading misinformation and uninformed opinions.


        @ Pippa: My facts ARE straight. Morgan went batguano crazy at a SPECIFIC group of people.


        @DJ go back to the cabin from whence you came, foolio.

      • panicBoy

        “And as big a fan as I am of Chris Rock, there’s no defending stabbing a child because of their sexuality. No exception.”

        Nobody stabbed anyone here as far as I can tell.


        @HD, lighten up Francis.

      • MarcusSGarvey

        I am a Black straight man. I abhor the double standards where our people defend “our hate talk” when it is directed at other people, but whenever someone uses the Niga word or something along that line, it is hate. There’s nothing funny about stabbing or killing someone. Tracy Morgan and Chris Rock are disgusting individuals when it comes to most of their jokes. So Chris Rock would defend someone who says the Niga word in a joke or says stab a Black person? If your idea of funny is profanity and violence, then you are not a good comedian.

      • Gorga Pop like a Pimple

        @World, really? The US is considered behind most of the world? LOL you fool.

      • evelyn

        Tracey is a comedian. He is an equal opportunity offender. He is just as hard on women in his comedy routine. It is his comedy routine if you can’t take it don’t go and see it. People seem to think when they see his stand up that they are seeing Tracey Jordan. Nothing is farther from the truth. In defense of Tracey, I know him personally and he is a wonderful person. This bit has been in his stand up routine for the last two years. Why now is it such a big deal? I have seen and heard much more offensive material from other comedians. Paul Mooney is off the charts with his anti white racist rants and I just don’t go see him. Easy.

      • Classic Racist Mentality!

        @Rob I agree with you 100%! The 24 news coverage of even the most minor things AND cell phone cameras are BAD news! Everyone takes nude shots of themselves with their camera phones nowadays and get in trouble! Modern technology is a double edge sword.

      • AW

        To be fair, he did say he would stab his kid for not talking to him about it like a man, not for being gay. I’ll admit, the routine itself was still probably out line, but he never said he would stab his kid for being gay. He said he would stab his kid for not talking to him about someone picking on him.

      • Yoda

        It would be funy if ur dad does kil you

    • O.z.



        Wow I can’t believe racists are using this as an excuse to get african-american racial slurs off their chest on a message board! If you perceive Tracy’s actions as wrong, then fine. If he’s wrong or ignorant, then so be it. But on God’s green eart, what does his race have to do with it? Listen boys and girls, this is a lesson in never going out of your way to debate or prove someone else wrong. Ignorant people like racists will always believe and see what they want and use any excuse to spew (even if it’s pretended to be sarcasm or used to prove a point)their hate!


        @MarcusSGarvey- um you don’t get to decide who is and isn’t funny for other people. Speak your mind on YOUR behalf; you speak for no one else, not even other blacks. Ha!


        People are anti gay, racist, sexist, etc for ONE simple reason— they feel INADEQUATE within themselves so shout all to all the miserable inadequate people here today! You know who you are…ha, ha!

      • Lilo

        Agreed! He is a stand-up comic whose material is crude, vulgar, and offensive. Some people find that funny. That’s why we have a free market. If you want it, someone will supply it. This is the same man who goes on national television and tells sperm jokes. Seriously, whoever is looking at Tracy Morgan as their moral compass, needs to reevaluate their judgement not his. He is only who he has always been. I hope he is not fired. There are people that enjoy his humor. If you want to see a pro-gay “we are the world” entertainer, watch Glee. It’s a great show too and I’m pretty sure none of them will ever be admonished by GLAAD.

    • Kirkland

      The joke wasn’t about doing anything to him because he was gay. He would want his son to be tough and not be affected by bullying. It reminded me of a joke Bill Cosby when he said I bought you into this world, and I can take you out. I don’t remember people having a hissy fit over that joke.


      People can defend whomever they want. Americans are too judgmental!

    • Erinm

      I’m not a member of Gladd…pita or any other organization . In fact, I’m a heterosexual female whom finds Tracy Morgan to fit the .e.r. Stereotype. A talentless and violent ignorant human being . No better than a street gang loser.
      lets go back to his roots and hang the loser from a tree , the world doesn’t need any more tar babies taking advantage of affirmative action .
      Bigotry sucks doesn’t it. So does promoting violence……my above statement was designed to prove that .


        If I were going to “attack” Tracy, it would be on his pitiful routine of pretending to be a macho straight man in life. He is in the closet or in denial.

      • tg

        @Erinm. I think your statement was “designed to prove” that you are the bigot you are. How else would you feel ok about making a statement like that even to prove a point. That was pretty hateful language. If hate speech is wrong, you probably want to avoid it. Especially if your point is that hate speech is wrong. Like other’s have pointed dout, many of TJ’s comments have been taken out of context. Clearly, he has some bias against gays. We do live in a country where people are free to say what they feel, and we are all free to disagree. It is probably better to do so without using inflammatory language to prove the point that hurtful words are damaging and do lasting harm.

    • Self-Righteous White Person

      Hello! I am white and everyone knows white is right. Everything I say is right! Get on board.

    • Self-Righteous White Person

      @Lynnette- how funny that you posted first and your comment is the worst! You really make no point. Very ineffective comment lady.

      • DTO

        Oh snap!

    • Roger

      I think both Rock and Morgan need to be shunned by the paying public.

      • BIG Baby

        Bwwwahahahahaha I’m gay!!! Leave me alone! I can take a hotlink up my watussy but I can’t take a joke! Waaaaaa!

    • pauly

      so if its ok that a black man says he’ll stab his son if he is gay, than if my daughter dates a black man, imma go old school and take his ni##er a$$ and tie his neck to the back of my pick up, and see if he can catch up. thats funny right?

    • nunya

      Reply to: lynnette Sat 06/11/11 9:31 AM. Do you ever proof read what you type? Your rant that is in all upper case makes no sense and is difficult to read. In the real world their are snuff type movies, child porn, beastiality, and gay movies and in the real world. I choose not to associate or be around anyone in those categories when partaking in their particular thing. That does not make me a gay-hater nor does it make me want to harm gays. I just choose not to be around them.

      What if the joke would have been refering to overweight kids, and the commedians said something about sticking the kid with a knife in the belly (for some reason)… Would that make him biased against fat kids?

    • Suzy

      What does the man upstairs have to do with this situation? It’s true that people should be very careful as to what they should say about others. In my experience, I have received mail that I thought was offensive and I have responded back to put those individuals back in their place: guess what, they did not like it. It seems to me that we now live in society where some people can dish it out but can not take it. Yes, Mr. Morgan was out of line, but I do not think there was any malicious intent on his part. He made a mistake and I hope he learns from it. I hope Mr. Morgan does not get labelled because things have a tendency to get way out of context where it does not need to go to the next level of frenzy. Mr. Morgan said something irresponsible but don’t put him to the stake. Next time he should just review his material before he goes on stage.

  • sam

    Certainly both of these comics can say whatever they want. But Rock should recognize that talking about killing people is stupid and unnecessary. The trouble is that most of Rock’s humor also isn’t funny. If you are going to be offensive, at least be funny.

    • Don

      You’ve officially lost credibility to comment on this topic at the point where you’ve accused Chris Rock, arguably one of the greatest comics of all time, of not being funny.

      • suzymagnolia


      • jeremy

        chris rock is anything but funny unless he’s in a move in which someone funny has written a script for him. he is pretty much loud and obnoxious and lude and i think there should be a boycott against him just for saying that it’s ok. ironically enough i do think tracy morgan is funny…if you don’t like his routine…don’t listen. it’s not like this is the worst thing that’s been said. comedy is comedy if it’s not meant to be taken seriously. but for rock to go out and say hey this is ok and i support what he says makes it seem as though he’s saying it’s ok to really do what morgan was just joking about.


        @Jeremy- u have that backwards. Chris’ movies suck ballz; his stand up shall go dowm as classic. So… Your comment is a fail.


        Waaahh I’m gay I’m so senstivive I can’t stand to be joked about waaaah I’m going to go hide under my bed for the rest of my life because comedians are mean. Waaaahhh.

      • MonkeyDO

        Jigga BOO! Porch MONKEY! Welfare spending, jobless, gun toting gang banging sh it skins!

        Hey, just kidding! That’s a part of my comedy routine. It’s all good in the hood!!


        @Don, spot on bro. Credibility right out da winder wit da baby and da bath wata.

      • Who is Caylee’s Dad?

        If she was a little black girl we wouldn’t hear the end of her mom being on welfare and the dad being nowhere in sight! Hypocrites all abound!

    • rerun

      Is joking about killing Osama funny? Just an honest question.

      • Benlinus

        Are Platypus attacks funny? Just an honest question.


        @MonkeyDo who u thank ya foolin? Ya know ya use those words ery’day. Fa-get about it.

      • Sofia

        isnt osama already dead? so go ahead and joke all u want.

      • Artie Lange

        Hey Gar I felt out of bed and stubbed my baby toe I won’t be in for the next 4 days. Later man.


        @rereun aka nitwit, humor is subjective. What’s funny to one person may or may not be funny to another person. Don’t you know that?????????????????

      • TV IS YOUR GOD

        David Letterman was making jokes about killing Osama Bin Laden EVERY night on his TV show. So apparently killing people you hate is funny.

      • rerun

        I was just asking because someone said joking about killing someone or someone dying isn’t funny. I think make fun of everyone and don’t be so sensitive. People make fat jokes, dumb people jokes, gay jokes, white jokes- I don’t hear the outrage over these jokes.

    • cattyfan

      I might take the GLAAD crowd and its supporters more seriously if they had been as vocal in their objection when Megan Fox said Christians, especially those in the Bible Belt, should be annihilated. Apparently supporting violence against THAT group is just fine.

      There is no Constitutional guarantee against being offended. You can disagree with Morgan…but you shouldn’t try to silence him.

      • Shadowlands

        Well I’m pretty sure that GLAAD isn’t an advocacy group for Christians, so I’m unsure why you think they should respond to Meagan Fox’s comments. Christians have their own groups for that.

      • cattyfan

        Shadowlands…you missed my point. The GLAAD supporters are going on about how a singular foolish comment leads to violence…but only as it relates to their pet cause. They are not consistent (and in fact often make inflammatory comments about other groups and indivuduals.)

        Contrast the reaction to Morgan to that of the reaction to Fox’s comment. There were certainly no headlines on this website, or pages of comments condemning Fox. Instead, many of the posters here so scandalized by Morgan posted IN SUPPORT of what Fox said.

        And again, I remind you, NEITHER stupid person should be condemed, as they are merely exercising their right to free speech.

      • GodSantaClauseSameThing

        YOU miss the point kitty litter fan. Christian groups ATTACK other groups. Be those other groups atheists, liberals, or gay. The other groups must DEFEND themselves against the Christian onslaught. Sad that many, like yourself, fail to notice the difference.

      • Benlinus

        Care to link some examples for us cattyfan? Google is your friend, prove your point.

      • Eurydice

        Actually, you’ve missed the point of what is an advocacy group – basically, you’ve said that you’d have more respect for GLADD if it was a different organization which advocated the interests of some other type of people. And this isn’t their “pet cause,” it’s their reason for existence. Their mission is to address situations just like this which affect their particular constituency.

      • cattyfan

        Benlinus…I sais this site had no headlines decrying Megan Fox’s advocating violence against Christians…so how could I post an example? However, feel free to google Megan Fox Christians, and you’ll have plenty of fodder which shows what she thinks.
        And I will repeat for those of you who apparently can’t read..I said SUPPORTERS of GLAAD…meaning you people here (who are now claiming Christians do all the bashing.) I would like to see consistency from people advocating against bashing ALL groups, not just the PC pet groups.

    • Eurydice

      Chris Rock should recognize that when your show receives a GLAAD award, it’s kind of weird to be bashing its members in a comedy routine.

  • Bobbi

    I love Chris Rock but this is just wrong. No one should make “jokes” about stabbing a child to death for being who he or she is. Not even if it is funny, which this most definitely was not.

    • Boo

      I suppose that you believe no one should draw pictures of the Prophet Muhammad.

      • teabag hater

        thats right every body wants to control what people say quit trying to make people accept things they dont want if you dont like it dont go


        LMAOoooo at Boo!

      • Benlinus

        @teabag hater . . . I never even knew that Tracy Morgan was delusional enough to believe that he could fill a room if he was on stage; after this I doubt he’ll get enough in the club to warrant him getting a complimentary drink from the club. You’re right people make their own judgements with their wallets; chances are this guy’s going to disappear like Kramer with out any Glaad pressure.

    • scott

      first of all he never said he was gonna stab the kid for bein gay hey was makin fun of the way gay men have a tendency to talk like a women…he accually said and i quote..”(He) better talk to me like a man and not in a gay voice, or I’ll pull out a knife and stab that little ni—a to death,” now picture tracy morgan sayin that. granted it’s a little harsh or whatever but it’s not about the kid being gay. grow up people!

      • Gretchen

        Um, please enlighten me as to how that is not stabbing someone for being gay because I surely do not see it.

      • scott

        well prepare to be enlightened. as i said previously. he was making a joke about that, just cause your gay doesn’t mean you have to speak effeminately.

      • Gretchen

        So it’s ok to be gay unless you are effeminate, then you deserve to be stabbed?? Yes, that makes total sense, douch*bag

      • Danny

        Tracy’s comments really hurt considering we dated from 92-94.

      • scott

        so i guess exaggeration doesn’t count for anything, not even in comedy. yeah lets start taking everything that every comedian says literally, and everyone can be pissed at everyone. Oh no tracy morgan said something mean about gay people, boo hoo. if you really think tracy would stab his son for any reason you and everyone else like you are f-ing idiots.

      • Voodoo

        If you’re gonna try and make a point, at least learn how to spell.

      • scott

        what is it that i spelled wrong voodoo?


        @Scott…. Sssshhh you have actual information and make too much sense. Leave this conversation to the fools!


        @Benlinus: are Kate and Jack still dating in the afterworld? Tell those two kids I wish them luck! They’re going to need it because I hear Jack is gay and has a thing for Hurley!

      • Voodoo

        @scott, uh, how about bein, makin, sayin, those words all end with a g. And please, start capitalizing you sh!t, ’cause it’s hard to read.

      • scott

        well voodoo, i love the fact that my short hand and lack of capitalization are the only things you can rebut. although, if you’re gonna correct someones grammar you should make sure you’re using it correctly yourself. Scott is a proper noun and should be capitalized. Also, using the word uh in a written sentence is improper and just makes you sound like an idiot. so instead of bashing someone about spelling in the middle of a discussion, why not comment on the issue at hand or just keep you’re mouth shut.

      • Voodoo

        Then why don’t you write your own username capitalized? No reason for me to do it then. And the rest of your post doesn’t make any sense, moron. Besides, you might want to check the spelling and grammar in your other posts on these pages, they’re just as craptastically ghetto. Sure, your not the only offender, but I was actually trying to follow the discussion until your post showed up. So I guess you should learn to write or get off the internet.

  • Mark

    and I don’t want to live in a world where Tracy Morgan isn’t funny for 60 bucks a pop. Where were you, Chris, when Michael Richards was saying foul inappropriate s–t? I am sure you were there to ruch to his defense. *rollingeyes*

    • Manliano

      Too true.

    • Rome

      The HUUUUUGE difference is that Michael Richards was not telling jokes/ doing a bit. He was verbally attacking a member of the audience…

      • Luke

        Morgan wasn’t telling jokes either. He veered off from his routine and went off on a rant that had no punchlines.

      • Possibly?

        Couldn’t a gay member of the audience have taken Morgan’s comments as a verbal attack? Really it’s not that HUUUUUGE of a difference, just in this case a black guy said it and it’s ok for black people to be intolerant and bigoted, just not anybody else.

      • KEVIN

        It isn’t a huge difference at all. In both cases it was obvious there was a lot of underlying hate and anger bursting to the surface. And both were so self assured that they thought everyone would think it was funny.

      • Danny

        @Rome — u lil sheep. That’s what Tracy and the other pigs at NBC want you to think. He wasn’t joking. It wasn’t schtick.

      • Aaron

        The guy that wrote the note was a gay man in the audience. Obviously, he was personally offended.

    • hannibal

      this. love rock, but he is a hypocrite here. he’s got a long bit about how inappropriate it is for white people to say n*. yet stabbing a gay kid is ok. a*shole.

      • teabag hater

        ya it is a** hole you should be able to say whatever you want f your self

      • hannibal

        hi idiot: again, you live in a free country. you can say whatever you want. the government allows that. and people are free to hate you for it. you’re so stupid, but i like that about you.


        @hannibal hey dweeb these are comedians we’re talking about not people running for office. Comedians typically are flawed humans. Why are we holding them to a higher standard than we would some Joe Schmo standing on the corner begging for change? I’m no Tracy Morgan fan but I’m glad CR is showing support. Did you take issue with Jodie Foster for supporting Mel Gibson? Don’t make me play the race card here because I will! (That was a joke btw).

      • hannibal

        lisa g: jodie foster condemned what mel gibson said; she just supported him as a friend. chris rock is not condemning morgan’s words. if rock wants to defend morgan as a friend, that’s fine by me. and dweeb yourself, b*tch. i’ll eat your liver.


      HaHa! Voodoo got owned by Scott! LOLOLOLOL

  • silk

    As usual, comedians always support another comedians’ bad behavior because he/she afraid they’ll be the next in line to be condemned. Rock, you are no angel yourself, and you defend Morgan, now that is a joke.

  • JoshS

    Is it then okay for me to say that I’d stab my son if he dated a black girl?

    • Helena

      According to Rock, it’s okey-dokey.

    • Don

      Anything can made funny by a good comic…

      George Carlin had a bit literally called “Rape can be funny” … and guess what … the bit was funny.

      If you can’t take a joke, then don’t go to see a stand-up comic who has a reputation for pushing the envelope … this whole thing is freaking nonsense

      • honeysucklejazz

        George Carlin was both silly and funny. Wonder what he’d say about this apparent “Tracy Morgan fiasco” today if he were still alive? If u can’t take the heat, stay the f*ck out the kitchen! *THATisALL*

      • Scott

        “Good comic” being the operative term. Tracy Morgan wasn’t telling jokes. He went on a hateful, violent diatribe. It wasn’t funny, it wasn’t clever, and he is certainly no George Carlin.

      • hannibal

        100% @ scott.

      • SinginSis85

        I agree. It does not make sense that people will really get upset over a joke and this mans own opinion. Like it or not everyone does not condone or agree with the those that are gay and vice versa. Some gay individual do the same thing but it is not treated the same. People need to grow up.

      • Gretchen

        Just because they don’t agree with it doesn’t mean they should condone violence against them!

      • Eurydice

        Well yeah, if you don’t like jazz then don’t go to a jazz concert, but what if you do like jazz and the performance sucks? And I don’t know about Morgan “pushing the envelope,” because the issue here seems to be that he didn’t realize he was saying anything all that outrageous. I agree with Chris Rock, but not with regard to Morgan – pushing the envelope is for risk-takers, for artists who are willing to take their lumps if the bungee cord breaks. It’s not for guys who have a cushy job on NBC and depend on a whole lot of people to keep it. In any case, it’s his act and his performance and his fault if the audience walks out and he gets crappy trviews – it’s not the sudience’s responsibility to “grow up” and take something they don’t want to take.

    • honeysucklejazz

      Black is a race of people of people. Gay / bisexuality /is not a race; its a sick,sinful,nasty, and an extremely repulsive and immoral perversion! And yes, it is a choice and an ABOMINATION!!!!!

      • Zaidi

        “Black” is not a race. It’s a social/political concept created during the 70s for purposes of instilling pride in the descendants of African slaves. Without this artificial designation, most so-called black people don’t know who they are, or precisely where they come from, since records of their African origins were wiped out during their forced induction into slavery. As far as your comments on being Gay, it’s not how you are ‘hung’ that determines your sexual proclivity, it’s how you’re ‘wired’. So be careful when you judge one of God’s beautiful creations.

      • hannibal

        how do you know it’s a choice, honeysucklea*shole? is it a choice you have yourself to refrain from making everyday? come out of the closet and get some good therapy, before i eat your liver.

      • killhoneysucklejazz

        lets kill anything with honeysuckle!! LOL… j/k

      • silk

        honeysucklejazz — What kind of honey did you suck? Kool-Aid? People like you make me sick!

      • steve

        I feel the same way about religon lolz

      • Really?

        honeysucklejazz — With a name like that, are you sure you’re not part of the “abomination?” Seriously. You judgmental, ignorant, narrow minded excuse of a human being. God is judging you far more harshly on what you just said than he is with two loving people in a committed, consenting relationship. Grow up.

    • Top Gun

      yes it would be okay because white people have been saying that crap for years if you meaning there sons or daughter bring home a black person who they dated they were belittled,written out of wills, disowned, beaten and exiled from there family. So tell me what’s worse some comedian making a tasteless joke about killing his son if he was gay or the real life
      issues that arises when a white person dates or bring home a black persons that has been happen for over a hundred years. Get over it it was a bad joke, Let’s stick with the truth but that will never happen because the truth hurts and no one wants to talk about that especially white people.

      • Bob

        You do realize that gay people have been assaulted and murdered for being gay right? There are real life issues here to be concerned about too.

      • PL_FL

        Umm, ‘white people’ passed the civi-rights legislation in the 60’s — so don’t think we’re all the same and we won’t think you’re all the same. Is it a deal?

      • teabag hater

        I thought there was freedom of speech who cares whta he says

      • hannibal

        @teabag: 1st amendment means the government doesn’t jail you for your words. people can condemn you.

      • ?

        You do realize there is quite a difference between writing somebody out of a will and murdering them, right?

      • scott

        gay’s are the new black people! lol i’d like to hear tracy do a bit on that! i wonder who’s gonna be there al sharpton.

    • lamar

      White people been wanting to kill their kids since the dawn of time for ” dating ” blacks. so your comment about ” killing ” daughter for dating a ” blackman ” is unwarrentent

      • Mark

        Sorta how “joking” about killing a kid for being gay is unwarranted?

      • teabag hater

        not every white person dumb a** or you would not be here

      • Top Gun

        Black people have been assaulted and murdered for years also for being black,however the same white people who tell black people to get over hateful and insensitive comments towards blacks made by white people are the same ones who are condemning Tracy Morgan For a tasteless joke the sad thing is he’s a comedian and was going for the laugh factor what is excuse for white people that are not comedians
        that live everyday normal lives? As for the civil rights blacks would have not had to worry about white people passing the civil rights laws if they were included from the beginning instead of excluded out of fear, hate and ignorance where some many blacks lost there lives.

      • Gretchen

        Actually, Top Gun, no, we are not. I would condemn any comedian who said they would kill their child for bringing home a date of any other race, black, white, Asian, Hispanic, etc., as well as those who would say they would kill their child if they are gay. I am a straight white woman, but I do believe everyone is equal regardless of race or sexual preference.

    • GC

      It’s all appropriate as long as it’s funny. A lot of comedians said a lot of harsh thing but it’s not to be taken literally. That’s why they are comedians. The idea of using a comedian’s words against them while they were on stage is unfair cause the context is purposely lost.

      • Top Gun

        Gretchen it was joke, do you condemn your friends, family or co workers who have made hateful or insensitive comments about other races, in fact have any of you white people on this blog have done that if you have hats off to you
        then you are the only ones should be able to comment and condemn someone if you stood up for the same your talking about now. Ask yourselves that.

      • Gretchen

        YES!!!!!!!!!! You don’t know everyone on this blog. Anytime someone uses the N word, I get PISSED. Anytime someone uses the word ‘gay’ as a derogatory term, I get PISSED. In fact, my mother and I got into a huge fight about something she said once because I condemned it.

    • teabag hater

      YES dont go to his show he has a right to say anything F all of you who says he does not

      • Nothanks

        T-bag, you sound funny I bet you have a lot of friends. I have the Ayn Rand edition of Chutes and Ladders, we should hang out sometime and play it.

      • scott

        haha gay’s are the new black people! lol i’d like to hear tracy do a bit on that! i wonder who’s gonna be there al sharpton.

      • Aaron

        Seriously, teabag hater, are you twelve? If you are trying to join in on the conversation, please start bringing up some new, relevant points other than “he has a right to say anything”…yes, everyone here gets that and agrees with it, but it doesn’t cover the fact that we can disagree with what he says and call him out on it. Now go back to masturbating or whatever else you were doing.

    • J

      that’s already been done are u not aware of black history


      @JoshH now don’t be acting like Lisa Lampanelli doesn’t take shots at black people! Chelsey Handler does too!

  • Helena

    If Rock don’t see the harm in what Tracey said, he should at least see that it wasn’t remotely funny and for a comic, that should be a capital crime.

    • Sara

      Amen to that.


      @Helena, so now we’re putting words in ppl’s mouth?!? Good grief, in the USA 2011 who wuda thunk it?!? Leave Chris alone! He can and not say wtf he wants!

  • Tom

    Can someone please help me find the “joke” or even the “funny” in what Tracy Mogran said? It wasn’t a joke – it was a rant. There was no joke and it wasn’t funny.

    • Scott

      Exactly. Off-color and inappropriate humor is great. But there was no joke — just a hateful rant calling for violence to children.

  • Joe

    I miss George Carlin at times like this. I wonder what he would have said in regards to Tracy Morgans rants.

    • GC Jr.

      Ummm….”More Power To Ya”

      Is what he would say to Tracy Morgan


        I detest when being gay is compared to being black. Ugh! Please stop. And stop bring the comedian’s race into it. He is just dumb and weird acting; his race is irrelevant. What would you racists be saying if he was white? You’d have no argument to fall back on.

    • honeysucklejazz

      Zaidi u are one of the most ignorant and ill-informed as*holes on the face of this planet. Grow-up read the right books speak with the correct people then maybe just maybe ur wanna be fly as* can learn something but; *DOUBTFUL*

      • cantbelievesomepeople

        honeysucklejazz you are one of the most ignorant and ill-informed b*tches on the face of this planet. being gay isn’t a choice. who the hell would choose to picked on and bullied? perhaps you should introduce some lady gaga into your life because baby they were born that way! tracy morgan should be ashamed of himself. i personally feel sorry for his children. what a role model they have in their father.

  • Zaidi

    How ironic and self-betraying for Chris Rock to come to the defense of a man, who projects all the psychotic episodes of someone who would be one of his most ardent bullies when he was a student in New York’s public school system.

  • Jim Wagner

    If Morgan’s heart isn’t changed, his words are hollow. Chris Rock’s support is hollow too. It was hate speech. What is Morga really sorry for — what he said, or getting called on the carpet by Tina Fey and NBC?

  • lamar

    FYI: Bernie Mack, one of the funniest comedians ever, would always talk about “killing” his sister’s son that acted gay on the “Bernie Mack” show and no one had a problem with that. This was and still is a show sitcome that is still in active rotation on cable t.v.

  • twister6

    So GLAD is upset again why doesn’t that surprise me. No group has ever pushed their agenda harder than this one. Being Gay is not right and it wiln never be right. That does not mean I hate gay people. Gay couples can’t reproduce for a reason. I don’t agree with people being bullied for being gay but let’s not think this is right. Hollywood has really lost me by pushing this agenda.

    • me

      Hollywood is sad…
      especially west hollywood.

      • wakeforce

        West Hollywood is one of the happiest places on earth. Just because you couldn’t get laid there..

    • funfact

      Christian community spends millions on anti-gay and anti abortion campaign yearly, and more so during election. They use up more money on and less on helping families in need or abandoned children. For the record, I don’t like Glaads approach on certain issues either, but I do firmly beleive that they are BOTH hypocrites.

      • kylemala

        Wow. My church has spent $0 on those anti campaigns. Not sure what you’re talking about sir?

      • jazitup

        my church didn’t spend it either. But we fed hundreds at all of the holidays and in between.

      • Gretchen

        Kyle and Jaz – so your churches are the only two in the entire country? Oh, right, they aren’t. I’ve seen mainstream Christian churches have 8′ anti-abortion posters in the church during a funeral (classy, if I do say so myself) and a more fringe church passing out anti-abortion pamphlets and having 8′ posters of aborted babies on college campuses. So yes, churches do it and, heck, unless you have studied your church’s books, how exactly do you know your churches haven’t given financial support to such movements?

    • Nothanks

      “Gay couples can’t reproduce for a reason.”
      Because GOD hates them? I don’t understand this comment. My wife and I choose not to reproduce because we don’t want children, but we still have sex. Are we “not right”?

      • SayWhat

        “Gay couples can’t reproduce” for the simple fact they have NO tools to reproduce. God made man and woman (in marriage) to be fruitful and multiply. And no God doesn’t hate you #nonsense. As far as you “NoThanks” your not wrong. Get ya head right and think..

      • Nothanks

        So the reason that sex and marriage exist is to be fruitful and multiply. But I’m not doing that, and neither are the gay couples I know. What if my wife and I only had they “gay kind” of sex? You know what I mean…would we be just as bad as them then?

      • seriously??

        @ saywhat
        Actually God made man and virgin woman in marriage. So unless you were a virgin when you got married you should be stoned to death… I hope you were a little slut.

    • al

      I wish christians would stop pushing their religous agenda on me. I mean why the f**k do they keep banging on my door at 6 am??? I don’t wanna believe in your fairytales!!

      • jazitup

        maybe they keep bangin on your door because they know how lost you are

      • seriously??

        or cuz they have nothing better to do since being religious means pretty much doing nothing fun

    • Mike

      I guess infertile couples and old people shouldn’t legally get married because their unions will not yield offspring.

  • Lou

    I agree, Mr. Rock–I don’t want to live in a world that censors that lousy comedian.

    But I don’t want to live in a world that can’t condemn him for it, either.

    And you are wrong, Ms. Fey: we are what we do. If you say hateful things, you are a hateful person.

    • Joop Fip

      You nailed it.

    • whatevs

      Yeah, I’m sure you know Tracy Morgan better than she does. Every single person on this planet has said hateful things, so I guess that makes you hateful, too?

      What he said should be condemned, but to hate him for it makes you petty and it doesn’t motivate anyone to change.

    • Kelly

      No. Sometimes when you say hateful things, you’re just a comedian. I’m certain Sarah Palin thought some of Tina Fey’s barbs were hateful. I’d say they were satirical.

  • gburn1175

    ok he is a comedian, its his job to cross the line, he was going for the shock factor. I think its sad that no one has a sense of humor, and with out one nothings funny

    • Tom

      Can you please highlight the joke in his rant, or even the funny? No. Because it wasn’t a joke and it wasn’t funny.

      • GC

        It’s possible, just possible, that you are easily offended. Stick with safe PG comedians. You know, the ones you will never find in a roast.

      • teabag hater

        so what if its not who cares you ever heard of freedom of speech f all you nazis

      • Tim

        Its also one part of a stand up concert that you did not even hear. Shut your mouth and go back to masturbating to pics of Mr Rogers. I use Mr Rogers as the person you love because obviously dark humor is well past your line & you just love soft, sissy garbage & I could not come up with a comic that does that nonsense so I had to use a deceased childrens host.

      • Da One

        your right it wasn’t funny it was fu$kin EPIC.

    • Kelly

      Finally, a voice of reason.

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