Chris Rock reverses himself on controversial Tracy Morgan routine: 'I don't support it at all'

On second thought, Chris Rock does want to live in a world where Tracy Morgan can’t say hugely offensive things.

Rock backed off his Tweet supporting the embattled 30 Rock star after he apparently read what Morgan actually said.

Tweeted Rock: “Tracy morgan is a tad off we all know that so when tracy says something i usually don’t take it anymore serious than i would a statement from gary busey or flavor flav. when i first heard the statement i thought it was offensive but it also reminded me of my father saying ill kill you if you ever bring home a white girl but after reading everything tracy said. wow i get it that s— wasn’t called for and i don’t support it at all. now can i please go to the tony awards without getting my ass kicked.”

The day before, Rock had tweeted: “I dont know about you, but I dont want to live in world where Tracy Morgan cant say foul inappropriate s—.” Morgan’s openly gay 30 Rock costar Cheyenne Jackson was more blunt:

“I am disgusted and appalled by Tracy Morgan’s homophobic rant,” Jackson told The Advocate. “The devastating repercussions of hate-filled language manifest in very real ways for today’s LGBTQ youth. I’ve known Tracy for two years, spent many long hours with him on set, and I want to believe that this behavior is not at the core of who he is. I’m incredibly disappointed by his actions, and hope that his apology is sincere.”

Some are continuing to support Morgan, however. CNN pundit Roland S. Martin blogged:

“Why is comedian and “30 Rock” star Tracy Morgan issuing a mea culpa for saying nasty, vicious and vile things during a stand-up routine? Isn’t that par for the course of a comedian? … There isn’t enough space on the Internet to chronicle the number of times a comedian has said nasty and vile things. Some of it leading the audience to fall out laughing or sometimes, or as in the case of Morgan, walk out in protest … Oh yes, you’ll say, “But Roland, you criticized Michael Richards for using the N-word.” Sure did. What’s the difference? I said then and now that Richards directly attacked an audience member and his use of the N-word had nothing to do with his routine. If it was in the context of a routine, it would not have been received the same.”

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  • William Cress

    When will individuals who have a pulpet in front of the public learn that there is never a time when descrimination and hate is appropriate.

    • Snark

      When will you learn to spell and punctuate correctly.

      • ahaha descrimination

        wat an ignant asswhole

      • tommy

        To Snark,
        Before you judge others for their spelling or punctuation (or lack thereof) you should proofread your own comment. I believe you left something out at the end of your question, didn’t you (?) hint, hint.
        I’m just sayin’…

      • gm

        You forgot to use a question mark.

      • to tommy

        shut up, question marks = an afterthought. “descrimination” = genuine ignorance.

        -not “snark”

      • Snark

        FYI, the question mark was intentionally left out to mimic BrotherJustin. And it’s “discriminatory,” not “descriminatory,” and “pulpit,” not “pulpet.” You have something against the letter “i”?

      • Barry Conner

        Hi POT… I’m Kettle !!!

      • JD

        Nice try…like you actually left the question mark on purpose. Grammar trolls always like to completely change the subject.

      • mark

        Spelling is not a clear indication of intelligence. If we based the standards of ignorance and intelligence on spelling, we’d all screwed.

      • Erisian

        Few people respect grammer trolls because they never offer a substantive refutation, they only try to show how cool they are by attacking grammer.

      • Snark

        I’m attacking poor spelling, not grammar (and please note the correct spelling of “grammar”).

      • Abby

        lol grammAr not grammEr. just sayin’

      • Myself

        Last I checked “punctuate” was grammA/Er and not spelling.

      • @ Snark

        Yeah you should really stop correcting people when you don’t even know what grammar is.

      • me

        Spelling is EXACTLY a clear indication of intelligence. If you had any you would know that.

      • Dan

        IMO. I don’t think anyone should put anyone show for their spelling or English. You should get the gest of what they’re trying to say. No one is perfect.

      • Eric

        I think you need a question mark at the end of that line Snark.

      • RCB

        Gist, not gest.

      • jonhi

        >>> Happily Divorced – Tonight @10:30/9:30 – Only on TV LAND <<<

      • FreLC

        Attention morons. Rhetorical questions do not require a question mark.

      • TimSimms

        If any of my children brought any of you idiots home, I’d shoot them. Get off the 8th grade grammar bus. Don’t you have anything intelligent to say with all those properly spelled words and beautifully constructed sentences?

    • BrotherJustin

      LOL. It’s ok to say hateful & descriminatory things as long as you’re taling about Christians, The Palin family, crazy right wingers or really any republican! Right?

      • mikeykid

        You nailed it.

      • Kvinna

        Nine times out of ten it’s just us repeating what the crazies you listed are saying in public. Right-wingers and Sarah Palin are very dangerous people.

        And, I find that the people who loudly proclaim the fact that they are Christians are the people who do some of the most repulsive things, like infringing on the civil rights of LGBT citizens.

      • SpellCheck

        For the record, it is “discriminatory” (no ‘e’, folks!!)

      • john

        come down off your crosses you two-jesus already did all that for you!

      • wakeforce

        Only if you’re joking. (bwahaha)

      • Woot

        To be fair, a lot of “bad” things I hear about those people aren’t vile. Many people don’t like them, but most comments I hear are intelligent and have actual reasoning.

      • level headed Christian

        “And, I find that the people who loudly proclaim the fact that they are Christians are the people who do some of the most repulsive things, like infringing on the civil rights of LGBT citizens.” I am Christian- and I am sick of being stereotyped as infringing on people’s rights. Christianity is against ‘vile things’ like murder, rape, stealing, lying, adultery (yep, that hurts people too, even in a pc world!)

      • Josh


      • ciaran

        “Christianity is against ‘vile things’ like murder, rape, stealing, lying, adultery.” Yeah because they never waged any wars in the name of God, or burned freethinking people as witches, or stolen land from indigenous people all over the world, or sexually assaulted young children and then covered it up. You’re right, Christianity is against everything vile

      • WOrld

        Wrong. Take your pity party somewhere else. Wah wah wah, its right wing christians who are the persecuted. Give me a break.

      • Caracticus

        Usually hateful and discriminatory things said about christians and right-wingers is in response to something they said or did first. Like this reply to you.

      • eric w.

        I’d really like to know which famous American comedians have ever said onstage that they’d stab their son to death if he became a Christian.

        Let me guess – there aren’t any. In fact, it’s pretty much impossible to imagine a celebrity saying that in a comedy club in this country.

        And that says it all.

      • B

        Kvinna, how much oppression are gays facing in the United States as compared to hmmm let’s say the entire Middle East.

      • Michael Compton

        Well said, Kvinna, Caracticus, eric w. Spot on.

        @ level headed Christian: That’s great – If you’re not like that, it says good things about you as a person. You are in the minority, however – at least as far as politically active christians are concerned. I’ve known a handful of christians like yourself – but have met innumerably more who want to legislate/dictate their own personal religious choices in order to impose their beliefs on everyone. Sadly, i can’t recall EVER seeing a christian like yourself pressuring those who want to legislate their morality to stop doing so – i’ve only seen them complain that non-religious people paint you all with the same brush. Maybe people would be more receptive to your message if the more reasonable among you actively fought back against the more dictatorial.

      • Blame Leno!!

        Well Michael you need to broaden your horizons. There are plenty of Christians who categorically oppose what right wing conservatives are doing. Activist Christians who fight for the rights of EVERY man. I know because I am one of them and have plenty of friends who are as well. We are constantly frustrated that Right Wingers have taken over Christianity and their disturbing misinterpretation of the bible and made others believe that the whole of the religion is just like them. We are not and no we don’t sit back and whine. My sister is a lesbian and I will fight for her rights every day and true Christians know that Gods love knows no bounds. But really religion should not be tangled up in legislation. Americans are Americans and their civil rights deserve to be protected regardless of what they believe. I know you would hate to be generalized and marginalized by someone’s narrow experiences so please don’t do it to me and other Christians who are completely against the Christian right and on the front lines fighting just like you. I hope you stay open minded. Some of us are fighting back just because you haven’t met us doesn’t mean we don’t exist.

    • roamcoude12s

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      • Bradley Cooper

        You are a pervert.

      • roamcoude12s

        I am a 50 year old 300 pound sicko guy who lives in a trailer claiming to a doctor. I would like to meet another 300 pound sicko guy who lives in a trailer claiming to be a 21-year old stud.

    • Mojo

      And when will this society stop the politically correct policing of us all?? Dont agree with his rant, but gays now have the P.C. power blacks do in using the N word. I would advise any from saying either– but this P.C. bashing is so out of hand it makes me sick.

      • Scott

        Part of me agrees with you, Mojo. Unfortunately, most people are too stupid to realize that it is always wrong to be hateful and discriminatory. Without the media shoving messages of anti-hate down their throats, many would actually think it’s okay to stab their gay children. Societal change comes about this way, with people in power (hopefully sensible people,) shaping the beliefs and morality of the masses. The media is making an example of Tracy Morgan for its own agenda, true, but sadly, most people cannot be trusted to reach the right conclusions on their own.

      • Michael

        So they should have the right to be un-P.C. but we shouldn’t have the right to call them out on it? Makes total sense to me.

      • Greg “not that there’s anything wrong with that” Kells

        It’s not always wrong to discriminate. It’s not even always wrong to be prejudicial. If I’m looking for a day care provider and have two applicants, one a middle aged motherly looking woman, the other a heavily tattooed 20 year old guy, I’m going to be prejudiced in my decision. Keep in mind I’m a tattoo artist, and heavily tattooed myself. I’d still be discriminating in my decision to hire the middle aged woman.

      • cattyfan

        The only reason Chris Rock backpedaled is because he is appearing on the Tonys tonight and didn’t want to suffer the backlash in front of a live audience.

      • Michael Compton

        So, according to you… Bigots should say whatever they want, whenever they want – but the people they offend and endanger should shut up and keep their opinions to themselves. Impressive logic.

      • Boo-Hoo

        Wrong, Mojo. Blacks aren’t in the position to ban people from show business if somebody uses the N-word. But if you’re anti-gay or anti-Semitic, you have a problem. Ask Isiah Washington. Cattyfan, you’re right.

    • Joe F

      it’s stand up comedy get over yourself freak. in the words of the Great Artie Lange “WAAAAA”

      • Heather

        Artie Lange is NOT great. He’s a washed-up, coked-out blob of a human being, if he could be called one.

    • Suzy

      Mr. Morgan made a mistake which is true. Yes, it is correct that others should be careful in what they say. In my personal experience, I have received mail that I thought was offensive. When I wrote back to put these individuals in their place: guess what, they did not like it. These days, people can dish it out but can not take it. Essentially, I don’t think Mr. Morgan’s remark did not had any malicious intent, but I hope Mr. Morgan learns from his mistake and uses caution next time. Nowadays, people have become overly sensative, especially those who like to dish it out, take everything out of context where it unnecessarily goes to the next level of frenzy. No need to put Mr. Morgan to the stake. What Mr. Morgan said was irresponsible and next time before he goes on stage, he should carefully review his material.

      • Liver

        In all the comment sections for every one of these articles, yours is the FIRST that I agree with fully. Thank you!

    • Deei10

      It’s “pulpit” numbnuts. Not “pulpet”. Learn to spell.

    • Chris

      Blacks seem to have the biggest hate for gays and I can’t understand why.

      • @ Chris

        Um, why?

      • blacktonydanza

        its true.

      • Memyself&mine

        Because the blacks are more likely to follow Christianity blindly and without question. History of most black culture is deeply rooted in religion. and since most Judea Religions are anti gay, It becomes only natural that Blacks will become anti Gay. truth though is the true African religious culture; “before the conquest and forced belief system of Islam from the east, and Christianity from the west” accepts Gays and other form of humanity

    • David

      Yes, discrimination and hate are never appropriate — but expressing discriminatory and hateful views in the fictional context of stand-up comedy is not an act of discrimination and hate. Neither is depicting murder in a movie an act of murder.

    • Rotell

      When you are going to a comedy show, YOU SHOULD BE PREPARED. What fool think that when they go to a comedy show that they will not hear discriminating things. The world just needs to wake up and stop being so damn sensative.

      • Well…

        So if it was a white comedian who said exactly what Tracy said but used “black” instead of “gay.” You would feel the same? There’s poking fun at a group… and then there is calling for violence.

      • Kellee

        @Well the history of black people is different from the history of gays. Give me some info on gays being hung from trees or entire families being murder for something that can’t help. If gay people were treated like black people were I assure you we would not have gays back than cause they would make the CHOICE of not being gays and of course THEY have that option.

      • Lee

        Agreed Kellee. As an African American, I find the implied parallel ludicrous.

        As for any group crying victim at every turn, be careful: this could result in a societal backlash……particularly during a poor economy. Tyranny of the minority can be dangerous thing!

      • Doncosmic

        Kellee, you are incredibly ignorant. Gay people have been persecuted throughout all of history, and no, it is NOT a choice.

    • Anonymous

      To attack someone purely on their grammar or spelling is called ‘ad hominem (a logical fallacy)’. Attack their meaning, don’t judge them on their statement. I think Tracy deserves some benefit of the doubt. I mean, he has the right to his opinion. Although I think he should have been a tad more sensitive with his delivery.

      • DebateTroll

        I have to disagree with you there, Sparky. The attacks on the poor spellers and incorrect grammarians argued that these people are stupid. In fact, if one spells incorrectly, or uses grammar incorrectly, then the person, by definition, is demonstrably ignorant. It is not a big leap to expand that fact of ignorance to indicate a state of general stupidity. If one cannot spell an 8th grade word, or one cannot properly conjugate or otherwise use their native language, then chances are better than not that the person is actually stupid. As a result, because the ad hominem attack is germane to the point of the argument, the attack is not a logical fallacy.

    • CountBoogie

      I did a comedy show last night where two of the comics did really lame straight up racist material…I didn’t like it…it wasn’t my style,but guess what??? it’s stand up…and we have a law that says you can say what you want in an adult comedy club that people consented/payed to enter.
      If people want to protest, ban, boycott or tell everyone you know to never listen to that comic again…we have laws that say that’s ok too…but BOTH should have the right say what they want because that’s something many soldiers died to give us that right.
      Are we going to tell those soldiers families that they died for nothing when we go back to telling people what they can and cannot say in a comedy club??

  • J.Taylor

    I agree w/ Chris when he says Tracy Morgan is “a tad off”, I always thought he was mentally deficient. Glad to see Chris has spoken out against what was said though.

  • Carl

    To Roland Martin I say, a comedian’s job is to be funny–not ‘vile,’ ‘vicious,’ and ‘nasty.’

    • Carls Jr.

      Look-up a guy by the name of Richard Pryor, or if you prefer, Lenny Bruce. I’m pretty sure they’re listed as some of the top comedians of all time and I can distinctly remember then being all of the above.

      Comedy is not your thing apparently.You seem to prefer drama.

      • Ronbo

        I believe another of your famous idols said something similar about gays. But he also included Jews. Look a the the impact he made in the 1940’s. His speeches got the USA out of great funk. I guess you and your friends have replaced your white hoods with pink ones. How very cosmopolitan to blame Lenny Bruce and Richard Pryor for things they did not do.

      • Deei10

        So it’s A-OK for blackie to use the “n” word, but whitey better never do dat ding. What’s up with dat homes?

      • B

        Deei10, very incisive comment. How bad DO white people wanna openly use the “n” word? You should take it up with the one black person you know, probably a coworker, and ask for their approval to use the word. Eventually, if enough of you do that, we can all live in the world that you’ve dreamed of where all white people can use the “n” word again. Good luck, douchebag.

    • CountBoogie

      You are entitled to YOUR opinion, but my opinion (as a vile and nasty comic) some people really like nasty, vile humor and SOME of us know that we leave the joke in the club because it’s a JOKE.
      I’m not going to go and discriminate against someone because some douche comic made a joke about it.
      I call it personal psychological accountability…in other words…if everyone jumps off a cliff…I can personally decide for myself as a moderately rational adult to NOT jump off the cliff too.

  • waNna gEt DuRrtY

    @Carl speak 4 urself. Maybe I like that. Ha! Da durtty baby.

  • Hey Now

    Don Imus was fired for making a stupid off the cuff racial joke on his show. Tracy Morgan had months to figure out what he was going to say in his comedy act. I don’t remember Chris Rock or Roland Martin or that many other celebrities defending Don Imus. If I’m wrong please correct me.

    • Puzzled

      When did the US govt grant the right for it’s citizens to never have to be offended by anything?

      Some people just aren’t with the world of today…
      We live in a world where 2girls1cup gets hundreds of millions of views. Then, there’s the ‘ol man and his 1 jar, that I’m sure most of you have seen too (willingly or not).

      Let’s face it. Humanity is not all sunshine and rainbow bumper stickers. If you don’t like something, ignore it. If you’ve got so much time on your hands to complain, maybe you should devote that time to charity instead.

      • Ronbo

        I guess the violence committed against LGBT youths is just their imagination. It’s people like you who enable the violence and hate. If you support this kind of bigotry and hate, you own it. It is who you are.

      • John

        What violence did Tracy Morgan commit against gays? When will you f@gs realize the world doesn’t revolve around you?

      • antigay

        if we really had violence on gays, would we be havin this talk:

      • us gays

        You realize your use of the word f@gs takes away any credibility you might have? You have just called yourself out as a very ignorant person.

      • @ us gays

        Ignorance is a lack of knowledge of something. Him using f@gs is not ignorance. I think you meant to say bigot.

      • Howdyd

        Why are gay people so sensitive? You cant be called a name? It seems to me that you’re ashamed of who you are by getting so offended. If someone wants to call me a name, go ahead its not going to bother me.

    • what

      Don Imus attacked a bunch of hard-working girls doing nothing wrong but playing a game. It was malicious, sexist, and totally uncalled for. We live in a capitalist society, his PRIVATE employers found his comments offensive and fired him. It’s their right. You go to work and say offensive, racist, or sexist insults and see how far you last.

      • Trigg Palin

        Unfortunately, he is unemployed & lives in his parents’ basement listening to Howards Stern all day.

      • Shannon


    • Levi’s Johnson

      You’re so right, @Hey Now! What’s the world coming to when Black entertainer can spew hateful comments but White guys can’t?!! White racists are soooo oppressed. If only Howard’s fans were nearly as smart as he is….

  • Long Island

    Tracy Morgan, It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do for a living. Television personalities sometimes feel above it all an say something stupid that offends people. Get off your high horse an admit your mistake.

  • Deci

    “today’s LGBTQ youth” when did we add a Q? Did I miss another memo? Damn it!

    • Woot

      Q stands for Queens! HAHAHAHAHAHA just kidding. Fairly confident it stands for queer. I believe they added it because it was broader and could incorporate more people.

      • endoftheworld

        Q is for Questioning for those that don’t know where they fit in the previous 4 letters or maybe not at all. Nothing is easy in this world.

      • Woot

        Ahh that actually makes way more sense! I’m going to go slap the person who told me it meant Queer.

    • Vert

      As a member of the “LGBTQ” community I didn’t know there was a Q added either. Maybe they need to make a tweeter feed to update us.

      • D

        It’s “twitter”, hon.

    • @Woot


      • Haha


  • Carole Baumgarten

    No one has the right to put anyone else down. Stop your financial support and he will come around fast.

    • Carol is a tard

      Carol, believes people have the right to not be offended.

      • Mark

        Call your boss a “tard” tomorrow and we’ll see what rights you have.

      • Heather

        People have the right to say whatever they want. But people ALSO have the right to call out idiots making hateful comments.

    • Greg

      Carole, I’d agree with you, but then we’d BOTH be wrong. I have every right in the world to put down anyone in the world that I want (just as you do). Whether or not you choose to be OFFENDED by what someone says about you is completely up to you. But yes, EVERYBODY in this country has the absolute Legal Guaranteed Right to criticize, tease, joke about, put down, mock, parody, or otherwise insult anybody else for any reason what so ever.

      • Mark

        And whatever happened to civility, respect and manners? What happened to personal responsibility? Or are you planning to be a 12-year-old bully your whole life?

      • TV IS YOUR GOD

        Yeah, whatever did happen to civility, respect and manners? Haven’t seen any of those around in a long time.

      • Greg

        Civility and Politeness are good ideas….I was simply responding to the original post from Carole that said nobody has the RIGHT to put anybody else down…which is 100% wrong. EVERYONE has the RIGHT to…whether or not they SHOULD is a different story, but there is no law that guarantees you that you will NOT be offended.

  • Demi

    Tracy Morgan can go live on an island somewhere where he doesn’t have to see things he hates. He can even float his son off in a boat if he turns out to be gay. Just get him to that island fast. 30 Rock sucks if they allow him to keep his job.

    • jimboster

      Using that same logic, gay people can just go off and live on an island if they hear things they hate.

  • zanydr

    bottom line is we can hate what you say but must defend your right to say it. it also helps to identify people. liars eventually tell the truth by mistake once in a while.

    • Glenn Lennox

      So you think Tracy and Chris’s right to freedom of speech is more important than law abiding, tax-paying gay people’s right to freedom from violence ?

  • tg

    Lame. I guarantee he’ll say something that offends and will need someone to stand up and defend his right to say it. Of course Morgan should have thought better of making those comments, but he did have the right to make them. We do live in times when people need to be careful about what they say due to sensationalism. But we also live in times where freedoms are being eroded. People should not be intimidated out of speaking freely.

    • Ruby

      Nobody is trying to put him in jail for his comments, so his freedom of speech is perfectly intact. As is the freedom for people to condemn what he said, see how that works? Maybe people shouldn’t be intimidated out of speaking freely, but gay kids shouldn’t be intimidated out of being able to be themselves, which is what happens when people say things like “I’d shoot my son in the stomach if he was gay” do.

      • John

        It’s was a joke. What part of joke do you dumbasses not understand?

      • wakeforce

        John, you should be shot and killed. (Just kidding!) HA! HA!

      • endoftheworld

        @John. You’re mother was a great lay last night but she said that you’re munch better. (Ha, ha!!)

      • @John

        John, your mother should be dismembered and her remains burnt (and if she’s dead, her remains should be exhumed and violated; also, I hope your significant other and your kid(s) – if you have any- all die horribly slow, painful deaths.

        HAHAHAHAHA!!! That was just a joke. Wasn’t it hilarious??? Freedom of speech, dude.

      • tg

        Who said anything about jail? I get the deal with the how gay kids shouldn’t feel threatened. Nobody should. But thanks for the tip on freedom of speech and the snark.

    • Kay

      I totally agree with this!

  • Jenny

    Oh the benefits of being informed

  • Dan

    I love the alphabet as much as the next guy but LGBTQ? At some point, we’ve got to look at the effect of what we do and say and realize that it’s ok to leave a letter out every once in awhile. I saw that acronym and immediately though LG Electronics, BLT sandwiches, BBQ… and then finally reread the sentence and laughed at the absurd attempt at inclusiveness by by adding a Q to the already arcane “LGBT” or “GLBT” or other iteration.

    Oh. What did Tracy Morgan say?

    • docwilson

      hahaha. This is a new one on me too. Isn’t the Q already covered by the rest of the acronym? Its like calling me a heterosexual straight guy.

    • wakeforce

      I agree. I don’t use all those letters. Easier to just say what group you are talking about.

      • Mike

        Wow, as a gay man, even I thing all those letters are a tad ludicrous. Used to be a time when ‘gay’ would suffice. Should we start calling heteros HSBN (hetero,straight,”normal”, breeders)???

      • Guy

        Okay Mike, but “gay” doesn’t cover transgendered or bi people…or anyone else who doesn’t fit that word. As a gay man to say that one word should cover it is somewhat short sighted.

      • Big Guy

        I thought “Queer” covered it all for us that are not str8…

      • Howdyd

        Maybe we could call them eye charts

      • DebateTroll

        Gay guy, if a person is bi, they are definitely gay. Just ask any straight person.

    • Llamas Llamas

      Glad it’s not BLTG, think you’re getting a tasty sammich of bacon, lettuce, tomato, and gravy only to be in for a big surprise.

  • stickittotheman

    Who is worse – the dumba$$ who says the hateful words, or the media who puts a megaphone directly in front of the dumba$$??? Media: stop giving a worldwide pulpit to hate!!

    • D

      The media was not covering his stupid stand up routine. It is covering the REACTION to the stand up routine.

  • Jenn

    He has the right to say what he wants I have to think he’s an idiot. And I did way before this incident.

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