'The Glee Project' Exit Q&A: Bryce talks about being the first contestant to leave


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Oxygen’s The Glee Project said goodbye to its first casualty last night: deep-voiced Bryce, who clashed with choreographer Zach Woodlee. “I know that Zach felt like I was trying to clash with him which I didn’t mean to,” says Bryce. “But I know when you’re working and you’re trying to get stuff done and you’re the choreographer, any kind of alternative suggestion seems like someone trying to go against what you say. I didn’t see that in the show — I didn’t see the attitude part they were talking about. I did see how it could be annoying to have somebody change the part that you’ve put together.” EW chatted with the 22 year-old about the experience, bonding with the contestants, and what’s next for him. 

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How do you feel about being the first one to leave the show?
BRYCE: Seeing it on TV, it’s kind of like re-living it a little bit. It’s funny we were watching it and even Damian was getting stressed out. It’s still stressful, but there’s so much that we did and they condensed it so well. They really gave me a proper send-off. It’s impossible to be mad.

Looking back at it, was it worth it?
Oh absolutely. Every single second of it. The only thing was on the show it makes it look a little bit like I wasn’t very friendly with the other people. But I felt I was so close with everybody. I know there’s only so much they can show. That’s the only thing: It made it look like I didn’t really connect with anyone there. When I was crying talking about the people I was invested in, there was a reason. I meant it. We all became very close. A lot of people said I was like an older brother to them.

Who were you closest with?
I’d say me and Sam got the closest. Me and Sam were boys. And Matheus too.

Why do you think you were the first one cast off?
I’ve gone through it in my head like a million times. I appreciate that Ryan liked me enough to choose me out of all these people. I don’t think that I’m a Glee character. I don’t think I fit what he would be looking for in a character. I didn’t realize that because I was just so excited to be part of something so cool. I didn’t actually watch Glee until I found out I made it and then I watched it and I really loved it.

Have you seen the cast since the show ended?
Oh yeah. We were all together last night. We watched [the premiere] all together last night and then some of us went out to celebrate. We’re really really close.

So what’s next for you?
I go to Berklee College of Music. The thing that I’ve wanted to do forever is just be a songwriter and a recording artist. So I’m just gonna go back doing that. I had a meeting with Atlantic last spring so hopefully if they’re smart they’ll ask me to come back. I’m hoping that somebody is going to call me seeing that I’m one of 12 people picked based of personality and talented on this international TV show. I’m hoping somebody will be.

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  • M

    Um, how about not putting the name of the eliminated contestant in the headline for those of us who haven’t had a chance to watch yet?!?!

    • Matt

      Maybe you should learn not to come to the EW website until after you watch the show. Incompetence on your part is not the fault of Entertainment Weekly.

      • matt

        No, I agree with M. Spoilers should be reserved for the body of an article. They do it for all of the other reality shows anyway.

      • M

        I didn’t come to the EW website. The article came up in my Google reader feed. I guess I could stop following EW entirely, but this isn’t an issue with any other reality show.

      • Mike

        I also agree with M. I was redirected to EW.com from a twitter link to a different article, and then I saw the “other articles you may be interested in” with the spoiler. I was actually half way through the episode and was bummed to find out this way. We shouldn’t have to be on internet lockdown and sequester ourselves from browsing the web just to protect ourselves from spoilers like this…really, did the name of the guy HAVE to be in the article title? If it does, give it at least 24 hours please.

  • Captain

    So he wasn’t a fan of Glee and was only using this as a platform to do something else. Glad he was kicked off them.

    • Captain


    • Mike

      Bingo! Stunt casting for reality shows sucks. With 40,000 people wanting to get on the show, put people who know what show they’re trying to get on. Otherwise just try out for Idol (which i’m sure he will), unless his record company “is smart and decides to call him back”…what a douche.

      • Deke

        I was surprised that Bryce made the top 12, mostly because he looks way too old to play a high school student.

  • Ryan

    “…if they [Atlantic] are smart they’ll ask me to come back.”

    Get over yourself kid.

    • Cathy

      My thought exactly!

  • BCNFan

    Wow…thanks for totally spoiling that by putting the eliminated contestants name in the headline on the front page of EW.com! So much for spoiler warning!!

    • Matt

      Again, maybe you should learn not to come to the EW website until after you watch the show. Incompetence on your part is not the fault of Entertainment Weekly.

  • yes

    bryce would have been trouble. “i’m sorry video director, you’re wrong. i’m hot and everybody knows it”. tool.

  • stacy e

    I’m a huge Glee fan. I think this show is a lot of fun. It was so great watching them cast misfits & toss the pretty typical LA folks aside. Bryce is too pretty for the part I want them to cast. I would HATE to see Emily on the show too if all she has to offer is a bikini model. Gross. Damien could play a lost lonely shy kid. Cameron could fit the Indie hipster role pretty well. I like Matheus a lot too I’d like to see him as a character on the show. Don’t cast a dumb pretty kid please.

    • Luke

      I was thinking the same thing. They are all talented singers, but they don’t look like they wandered in from “90210.” It’s great. It was also cool to see that one kid who wanted to play Becky’s boyfriend — he was an excellent dancer. It’s early, but I think Cameron might be the guy.

  • jt

    Why is “Matt” being a d-bag? I go to EW every day, several times a day and HATE when a show I’ve not watched yet has the outcome revealed in the title. It’s ridiculous. Aside from that this is a really excellent show so far.

    • BCNFan

      TOTAL d-bag right jt? This is NEVER an issue with any other reality show. Why not just admit you made a mistake and move on? No need to be a jerk about it.

      Anyway, I did enjoy the show even though I knew from the beginning who was getting kicked off.

  • Ashley

    Just wondering… Did he give away the winner?? “Even Damien was getting stressed out…”

    • Vicki

      Oh, wow, I didn’t even catch that. When I initially read it, I thought he meant that even though Damian knew he didn’t get eliminated in the episode, he was still stressed out watching himself in the bottom 3. I suppose it could still be read the way I initially did, but then why did he not mention Ellis, too (unless she wasn’t stressed out or maybe wasn’t as noticeably stressed out)? Rereading it in light of your comment, it does strike me that he could very well have revealed the winner (of course, that could just be wishful thinking on my part, since I am rooting for Damian).

      • Glee Fan

        My thoughts exactly, Ashley. I combed the comments just to see if anyone else thought the same thing. As for your theory Vicki, it is very plausible. I guess I thought that Damian had won because the writer’s mentioned giving Mercedes a boyfriend next season and Damian seemed like the best fit for such a role. Then again, I’m not a casting director, and my favorite usually does not win the competition. (He’s my favorite despite the fact that he is stiff and can come off as a bit corny. I’m trying to convince myself that his good looks are not the reason he’s my favorite, else that would make me pretty shallow).

      • Laura K.

        Um, Mercedes is dating Sam. Sorry if that’s a spoiler, it was revealed in the last scene of the finale.

  • Rules

    Ehhh, all the contestants on this show either can’t sing, aren’t attractive or both. At least the characters on Glee are at least decent looking. Blec, won’t watch this, like 90% of gleeks, I’ll wait till the season starts and like 99% of gleeks, once the orginal class graduates. .ADIOS.

    • Lucy

      I’m a total Gleek and I’ll keep on watching, both the project and the season after graduation. And every Gleek I know will also… please don’t give percentage without doing some research.

  • vj

    @Deke: *this* guy looks too old to play a high schooler? Cory Monteith is 29–and LOOKS it!

  • Rootie

    Damian will (has) won. His international following will effectively double the Glee audience. Several of the others will make the show as well, but this is all about the bucks, which means Damian McGinty.

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