'The Killing' renewed for second season


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There’s gonna be more Killing!

AMC is ordering a second season of its critically acclaimed series Rain & Murder The Killing.

The first season was about the murder of a teenage girl and was based off a popular Danish series.

The two-hour premiere drew 4.7 million viewers (including encore airings). The show’s ratings have dipped quite a bit since then, now averaging about 2.2 million — still a healthy number for AMC. This marks four out of five AMC dramas to make it to a second season (only Rubicon has been cancelled).

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  • anonymous

    Yes. More Holder.

    • john

      absolutely more holder. he’s one of the best charachters i’ve seen on tv in a long time.

      • Morgan

        Agreed. More Holder. And then some more Holder. And then…. a little more Holder. Please and thank you.

      • Carrie


      • Heidi

        could not agree more. Something very sexy about that guy though if I just saw a picture of him I would never think that. Its his essence or something!
        Anyone else want the two to get together? Even just once?

      • themusicaddict.blogspot.com

        hell no

      • ugh

        yes! i have grown to love him.

      • Victoria

        Love Holder!!

    • D-O-Double-G

      Was it EW that referred to him as the White Snoop Dogg? LOL! Because it is SO true! That is all that I can think of when I see his cute self. LOL


        LMAO he does remind me of Snoop!

    • Lisa

      Hmm. I really don’t understand the love for this character. He does nothing for me.

    • Liz Lemon

      YAY! Love this show!

    • Isla

      let’s get him a girlfriend for season two! he’s too hot/awesome to be single for much longer.

    • Roger

      Holder is Joel Kinnaman a Swedish actor. I just checked him out on YouTube. He sure has the American thing down.

    • sweetums

      The actor will be in Fincher’s Girl with the Dragon Tattoo in December.

  • Nic

    Ugh. Bad decision. This show turned out to be such a let down.

    • Jake

      For You. There’s plenty of people that that like/love the show.

      • Owen

        No, the show is still a let-down, but also still interesting. Plus, the AMAZING acting of Joel Kinnaman is worth the many slips of logic and stupid red herrings the show has dealt us.

      • rerun

        Jake, really? You like the in between episodes? The pilot was good as was this last episode. Everything else was too 24-ish.

  • La Donna

    Thanks AMC!!!!! I love this show

    • boom!

      Helllllllll yeah!!!!!! So excited to hear of this renewal! Yessssssss!

  • Kristen

    Yay! I’m waiting for someone to kill Mitch Larsen next because I hate her (and she’s a Maenad, wink wink Truebies).

    • elr

      I agree! Nothing would make me happier than to see her character gone.

      • Violet

        I agree too. She is sooo annoying!!

    • Truebie too

      I loved to hate her as MaryAnn, but she’s really awesome as Mitch. Good actress and adds a lot to the show. Entire cast is excellent… except Richmond’s little troll.

  • Cathy

    The show did pick up a bit the last couple of episodes, but they are really going to have to give a little more life to the show. I don’t mind if it’s somewhat slow paced, but if so, they should make up for it by making the characters more intriguing. There was too much moping around going on in the first half of the season, and I don’t mean only the parents, who would probably get a pass for moping.

  • Rich G

    Did they pickup Breakout Kings as well?

    • Dave

      That’s A&E.

  • mario

    I still can’t forgive AMC for cancelling Rubicon. Such a great show, much more than The Killing. Sorry people, but the unbalanced nature of the show breaks the flow, i admire the pacing and the story they’re trying to tell and Michelle Forbes nails it week in and week out. Mireille Enos is great, but i wish we would get more character development (like in last week’s bubble episode) through all the episodes.

    • Snsetblaze

      And I’m one who thought last week’s bubble episode was mind-numbingly dull. I missed not seeing the other characters and plotlines (Mitch’s family, the council race). If they had spread that out over two or three episodes … maybe it would have been ok.

      • Cathy

        That episode seemed a little slow at first, but it stayed with me. In a way, it was refreshing to take a brief break from the boring campaign story and what were excellent but increasingly one-note performances of Mitch and Stan. I do think that a “bubble” episode like this should’ve aired a little earlier in the season, though. I think I might’ve liked Linden’s character better if I’d seen this episode earlier.

      • jrs

        Ohmygosh, I loved that episode! I thought it was such a departure and made me rethink my negative feelings about the show lately.

      • JD

        Last week’s was AMAZING. I’m glad it only focussed on Linden and Holder. They’re the best characters, and the actors are incredible. It was more focussed and the writing was really well done.

    • MortalKombat

      If you want to blame someone for canceling Rubicon blame at least 1 million plus people that only watch Mad Men on AMC and nothing else. Rubicon aired right after Mad Men weekly and Mad Men watchers didn’t care. This watching of only Mad Men has literally almost had AMC cancel Breaking Bad because of low ratings. When most fans of both shows know Breaking Bad is just as good as Mad Men.

      • Michelle

        Rubicon actually aired before Mad Men. Breaking Bad is only supposed to run for five seasons iirc so at this point all it needs is one more pick up from AMC but I’m nervous that it’ll happen.

      • Michelle

        Ignore my Rubicon cmt

      • MortalKombat

        @ Michelle
        Where did you hear Breaking Bad will end after Season 5? I’ve been wondering how long it will go for a while and wondered until recently that Season 4 might be the last.

      • Michelle

        I read it on another entertainment blog. It makes sense as the new trailer is talking about the end, etc. It would be horrible for Vince to have had his seasons planned out then AMC cancel it. It’s the best show on TV and the only one winning them acting Emmys. Imo they got a taste of great ratings with TWD and will start producing more programming along those lines.


        QUESTION 4 U RUBICON FANS!! What was sop great about it? And can you summarize the season 4 me in a few sentences… Pretty please? Thanks!

    • Morgan

      I really am enjoying The Killing, but I also miss Rubicon. Brilliant show, and I wish AMC would release it on DVD alreayd…

      • KwadGuy

        Every time they run a story about AMC, they talk about how Rubicon was canceled. And I get sad again.

        But good news about The Killing.

      • Michelle

        If it was Sony Pictures Television, don’t count on it. They still haven’t released the second season of Huff.

    • SylvianG

      Me, too. Rubicon’s terrorist/traitor plotline was much more intriguing than the meandering murder plotline and obvious red herrings. As if they would tell us in the previews for next week that it’s the Councilman. My vote goes for his annoying girlfriend, the Senator’s daughter.

      • KwadGuy

        I think it’s the annoying girlfriend. She could have motive (knew about his dalliances with young girls or something else) and she would have access (to his email account, among other things).

    • Chip

      I would rather see more Rubicon as well. Still, the two series have moderately similar concerns. The Killing has proven over and over again that it’s really not interested in Rosie’s murder very much at all. It’s interested in the class distinctions in the show’s Seattle and how the more common people get rolled over by the elite. Rosie ended up as one of many who get caught in the collision. Murder mystery? Nope. This show is fundamentally about a class struggle.

  • Kathryn

    YES!!!!!!!!!!, especially after yesterday’s episode this is great news, fantastic show!!!

  • Margaret

    Bout time. Last week was excellent for Linden/Holden backstory.

  • sandd

    YAHOO!!!!! One of the best shows in a long time.

  • tigger851


  • Nicole Freeland

    I’m happy The Killing is coming back for S2. The show has certainly meandered at times, particularly with the teacher plotline, though I feel, still has potential to be a solid detective drama. I hope next season we have a payoff to the underlying story of this mayor race. I have a feeling it’s supposed to be significant some how, along with this recent twist of the casino, and the woman who manages it. Either way, I’d like to see more character development and less time trying to ‘trick us up’ with the latest potential killer.


      Um wouldn’t the political race and casino thingees be a thing of the past and they’s be on to the next case in season 2.

  • Jane

    Hallelujah!! This show is awesome.

  • outside agitator

    great show.

  • Aprilcot26

    So excited…I love The Killing and I’m anxious to see how they tackle a second season.

    • Migue

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