Tracy Morgan: 'I know bullying can hurt'

More words of regret from Tracy Morgan, who came under fire last week for homophobic comments he made during an appearance in Tennessee. Today, the 30 Rock spoke with GLAAD and plans to meet with lesbian and gay teens in New York. “I know how bad bullying can hurt. I was bullied when I was a kid,” he told GLAAD. “I’m sorry for what I said. I didn’t mean it. I never want to use my comedy to hurt anyone. My family knew what it was like to feel different. My brother was disabled and I lost my father to AIDS in 1987. My dad wasn’t gay but I also learned about homophobia then because of how people treated people who were sick with that. Parents should support and love their kids no matter what. Gay people deserve the same right to be happy in this country as everyone else. Our laws should support that. I hope that my fans gay, straight, whatever forgive and I hope my family forgives me for this.”

GLAAD says Morgan will return to Tennessee to meet with those who were offended by his remarks. He’ll also make a public statement about supporting the LGBT community and shoot a PSA as part of the organization’s upcoming Amplify Your Voice campaign. “By not only apologizing, but sending a message of support for gay and transgender people, Tracy will help many realize that no one should be treated differently or subjected to violence,” said GLAAD President Jarrett Barrios in a statement. “It is so important that Americans hear from allies like him as well as gay and transgender youth shunned by their families and parents who have lost their only children to anti-gay violence. We look forward to working with him on spreading this message to Americans.”

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  • Mral

    Every bone in my body doesn’t want to forgive him but I have a feeling he truly feels bad about what he said.

    • Deke

      He might feel bad. Then again, he might realize that, given his limited talent, this is the most famous he will ever be.

      • Matt

        Maybe he understands that much of this isn’t even about morality or hurt feelings, its about being pc. What he said was ugly and hurtful, and he should be punished, but we can make fun of so many other groups in this country and no one seems to bat an eyelash. If he was bashing a religion, or Jesus, or religious people we would think he’s a genius, but because he picked gay people everyone will make him pay. What he did was wrong, but it is starting to feel like some want it to be MORE wrong than to make fun of other groups.
        So, ultimately, maybe he learns what most people learn today; it’s not about what you feel – because nobody gives a $hit about that, because if they did we would actually want to talk and educate Tracy, not pummel him (i mean, we all prob have jerk family and friends who think being gay is wrong, and we don’t flame them), it’s all about what you say. So people will learn from tracy, and harbor and cultivate their bigotries on the inside, while paying lip service on the outside.

      • Molly

        Well said Matt.

      • T More

        So, Matt, by that argument you think if he instead said “I would stab my own son if he turned out to be Christian” people would think he was a genius?

        Wrong. It’s not about “politically correct”, it’s not about bad jokes, it’s about being violent.

      • @Matt

        I would agree except you said he should be punished. Why? Can we get into everyones heads and punish them for thoughts that we don’t want them to have? What he did was wrong? Not really. He told a bad joke. People don’t like it. Those people can avoid him. Move on.

    • Veronica Mars

      EW is revelling in this story. Disgusting.

      • JJ

        It’s because he’s black.

    • Yuu

      GLAAD is so gay, it’s retarded.

      • CHloe

        You’re pathetic.

      • John

        As a gay man, I will agree GLAAD needs to back down some. I guess they are trying to defend the depressed youths from this. But the rest of us can handle it. Stand up is stand up. I’ve seen a lot of famous people SUCK at it once in a while.

        Saying and meaning something are very different. While I understand the harm, the bigger harm would be to be so sensitive that we can’t tell the difference anymore.

      • Veronica Mars

        Exceptionally well said, John.


      • cg

        Thanks John. My thoughts exactly.

    • jj

      i still can’t forgive him after reading this article his dad dies of AIDS and he’s black. the thought of(tracey)already knowing what its like to feel judged and still hurt other helpless minorities is unconscionable!

      • joe

        he is a comdian, and his whole career has been making offensice and tasteless jokes!! what did we expect? at some point he was gonna offend someone!!

      • joe

        …its like expecting howard stern to not offend someone!! they make money off shocking people!!

      • Marianna

        There’s nothing helpless about the gay community. In fact, thanks to GLAAD, Pride and various and assorted rainbow coalitions the gay community is one of the most well represented and vociferously defended minorities out there.

      • Roger Noe

        Why not the same outrage over his use of the ‘N’ word. Gays can be racist too!

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    • Glenn Lennox

      If a white comedian had said it was OK to stab a black person they would be fired AND charged with a Federal Hate Crime. Why is Tracy Morgan not being charged with a Federal Hate Crime ? Why have these laws if they aren’t going to be used or maybe they can’t be used on rich people or famous people ? Or maybe they can only be used on people who aren’t gay because we all know the US still treats gay people as second class citizens.

      • Lana

        Obviously you don’t remember anything Michael Richards said. He goes on a racist rant and no one gets even close to criticizing him on the same level as Morgan.

  • jfms777

    He is terrified he will not work again. He is terrified he will become
    the “black Michael Richards.” This is
    all motivated by economics. Shame.

    • Just my opinion

      yep. he used gay bashing in his stand up before this was made into a big deal… I don’t think he’s truly sorry. he just wants to keep his job

      • Luke

        That’s probably true, but this has led to some powerful discussion about the evils of bigotry and bullying. Perhaps people can take a positive message from the entire mess.

      • Michael

        Luke…it’s really refreshing to hear a voice of reason in the chorus of naysayers.

        He may have meant it. He may not have. He may be sorry, may not be sorry or was threatened by NBC and forced to make retributions to the gay community. Who the hell knows? I can’t speak for Tracy.

        If this idiocy opens up a dialogue and deters others from making the same mistake, that’s a win for me. If I judged humanity by reading these boards, I’d have little faith in it. If he proves that he’s remorseful, I’ll take him at his word until he proves otherwise. Maybe I’m naive. So be it.

      • simmer

        I agree. But he could be like say screw it and not say anything.

      • atd

        I completely agree Luke. Even if his heart isn’t in it, he’s giving a public example of acceptance of gay issues and rights. I don’t believe he should be forgiven yet. It’s too soon and too fresh, but if he does keep this behavior up over time, I do believe he should be.

      • and my opinion

        I will say it again. I don’t care if he is sorry or not. If these are his true feeling, right or wrong, that is the way he feels. I’d rather know how someone feels than be fooled by someone trying to be PC.

      • Mikey M

        Yep. I am sure that is the only reason he is doing this. Not because he wants to.

    • ES

      You know this because you spoke to him? Everyone assumes they know his motivation. So every one who EVER offers an apology never means it?
      It just possibly be that he really feels like and wants to do anything to make it better. The proof will ultimately be in future behavior, but so far he has owned up to it.

    • Will

      And you know this how? Oh, don’t.

    • John

      ALL people need to be able to express how they feel or the gay community will continue to be treated like fragile children.

      We can handle it.

      Also, I’m sure Tracy didn’t mean any harm. He is just Tracy. It appears his is more the Jordan version than we thought

      • Mikey M

        Yeah, I am sure he didn’t mean any harm when he said he would kill his kid if he knew he was gay. Perfectly harmless. Ha haaa ha haaaaaaa haaa hahaaa ha haaa ha. Not funny.

  • Will

    In my opinion

  • Matt

    I think this is just another example of when comedy goes too far. I thik comedians feel like they can push the boundaries, even that it’s thier job to, and nothing is taboo under the veil of a comedic performance. But regardless of the forum, it doesn’t change the fact that words can hurt. I doubt TM really meant what he said but once it’s out there it needs to be dealt with. He does really seem sorry.

    • Tiffany

      I totally agree. I initially was totally against ever forgiving him, but he does seem pretty sincere, and he’s really making an effort.

    • DrewinKC

      I agree. Comedy seems to have so much invested in how shocking a comedian can be. I’ve always been a huge Tracy Morgan fan and I was really surprised when I heard about allt his. While I think his words were in total poor taste, I really don’t think this is the way he lives his life. I can’t imagine Tina Fey (someone who is a huge supporter of gay rights) employing someone with such biggoted views. I say we watch and see. Only the future will show whether he truly is sincere.

  • Miss Talk

    I just hope NBC doesn’t end up firing him, like ABC did to Isaiah Washington. Let’s wait and see.

    • atd

      Isaiah Washinton was fired because he made comments regarding (I don’t remember if it was directly to) a co-worker which falls under sexual harassment in the workplace. There are laws in California regarding that kind of thing.

      • John

        Isaiah and Tracy are completely different situations. Tracy’s was a bad joke that did not go over well at all. Isaiah was a derogatory comment (which by the context you can likely assume he MEANT) that was used to degrade someone in front of another co-worker.

        While I want both to continue to be allowed (since they open eyes), one should be punished and one should not.

      • Glenn Lennox

        There are Federal hate crimes to stop people inciting violence against a section of society too so why isn’t Tracy being charged with a Federal Hate Crime ?

  • Joe

    Oh come on people..if I understood this correctly all he said was that if is son hid something like that from him, and wouldn’t come tell him straight up that he would stab him. Terrible joke, but a gay bash? Come on..

    Gay is the new black apparently and GLAAD is the new NCAAP.

    • Darin Brown

      Totally agree. Matter of fact the GLAAD is more powerful now than the NCAAP. Our country is totally screwed up.

      • Joe

        Does everyone deserve equal rights and treatment? Yes. But these organizations are bullies.

      • chad

        NCAAP?! Try NAACP. Your idiot comments make me want to stab someone. just not if they’re black or gay. Cause that’s not funny. Apparently.

      • simmer down now

        NAACP, GLAAD and other groups are there to help minority’s. People who hate them seem to be the same ones who want to deny people rights.

      • Jane

        The NAACP led the charge against many Jim Crow laws. Thurgood Marshall was an NAACP lawyer who argued Brown vs Board before the Supreme Court. It is one of the most historically important institutions in our nation’s history. And thank god there are organizations like GLAAD out there campaigning for the civil rights of LGBT Americans. It’s always the civil rights institutions that push forward progress in our society against the ignorance and tyranny of discrmination.

    • jj

      @joe you need to go read what he said thats not the only thing!

  • Darin Brown

    Why do you think GLAAD comes after celebrities? They say its because they are famous and are a big example, but the truth is that they have lots of money and by coming after celebrities they can file lawsuits and or settle with them for millions of dollars. Crooks and liars.

    • DrewinKC

      ummm…GLAAD does not sue celebrities for what they say. Educate yourself. please.



    • Woot

      Wow, even your name is in all caps? Look at you!

      • Glenn Lennox


  • Tanya

    People say mean thing all time. It does not make it right. They would say things about me and it hurt. Keep it moving and I am not gay keep it moving. Damn!

  • Huh

    I wasn’t inclined to believe his apology until he mentioned his father being treated badly as he died from AIDS in the 1980’s. I remember those bad old days when even the rumor that someone had HIV led to all kinds of shunning and mistreatment. Even folks with other diseases that led to “wasting” were treated like pariahs–at my favorite “greasy spoon” at the time, the wait staff donned gloves to throw away the water glass of a person who was emaciated from another disease; because they assumed the person was infected with HIV! I never forgot that heartbreaking scene and never set foot in that place again. That kind of ignorance can be so hurtful.

    • gato

      That is really awful

  • Liz

    Wow, so many on this thread are the dumbest Americans on the planet.

  • gfoushee

    i don’t think he needs to say sorry for comedy, after all many people say things during standup that are hurtful but you are not forced to listen or hold his opinion high. I don’t think muslims for example are given a fair shake but look how americans flew flags on news of the death of osama….where is the muslim apology? .

  • Duane

    Have we really gotten this ridiculous? We “want” to be able to “be” whoever and whatever we want, but not allow other to be who they are and say what they want? Seems hypocritical.

    • Captain

      There’s a difference between someone saying “I don’t like gays” and someone advocating violence and bullying towards gay teenagers. We’re all entitled to our own opinions but when our words have harmful repercussions, we’ve crossed a line. Furthermore, freedom of speech works both ways. If someone has an opinion, I have just as much right to say “I think you’re wrong.” It doesn’t mean, listen to my beliefs and like them.

      • Woot

        Right on captain. I personally believe religion is dumb. I may be in the minority, but I have the right to believe that. If I were to publicly state, “I want to stab everyone who believes in religion.” that would be unacceptable. There’s a difference.

  • Mike G.

    Man, if I found out Tracy Morgan was gay, I would just have to stab him so much!

  • yessirebob

    No one wants to take away any comedian craft or creative freedom, but each of us is responsible when our words or actions cause harm to others when we have a high suicide rate of LGBT youth. Humor does not provide an open license to espouse dangerously hateful & violent messages, nor is freedom of speech the same as freedom from the consequences of speech.

    • DrewinKC

      well said. his “jokes” crossed the line when he advocated violence (in the comment about killing his son if he were gay). not the wisest choice of topics considering how much press bullying and gay teen suicides have gotten recently.

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