'Game of Thrones' stunner ties ratings high


Image Credit: HBO

Despite airing against the Tony Awards and the NBA Finals, HBO’s Game of Thrones tied its series high in the ratings Sunday night.

Thrones delivered another 2.7 million for its premiere telecast, same as last week’s high, and was down just a tick overall for the night (3.4 million). Yes, it’s safe to assume that number would likely be slightly bigger if not for the stiff live competition. Given the outrage over Sunday’s Game-changing twist that left a contingent of fans threatening to quit the show, next week’s season-finale numbers should be interesting.

Thrones also received some great news yesterday when it gathered several top nominations in the Television Critics Association Awards. The first-year show was nominated for best drama series, new program and program of the year.

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  • HoHum

    why are you always tweeting and writing here about this show? you getting paid by producers? this show has zero buzz. dont know anyone watching. ho hum

    • David K

      You must have your head somewhere really dark then.

    • Michelle

      Then you probably need to meet some more people.

    • Steve Coulson

      GoT gets over 8m legal views per episode on HBO across all showings and platforms.

      There are 300m people in the US. So roughly 1 in 50 people. To know no-one who watches it, you’d need to know less than 50 people.

      Facebook tells us on average, people have 130 friends.

      Conclusion: you have no friends.

      • dave

        Steve, I want to find you and be friends.

      • nitpicker


      • K Dub

        Which doesn’t begin to cover all the quasi maybe not legal views – I can’t afford HBO, but I’ve not missed an ep yet

    • Mike

      Hohum must be getting paid to disparage it. Why would you spend your busy time to come here, rad about it and then determine to speak against it? What agenda do you have?

      • Herba

        yet another Trueblood frustrated viewer imo

    • mikeman

      if you don’t know anyone who watches “game of thrones”, you are doing it wrong.

    • Robin

      I am guessing you don’t know anyone who could afford HBO.

    • Ryan E

      Apparently you must hang out with people who watch Dancing with the Stars, or else can’t afford HBO. That’s not a good thing.

    • el

      haha. You’re proud that you and your circle has bad taste? mmkay.

    • KlOWn

      and of course since the particular people that you know don’t watch, it must mean that the millions that do watch must have no interest in these articles right? News flash…the world and this website don’t revolve around just you and the people that you know.

    • Toni

      The fact that you haven’t seen this show invalidates your opinion. Go away, please.

    • B

      Sounds like a Camelot fan.

    • feebletroll

      you must live in some po’dunk town where rasslin and nascar is king.

      • aaaaaaaaaaaaaa

        I live in the country and I love Thrones. Not a big fan of “Wrestling”(I can teach you to spell) or Nascar, but who am I to insult the interests of others? I’m more into colege sports and UFC. Anyway, grow up and stop being a conduit for stereotypical idiocy.

  • chris

    Good for GoT. For the people who were unhappy about the way the episode ended, let them complain. Evidently there are plenty of other viewers out there who are rightly enjoying the show and the surprises that each episode brings.

    • JAM

      I had not read the book but was actually not upset at Eddard’s death. I’ve become intrigued by the story and plan on reading all the books now. phenemonal storytelling!

      • KAB

        You won’t be disappointed. The books flow very well and have so much more detail that just can’t be packed into 10hrs of T.V.

  • TheDude

    Count me as one who has been hooked by this show. I can’t remember the last time a show surprised me like this. If you’re not watching, you are missing out!

    • ba’al

      Last show that even came close was BSG

  • Dan

    quit the show? idiots

  • Matt

    Pretty sure the majority of GoT fans have little interest in the NBA…or MLB, the NFL, the NHL, the NCAA, etc etc….

    • João Amaral

      that is a stupid thing to say. you couldn’t be more wrong.

    • mark

      Matt, I am pretty sure you are wrong.

    • Jon

      indeed I am huge fan of GoT, NHL, NFl, etc.

    • jodipo

      aaah, Matt is one of “those” types. You know the ones… too good for fantasy and assumes anyone who enjoys it is a 45 year old living in his mothers basement. Yeah Matt, we will take your word for it. After all, you must have been captain of the football team when you were in high school 20 years ago and now spend your weekends on drinking binges avoiding the wife you hate and haning out with your pathetic high school friends who never amounted to anything while trying to relive your glory days when in fact everyone is just laughing at you because you are the epitome of the word “loser”.

      See how stereotypes are just really really stupid?

      • Silly Mammo

        lol BANG!!

      • ree

        i love you, jodipo.

    • crispy

      I’m a fan of GoT and MLS. Does that count?

      • CK

        Ditto. Also Parks and Recreation.

    • Adam

      Yes, because George R.R. Martin doesn’t blog constantly about the NFL season and NFL Draft. No sirree… oh wait.

    • Stannis


      You are a fool.

    • Vince

      I’m a huge fan of NCAA football and basketball, NFL, and a moderate fan of the NBA (don’t much care for hockey, and have hated baseball since the ’94 strike doomed it to a slow death). Oh, and I love GoT.

    • Robin

      Thanks for the major generalization. News flash…..people can have several interests. Shocker!

    • Laura

      I am a 23 year old girl who loves GoT. And I also love NCAA football and basketball, as well as the NFL. European soccer is also good. Matt, you’re a moron

    • MN

      Fool. Get out more and meet more people.

      The NBA Finals, NHL Finals and Game Of Thrones have something in common: EDGE OF YOUR SEAT EXCITEMENT!

      • CK


      • roguishpaladin

        I heard that Gary Bettman is a GoT fan, so the NHL is going to execute Tim Thomas in between the first and second periods of tomorrow night’s game to see how people react.

    • AC

      Dumb assumption. I enjoyed both the death of Ned on GOT and Lebron James in the NBA Finals.

      • Jackson

        Hahaha, you actually enjoyed that. If it were not for you saying so, I might’ve never noticed that Lebron James even played in this year’s NBA Finals.

    • Sheli

      Are you freaking kidding me? Way to stereotype. My husband and I are huge sports fans, and GoT is currently our favorite show.

    • Bob

      Couldn’t catch GoT “live” on Sunday, so I watched VOD on Monday, right before the puck dropped in Game 6 of the Stanley Cup. GO BRUINS!!!

    • sparkles

      Does figure skating count?

    • Toni

      NGL it’s true for me. But then, I’m a football and the EPL and La Liga are in their off-season period. XD

    • ba’al

      wow matt! I love GoT and also love road racing, was glad that the Le Mans was the day before

  • Shug

    This show frakking rules! Best show ever, just love it.

  • HoHum

    well now that I know the big revealing DEATH…no reason to ever watch. spoiled.

    • Jon

      Troll alert.

    • Daniel B

      Cool story bro. Weak troll is weak.

      • bob

        He seems to be doing pretty well. Lots of responses to his first post.

    • Ken E

      Ho-hum, is that your name or a description of your trolling abilities?

    • Sess

      Don’t worry bro, many more big revealing deaths to come.


    This is quite simply the best written television series I’ve ever seen. I am in awe of Game Of Thrones. Incredible.

  • Stannis

    As a reader of the books, I have a few quibbles.

    My wife who has not read the books thinks it is the best show on TV since Six Feet Under.

  • Kevin

    Love this show. Loved the crazy ending to last week’s episode. The only thing I don’t like? That this season is only 10 episodes. I was hoping for 12.

  • Joe

    Good for GOT. I still believe the books are better, but the show has done about as good a job as possible. I’m really hoping they give season 2 a couple of extra episodes so they aren’t scrambling to fit stuff in.

    • jj

      yeah. well you know GRRM always said he wrote the book to be unfilmable. So the fact that they’ve found a way to adapt it this well speaks volumes. I’m a huge fan of the series in book form and while I have a few things that i could nitpick over with the tv series, i still enjoy it very much. I had more of a problem with the liberties they took with Lord of the Rings. (although i did enjoy those movies as well)

  • Here & There

    I like NBA & college basketball. I also like award shows. But, I LOVE Game of Thrones. My wife and I are hooked. Co-workers and I talk about it on Monday mornings. My wife wants the books. Going in, I thought Camelot and the Borgias would be the ones to watch. Game of Thrones easily is the best. Camelot has been a disappoint, but I still watch it. I stopped watching the Borgias after the 2nd episode. Enough said.

  • Jimmy

    Any viewer who quits GoT simply because the producers chose to stick with the story as it was written int he novels doesn’t get the story. At this point, and really well into the second and third novels, it’s not really about any one person. Enjoy the ride people. Be excited that something original and different is occurring on a television series; that’s pretty rare these days.

  • Daniel B

    Great news for Game of Thrones – to hold steady at a series high in the ratings even against very stiff competition. Can’t wait to see what happens with the ratings next week (guessing it will surge even higher). Incredible show!

  • Marcus

    Game of Thrones had my attention from its first preview and first Trailer and it has not made me a sit at home on sunday night young man…i cant get enuff of it and i have made a lot of my friends addicts of GOt. Quite simply this first season has managed to capture alot of persons attention…..so off with his head…lol

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