'Gene Simmons: Family Jewels' posts solid ratings following awkward 'Today' interview

The spark might have gone out when it comes to Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed’s relationship, but Gene Simmons: Family Jewels continues to deliver some sparkling ratings. Last night’s season 7 premiere of the reality show attracted a total of 1.4 million viewers, which was on par with its season 6 premiere in late 2010. The number is at least in part thanks to press surrounding an awkward appearance on Today, during which Tweed regularly insulted Simmons, who she’s been dating for 28 years. Clearly, many viewers appreciate Schadenfreude, tuning in to see the couple’s “unraveling” relationship. See Simmons and Tweed’s interview on Today embedded after the jump.

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  • Rob

    She’s better than him…he is a #$#^! take off the sunglasses your indoors.

    • Brett

      She knew what she was getting into years ago, so I say, “No, she’s not better than him.”

      • Lvit@Bieber

        I don’t think it was for show, or for the show, his commitment to no commitment and her obvious pain over his philandering is real. His discomfort in the therapists’ office and “no one is going to tell me what to do’ attitude smacks of narcisstic ‘superstar syndrome. I doubt that they would play their kids like that as Ms. Tweed is obviously VERY devoted to her children and it’s because of her loving attention, not his inattention, that they are so well grounded. I wish them all the best.

      • Sonia


      • jdenton

        unfortunately narcissism is a degenerative disorder and gets worse over time, so she may have had an understanding at the beginning but over time his condition deteriorates to a point that it becomes exceedingly unhealthy to be in the relationship

      • pgtriolo@yahoo.com

        I admire Shannon for being such an awesome mother and thinking of her kids and not wanting them to be put in the spot light. But like she told Shophia it comes with the show. She loves her children and Gene. Gene has missed out on so many family events. If it was not for Shannon the family would have fallen apart along time ago. I truly pray that this works for them. God Bless you all and make your foundation the Lord.

    • ted

      shannon knew then and knows now what gene was and is about!wake up people! what better way to get great ratings! move over “Days of our lives”.

    • Bill

      People need to do their research before they make uninformed comments. Gene’s been asked a number of times why he wears shades indoors. It’s because of the lights of all the cameras.

  • CandaceTX

    I call bollocks. I don’t think they have split. I think they are just trying to keep up appearances for this interview. Their fight and Shannon’s apparent leaving have been teased for weeks…and they want to keep it a question. Trust me, if she were TRULY pissed at Gene, you would have been able to sense the heat from the monitor.

  • Tia

    Anyone who has followed Gene Simmons’ career knows that he will sell anything for money. He is all about money, ratings, etc. While it’s possible that Shannon is finally fed up with him, I think it’s more likely that the cooked up this scam about a relationship in trouble only to boost ratings.

    That picture they showed on tv from TMZ doesn’t exist on the TMZ website! I couldn’t find it on there. That’s something that none of the news outlets are reporting.

    Anyway, bottom line is it’s all fake, it’s all for ratings. This is the guy who markets KISS brand anything – coffins, condoms, toothpaste, curling irons, etc. You name it, he has slapped a KISS logo on it! Anyone who thinks this relationship drama is real needs to wake up and smell the bullcrap!

    • AuntieMM

      Agreed. Look at the genesimmons.com site and check out the ‘an evening with the family’ event in Canada starting at 79.50

      • sherry

        Doesn’t say Evening with the family … It says evening with Gene.

    • Davey Bee

      i have to say that unfortunately,yes..i agree. i’m a huge KISS fan(more-less the original form of the band anyway)and it’s a fact that the only 2rock bands in the world that are considered “Inc” are Areosmith,and yes..KISS! gene is a master salesman,and with that title of course comes the ability to “sell” things..even the illusion of a family in crisis..so yes people..it’s time for the folgers..wake the hell up?

      • Julie

        Actually there are other “Inc”s out there. GWAR for instance is SlavePit Inc. It’s a rather intelligent means of managing limited liability and interstate taxation (accounting geek here.) I think the show is a mix of real and fake. If nothing else, even if the content is real, it can be (and is) edited for the show before it airs. But I’d MUCH rather watch these reasonably decent and intelligent people than the Osbournes’ trashy butts any day.

    • Anna

      Agreed!! Very well put ;)

  • Tina P.

    Sooo sad. Shannon Tweed is a lovely lady, and Gene Simmons comes off as an egotistical jerk. She should just leave him, and start fresh. He never married her, but hopefully, will still have to pay her some $$ as a common law spouse.

    • Brett

      Doesn’t work that way.

      • Lisa

        Yes it does Brett,

        She has lived with him in a common law marriage. That means she gets half of everything he made during that time. So you see…..it is like that.

        Gene is an ass and she should leave him. Feel bad for the kids.

      • Kat

        Lisa, California is one of those states that does not recognize common law marriage.

      • Mud

        It is SOOOO like that, Gene is liable to lose at LEAST 50% if not more
        Go Shannon … the Guys a dufus, always was…..he thinks he invented AIR for christ sakes

    • Bill

      Nope. Again, do your homework. Gene and Shannon have a cohabitation agreement, an actual document signed by both parties, which super cedes any common-law marriage.

  • Zeke

    These two are both made for one another…what a waste of oxygen these two are and yet people watch their drivel unfold. Typical!!!

    • Virg

      I have to agree – if she truly wanted to end the relationship as if she would leave her house – she would just pack his bags and have them delivered to his next concert and she and the kids keep the house – total reality ratings drama!

  • RBlues

    No matter what he says, they ARE married. She would take him to the cleaners if they split. I think something is going on but it is definately being “played up” for the cameras.

    • jellybean

      They are NOT married. Common law is much different. Plus, Gene is not stupid, he has a Co-habitational agreement.

    • Elle

      Common law marriage is not recognized in California

  • Boof

    Amazing. You all fell right into their trap and did exactly what they wanted you to do. I’ll bet they’re laughing their butts off this morning.

    • ellie

      All for ratings. I don’t watch it, but I saw them on HLN. She stated she’d do another 5 years of the show when they were asked (or was it HE who stated the network offered another 5 years)

      When a woman is about to leave a 20 plus year relationship, she’s not about to carry on as usual.
      These reality shows are anything but.
      Yes, someone mentioned that this guy would do anything for money.
      Ratings are down…….”lets’ add some DRAMA”.

  • Dixiecup

    Garbage! Can’t anyone see a publicity stunt when they see it? C’Mon- She didn’t leave him years ago whe he was screwing that girl, (pic are somewhere out there in cyber-land,) and this is all a stunt to pull in ratings, ’cause the show is getting old. Secondly? Anyone remember when he had the facelift, and forced the camers off while comforting his daughter? If there were real trouble, last thing he’d so is broadcast it. Oh, and also, isn’t it a funny that the problems happened during the season premiere, and not while the show is on hiatus? Hummm… Nice try, Genie.

  • Abe Froman

    Complete BS. They did the same thing to Joy Behar on her HLN show. It’s all a publicity stunt.

  • curt

    Totally set up. Just like their show.

  • Jody-Lynn

    Shame on you Gene Simmons!!! Shannon Tweed should leave, get going girl!! Come back to the “true north strong and free”. Gene has no idea of what he is losing nor does it seem that he even cares. He has more money than he’ll ever spend or part with so why put your common law partner through hell to make more? Maybe you want to be Donald Trump but lets face it, hes a rich loser, working on how many wives now? Honestly Gene, Sophie & Nick have both said they are willing to never speak to you again….& you smiled? You have taken this “Demon” facade to a whole new level, and have made me want to burn 30yrs. of Kiss paraphernalia! You would never see Paul or Chris publicly humiliate or tear there family apart on National T.V. SHAME ON GENE SIMMONS!!!

    • Chucklehead

      You do know that it’s a TV show and it’s not real. They’re actors playing a part. I think you need to take one of your little yellow pills and take a good long nap.

  • Jody-Lynn

    Oh, even if this is a rating hype, I still think Gene is a self righteous Donald Trump wannabe. Wether for ratings or for her self preservation of mental well being she should RUN

  • JMM

    I have to totally agree with all those posters who think this is a stunt for higher ratings. It just doesn’t ring true.

  • Hey Now

    If she didn’t leave him after his sex tape a couple of years ago she is not going to leave him now. The girl in the tape still had on her costume from earlier in the day when she did a photo shoot with Gene. LOL!!!!!!

  • Feverish

    I’ve been watching since the begining & realized the show was a sham. Gene is so egotistical, he would never allow himself to come off looking bumbling & dumb. Especially because despite everything he is business savvy. So why do i watch? Because its hilarious.

    • Destinysway

      Any woman would have tired of his lifestyle/attitude years ago!!! So, of course, it’s for ratings…She is an ex playmate, c’mon, they ARE actors and it’s natural for them to be in the spotlight…DUH1

      • jill

        I agree

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