Official: 'Days of Our Lives' begins gay storyline -- EXCLUSIVE


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The rumors are true: Salem is about to get its first gay storyline! EW can report exclusively that Freddie Smith (90210) will make his debut June 23 to lay the groundwork for a same-sex relationship on the traditionally conservative show. He’ll play Sonny, a good-natured young man who returns home to join his family.

What Salem clan is he talking about? That’s all Smith is willing to tease for now. “He is the center of attention kind of guy but in a good way,” Smith told EW. “He’s very confident and mature, he’s traveled the world and is very open-minded. I’m very excited to portray him.”

Though he’s been at work for several weeks, Smith has yet to learn the identity of his new “boyfriend” on Days. “I’m going to be surprised,” he said, laughing. “There are a lot of guys on the show, so it’s going to be interesting to see who I end up falling for. Someone new? Someone on the show?  We all make jokes, `who am I going to make out with first?’ It’s going to be fun to see.”

While competing sudsers have been in the forefront when it comes to same-sex couples — ABC’s All My Children, for example, featured the first lesbian character in Bianca Montgomery (Eden Riegel), which led to the first gay marriage between her and Reese Williams (Tamara Braun) — Days has largely played a backseat role when it comes to featuring gay couplings.

“I think it will be interesting to see how people respond to it,” Smith said. “I truly care about the whole thing. There’s been a lot of controversy about this and for me to be able to a part of it, to be able to change people and make a difference … I’m really excited to play a character with that much pull.”

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  • greg

    Too bad nobody watches it. They are about 15 years late with their “groundbreaking” storyline.

    • outrageousness

      That show is already pretty gay to begin with.

      • sdvxc

        I love my boy friend, a nice black man.

        i met him via —-Black’ White ‘Fli rt. C óM—- the most effective interracial da-t_ing s i_te. If you are tired of dat_ing sit_es that don’t work, don’t hesitate to check this one !!

        You will meet your “milk” or “chocolate” soon !!

      • WOW

        I knew it was just a matter of time until Days cracked under the pressure and invented a gay character. I have watched this show since I was a little girl with my grandma, but as of today it’s over. My dvr is set to record Days everyday and I don’t miss a show….I will be deleting that setting! Thanks Days for helping me realize how worthless you really are!

      • Roxy

        Hey WOW where have you been. I don’t know where you live but the rest of the world has moved on and accepted gay. Obviously you live in fantasy but try to focus on reality or just take meds. Whatever works.

    • P.O.S.

      If no one watched it, it would’ve been cancelled. All My Children/One Life to Live had poor ratings. You don’t know what you’re talking about… how rare is that on the internet? “-(

      • greg

        Oh come on. The soaps are dead. A few are hanging on for dear life but their end is near. i’m almost embarressed for this show thinking it is on the cutting edge with their gay storyline!

      • Oh really?

        @ P.O.S…Days ratings are no better than All My Children or One Life. Days is currently dead last.

      • @ P.O.S

        Actually One Life to Live has pretty stable ratings, and better than Days. Apparently you don’t know what YOU’RE talking about.

      • Buzz

        OLTL ratings are better than DAys , better than GH ‘s, so your point about ratings doesn’t hold water.

    • Flip

      He is Justin and Adrienne’s son Jackson Kiriakis, thus the “Sonny” nickname.

      • maggie

        Sonny hooks up with Sami’s son Will.
        No new info here. This EW “exclusive” isn’t anything that hasn’t been known for weeks.

      • Jane

        I agree. Soap Opera Digest has already said that Sonny is Justin and Adrienne’s son and he’s going to be Will’s boyfriend. This story is strange to not know this info….

    • stu

      He’s cute! I hope he’s Victors boy toy.

      • Flip

        Ewww, he’s Victor’s great-nephew!

    • Courtney

      I’m 13, and I even watch this show. It’s really a good show.

    • phill

      it makes me sick to see 2 men or 2 women kissing each other ugh

  • Julius

    I enjoyed him in “90210”, but I don’t watch soap operas but I guess I’ll try to watch when his first appearance airs and see how he does

    • Hmmm

      Or you could get a life and not watch.

      • Flip

        Says the person who comes into a soap opera thread to stalk fans!

      • Captain

        Yep, you really have a fulfilling life.

      • How lame

        Rather be trolling than watching soap operas any day.

      • @ Hmmm/How lame

        Trolling is even lamer than watching a tv show. But hey, if this fulfills your sad pathetic life than by all means go for it.

      • @Hmmm

        I’m sure your life is sooooo exciting that you never watch TV. lol

      • @How lame

        If you would rather be an online troll than watch soaps, then your name “How lame” is perfect for you.

  • Sami Brady

    Duh WILL

    • kay

      I would be devastated if Days went off, I am housebound and old and I enjoy watching Days.

      • AB


  • John N.

    I’m not sure if EW is being deliberately coy in order to stir interest in the show but this is certainly not exclusive news. The character of Sonny has already been mentioned by his parents on the show so we already know which family he is a member of. As for his love interest, that information has been public for quite a while now so there is no mystery there either. But thanks for finally writing a piece on DAYS, not surprising EW did when it involved someone being gay.

    • anon

      Yeah – there’s been a bloodbath of cuts over at DOOL but EW hasn’t covered any of it. They cut 5 characters in two weeks!

      • maggie

        Not only has their been a bloodbath of cuts at DOOL, but they are bringing back Marlena & John, which should have warranted an EW story. Diedre Hall is just as big a daytime icon as Susan Lucci.

  • JDean

    Screw this! Teddy’s character is being written out of 90210! I am devastated! Can we get one of those campaigns started where we all mail the head of The CW a tennis ball with a phone number on it?

    • Dash

      WHAT?! Teddy was the only interesting character! I didn’t know that he’s being written out. Granted, I don’t watch religiously but still!

  • Annette

    Omg first gay storyline! I really don’t care!

  • Angie

    They should just do what the fans want and put Will and Chad together, instead of create a romance with a newbie. Hopefully this is a stepping stone to Will/Chad.

    • sue

      NO! Chad is not gay!! It’s definitely Will and Sonny is Adreienne’s and Justin’s son.

      • Robbyrob

        Why can’t Chad be gay? It’ll certainly be more interesting than his yawn inducing romance with Abby.

    • Anya

      I don’t really watch this show very often, only when I’m extremely bored, so when I first saw Will and Chad together, I just assumed they were already a couple. Too bad I was wrong, they have good chemistry and Will is just SO very gay, he has to be the gay character who this new guy will end up with. But can’t Chad, like, be bi or something? If those two were together I might actually watch this crap a little more often.

      • maggie

        Since Will has been portrayed as loving his girlfriend, but not wanting to sleep with her, they’ve been leading up to his being gay all along. They haven’t done anything to make you think that Chad could be gay. But it would be awesome to see Stefano have to accept his gay son Chad, and his relationship with Sami’s son Will. Too bad they didn’t go there.

  • james

    I heard that they had to change the direction of the storyline. The soaps that have had major gay storylines — as the world turns, all my children, one life to live are all cancelled — even 90210 gave up on their gay storyline. I wish that audiences are more accepting of such storylines.

    • Jacob

      The fact that they featured gay romances had no impact on their cancellation. You schmuck.

    • bb

      I agree with Jacob. GH has featured a gay storyline, and it didn’t get cancelled. All my children’s gay storyline was introduced a very long time ago, so it wasn’t a contributing factor to its cancellation.

      • Rob

        GH wimped out since they made Lucas gay. He had story for two months then was written out…of course, after he was gay bashed.

    • Captain

      Noah/Luke were one of the most loved couples on As the World Turns. I don’t think their gay storyline had anything to do with cancellation.

  • Jacob

    Wow, how groundbreaking! What next, a storyline about a female character voting or a black guy going out with a while girl! Can’t wait!

    • tom

      Haha, seriously. Why is this even on this site? Are they going to write an article about every gay storyline?

      • Robbyrob


        Have you been in a coma? Have you ever read an entertainment magazine? Since your here at I’ll guess yes. Well, anything that’s news in entertainment is printed here. I can’t believe I have to go over this: Anything about movies, TV, music, pop culture, etc are reported here. This is news for the soap world…why you clicked on it is beyond me…those are precious seconds you’ll never see again….darn those gays! See, if you don’t like a particular news point, don’t click on it. Simple simon bub.

      • How lame

        @ Tom, Hear! Hear! It just hasn’t been the same on EW since summer reruns started on tv. I for one am sick of all the gaytard articles every week. Guess I’ll have to take a break from this site. When is top chef coming back on???

      • tom

        I wasn’t trying to come off as not liking the article because it’s about gays. What I meant is why is EW making such a big deal about this? Gay storylines are all over the place in terms of television and film. EW is acting like this storyline is groudbreaking. Yes. the show hasn’t had a gay character before, but all that means is that the show is way behind the times. My sarcasm in asking if EW was going to write an article about every gay storyline was that if EW indeed did do that, it would have to write a thousand artciles. I guess my sarcasm did not translate well in print.

      • maggie

        @tom, gay storylines are still rare on daytime tv. That’s why it’s news.

    • maggie

      More interesting than the lame stories about the Bachelor/Bachlorette, Jersey Shore, Rebecca Black, or any other trash that usually makes “news” here at EW.

  • superchicken

    This should finish off the series once and for all.

    • U.Twit

      Uh, why is that? The ratings are still high. Go find another website to troll.

    • Robbyrob

      Shouldn’t you be more concerned with NOT being on anybody’s dinner plate?

  • dee123

    I’m sure the biddy brigade will be all up in arms about this.

  • Grumpster

    NOBODY CARES!!!! I Don’t – and only saw the headline and had to say I just don’t give a rat’s a$$ any more. They can show whatever they want, the show still sucks.

  • Annie

    In a post “Queer Eye” world, isn’t this storyline a little late in the game? OLTL and ATWT have already done this storyline (in fact ATWT introduced the first gay character, Hank, back in the late 1980’s) and thanks to shows like “Glee”, gay characters and their stories are part of the mainstream.

    • Z

      Actually AMC had a lesbian character even before Hank on ATWT. She didn’t have a relationship as far as I can remember nor do I remember the character’s name…

      • Annie

        You are right!!! Now I remember, she was on for such a short time, I totally forgot about her. I do remember Hank because Iva liked him and he told her he was gay and I believe James Stenbeck shot him.

      • anyanka

        Donna Pescow played lesbian Dr. Lynn Carson on AMC in the early 80s…during her short stint in Pine Valley she befriended Devon, Ellen’s daughter (Erica’s niece)…Devon had horrible luck with men (who doesn’t in Pine Valley) and eventually proclaimed her love for Dr. Lynn…who explained to Devon that what she was really feeling was intense friendship, not romantic love…Dr. Lynn left PV a short time after…
        Hank on ATWT was Barbara’s assistant in her fashion empire…(rolls eyes)…he was initially a source of jealousy for Kirk, who mistakenly believed that Hank was Iva’s new boyfriend…Hank’s character was notable for also revealing a much more human/likable side of his boss Barbara, who was well into her “this b*tch is no longer a victim” phase, having split up Tom and Margo and made life miserable for Shannon O’Hara…
        That was back when soap storylines were still driven by character, not by outrageous plots timed for sweeps weeks.

  • Haley

    I have watched Days from the beginning and love it. But, a gay storyline is not necessary. I’m not against gays but I don’t think Days needs to have this kind of storyline to have a good show. Just do what they are planning to do by bringing back John and Marlena and some others and their viewers will be happy.

    • Flip

      Yes they do. Days has plenty of gay fans who want to see themselves reflected on the show. This is a good way to reach out to that fanbase and maybe bring in some new fans who wouldn’t normally watch Days. Don’t be a bigot, Haley.

    • Robbyrob


      I frankly don’t want John & Marlena back. My goodness, they will do NOTHING for the show. I’m not against John & Marlena fans mind you either. I just don’t feel to have a good show, you don’t need them. I personally think we need to incorporate some go-go boys singing YMCA at the Brady Pub…..RATINGS GOLD!

      • How lame

        You and flip should get a room – do u even have jobs or just watch soaps all day?

      • Flip

        Eff off. John and Marlena are the ONLY reason I am tuning back in to Days! I quit watching Days when they were fired but I am glad to be coming back.

      • @How lame

        Do you even have a job or just troll the internet all day posting stupid things? “How lame” is a perfect name for you.

    • Bendo

      Apeak for yourself, lady. Not everyone likes that old bat marlena or that old fossil john. This gay story is the only thing that might get met to keep watching once all of these other characters leave.

      • Flip

        You’re trash. No one cares about your Marlena hate, @$$hat.

    • Days Fan

      I’ll have you know that not all Days fans like Marlena and John. I certainly don’t. I have watched Days faithfully for 45 years, but when Marlena and John return, I will be tuning out. I am furious with Days for getting rid of Chloe, Vivian and Quinn. That was an interesting story line. Marlena and John have already had every story line possible and they are soooo boring.

      • C

        They got rid of Vivian again? I stopped watching a couple of years ago, but Vivian was always one of my favorites. Complete nutter, Vivian was – her and Ivan made for great summers when I was a kid!

    • diana

      ITA, I’m disappointed that they have to make Will gay. We’ve watched him grow up on the show and he’s always had a broken home. Now he has to be subjected to being gay. Spare me your PC outrage, most guys in their right mind would not want to be gay.

    • Kaye

      I agree I have been a fan for years but I am NOT interested in watching a gay relationship so they’ve lost me I’m afraid.

      • Karon

        When a soap adds gay story lines I just fast forward through those. Yuck!

  • RK

    Gays of Our Lives

    • junior

      If “Gays of Our Lives” was a real show, it would get a sight unseen season pass! If only…

      • How lame

        & your dad would be so very disappointed in u.

      • Flip

        What does his dad have anything to do with it? LOL!

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