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CBS’ The Bold and the Beautiful won for outstanding drama while Dr. Mehmet Oz and Live With Regis and Kelly ruled in the talk show categories at this year’s Daytime Emmys, which also paid tribute to Oprah Winfrey, Pat Sajak and Alex Trebek.

Statues also went to Michael Park of the canceled CBS sudser As the World Turns and Brittany Allen, who was recast last year, on All My Children. And Laura Wright won her first Emmy for playing Carly Corinthos Jacks on General Hospital. The ceremony was held at the Las Vegas Hilton and aired on CBS.

Host Wayne Brady opened the show by joining dance troupe JabbaWockeez for a quick number (we get it, Let’s Make a Deal host — you can hoof it, too). But he had a hard time tap dancing around the lame joke he was given that addressed the high-profile departures in daytime this year. “Oprah retired, Regis retired. All My Children and One Life to Live, Erica Kane, forced retirement,” he said, while the camera grabbed an awkward shot of Susan Lucci.  Instead of a laugh, though, the crowd just booed. “Don’t boo me,” he retorted. “I didn’t write this crap.” His yucks didn’t get any better as the show progressed. At another point, he took a picture of the crowd with his phone and said, “I’m going to post it on my Facebook.”

By far, the funniest moment of the night came courtesy of Ben Bailey of Cash Cab, who was late to the stage to accept the Emmy for hosting the Discovery show. “I couldn’t get a cab. What can I say?” he quipped. “If  I am being totally honest, I was just urinating backstage and I heard my name.” Another (unintended) hilarious moment? The hawking of Jabot products backstage. It’s a fictional makeup line from Y&R that’s now available to fans!

The cancellation of the two ABC soaps remained an ongoing theme. All My Children co-star Debbi Morgan used her time on stage to tell her fans “you will be forever missed” while Young and the Restless head writer Maria Bell implored soap fans to keep watching. “This is one of the most amazing art forms in America. Don’t give up.”  And Lucci, who presented the outstanding actress award, said daytime “is alive and well. Look at all the talent in this building tonight. We got fans on fire, thank you so much for being there for all of us.”

There was a nice clip package — and a performance by Glady Knight — that paid tribute to Winfrey, but the former Queen of Daytime was not in the house to accept the Crystal Pillar Award. She pre-taped an acceptance speech from her Chicago-based Harpo Studios.

Other highlights: Jeopardy earned its 13th Emmy but shared this year’s prize with Wheel of Fortune, which took home its third. Fittingly, hosts Trebek and Sajak received lifetime achievement awards. And ex-Y&R star Shemar Moore — now on Criminal Minds — presented with Lucci and gave her an extended smooch onstage. “Daytime is not going to be the same without you,” he said. “You deserve it all.”

Here are the night’s winners:

Outstanding drama: The Bold and the Beautiful
Outstanding actor: Michael Park (As the World Turns)
Outstanding actress: Laura Wright (General Hospital)
Supporting actor: Jonathan Jackson (General Hospital)
Supporting actress: Heather Tom (The Bold and the Beautiful)
Game and audience participation show: Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune
Talk Show Informative: The Dr. Oz Show
Soap writing team: The Young and the Restless
Outstanding Game Show Host: Cash Cab’s Ben Bailey
Talk Show Host: Dr. Mehmet Oz (The Dr. Oz Show), Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa  (Live with Regis and Kelly)
Talk Show Entertainment: The Ellen Degeneres Show
Drama series directing: B&B, Y&R
Outstanding younger actress:  Brittany Allen, formerly of All My Children
Outstanding younger actor: Scott Clifton, B&B

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  • chris

    The whole Oprah tribute was too long and unnecessary. I hate that they don’t show the clips of the nominees.

    As for the winners, Brittany Allen? are they crazy? Lexi should have won. She did great with the abuse storyline.

    • Brenda

      Leave Oprah along please….

      • Jensee

        Seriously, hOprah couldn’t even bother showing up! The fans are like’lemmings’ and they need to get over her already. She’s a phoney.

      • Fex

        Oprah deserved every tribute and thousands more. She’s had the number one talk show in America for a quarter century. She’s the best there ever was and the best there ever will be.

      • Scott

        When I saw it was becoming about Oprah I went to bed. My wife stayed up and told me this morning she wished she took my advise and turned it off. She said it was ridiculous and in poor taste all the way around.

      • Khadijah

        It is very good when the industry recognizes one of their own. Oprah is and always will be blessed for all the good she continues to do. Stop the hate!!!

      • annie lane

        how can you say she is a phoney? do you personally know her, have you spent a considerable amount of time with her? if not it is not your place to make a call like that. so just keep your trap shut! souonds to me like there are a lot of jealous people out there. maybe they are not getting the attention they need in their own lives.

    • ccann2

      I agree. What an insult that she could not be bothered to show up. Surely she could have fueled up her private jet to get there and back in one day id she is so busy with her having gone off the air. She thinks way too much of herself. I fast forwarded through most od the adulations. Weren’t her last 3 shows enough self agrandizement. Shame on you Oprah.

      • TV Gord

        She couldn’t win with people like you. She didn’t show up because she’s too good for the Emmys, yet you’ve seen enough of her. Which is it? She isn’t making any appearances anywhere until her new show starts on OWN. At least she pretaped something for the show. THere’s just no pleasing people like you.

      • PN

        I think that she was wrapping up taping her talk show and didn’t want to make any more award show appearances for it. I think she let the Daytime Emmy people know in advance that she wasn’t going to Las Vegas.

      • Fex

        I thought it was very tasteful for oprah to accept the award by video. Her show is over so she’s decided to become less visible. It was the best show in TV history so she deserves a break.

    • PN

      I don’t think the tribute was too long. Look, she was on for 25 years with her talk show and they had to honor her with the tributes and the impact she’s made on daytime TV as well as the television industry. Oprah stayed on TV stations for 25 years straight, versus her rival talk shows which moved to 3 or 4 different TV stations because of low ratings–pulled off one station the Friday before Labor Day and picked up by another in the same city or market. You never had that with Oprah.

    • xynthai

      I agree. I’ve had enough of Ophra.

    • stu

      What’s w/ “ties”? I can’t believe they get the same # of votes.
      & Regis got his 1st emmy in 50 yr’s cuz he’s leaving=pity votes.

    • annie lane

      how can you say she is a phoney? have you ever met her and spent time with her? if you don’t personally know someone, you shouldn’t say things about them, that you don’t even know about!

  • Beauty

    I’m just glad Jonathan Jackson won! He totally deserved it!!!!

    • Huh

      How did he miss thanking the Holy Ghost? He thanked every other religious figure he could think of. We get it; you’re a die-hard Christian; but wouldn’t thanking God have been enough? Frankly, I don’t think God gives a damn about awards handed out at award shows; but that’s just me…

      • Marcus Moore

        Wouldn’t it be easier and quicker if you just said “I HATE GOD!”?

      • Heather

        I don’t think there is any reason to bash someone for their religious beliefs and faith.

    • Lucy

      me too and glad Laura Wright won as well, she’s a terrific actress!

    • Bernadette

      I agree Jonathan Jackson deserved to to win

    • Heather

      I completely agree. Jonathan Jackson is a fantastic actor. I have to say though I was surprised that Steve Burton did not win an Emmy especially with the Jake story. Steve & Jonathan delivered. They made it feel so real. Personally, I don’t care if B&B won best show because it is GH all the way!!

  • Dezimarie

    I am quite shocked that out of all of the awards Y&R got it was the writing award! It really makes me mad because that is the department that they need to improve upon. Seriously if they keep writing the show the way they are this is one fan who may leave because it is so terrible.

    • gato


    • Dee Jones

      I so agree with you too!

  • Mista Wu

    …..and, he totes an iPhone, not a Blackberry. I only say this because the shiny lil Apple logo was blatantly shoved into camera shot.

  • lady in red

    The show was one big infomercial and telethon. Just awful. Glad Laura Wright and Jonathan Jackson won. Bold & Beautiful is a terrible show and did not deserve to win.

    • Matt

      Spoken like someone who’s never watched it. That show does more in 30 minutes — and has done so since it premiered nearly 25 years ago — than any of the hour-long soaps. That’s not even counting the fact that B&B is the most popular US soap in other countries. Do your homework.

      • Bre

        I haven’t watch B&B since 1997-2000, but my roommate started watching this past year and guess what: same storylines from then. Brooke and Taylor fighting over Ridge, with Stephanie meddling and fighting dirty to help Taylor win. Amber’s pregnant, but doesn’t know who the baby’s daddy is. And she’s rigging the DNA to ‘capture’ the rich boy. Really, and this is what is considered the best? I was tired of the Ridge/Brooke/Taylor triangle over 10 years ago, and to keep that same storyline alive? Boring!!!

    • adele

      I agree about all the infocommercials–the show was soooo boring, but I was glad that Jonathan and Laura won. I hope Anthony Geary wins next year. I work everyday, but I DVR General Hospital and I’m hoping they don’t cancel this show–Do you think it will be cancelled?

  • Alison

    Thank you! I’m glad someone else caught that besides me.

    • TV Gord

      Also, Lucci didn’t say daytime sudsers “are alive and well”. She said, Daytime is alive and well. That’s a big difference and the story above is misleading.

      • TV Gord

        I see it has been fixed. Thank you for that.

  • Abby E.

    I’m pissed that Brittany Allen won for her role as Marissa, but Melissa Clare-Egan didn’t win in her category as Annie. Marissa was boring. Annie was exciting.

    • Huh

      The Marissa character is still boring and unfocused, even with the current actor. Marissa and Bianca are such drips that they should be shown boring each other to death–and I don’t mean in bed.

    • bootsycolumbia

      Abby, I agree that Brittany Allen was boring as Marissa, but Melissa Clare-Egan is a horrible actress. I loved the character of Annie, but I always wished they’d recast the character with a better actress. I feel the same way about Laura Wright as Carly on GH. Love the character, hate the actress that portrays her.

    • Jessica

      Abby I totally agree! When Brittany Allen won I thought- how is it fair that she’s an Emmy winner and Melissa Claire Egan isn’t! Melissa was amazing as Annie and Brittany was fired and recast. Weird. I’m glad Laura Wright won though because she kills it as Carly.

    • dartwoman63

      I was surprised she won, I never found her that great of an actress, and the fact that she was replaced as Marissa was why I was surprised.

  • d.juliano

    Best show yet. Loved Mc Brady. He should do more……..

    • YRBBFan

      Best show yet?! Are you freaking blind and deaf at the same time? This year’s Daytime Emmy Awards were worse than last year and I didn’t even think that was possible.

      • Allison

        ITA! Thank goodness I taped it so that I was able to FF most of it. The only good parts were the wins for GH’s Jackson and Wright.

      • adele

        I agree with you-it was my first and last look at the daytime emmys. Why is it so bad as compared to other awards show?

  • bella

    They totally robbed Chad Duell of his Emmy! That whole rape story line had me weeping and its then that I realized just why soaps are so special to us.

    • chris

      The rape story just happened a couple of months ago and that was not what he submitted. He will probably submit that next year

    • YRBBFan

      This was Scott Clifton’s year. He had an amazing reel. Chad Duell will likely get his Emmy next year provided that no one else submits anything nearly as good as the stuff he had this year.

    • Robbyrob

      That rape storyline was the WORST! I hated that Bob Guza could even script that story and Jill Farren Phelps OK’ed it. You were probably the only one who rushed home to watch THAT. Ugh. Talk about doom & gloom in the afternoon. Michael has had more happen to him in 18 years than most characters now in their 50’s have. Yes, Chad Duell did great in his role but having a male teen get raped in prison just made me realize the GH I grew up on was dead. The final nail in its coffin? Guza purposely leading the audience on with was he raped or not for year. Since Michael is now dating a stripper now, you must be on cloud nine. Double Ugh.

      • Huh

        What was the point of that whole Franco storyline? He recruited Michael’s rapist and gave tacit approval to the creep’s plan to violate a kid. And why does Franco always grin and leer like the Joker in Batman comic books? Did the writers allow James Franco to dictate his own stupid storyline? It was a travesty and insult to the stunt casting of movie stars on soaps in the past. It was worse than when an ancient Joan Crawford subbed for her 21 year old daughter on a soap all those years ago. The whole sordid spectacle made me averse to ever watching James Franco act in anything again. And he even dragged his real-life mother into this nonsense; giving her a role playing his character’s deluded mother instead of casting a real actor in that thankless role.

    • tv nut

      I TOTALLY agree that Chad Duell should have won for the rape scene with Jason!! He had this die-hard soap fan tearing up..(and that’s not easy to accomplish anymore!!)

  • Chris

    It’s time to cancel all the soaps and replace those daytime hours with marathons of prime time shows.

    • chris

      Thats what summer is for. Go away.

  • Wilma

    I can’t figure out why Days of Our Lives never gets any awards. They have some of the best story lines and are very entertaining. They have been on NBC for yrs and have some great actresses and actors that never get acknowledges.

    • Crystal

      Days keeps getting robbed in any category and has for years! I agree they have had some fabulous stories, and not so fabulous in the recent years and nothing has ever been nominated. The whole Zack story line should have been nominated for Kristen (Hope) but alas it wasn’t.

      • gato

        DAYS never gets any awards because it is the lone soap on NBC-the voters are all their competion

      • Lisa B

        I think Days never wins anything because NBC has only one soap on the air and all the ABC & CBS actors are going to vote for one of their own. It would be nice to see someone win from Days. I guess us Days fans should be happy that someone at least gets nominated.

    • DougS

      It’s been that way for well over a decade when NBC had 2 soaps. I don’t remember the reason exactly but I think it has something to do with NBC refusing to air the Daytime Emmys when the show used to rotate affiliates. That was a theory I read way back when.

    • YRBBFan

      Hey, I watch Days too but the writing this past year on Days was atrocious and we can all blame Dena Hegley for that. With several outgoing long time cast members and some others coming back, new head writers, and new executive producers, I think Days is going to start looking much better here in the next couple of months or so.

  • JoAnn

    Bold and the Beautiful is a good show. As is Y and the Restless. Nice tribute to Oprah. Sorry to see All my children go.

    • Jessica

      I wish that instead of the long tribute to Oprah (who wasn’t even there) they should have shown the montages for the nominees for Best Drama–that’s the best part of the show and they cut it this year!

    • terri

      the same story lines over and over brook is hoe ridge is #whiped taylor needs to get a life same stories i stoped watching 3 years ago

  • Jaime

    What a crappy show. No wonder daytime is dying.

    • Paul

      I agree the show was terrible the part with Susan Lucci being married to Regis and Dr Phil was unfunny and stupid. It’s not the same without As The world Turns being on the air these shows all pale in comparison!! So Glad Michael Parks won for ATWT!!

  • althea larae mcmillon

    I have enjoyed the emmys for daytime tv

  • pbev7

    Just remember, the reason daytime dramas are being cancelled in favor of reality TV is because the networks don’t have to pay actors, they don’t have to pay writers, or extensive production crews. For this they also get no talent.

    I hope that the networks who’ve resorted to reality programming choke on their profits. A$$holes!


    43YR viewer of As The World Turns (Yeah Michael Parks)

    • tomm

      Yep, so all these kids who think they are going to have a show biz career ‘handed to them since they are special’ are in for a rude awakening!

    • Marilyn

      Totally agree. It doesn’t matter how many people watch the soaps–and we all know it is still a viable and healthy genre. This is really about saving money and also putting the nail in the coffin of some of the few remaining union jobs in this country.

    • terri

      you are so right! i will no longer watch new shows that replaced my soaps

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