'The Killing' producer explains finale, talks season 2


The Killing fans wondering who killed Rosie Larson are going to have to wait until season 2, but executive producer Veena Sud plans to give you plenty of other reasons to stick around.

When Sud launched the acclaimed crime drama based on a Danish series, her goal was to create a world that broke the rules of traditional crime dramas. The show would have “slow burn storytelling” and avoid being formulaic.

“I loved the length of the original series how they took their time to go through all the twists and turns,” she says of the 20-episode Forbrydelsen, which was originally intended to serve as a stand-alone mini-series rather continue beyond one season.

When she started work on the 13-episode AMC version, Sud hoped to continue the Larson case into season 2. At the TCA press tour, she made sure critics were aware it was possible the Larson case would continue. “We’re going to organically follow the story, and whether or not it gets solved at the end of the season is a mystery,” she said in January, though the decision wasn’t officially made until about halfway through production on the season.

“Certainly we’re not going to make this show about a murder a week,” Sud tells EW, “but aren’t we just repeating the formula, only waiting longer, if we do one murder a season? We wanted to do what we think is right and surprising. Maybe some people will be disappointed in it, just as some were disappointed in the series finales of Sopranos and Lost, and other people were absolutely thrilled.”

Sud also points out that only 13 days have passed in the show’s story since this high-profile murder investigation started. Though she won’t give any spoilers (including whether Sarah Linden’s next case is based on season 2 of Forbrydelsen, which jumped forward two years and centered around the murder of a female attorney), Sud does promise the Larson case will be solved next season. Sources say the likely plan is to launch a new mystery near the start the season and have the two cases overlap before switching over entirely to the next case — thus avoiding a full-fledged storyline stop and restart.

Asked what sort of feedback she’s received from people in Seattle, Sud says, “Some say the show definitely captures the essence of the city in its darkest times in November, which is when this season takes place. Others say, ‘My god, it doesn’t rain that much in Seattle!'”

Will there be more or less rain in season 2? “Rain was definitely part of the story, we wrote it right into the script and spent a lot of time talking about it,” she says. “Part of the production is we have these rain machines that are just not into nuance — they don’t mist rain, they just pour it. It’s like a one-dial type of rain. The aspiration is to be true to true to the Pacific Northwest in November, which is rainy, but if we can do some finagling so it would just rain a little bit instead of a big downpour every second, that would be wonderful.”

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  • Genesis

    Veena Sud you are a HACK!!!

    • Cdigir3

      What pissed me off the most is that she DECIDES TO HAVE THE MURDER EXTEND TO SEASON 2 IN THE MIDDLE OF PRODUCTION?? I think they probably did a great job writing and then only because of this decision added in filler which is why we got boring episodes like where is my kid he’s not in school episode! I am okay with the extension if it was planned from the beginning and there is a reason for it, but in this case it was a stupid move by the writer!

      • Pittner

        Extending this storyline into season 2 doesn’t feel to me like organic storytelling at all. The murder felt like it should have been solved about 8 episodes in.

      • Sam J

        In the pilot, there was a camera pan of the Larsen’s buffet with family pictures and a close up of a picture of Rosie(same picture as ad “Who killed R.L.?”). What stood out was that a bunch of wadded and wrinkled dollar bills were around the picture like pocket change? I suspect this is a clue as to the murder being about MONEY. My suspect was the $5 mill campaign donation rich guy, and later I found out he likes young hookers! Too easy? He would be at a casino. He might want a power play with a potential mayor, so he might frame Richmond knowing his conection to Rosie. ?????? I will watch season 2!!

      • Rush

        That was actually one of my more favorite episodes. It had some well done character development between Linden and Holder. Much better than the ones tracking the obvious red herrings.

      • Peter Bishop

        what is wrong with you people, the show was magnetic from start to finish – shows that focus on the characters and their development should be cherised, all of you people keeping harping on a nice tidy ending – PLEASE go back to watching Law and Order, NCIS, CSI, etc. I will be eagerly anticipating the next season.

      • Joanne

        You’re so right. You know if each episode had been riveting, then I’d be okay with waiting for a solution. But by the fourth episode I was fast forwarding through scenes. (Especially Mitch crying- enough already.) This non-ending ending feels like a gimmick.


      Wow I am so disappointed! I’m threw w/ this sh*t azz show.

      • joehandy

        Right on Lydia! I thought the show rocked from start to finish…And that ending? OMG! Can you say SHOCKER? I knew you could! I’m REALLY ready for TRUE BLOOD this Sunday!!

      • ILaughInYourGenerealDirection

        joehandy, you re too funny. The show is great but lydia is advertising you perv. Did you not read further. For one if she were actually a doctor she would have better grammar. Then she says that people reviewing shows on the internet have not taste. That is what is being done here. duh! Other than that the show is good. The twists do tend to captivate you. I am in agreement with the need to wrap up the case. It does need to happen in the first few episodes if it plans on keeping the interest of many of its viewers. The formula of it’s this guy, oh wait it’s this guy, oops my bad it must be her makes it turn into twists for the sake of episodes and not story.

    • tjag

      The storylines kept me invested but the writing isn’t strong enough nor are the characters interesting enough to pull the stunt they did with episode 11. It was insufferable. There are too many cartoonish characters such as Balko, the billionaire
      b-ball team owner and Richmond’s campaign manager (the guy from Mad Men). The finale was relatively satisfying and I am not worked up over the cliff-hanger, simply because I don’t care enough about this show or its characters to let the suspense get to me. I think AMC and company somehow believe that this show’s writing is up to the standards set by “Mad Men: and “Breaking Bad” and it just isn’t. The writing is too sloppy. Let’s be honest, It’s a “Law & Order” episode, stretched out over the course of a season.

    • Gupta

      Veena Sud is a JOKE; not smart, groundbreaking, etc. JUST A JOKE.

      • JD

        Well she wrote the two first episodes, which were AMAZING, and Missing, which was awesome as well. But of course you can claim she isn’t smart, because an idiot could make a hit tv show for six years and then write another. Yeah.

    • done with the killing

      bad decision, bad writing, you lost fans.

    • Seth Roers

      I read that Ms. Sud claims to have never even seen Twin Peaks, but we all know about One Eyed Jacks and hearing about your daughters death on the other end of a telephone line were a little to close of a coincidence. Yeah?

  • Genesis

    AMC cancel this show so we don’t get lied to AGAIN!!

    • Geez…


      • StephenKC

        It’s a message board, Geez. A place for us to vent when we feel an entire network has lied to us for 12 weeks, causing me to invest time and emotion in something that turned out to be nothing close to what was promised to us.

      • Christina

        I agree.. i had no problem with the show.

  • adam

    TV shows aren’t supposed to torture their audience. Nobody reads a book with no ending. Terrible, terrible, terrible, “creative decision”.

    • mad man

      who said this was the ending? ever heard of a chapter?

      • David

        A lot of viewers view a season as a book and episodes as chapters. When Terriers was cancelled, some reviewers said that people should still watch it because it would be like a good novel with a beginning, middle, and end. But this, this only had a beginning and a middle. When this is released on dvd, I’m going to wonder why people would want to own season one (other than to catch up before the second season, but even then, there isn’t much to catch up on). It just isn’t a satisfactory season. A box set of the series could work, but just the season, no.

      • Robert

        Are you kidding? The only twist was that it was advertised as a stand-alone mini-series and hid that it wasn’t until this “twist” non-ending. Some of us are just simple enough to be annoyed at being lied to, not for artistic reasons but for the strictly monetary benefits of another season.

      • Kristopher

        Mad Man, When a chapter ends on a cliff hanger, I go to the next chapter immediately. If I had to wait another 6 months to a year for the chapter to be released…..by then, I wouldn’t give a sh*t!

      • Darrin

        But the difference between a book and a TV show is – with a book, you know when you get to the last chapter, and you can tell when you only have 5 pages left to read. This show is like getting to the end of a mystery novel, only to have the author say – I decided not to wrap it up, so I’ll write more next year and get around to it then.

    • plainlyspoken

      Television or not, the show implied an ending which they did not deliver. Viewers watched this uneven show with all it’s flaws expecting the pay off which they did not deliver. This episode was a mess. The director commented that they are not a “murder a week” show, but I think a murder a season would be appropriate. I’m not following a show year after year waiting to find out who killed this girl that I now barely care about.

      • Jeremy DC

        Rosie Larsen is no Laura Palmer. The more we find out about Rosie, the less I care. Also, turning the murder of this teenage girl into some big conspiracy is a joke in my opinion.

    • BJG

      “Nobody reads a book with no ending.”

      But a lot of people watch TV shows with no ending. Let’s face it, it happens every May.

  • John

    Uh, here’s the thing about other shows, you tried to rip off Lost and Soprano’s what you really did was rip off Carnivale and Deadwood. This show is going to limp along next season till it gets put out of its misery and people will still talk about Murder One and Veronica Mars who went out to do the same thing The Killing tried to do and did it better.

    Bring on the Prime Suspect and learn your lessons from the many many many horrible decisions the killing made.

    • Rickers

      You know nothing about television, obviously. People like you reviewing shows on the internet are always idiots with no taste.

      • John

        Yes because the one thing I love about TV is writers self indulgence. Let me guess you loved Heroes and Grey’s Anatomy and you don’t understand why Laura Palmer is a punch line. Go back to reading Kafka and watching As the World Turns.

      • StephenKC

        And you, Rickers, know nothing about message boards. And judging by John’s thoughtful writing, I’m guessing he knows a lot more about “taste” than you could ever imagine.

    • Hannah

      Don’t disrespect Carnivale. And yes The Killing had its rough spots but I for one really want to know what happened. I love me a a good cliffhanger.

  • Feverish

    I bet you wont hear anyone say that they were promised of “closure” like they have on the other article post.

    • Cindy

      Um, the AMC promos did! They said “watch the season finale to find out Who Killed Rosie Larsen.” So I guess somebody in marketing didn’t bother to talk to the show’s producers. It was a ripoff.

      • JD

        Soooo clearly AMC itself fu**ed up. That’s pretty lazy work…

  • Seth Patrich

    Veena, this was a horrible idea.

  • mad man

    I really don’t understand the hate. There have been PLENTY of shows that leave you hanging. It’s only the first season, so I’m not sure what you expect if they weren’t going to try to lure you into season two. I guess CSI or Law and Order might be up most of these viewers’ alley.

    • Mister Orange

      Because you are an incredibly sensitive, artistic soul who gets–really GETS–how breathtakingly subtle this series is, you tore yourself away from arranging flowers and translating Proust for orphans.

      The banality of “Maybe you vulgarians ought to stick with [standard cop show]” cannot be overstated.

      Back to my Cheetos and porn!

      • Chris

        I wish you could “like” comments on EW. Bravo, Mister Orange!

      • Emjay

        Well said!

      • Mia

        Awesome,Mr.Orange. You rule.

      • Tim

        Mad man, you and Rickers are having the pretentious internet troll version of a rap battle, aren’t you? I mean when one tries to make themselves sound like a deep intellectual by disparaging others, the other just comes right over the top with another crappy comment. This is like the Ali-Frazier of trolls.

    • TrishP

      The hate comes from the fact that the show wasn’t every good, and most of us felt it was a chore to watch. The characters were underdeveloped and there were a host of holes in the storyline (why did the deadbeat former husband show up? Why is the fiancee such a jerk? What mother leaves her kids 13 days after her daughter is murdered? How come Rosie was a prostitute? How did her parents not suspect a thing? Why did the Casino owner refuse to help the police?)I could go on…)BUt held on and kept watching to find out who it was. We didn’t. I (and I suspect 2.1 million people watched the finale) quit. Bring back Rubicon.

      • Donna

        “A chore to watch?” Gee, if it’s no more enjoyable than housework for you, let me assure that you aren’t required to watch. Don’t forget there’s a power off button on your TV.

      • Horace

        “Why is the fiancee such a jerk?”

        Because Linden kept jerking him around and kept making promises that she would be with him in Sonoma.

        “How come Rosie was a prostitute?”

        Hasn’t been confirmed.

        “How did her parents not suspect a thing?”

        Yes, because all parents are 100% cognizant of what their teenage kids are doing at all times and can’t possibly do anything behind their backs without them knowing!

        With the amount of actual sloppy and bad writing the show displayed, this is what you came up with? And nobody watched Rubicon. Why bother bringing it back?

  • mary

    I will watch next season. I think there is more to Holder I can;t wait to see what happens.

    • MK

      I am with you – I enjoyed the development of the characters, all the twists and turns – it kept me interested each week. Most people want the instant gratification that comes with everything tied up in a neat package in the 1 hour time slot – normally, life doesn’t happen like that.

      • JR

        nd acting is intelligent, compelling and spot on w/the multiple layers of the story. Brava AMC.

  • JohnB

    No good. A real turnoff which is exactly what this viewer will be doing with regard to a season 2. If you wanted to be cool and have a ‘Soprano-like’ finale, you failed miserably; you can try that and see, but have the track record first, like ‘Sopranos’ and other great series.

    • Rickers

      Just shut up…that’s not at all what they were going for. Go back to your minimum wage job and let the professionals and the educated judge what’s what.

      • Mike

        Wow Rickers you are so superior! (eyeroll)

      • Safia

        Is that you, Hermon Raju?

  • mia

    DID NOT LIKE then ending. I am frustrated as all I heard was we would know the killer at the end. Especially due to the long break. I do not think I will be watching next season. Well I may read the recaps just to see who did it but that is it. NOT HAPPY.

    • Jerry S.

      Where did you hear this, though? I thought the finale was bad, but the lack of closure was not near the top of my complaints.

  • Dessa

    The Wire had writers like Dennis Lehane, who was a novelist … The Killing maybe needs storytellers as writers (like Lehane) so that the charaters are drawn more deeply & their stories more compelling. But The Killing won’t survive if the stories stall again next year.

  • bluedog

    AMC, you really let us down on this show. I think alot of people are going to pass on this one now. Very misleading promo. Very disapointed. I hope Breaking Bad will still be as good as it was.

    • PAUL

      This show was no where near as good as Rubicon and that got canceled. Why? AMC you have a great track record do not start screwing this up. Please. Literally the only non pay station I watch.

      • Superman

        Take one look at Rubicon’s performance in overall ratings and 18-49 demos and you’ll know why it got canceled. The show was costing them viewers. No choice but to pull the plug when AMC has to work hand in hand with the advertisers.

    • Christina

      Get over it already.. its a tv show.. either you like it or you dont… i happen to like it so i will be watch…

  • Annette

    it’s always raining on the show because it is supposedly set in Seattle, Washington where it rains more days than not. I for one cannot wait til next season. I’m hooked. Best drama show on tv.

    • SeattleRez

      Actually, no, it does not rain that much in Seattle. Veena Sud should also look into getting a fact-checker – “creative license” is one thing, “laughable inaccuracies” are another.

      • Rick

        In particular, it very rarely rains that hard, especially that frequently. I’m surprised that Hollywood North (Vancouver) didn’t have a more sophisticated rain machine than one that’s either off or on ’11’. By about the third or fourth episode when they were really pouring it on, it took me out of the show at times.

      • Moreau

        I live in Vancouver, which along with Seattle, is considered part of the Pacific Northwest. We get very little rain here during the summer, but some Novembers, it rains as much here as it did in the first season of The Killing (which takes place during November), and I doubt Seattle’s weather is drastically different from Vancouver’s.
        I’m guessing The Killing was filmed in Vancouver in part because of Vancouver’s climate being similar to Seattle’s . So, I wouldn’t describe the amount of rain in season one to be a “laughable inaccuracy” – but as someone who lives in the Pacific Northwest, I sure wish I could say that!

      • seattletransplant

        I DO live in Seattle, and my summary is this. Most people who don’t live in Seattle think that it rains here as much as it does in The Killing. We like it, since it keeps folks away. Actually, most of the time it is overcast, with misty rain, unless there’s a storm system coming in. And storms do not come in as much as they seem to indicate on the show. Having said that, the dark gloominess of the rain reflected a certain feeling that I think the show was going for, so I appreciated that Sud took the artistic license that she did, and count myself lucky that I know it’s artistic license.

      • jj6

        It was filmed here in vancouver, i recognize a lot of the locations… and its true, come november all we get is rain, rain and more rain, sometimes for 3 weeks straight, and i don’t mean a light drizzle. If they want a lighter, read less rainy more seattle-ish weather, they should film in late september, october. That way you still get the gloomy-ness just minus the heavy downpour. sort of disappointed with the finale but as long as they wrap it up completely within the first 3 episodes of next season i’ll be ok with it.

    • Mike

      Along with a fact checker, they need new technical advisers. The police work was horrendous. Please, if you’re going to do a police show, at least don’t show the cops being so sloppy and careless.

  • FindingCoffee

    “…launched the acclaimed crime drama” CORRECTION, only the pilot was acclaimed. Seems a consensus on all sites that the rest of the season has been pretty bad.

    Also, SPOILERS: really? You’re going to have your only likable character be involved with the murder? So many bad decisions with this show.

  • Joanna Baden-Mayer

    It is absolutely ridiculous – laughable – an arrogant for Sud to compare this show to quality, long-running and beloved shows like The Sopranos or Lost. Yes, some people were disappointed with the SERIES finales to those shows, but that was because those shows were so consistently good – with satisfying plot lines and rich character development over many seasons – that people loved them and the characters so much that there was no way everyone would be satisfied with seeing it end. The Killing, on the other hand, has not demonstrated the quality of either of these shows, and I’m surprised it’s coming back for another season (which I will not tune in for). The entire season turned out to be a huge waste of time, leaving us with more questions than we started with, and failing to tie up any of the many, many lose ends that it now appears were never part of any overarching story that will be connected but just mistakes, casualties, of sloppy writing. Adding insult to injury, the new questions raised in this finale are patently absurd. Why did Holder provide a fake piece of evidence? How about WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD ANYONE EVER EVEN THINK UP AND WRITE PLOT POINT SO DUMB! We are supposed to believe a cop is going to risk his career forging evidence that can be exposed as a forgery – and was exposed as a forgery – within hours!? All you need to do is call the source to find out the toll cameras were down since August, and all that work and risk is for naught. How insulting to have us believe that any cop would do that! Anyone who would follow this show into another season and risk wasting another 13 hours of their life is a masochist or just has nothing better to do. Honestly, if I have nothing better to do on a Sunday night I’d rather tune into The Real Housewives of New Jersey. That seems like it’d be a better use of my time.

    • Jersey wife!

      Yawn!And your point was?

    • Lori

      Cops do all sorts of illegal things all the time. Perhaps you should calm down and watch your reality tv – it seems that thinking troubles you.

      • Joanna

        Lori, the problem is I DO think, and when anyone actually bothers to think about what Holder did it makes absolutely no sense. Cops do illegal things, that is not in question, but a cop would not have done what Holder did. For example, a cop could plant drugs on a suspect and claim the drugs were there when the suspect was apprehended. It would be the cop’s word against the alleged criminal’s, and we all know how that would turn out. Very little risk that the cop would get caught. But what the writers of The Killing want us to believe is that Holder risked his career to present a fake photo that would be exposesd as a fake as soon as someone actually went to the source of the photo, which would tell anyone, just as it told Linden, that the cameras hadn’t even worked since August! No cop would risk their career ov er something like this. Its absurd. My attempt at a JOKE about watching reality TV was trying to make light of the fact that the writing on this show is so bad and so sloppy – and makes no sense when you actually THINK about it – that you might as well watch something that doesn’t pretend to be a thinking person’s show.

      • Cherish

        Right on Lori!! Joanna, you need to get a clue. I have watched every episode of this, including all of Cold Case. This writer is awesome!! I have my Associates in Pre-Law and this writer has definitely done the homework. If you don’t like it, go back to watching your reality shows and stop whining about this one:)

    • Claudia

      In this case, the cop used drugs in the past, so I think it is possible for him to risk his career.

    • Cherish

      The mayor is the one who forged the evidence or had it done anyway, it wasn’t the cop. it pretty well showed what was up with that. He wanted his rival to be the main suspect, so he could win the election.

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