Norm Macdonald on Comedy Central canceling 'Sports Show with Norm Macdonald': 'Maybe I'll ask them to bring it back'


Image Credit: Mike Yarish/Comedy Central

Fans of Sports Show with Norm Macdonald are probably uttering a collective, “Wait, what?” today, as a Comedy Central spokesperson confirmed that the network will “not be moving forward with production on a new season of Sports Show.” The Macdonald-hosted comedy, which lampooned the world of sports, wrapped up its first season earlier this month, averaging 1.1 million viewers in the Tuesdays-at-10:30 p.m. slot.

Macdonald quipped to EW that he had not been “officially” informed of the bad news, noting, “A Minute with Stan Hooper is still officially on hiatus,” a reference to his short-lived 2003 Fox sitcom. He also said that he was open to hosting a similar-style program (“I like doing a funny show where I don’t have to act and fall in love with a girl”) and talked up “an Internet campaign to save the show, almost like they do with shows about witches and vampires and aliens from outer space…. Maybe I’ll call [the network] and ask them to bring it back. I’ll say, ‘Just bring it back. How much could it hurt television, really?'”

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  • What The H?

    I thought it was funny. It ws like the daily show with sports.

    • rerun

      Agreed. Poor decision.

      • Kent

        What a waste of time. I would rather watch actual sports. Wouldn’t you?

      • Greg

        I love Norm but let’s be honest: the show sucked (even by Comedy Central’s low standards).

      • cattyfan

        I love Norm, but this show needed streamlining. The recorded shorts were weak, but most of the show was either already good or had plenty of promise. I think they were hasty cancelling it.

    • Matt

      I do love Norm Macdonald so much. Ken on EW here had a great article describing his unique mannerisms and character; eventually someone will get the right show for him. He’s just too funny.

      • JackJackMcMack

        Agreed. Ken Tucker’s article was awesome. Norm is always hilarious on Conan and whatever other talk show – maybe he’s just best in short doses? Like a 15 minute mini show or something? Maybe Comedy Central could do that – a 15 mini show with Norm and another mini show with someone else. Dennis Miller? Jay Mohr? Colin Quinn? Doesn’t have to be about sports…….or anything, really.

      • cattyfan

        I saw him do his standup last year, and he did over an hour without hesitation, some of it in response to a drunken female heckler. He was OUTSTANDING!

    • stu

      Norm=NOT funny!

      • stu

        & David Brenner…

      • urm

        stu you are a fkn idiot

      • Effstu Dittourm

        I was hoping ‘Sports Show w/Norm MacDonald’ would become a Tuesday habit. I liked him on ‘Sat.Night Live’ and ‘Norm’. He’s quite humorous. Was impressed he found enough material from sports to generate such a quality show.

      • who cares

        jeff dunham fan, huh.


      Norm is so NOT funny and his dry. Forrest gump schtick is annoying. Hope to never see or hear him again. Go get a job at UPS.


        And take Adam -arrogorant for NO reason- Corrolla with him! Ugh! Adam is so f’kin ugly it aint even funny. He looks like a caveman.

  • tom

    he was great on SNL.. what happened?

    • Wikipedia Called…


  • Vince

    God, that show was awful, tedious, and painful to watch for more than a moment. Good riddance. More Workaholics.

    • tom

      holy lord you LIKE ‘workaholics’. i thought only people who had never seen a tv show before liked ‘workaholics’, and even then only because tehy had nothing to judge it against. because the rest of us HATE ‘workaholics’. ‘Sports Show’, on the other hand, ruled. like everything norm does

      • dman

        Workaholics averaged nearly 3 times the viewers of Sports Show…so for avg americans you are wrong. Now if by REST OF US you meant narrow minded ESPN following neanderthals that only watch sports…then maybe…but I doubt you speak for them either.

    • tom

      workaholics is great.. norm what happened to you?!?!

    • Charleton

      Workaholics is uninspired, insipid dreck watched by only by those of the lowest intelligence. By admitting that you enjoy the show, you’re essentially stating that you’re the latest in a long line of children born to siblings.

      • Tom

        it’s alright. maybe I overspoke when I said it was “great”.. It’s okay.

      • Matt

        Charleton, great name by the way. I would love to know how you could possibly generalize fans of a certain show based on your opinion. I find that people who comment at 10:01pm are essentially stating that they are the latest in a long line of children who still cannot solve all the episodes of Blue’s Clues after all three clues are given (Let me jump on your immediate retort by stating that I have children, born from a wife outside the family circle).

  • Russ

    Neither this nor workaholics is all that good. Norm’s career has pretty much flatlined since SNL.

    • Susan

      no kidding

    • KeeKeeDee

      I love how people always judge a celebrity’s career. Yours is stellar, no doubt. The fact is that Norm has steadily worked high-paying Hollywood gigs for two decades. Plus he’s been a regular on the comedy circuit for longer than that. How many people can say that?

      • jerry

        Wow you sound like his agent. You shouldn’t have any trouble getting him a new gig after this stinker.

  • hager

    Idiots! I guess they don’t want shows that are actually funny on their stupid network. Who’s in charge there, Don Ohlmeyer?

  • e4ia

    I don’t really care for sports but I liked Norm’s show. He’s very funny (love his delivery) and deserves a successful show that really showcases his talents.

    • robin

      Agreed. I don’t care for sports at all, but this show was great. We couldn’t wait to watch every week.

      • kristen

        I agree – my husband and I loved this show! We also love Norm. Bring it back, it was good for laughs!

  • Ray

    I wonder how “sad Bill Cosby” feels about this?

    • Darrin

      Very funny comment (as sad Bill Cosby shakes his head)

  • Adam S.

    Show was really good but not “Daily Show” -esque. Wasn’t that “smart.” However, it was good and what the hell else are they going to put on?

    • Thad Brickton

      Norm’s humor is smart in a different way than the humor of The Daily Show. It’s more abstract. Norm deserves far, far more credit than he gets.

      • Mark

        No, he doesn’t. He really, really doesn’t.

      • Un-Mark

        Yes, he does. He really, really does.

  • Susan

    Something worth watching?

  • Jay

    THANK GOD!!!

    That show was awful. Watched about 10 minutes of one episode, didn’t even come close to a light chuckle. It was unfunny and awkward. I was blown away when this was even announced, wondering how Norm MacDonald continued to find work. Hopefully after this disaster he’s done for good. He’s just not funny.

    He was a mediocre at best Weekend Update host on SNL, and his projects since being fired from the show have just been awful.

    I can’t believe people here are comparing Sports Show to Daily Show. They aren’t even in the same league.

    • KeeKeeDee

      Um, had a rough day?

      • Jason

        Are you Oh-Jay Simpson or something? Let’s see we have 500 cable channels, Netflix, Hulu, movie channels, DVD’s and it really affects you’re life enough to say Thank GOD when someone’s show is cancelled? What you can’t just change the channel if you don’t like it? You do know people are out of work and you’re celebrating. Norm McDonald is a phemoninal talent. He is one of the great underated comedians of our time. I will miss the show!

      • Jason

        Oh by the way part of Norm’s charm was being awkward. That’s his style. A little Andy Kaufman-esque. Don’t complain if you’re not smart enough to get that. Many of us do!!

    • @Jay

      Luckily, your opinion means nothing.

    • Pittner

      Norm Macdonald is widely regarded as the best weekend update anchor since Chevy Chase. Maybe even the best ever.

    • Mitch

      You know what else is mediocre at best? Anal rape.

    • Frank Stallone

      HA…who do you consider funny anyways? Paula Poundstone?!
      Norm is a comical genius.

  • scott

    Had me laughing to tears many nights … unlike the rest of Comedy Central minus the occasional Stewart or Colbert bit

  • Jason

    Sucks. I love Norm McDonald. THey should have gave it a chance to catch on!! I mean it couldn’t have been that expensive to produce. It’s one guy in front of a screen!!! I did feel it wasn’t quite as sharp as Weekend Update but a lot of the jokes were hilarious. Norm you will always be my favorite Weekend Update anchor ever!!!!!!

  • Dave

    Too bad. It wasn’t great but was on for what, 6 episodes? Norm is definitely unique but I think he is very funny. And he is one of the best Weekend Update anchors. I’d put him ahead of Nealon, Quinn and Meyers (although I like all of them to varying degrees)

    • batman

      I liked it. But the scheduling was odd (Tuesdays? 10:30?) and I usually forgot when it was on. They should have found a way to attach it to either the Daily Show or Colbert.

      • WORD

        I concur. Could never remember to catch it ‘live’ (I was one of those damn down-loaders that killed the show :)…see the show’s site for the inside joke). I like his part on SNL, ‘Norm’, and ‘Sports Show’. Good stuff.

  • NoRez

    I love Norm, and enjoyed his show. Is Comedy Central really overflowing with product they need to make room for by ditching this? Couldn’t they show one LESS episode of {insert show name here} and keep Norm on?

  • Josh

    I liked it. Sad to hear it was cancelled.

    • etherbunny

      *Thought tailored made.Effortless success. Made sense to the line-up of the network. Didn’t know it was missing, ’till it came. A hat check. It covers. Bring it back


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