G4 takes late 'Jackass' star Ryan Dunn's 'Proving Ground' off schedule


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Ryan Dunn was “just starting to break out on his own. Everyone was really proud of him.” That’s how Philadelphia morning talk show host Preston Elliot, who co-hosts 93.3 WMMR’s The Preston and Steve Show — which Dunn and his Jackass cohorts, many of whom hail from the region, often visited — is reflecting on the late star. (The 34-year-old died early in the early hours of Monday morning when he crashed his Porsche in West Goshen, Pa., a suburb of Philadelphia. An unidentified passenger was also killed in the accident, which is still in preliminary investigation, but the West Goshen Police Department released a statement that said “excessive speed may have been a contributing factor.”)

The news of Dunn’s passing was first broken on the rock station’s morning program — Elliot reveals to EW that early Monday morning, the station became flooded with emails and texts from people in the area who had gotten word of Dunn’s death. (Elliott confirmed the news with April Margera, the mother of Dunn’s Jackass co-star Bam Margera.) And, tragically, there’s plenty of reason to mourn: Not only was Dunn something of a local hero from his early skateboarding days who was always willing to help out if the station was in a pinch for a celebrity guest spot (“I don’t think he ever said no,” Elliott tells EW), but Dunn was also experiencing some recent professional success, nabbing small roles in indie films and co-hosting a new series on G4 called Proving Ground. But now, the rest of Ground — a show which tested out wild video game and movie stunts in the real world, a perfect fit for the always-game Dunn — may not see the light of day.

G4 tells EW that as of June 20, “the show is off the schedule … until we discuss next steps.” (It premiered last week.) The network is also lamenting Dunn’s loss. Said G4 of the Proving Ground co-host in a statement: “All of us at G4 are shocked and deeply saddened by the tragic news that Ryan Dunn has passed away. Ryan’s comedic wit and signature no-holds-barred approach made him an incredible talent and his work as host of G4’s Proving Ground was flawless. Ryan will be missed dearly by his legion of fans and we extend our heartfelt condolences to his family and friends during this difficult time.”

Some members of the Jackass community have also released tributes to the surprisingly soft-spoken Dunn, who won fans for such memorable Jackass moments as the “Master Blaster”, seen in the Jackass 3D promos. Johnny Knoxville took to his Twitter, posting an old picture of Dunn and writing, “Today I lost a my brother Ryan Dunn. My heart goes out to his family and his beloved Angie. RIP Ryan, I love you buddy.” MTV released a statement which read, “We are devastated by the tragic loss of Ryan Dunn — a beloved member of the MTV family for more than a decade, He made us all laugh and had the tireless enthusiastic approach to life of your favorite middle school friend. Our thoughts and deepest condolences are with Ryan’s family and friends. The Jackass brotherhood will never be the same.”

And plenty of stars took to their Twitter pages on Monday afternoon to express their sadness over Dunn’s death, including It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia actor Glenn Howerton, who posted, “I’ll miss you, Dunn. You were the absolute best, pal. I am heart broken right now. Rest in Peace. Love & prayers to your family” and singer Rob Thomas, who wrote, “so sad to hear about ryan dunn. r.i.p. he had a lot of fun while he was alive.” Fellow daredevil Carey Hart tweeted, “RIP ryan dunn. You were an amazing guy and you were cut way to short. Enjoyed the times we had. My heart goes out to his family and friends.”


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  • Jose

    damn i just listened to the it’s sunny crew that they had an episode for the jackass crew for them next year

    • tom

      drinking and driving don’t mix kids.

      • Dude

        tom, you stupid troll shut the f*ck up. The autopsy is probably not even started yet

      • tom

        I take it back. 90s kids please drink and drive. Thank you.

      • Susan

        perfect example of what not to do

        when will they learn?

      • Jim

        How true.

      • Susan

        Never let the people you care about drink and drive.

      • dw

        i drink and drive all the time and i am not dead. so you all should be saying dont drink and drive if you are a bad driver sober! especially if you are Chinese!

      • Matt

        They don’t, but let’s follow a timetable on commenting upon someone’s death. One, give the family and friends a day or two to grieve. Two, in an instance of drinking and driving (still specualtion on his alcohol limit), let’s turn this into a message to not drink and drive. Not by trashing Dunn, but by celebrating his life and how drinking and driving (if this is the case) took his life too soon. There is a way to do things with class and get a message across.

    • The Bestest Girl

      Im glad that stupid person died. he had a very small penis and i only liked steve-o and knoxville. Ryan was fat!!!

      • wow

        what the f**K is your problem? your happy that someone died ?

      • Veronica Mars

        People should NOT be celebrating this guy’s death.
        People SHOULD be celebrating the innocent lives that will be saved from another reckless drunk driver being taken off the roads permanently.
        As tragic as this is, let’s be happy that it was just a one-car collision.

      • The hater

        I hope your face gets a skin eating disorder you C*NT!

      • David

        The bestest girl. you and your whole family can die, how do you now he had a small penis? he isn’t fat, maybe your cancer dad in the hospital?

      • Kanerbaby

        Wow! You are one insensitive b**ch!

      • BV

        damn you’re conceeded..

      • Britt

        What the hell is wrong with you.

      • Sailfish

        Go f**k yourself. I agree with everyone wishing horrible things upon you and your family.

      • dawn

        words of a h- show some respect

    • Edan Aharony

      R.I.P Ryan. Please don’t drive and drink. Edan Aharony

    • The Bestest Girl

      you guys are all saying the same sh*t. Shut up!!

  • johnny r

    dam. ryan dunn was the innocent guy in the group that was down for anything haha. thats sad he was my favorite makes me sad to think about it r.i.p ryan dunn

    • tom

      we’ve had what? 20 years of please don’t drink and drive on tv, radio, billboards, everywhere, all the time, and kids still get wasted and die from driving intoxicated.. Thank god he didn’t hurt some innocent person.

      • Ally

        The passenger in his car also passed away. That person was innocent. Hopefully they find drinking was not a factor, and it was just an accident. He always seemed like the sweet one in the group.

      • tom

        his last twitter pic is them binge drinking. With that kind of car they could have easily afforded a taxi at 2:30am in the morning. Grow up.

      • R-loveee

        Tom, seriously? He wwas 34.. Stop calling him a kid!

      • jay

        His dumb ass not only got himself killed but killed the person with him. If his dumb ass wanted to drink and drive, his dumb ass should’ve went by himself. What a dumb ass. It’s no wonder they’re all dead. I bet he’s rotting in hell.

      • dw

        he should of been driving a volvo!

      • Jewels

        Hey jay, get it right. He wasn’t a dumb ass, he was a bad ass JACKASS!

      • Whawhawha

        all you people talking about him drinking and driving and “binge” drinking realize he had a whopping 3 beers and 3 shots over a 5 hr period. Hardly binge drinking, tom you may wanna look up what that means before you go throwing it around and police are even saying that the drinking is likely not a factor in the accident. That being said fuq all you dbags acting all holier than thou. He may have been a jackass but at least he had class a quality you seem to know nothing about.

      • Tom

        wow you losers are so mature

      • Ellen

        Am I the only person that thinks the passenger is not an innocent person if he/she was drinking with this guy? If you are out with someone who’s been drinking- and you know it- and you get in the car with them, then you are as much at fault for your own death/injury as the drunk person driving.

    • AcaseofGeo

      @ Johnny R: “innocent” and “down for anything” are contradictions. This is a sad situation. I’m not alarmed that so many anonymous people post such mean-spirited things; we live in an age where civility has been replaced by anonymous swagger. I have my own opinions on the whole drinking-driving-speeding mixture but I’ll not share them here.

  • Pamela Morgan

    Prayers for his family and friends you will be missed by so many fans . I guess you never realize how much someone affects your life or how much of an impact you had on so many people .life is to short we will miss you so much rip Ryan Dunn your in heaven now with the angles

    • jay

      Trust me he is no way in heaven with angels. He was a drunk and a drug addict who shoved race cars up his ass. He’s rotting in hell.

      • Veronica Mars

        Lay off the theatrics, jay.
        His drinking and pot use aren’t the problems and they aren’t “sins”.
        Neither is shoving a car up your ass if that’s how you get your jollies and your money.
        But getting behing the wheel of a car after binge-drinking? Sick inexcusable behavior. Condemn him for that if you must, but spare us the rest of your sanctimonious whining.

      • Whawhawha

        veronica, he wasnt binge drinking. Get some facts before you go spouting off 3 beers and 3 shots in 5+ hrs is not binge drinking. he was out with friends for a few drinks, binge drinking is downing copious amounts of alcohol in a short time i.e. 15 beers in an hr.

      • Tom

        they should hold his friends that let him drive drunk like that responsible too

      • The Bestest Girl

        F@ck you he is not rotting in hell he is rotting in my f@cking bed! Im actually the one who killed him! Thank God that hairy F@cker is gone!!

  • A Guy

    Darwin award winner …

    • A Better Guy

      You’re an a$$clown.

      • The Best Guy

        No. He was the a$$clown.

      • The Most Best Guy

        You’re all a$$f*ckers!

      • tom

        with that kind of money, he could have had a limo or a taxi..

      • The Bestest Girl

        Your all A$$F@ckers!

      • dw

        who is up for A$$ Fu{kin&… oh all of the bestest girls and guys..too bad mr dunn wasnt here to see this.. mr well dunn as he will forever be known as. cause he got fried when the car exploded. get it, Mr. Well Dunn…hold the applause please, this man is deceased. show some fudging respect for christ’s sake! jesus christ .. god damn it people a man is dead. A$$ hollieo’s

    • The Truth

      A Guy is right, anyone actually surprised this happened? It was only a matter of time with these guys. I’ve seen pictures of the wreckage, Darwinism definitely at work.

      • The Truth sucks

        Wow, looks like all the Obama voting trash are out today that celebrate people’s deaths. What sad lives you all lead.

      • To The Truth Sucks

        Um, sorry, what exactly does President Obama have to do with this story or these comments?

      • pigtail

        >implying your genes are any good
        >implying you browse 4chan 24/7

  • knoxvillefan

    With the angles?

    • Squishmar

      It must be geometry heaven.

      • tom

        Boom! Roasted.

      • gia

        Awesome, Squishmar.

  • Paul

    I was just watching a “clip” of Ryan in his newest TV Show. I was looking forward to watching him weekly in this series, then I sat down to read the news on the Computer.

    May God have mercy on him and grant him Eternal Rest and Peace. God Love You, Ryan, I do.

  • Jonesy

    Drinking and driving fast..killed a passenger..yep, thats my kind of hero!

    • Dane

      Go away and read elsewhere for your heroes then.

      • Jay

        If Dunn is a “hero” of yours, I feel very, very sorry for you and the horrible life you surely lead

      • A Jay

        To all you guys saying that people are stupid for calling Dunn their “hero”, I’ll have you know that a lot of people, celebrities and non-celebrities, die in car crashes. James Dean, for example. Do you call someone a moron for calling Dean their hero?

      • tom

        James Dean clipped a telephone pole on one of the most dangerous highways in California. It’s nowhere near the same thing as this. Get a grip pal.

      • Blues

        James Dean was also driving incredibly fast on one of California’s most dangerous highways. You know it’s dangerous but still drive like a maniac, I call that pretty stupid. So is driving drunk, but these two go hand in hand.

      • zeba

        James Dean was an experienced race car driver that died avoiding another driver that pulled out in front of him. James Dean had also not been drinking Many experts have stated the other driver was at fault.

      • dw

        I like turtles!

    • Sparrow

      He hadn’t been drinking and I very much doubt it was his plan to kill himself and passenger aswell accidents happen so please dont mock him and have respect the people who’s hero he was. he is a legend and will be sadly missed,

      • A

        Um… he tweeted a photo of himself drinking shortly before the accident. He was drinking.

      • Johnny

        A legend?? I never heard of him.

      • Geez…

        Drinking (yes) and speeding, killing himself and his passenger. This guys was your hero?

      • Chris

        OMG… He twitted a picture of himself w/ pals drinking, drove drunk, killed someone and he`s still YOUR HERO?

      • silk

        Obviously you can’t read! He tweeted a photo of him drinking before he crashed! Hello!

      • tom

        Kids, don’t drink and drive. It’s that simple. Call a cab or a taxi.. Or crash on the floor until you sober up. He’s lucky he didn’t waste some completely innocent person.

      • psychokittyface

        Um, lots of people drink and drive after only a few drinks. You’re telling me the average couple after splitting a bottle or wine and a group of friend having a few beers watching the game at a bar really need a cab? You have to be over the limit. I’m guessing this guy could handle his drink. And yes, I’ve driven more than a few times with a couple drinks in me and have NEVER been pulled over or put myself or anyone else in danger.

      • Thurston Howell

        Take a taxi. It’s really cheaper than hosptial bills, lawsuits, DMV fines, and lawyer fees, and missing work due to DUI/DWI automatic jailtime in county

      • Thurston Howell

        but don’t let me stop you from having that wine and cheese.. puh!

      • justjack

        psychokittyface… You don’t get pulled over until you do. And take it from me, it is NOT FUN. The DUI laws are no joke. You have to be over the limit? If you’re saying that I can guarantee you that you have no idea how LITTLE alcohol it takes to put you over. Keep it up, it’ll happen to you eventually and then you can tell me whether it was worth it.

      • courtney

        he was drinking.i saw the picture of him and his friend together at the bar.drinkin and drivin don’t mix.it’s sad to hear that he has passed away.but it was his own fault.he will be missed.rip ryan dunn.

    • Laura

      you people sicken me! Ryan was a person. He wasn’t perfect, just like every single on of you! He’s someone’s son, friend, lover and brother. To celebrate his death is truly heartless. I cried when I read this story. My uncle passed was killed a month ago during a car crash, very similar to Ryan’s. They were both great people, unlike many of you thanking “God” for “ridding the world of people like him.” That’s very Christian of you.

      • dw

        all hail allah! and for christ’s sake make sure you face west 5 times a day toward Meca you fu{king heathans!

  • jimmy


    • Veronica Mars

      Don’t celebrate his death.
      Instead celebrate the innocent lives that will be saved by having another reckless drunk driver off the highways.
      R.I.P. to Ryan’s passenger that he killed during after his bout of binge drinking.

  • bill

    What a waste of a fine, fine car. No loss otherwise. I’d rather my kids do something that helps this world.

    • Dane

      Go away and don’t read here then.

    • Weasel


      • Weasel

        Well…I meant AMEN to a fine fine car!…lol

      • Sparrow

        How sick are you people, lets hope nothin like this ever happens 2 u, mind you, someone so heartless and cruel prob wouldn’t care then, dont write your disgustin comments on a wall where every1 are payin their respects, where are your morals at all!

    • gia

      Perhaps one of your kids will be killed in an accident…then, if they’re worth a sh!t, we can post hateful things about them.

      • Weasel

        That’s mature

      • gia

        I’m not mature; I’m mean-spirited.

      • kerri


      • tom

        who cares

      • gia

        Apparently anyone who took the time to form any type of response, tom.

      • tom

        the truth hurts sometimes

        don’t drink and drive kids..

        it’s really simple

      • gia

        I totally agree, Tom, but people tend to go out of their way to be biting at times and it irks me somewhat…He’s dead and yes, it does seems as though this accident could have been avoided, but it still sucks for people that were fans.

      • Kent

        turn it around
        learn from it
        what else is there now?

      • jerry

        They could grow up. That might help.

      • kirk

        I agree with jerry.. they should grow up

      • gia

        I’m not a drinker, I’m a toker…only victims of my indulgence are delicious snacks…

      • dw

        both of my kids are fu{king retarded! so what you are saying is that you want retards to die. you are a sick sick person. retard hater!

    • kerri

      excuse me, but your just a mean person. im sure he has helped one persons day with cheering them up on Jackass. So take your judgmental comments somewhere else because there are fans here who really loved this show and him. So Goodbye!

    • Bill smells

      Bill, how can you have kids if you only have gay sex?

      • Ian

        Wow. So you equate someone being a douchebag, to them being gay? Good work, moron. I wish your parents had only had gay sex….

      • SaM

        your dad did

    • tom

      Well the movie was aptly named apparently.

    • Laura

      I hope one of your kids drinks, drives and is burned to a crisp you condescending C*nt!

      • Veronica Mars

        Your hate is consuming you, Laura.

      • Dee

        LMAO. You are a whacko. Grow the fu*k up.

  • michael

    this is crazy to hear, i found out early this morning an was surprised. didnt think he would be the first to die. an i hope that the fire isnt what killed him. i would much rather the impact of the wreck to have instantly killed him. it seems like a dream like hes not dead then u know its real. i know he had a lot of fun an he was too young he had so many more years to live an have fun with his family an friends. heart goes to his family an friends. rest in loving peace, Ryan Dunn. jackass brother!!!

  • kenny

    may he R.I.P

  • ‘Lish

    Rest in peace, Ryan Dunn. For someone who lives in Philly, we can all say there will be a hole now in our lives. Jackass won’t be the same without you.

    • Eggroll

      Isn’t living in Philly enough of a hole in your life?

  • Lisa

    He should have called a cab.


    • Justin

      He posted pics of himself drinking on his twitter page hours before the crash. We all make mistakes, I guess.

      • tom

        Some friends to let him drive drunk like that.

      • Whawhawha

        Hey tom, you realize theres no evidence yet that he was drunk right? Unless you work for the coroner doing the autopsy you may want to stfu before you make yourself look like more of a giant dbag.

      • Tom

        the twitter pic of him getting trashed right before the accident isn’t enough.. really? grow up

  • Jess79

    Really sad news. He was my favorite on that show and seemed like the nicest out of all of those guys.

  • Jimmy D. Gilmore

    and just when he was starting to get those Zach Galifianakis comparisons going. You, sir, were a true artiste’ and will be missed….er… forgotten in 1.5 days.

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