Sarah an Emmy nominee?


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Sarah Palin may be walking the red carpet at the Emmys this September if TLC manages to secure her a nomination. The network submitted Sarah Palin’s Alaska, which was executive produced by Survivor’s Mark Burnett and Palin, for consideration in four categories — Outstanding Reality, Cinematography, Picture Editing, and Music Composition. The unscripted show featured sweeping views of Alaska in all of its glory. Palin showed up brandishing a gun or two, as well.

Grammy has honored politicians like Bill Clinton and Barack Obama for spoken word albums, but previously elected officials have had little reason to submit themselves for an Emmy — until now. Should the TLC show score a nomination and actually win in the reality category, Palin would be eligible to receive her first golden statue. That begs the question: What on earth will she wear to the show?

Sarah Palin’s Alaska averaged 3.2 million viewers while it was on TLC. It ended its original run in January but repeats continue to show up on the cable net.

Emmy nominations will be announced July 14. The 63rd Annual Emmys – which will be exec produced by Burnett — will air Sept. 18 on Fox.

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  • Anonymous

    Please god no

    • Will

      Can’t she just pick a job and stick to it

  • Trey


  • ??

    God, I hate this woman. Hate hate hate hate hate hate hate this evil horrible woman. Let her win the emmy. Let her go onstage and accept the award. Maybe a stage light will fall from above and hit her in the head and render her unable to talk for the rest of her miserable life. Maybe THEN she will just shut up and go away.

    • Dude

      Bitter much?

      I don’t get the hate for her. I LOVE Sarah Palin as entertainment (don’t follow politics). She’s funny (intentionally or unintentionally, I can’t tell). But she deserves a nomination because she is entertainment. Plain and simple. Maybe she should step out of politics and become a full time actress?

      • Josh

        Or she could go away and take her fame whoring daughter with her?

      • ibwilliamsi

        She IS a full time actress. Acting smart, acting clever, acting like a frontierswoman, acting like a governor, acting like a Christian. Unfortunately she is a VERY BAD actress. She is not believable in ANY of her roles.

      • Luke

        It has stopped being entertaining once it became real the kind of evil that she could incite in people.

      • JOsh2

        Honestly if you don’t follow politics then you really don’t know Sarah Palin. Yes you can see her entertainment side but as a politician she is dangerous. People listen to her and follow her, people believe the crap and ignorance she says. I don’t hate her but I greatly dislike her. If she was just a reality star I wouldn’t mind but the fact is, she has influence over people.

    • Mr. Holloway

      I feel like you’re holding back…tell us how you REALLY feel about her.

    • Colint

      ?? I am so sorry for you. She may not win an EMMY but she will be the next president for 8 years

      • GHU

        No, she’ll quit first.

      • ba’al

        If that is your wish better make it 4-she will quit on ya

      • Jackie D

        President of what? She’s not smart enough to even be the president of the Sarah Palin fan club.

    • bpilot180

      Bad case of P.D.S.

    • UpObama’sButt

      She has more brains then the stupid phuck in the oval office! All you moonbats assholios go eat sh!t and die!

  • tahina

    If this happens I’ll turn off my tv forever,,what a disgrace for National TV..

  • Jan

    I loved her show.She showed how beautiful AK is and how to survive there as a visitor. I hope she wins.

    • Katrene

      Hey Jan. Bristol needs money for a “corrective tummy tuck”. She’s waiting for you to send her some money.

      • madeleine

        That is rude and disgusting. How would you feel if people talked about your weight that way.

        You are acting like a complete BULLY! That is unacceptable.

    • Brian

      So next time I visit a friend I should go hunting because there are no grocery stores? Is that the kind of tourist survival you are talking about?

    • ibwilliamsi

      “How to survive as a visitor”? What does that even mean?

    • Jackie D

      Survive as a visitor? As someone who lives in Anchorage, I can tell you personally that Alaska has hotels.

    • Dash

      I agree! The scenery on that show was amazing. It was well shot, well edited, defintely better than anything Survivor has done in the past couple of years. Love her or hate her you can’t deny that when they shot this show it was done with every intent to show that Alaska was the real star.

      • Tam

        She had nothing to do with the filming of the scenery.

      • Dash

        Did I say she did? I said a generic THEY shot this show. I dont’ know who was responsible for filming but people are determined to hate everything that has to do with this woman. The people who shot this show deserve some credit they did a wonderful job.

      • wxman

        How do you know she had nothing to do with it? You don’t. You all expound on things you know nothing about and engage in invective and personal assualts. It’s all you know, because that’s all you hear at your primary news source, Comedy Central.

      • amelia in portland

        Honestly, Rupaul’s Drag Race is a much better reality show.

  • DarkTides

    Alaska was absolutely beautiful. I had no earthly idea it was wild and awesome. Just image, that is the way all America used to be before we trashed it. I hope it does make it to the Emmys so more people can experience a small piece of heaven.

  • ks

    Oh h3ll no!

  • bah

    i would LOVE it if she won if for no other reason than to drive you haters totally insane. bwahahaha!

    • Truth hurts

      Whether she wins or loses, Obama is still president, which I’m going to guess drives you even more insane. Bwahahaha!

      • bah

        well, enjoy this train wreck of a president why you can. it blows my mind that you people actually think he is doing a GOOD job! wow…

      • kimmy

        bah, you really think SHE will do a good job??

    • Katrene

      how’s the palin piss? must be tasty cause you keep drinking from the pot

      • bah

        probably just as tasy as the obama kool aid you are mainling…

    • Jackie D

      Palin as a winner of anything will never happen. The only reason she is in the news now is because of 2012. After that election, she’ll fade away into obscurity forever. So bwahahaha that!

      • bah

        one can only hope that our ‘dear leader’ will just be a blip on our nation’s history. you will be forever joined in that shameful group that will never admit they voted for him. i’m ashamed of people like you who vote for someone based on their ‘cool’ factor’ and NOT their experience. at least sarah palin ran a STATE. i don’t want her to be president, but at least she DID SOMETHING. oh, and for all those people who keep saying she quit…um, didn’t obama QUIT being a SENATOR to RUN FOR PRESIDENT?! geez…climb off your high horses and open your eyes. things are WORSE than they were. keep on believing that side show carnival huckster-he preys on the weak minds. enjoy your recession!

      • sarah

        Bah, I’m not 100% sure you understand how the government works.
        1. Obama was promoted to president…. Sarah Palin quit to be on a reality show.

        2. Obama did not start the recession. He did not necessarily help, but he didn’t start it.

        3. She ran for VP…. she probably never would have been president

  • KatieAnnieOakley

    Thank GOD it’s the Emmys, with Academy members voting and not The People’s Choice Awards, or you’d never, ever be able to get a vote in due to PalinBots overwhelming the ballot boxes…

  • Katrene

    can we say media w.h.o.r.e.

    • amelia in portland

      Yes we can!

  • Brian

    If she doesn’t she can blame the liberal Emmy voting body because I am sure Jesus wants her to get it.

    • ibwilliamsi

      Jesus seems so confused lately.

  • PhilipJames

    Hey, if liberal dolts and left wing jerk offs can win Emmys, then why can’t a really great woman who had a fantastic show with huge viewership win an Emmy too?
    Or is the hate and bile that even the a^^hole who wrote this article has too much to overcome in that cesspool called the Entertainment business? You know, the one where incest, rape, buggery and all sorts of other stuff is just everyday activity for most of the entertainment crowd… including the writer of this piece – Lynette Rice.

    • Jackie D

      Are you really this lonely and pathetic that you want to pick a fight on an internet board just to have interaction with people? Pretty sad.

  • PhilipJames

    Lynette Rice…. want to bet that Sarah Palin looks one hundred per cent better than you do? I just googled you and saw some pictures… so, that snarky comment about what she would wear is kind of funny coming from you… she is gorgeous and always looks good – you, well lets just say the word that comes to mind is frumpy.

    • PJS

      That was really rude of you. It’s funny that you interpret Rice’s “what will she wear?” comment as “snarky”; it didn’t come across that way at all. Perhaps you have a victim complex and are as thin-skinned as your heroine.

    • ibwilliamsi

      Sarah’s best look is when she wears 4 inch heels that are 3 sizes too large.

    • Gingerboycat

      Yes, yes, we are all jealous of Sarah’s gorgeousness, her loving family, her great frontierwomanness, blah blah blah ….

  • Realangst

    Thankfully, they did away with a host award for reality shows of all stripes and colors. The thing I wonder, where did all the colored folk go? Did Ms. Pain or the show’s producers get rid of them or shack them up for free in some Quality Inn or something? The show would have to win for her to receive an award. You know the liberal child rapists and murderers only vote for good television, so there’s no chance in 773H that her show would win. Granted the cinemaqtography has a darn good shot at a win. The scenery was wonderful. Like that person said, it makes you wonder about the spoiled days. But in an interview before the show, Ms. Pain said the show was more an advertisement for future development than a travelogue. She wants to do to AK what our predecessors did to the rest of this beautiful nation. I could not support her goal so I did not watch when it aired but I have come across the repeats. She IS a likable personality. She IS witty. BUT she is dumb-as-phuck as well. She should start a Saturday morning program like Pee Wee’s Playhouse and indoctrination all the future Tea Partiers. That is her true calling and her dumb-as-phuck followers will love her as a babysitter while they go off and drink whiskey while they are cleaning their moose rifles.

  • kate middleton

    The cinematography was pretty beautiful. Probably not very hard in Alaska though.

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