'Glee' scoop: Ryan Murphy reveals season 3 secrets, talks 'The Glee Project' winner

It’s only been a little over a month since Glee‘s season 2 has ended. But co-creator Ryan Murphy and his team, which now includes a brand-spankin’-new writing staff including Buffy the Vampire Slayer alum Marti Noxon, have already begun thinking about the third season of the Fox hit. “Officially, we start on Monday, but we’ve broken a lot already,” says Murphy. “We know where we’re headed. We know what some of the arcs are.” One definite plot point this coming season will be the introduction of the winner of Oxygen’s The Glee Project, which airs Sundays at 9 p.m., and boasts Murphy as a judge and executive producer. “The person that we found is so perfect,” reveals Murphy. “I think the person is going to be a huge star in the tradition of Lea Michele and Darren Criss and Chris Colfer.” EW pressed Murphy for more details on what would happen in Glee‘s third season, who Sue will target next, and what graduation day means for the characters.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY:  Your comments to Ryan Seacrest about the New Directions teens graduating created quite a stir.
RYAN MURPHY: Which I find strange because I’ve been saying it for years. Maybe because the moment has come and people are like, “Wait! No!”

So the ENTIRE class will graduate by the end?
To that I would say there are some people who are not seniors and there are some people that are REALLY intellectually challenged. Like, you know that Britney is pulling straight Fs.

Who’s NOT a senior? Chord?
Chord is not a senior. I believe Darren is not a senior. There’s a group of them. But this year we will be adding new people.

How many do you imagine adding?
I’ll be honest with you: Glee is going to be different this year than it was last year. It’s going to go back to the broadcast model of the first season where there was a fall semester and there was a spring semester. I don’t know what we’re going to do with the spring semester because we’re having so much fun with the fall semester right now. But I know there’s going to be The Glee Project winner and we’re casting for two other female parts. This year, the thing that’s different is we’re doing a lot of stories with characters that people love but don’t know a lot about. There will always be huge stories with Lea. There will always be huge storylines with Chris Colfer. But like I wanna know more about Tina and Mike. I wanna know more about Mercedes. We have a great storyline planned for Sue which will involve the Glee Project winner who will become the person Sue has hated the most in the entire history of her life. She’s done destroying the glee club and she just wants to destroy the Glee Project winner!

Is she really running for Congress?
Yes! We just got in that rut that she can’t be against the glee club forever. Maybe she can. The glee club is small potatoes. She should be going after the Obama administration. She should be going after Sarah Palin. Her enemy should be the U.S. government. [Matthew Morrison’s] character will be involved in the election, which will be really funny. We have great plans for Sue.

There are also new writers? Did you all just want more help with the workload?
Well we never really planned for the three of us to do it. That was just like a 13-episode thing and then it became, okay, let’s do the back nine. And then before we knew it, it was season 2 and we never really had time to pause and breathe. I really wanted season 3 to be the best season we could make it and I really wanted a lot of ideas and that’s what we’ve had. We’ve added some really great heavy-hitter writers that I love and they’re all fans of the show.

At the finale, it sorta felt like you were setting up a spin-off with Rachel and Kurt.
People keep saying that! It was not the intention. I have always felt that those two characters in particular were too big for Ohio. I also just kind of like the idea of them like graduating and going off into the ether and you hope they become successes but you don’t know. I don’t know what we’re going to do — we’re only concentrating on the fall this far.

Even if they graduate, could they still stay on the show?
I don’t think that I like that idea.

And are you doing a tribute episode this year?
We’re doing one. We’re doing one tribute episode this year that’s two years in the making and I finally got [it] cleared. I can’t announce it until the artist does it with me but it’s a great one. It’s one I’ve always wanted to do.

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  • Sarah El

    I’m pretty sure when Blaine was introduced, he was supposedly a year older than the main cast. Not sure if that’s held or even if it was official, but I know it was the intent.

    • Lily

      Blaine was supposed to be only the mentor of Kurt and Sam was supposed to be Kurt’s boyfriend… but apparently this all became messed up as they discovered the chemistry between the actors of Sam and Quinn… So Sam became a “straight” character…

      • Sarah El

        Yeah, I know his purpose changed, but idk, I thought his age might’ve stayed the same. I definitely didn’t see him as younger than Kurt.

      • Ann

        Wait…Sam isn’t gay? I always thought that he might have been closeted gay….oh wait, they gave that storyline to Santana…that makes more sense (sarcasm)

      • Kim

        I actually like Sam straight. He was kinda’ a smart aleck at the start and the more his character develops the more I like him (and I kinda’ dig him with Mercedes.).

      • Matt

        Yeah, i thought the same thing…weird

      • KC

        Can they make it even more gayer?

      • Tarah

        @KC I hope so

      • Waynob

        If they do decide to make Sam gay they should do it realistically. Because in reality a “Sam” would never date a “Kurt”

    • Lily

      Yeah, I also wished their “one year difference” would have stayed the same… Oh well… welcome to the Glee universe…

      • Captain

        Why are people upset by this? Do you guys want Blaine to leave the show?

      • Lincoln

        i’m so confused. isn’t high school four years? why the rush to get the original cast out with a graduation?

      • Lily

        @Captain… Yes, I would love him to leave the show… Never really saw the love chemistry between Blaine and Kurt… Blaine was great as mentor even though he did not always gave good advice…

      • Rachel

        @Captain: of course I don’t want Blaine leaving the show. But they’ve already written that he’s had his prom. So making him younger is just weird now.

    • Ash

      They actually were supposed to retcon Kurt (at least), who’s been said multiple times to be the youngest glee club member. So, Blaine would still be older than Kurt, I think…The whole age thing has just been really messed up.

      • Rachel

        Kurt was driving his SUV to school in the first few episodes of season 1 which made him 16 in the pilot. Rachel didn’t have her 16th birthday until half way through the first season making Kurt older than Rachel. So yeah the age thing is really messed up.

    • Betty

      Yeah,I definitely remember the show stating that Blaine was a junior. And when Darren first came on, there was so much talk about whether Blaine was older/younger/same grade as Kurt. And why would there be such a fuss about Sam going to junior prom or not if he wasn’t even a junior? RM obviously just wants to keep the newbies around longer, even if it does not fit in with plot continuity at all. Well, he’ll probably change his mind about this too.

  • crispy

    “We know what some of the arcs are.”
    LOL! That suggests that Glee has arcs.

    • Meg


    • Tommy Marx

      Glee has always had arcs. Each episode is an arc, and then the next episode is an arc that completely contradicts every previous arc.

      • SaraJeanQueen

        So true. Jesse loves Rachel and switches schools, Rachel has a mom, Rachel’s mom gets a baby in 1 day and just CAN’T be a mom to Rachel because it’s “too late”, Jesse humiliates Rachel only to return a season later and say he chose “Nationals over love”. How does the Glee staff expect the show’s haters to change their minds with these unjustifiable plots!?

    • Anya

      I heard they brought in the Buffy writer to help them start creating arcs (finally).

      • Xander

        Yeah, Marti Noxon….Remember S6 of Buffy? She was totally responsible for the execution of the Tara/Dark Willow storyline…not impressed with her. I loved the first 13 eps of Glee but story arcs, pacing, character continuity went out the window right around the time of the first “Tribute” episode.

      • Leo

        Yeah I am happy about the Buffy writer coming in. Buffy was such an awesome, smart and ridiculously well writtens show. Great pick.

      • crispy

        WTF you talkin’ bout, Xander? Dark Willow was once of the best Buffy storylines ever. And FYI: the pacing and continuity problems on Glee were there from the beginning. People just like to gloss over them because they were so excited about the songs.

      • @crispy

        THANK YOU. they’re always been there…

      • Dash

        Evil Willow was some of the best episodes of Buffy. I admit it didn’t follow the traditional Buffy kicks butt formula BUT it played it as a true team sport. I loved seeing Xander (the heart part of a super-Buffy) use his skills as the heart of the group to subdue Willow. I am tearing up just thinking about him telling her that he wants to be with her if she’s ending the world because she is his best friend. I love the evil Willow arc because it reaffirmed that first and foremost these people are a family. Season 6 of Buffy was kind of like the 5th Harry Potter book. There is a lot of exposition, a lot of information, it’s a little bit dull, but it sets up the war to come. It was Buffy working through her depression. It was probably the season that most emphasized the characters as human. I loved it. If that is the kind of character development that MN brings to Glee then Glee will be lucky to have her on board.

    • Ash

      Actually, technically speaking they do have arcs, have since the beginning. And those arcs, contrary to (apparently) popular criticism, are, in fact, more than one episode in length. A good example in season 2 is the Kurt/Karofsky arc, and in fact the “Kurt” arc really. Finn, Rachel, Quinn, and Sam had their own individual and collective arcs. Santana had an arc of coming to terms with herself that’s extended over quite a bit. With seeds planted from half way through season one, if not earlier. So…

      • Asha

        You have to admit thought they randomly throw the arc out the window when it fits into their theme of the week. They may have an overall arc but the week to week is a bit sketch.

  • Maeve

    I’m hoping for an Elton John tribute episode, where Blaine sings ‘Your Song’ to Kurt.

    Also, a Blaine/Kurt/Rachel spin off? Do want!

    • JackieB

      “Your Song” is so played out. Sorry, too overdone.

      • liza

        Like a lot of songs on Glee aren’t?

    • Leo

      It is going to be Streisand. Come on. They have been hinting at it for 2 years.

      • Julio C. Piñeiro

        Recent news suggest it’s gonna be Springsteen.

      • liza

        ^Fingers crossed for Springsteen!

      • SQ

        I want CHER!

    • Rachel

      I thought they might do an Elton John tribute episode after he defended Ryan on a late night talk show with the whole Kings of Leon fiasco. But with only one tribute episode next year I don’t see it being him at all.

    • lb

      I agree on a Kurt/Rachel spinoff! I would absolutely watch them try to make it in NYC!! I always thought they were hinting at that when Kurt and Rachel talked about their plans to move to NYC… I hope it happens.

  • Simon

    Ya that’s what Glee needs new characters! Seriously Ryan Murphy! This show is falling hard, thank God Marti Noxon will be on board, she’s fantastic. And they need to keep Sam, he’s a great character when they don’t dumb him down as the jock and instead emphasize on his geekdom, remember his Sean Connery hunt for red october impression,that was great.

    • crispy

      I was pleasantly surprised that they’re hiring new writers like Marti Noxon… but after I thought about it, it doesn’t really matter. The problem is Ryan Murphy. He’s just not a good showrunner. He doesn’t care about consistent characters, continuity, and storylines. New writers aren’t going to solve those problems as long as he’s still managing the show.

      • Amy

        I agree. This is why Popular failed and why people (myself included) started tuning out of Nip/Nuck.

      • E

        This is why he’s hired Alison Adler as co-exe producer – seriously good writer & show runner, & she could easily manage a lot of the stuff for Ryan so he can focus on creative stuff.

      • crispy

        Well, that makes me feel hopeful.

      • Tommy Marx

        I could not agree more. I couldn’t even finish Nip/Tuck because it got so bad and so ludicrous. Ryan Murphy is a horrible show runner.

      • Andrew

        Seriously, the continuity and character consistency issues with the show became extremely distracting this season. It got to the point that it was difficult to even enjoy some of the performances during episodes (literally the last remaining reason why I even occasionally tuned in this season) because I was so thrown off by how much the rest of the episode and the character’s actions made zero sense. I love Marti, let’s hope she at least helps flesh out some of these characters as real people.

      • fran

        Nip Tuck did go overboard, but I thought it was when Ryan Murphy left the show to direct a movie

    • angie

      Agreed. Part of what makes Sam so charming is the hopeless geekiness behind the jock persona. This is Glee’s make or break season for me; if it’s a repeat of Season 2, then we’re breaking up for good.

      • Mr. Holloway

        I also thoroughly enjoyed how good (and howrandom) Sam’s Matthew McConaughey impression was.

        However, crispy’s right. As long as Murphy is running the show, it will continue to be bipolar. (Even the characters on “Nip/Tuck” behaved more consistently than some of the people on “Glee” this past year.)

      • Lily

        Yeah, so sad to hear that Sam is leaving

    • Captain

      People keep complaining about the new characters but what do you expect? Half the cast is graduating this year. If they didn’t add new characters Season 4 would be the Sam/Lauren/Blaine season.

      • Sammy D

        Well, I think maybe a lot of people were hoping they would stretch this year out… Be like their senior year takes a couple of seasons. It’s kind of strange to throw out half your cast of your hit show all at once. It’s kind of like killing/firing everyone in a band and then keeping the bands name and making every member in it new…

      • Laura K.


  • Anon

    Hahaha omg Ryan Murphy. What are you even doooing. Blaine was supposed to be a year older originally, they made it work so that he was the same year with the line “junior member Blaine Anderson” and now he’s a year younger?! Or are they implying he already graduated? So confusing, just establish their grades already so the fandom can stop bickering about it. It’s driving us bananas.

    • Lily

      I guess they are still figuring it out themselves.

      • Anon

        Even when they have it figured out, they don’t actually have it figured out, though haha. Glee: consistency at its finest.

      • Rachel

        I thought Blaine was older than Kurt because he had already had his prom. Remember his been there done that attitude?

      • @Rachel

        He didn’t have a prom…It was a Sadie Hawkins Dance.

    • Laura

      They really do need to figure it out, but I hope they don’t suddenly decide to go with the idea of him being a year younger.I really can’t buy him as younger than Kurt.

    • Ash

      They supposedly retconned Kurt, actually. He’s *supposed* to be a junior in season 3…They’ve just really messed with the age thing for all the characters…

      • Lily

        And Kurt went to his “junior prom” in Prom Queen ??

  • Kim

    I am wondering who out of the “Glee Project” kids can stand up against Sue. Like Cameron, Hannah, even McKinleigh, you want to hug… The only one I want to do anything to is Samuel, and I want to treat his freakin’ infected nose ring. Drives me nuts.

    • Lily

      Yeah Samuel or the country singing girl…

      • Lily

        ok the country singing girl is adorable as you said… so adorable it will get on Sue’s nerves ..

    • leslie

      The infected nose ring makes me sick to look at!! I wish they would shoot him from his right side instead!!

    • smani

      It has to be Cameron, Marissa, or Hannah. You know how Sue feels about Gingers.

  • Lily

    Two new female characters casted ? So the winner of the Glee project should be male…

    • Captain

      That’s what I’m thinking. I can’t see them adding three girls. So much for Marissa I guess (I really wanted her to win) and Lindsay was incredibly talented as well. If it has to be a guy, I hope it’s Samuel or Cameron.

    • Portia

      Although, I found it intriguing that, after mentioning the Glee Project winner, he said he would be also be hiring two “OTHER” females, which implied the Glee Project winner was also a female. Hmm…time will tell I guess.

      • RR

        “Other” doesn’t have to refer to the project winner. It could refer to the already existing cast.

        For example:
        I have 30 dogs. Yesterday, I bought a cat and two other dogs. <– See the use of "other"?

      • Ash

        lol. Actually @RR, your use of “other” goes with their point, as opposed to proving it wrong, as you only used “other” in reference to what you have already.

      • Lily

        Wow… so much estrogen…

      • Jessica

        Fail @Ash. You totally missed the point.

    • liza

      I’m hoping for a guy to win (lookin’ at ye, Damian), and I’m sure I’m overthinking this, but…I’m hung up on Ryan’s description of casting “two other females”…of course it could just be referring to other females in addition to Lea, etc. But the positioning…I definitely read that line a few times – partially in a desperate search for clues, though!

      • jojo

        That’s how I read it too. I was hoping for a Cameron win, but for some reason I can see Lindsay, Hannah, and McKynleigh being hated by Sue for various reasons, even though Cameron and Emily are clearly the best.

  • Brit

    Well, I had hoped they could return to season 1 form this year, but sounds like this show will keep going down the drain.

  • Jade

    I really want a Kurt/Blaine/Rachel spinoff series in New York.

    • Sammy D

      I hope that happens too! It would be awesome!

    • K

      This is what I want as well. Let Kurt and Blaine both graduate at the same time so they can go to New York with Rachel.

  • Flip

    EW, you should have asked him why he FIRED Jessalyn Gilsig.

    • Ann

      Her character didn’t really fit anymore after the divorce. There’s no use tying that talented actress to do small cameos every fifth episode. It’s better for her to leave the show and get a better gig on tv elsewhere.

    • jay

      yea and her name sounds dirty in like 47 different ways… i dont think there’s any bad blood between her and murphy. im sure she’ll pop up again for a Glee special appearance or in another one of his projects.

      • Flip

        He should have given her the lead on American Horror Story as a “thank you” for being misused on Glee for the last season and a half.

    • Captain

      Ryan clearly loves her since he cast her in both Nip/Tuck and Glee, I doubt he would have let her go unless he genuinely felt her talents were best suited somewhere else. After the divorce, he really had no idea what to do with her. Those misguided guest stints were painful to watch because they wasted her amazing talent and comedic timing on stupid little half-revenge plots that never really went anywhere. It would have been much better if Terri and Sue shared the role of main villains last season. That way, Sue’s attempts to destroy the Glee club could have been spaced out instead of a new one every, single episode.

      • alan of montreal

        I’m name dropping here, but having (assistant) stage managed her in a play in university in Montreal, I can say without a doubt that she can sing, so I’m surprised they never took advantage of that on Glee (or for that matter, the fact that both Victor Garber and Debra Monk, two Broadway musical and multi-Tony nominated veterans, were both wasted as Will’s parents)

    • Anya

      I’m pretty sure she had her own projects to work on, and it wasn’t like Glee was really giving her anything to do. So I don’t think he fired her. In fact I think they’re friends, wasn’t she in Nip/Tuck too?

      • Flip

        She was indeed fired.

  • Anon

    Next year, we’re gonna find out it was all Mr. Schue’s dream.

    • Lily

      And Mr Schue said… what a nightmare…So many mistakes made…Let’s do auditions again and start new…

  • Erik

    I hope Karofsky gets a HUGE storyline in season. He’s such an interesting character and is the voice of millions of scaared closted kids in America.

    • rose

      lol, sorry to burst your bubble but knowing rib, karoksky will most probably get the “beth/shelby” treatment rather than have an expanded role, considering s3 is the last season for majority of the regular cast + new additions. plus, i think they want to leave the whole bullying storyline behind =P

      • What?

        they should have wrapped that up and let him graduate. He is the one with a bald spot that Ryan is always going on about.

  • Laney

    I’m hoping the tribute episode will be dedicated to Janet Jackson. She’s usually pretty tight with her music rights, so I could see it taking 2 years to convince her. I’m still hoping they change their minds and follow the original cast into college.

    • GOB

      Janet was my first thought too. Tons of great options there.

    • Kevin

      The tribute episode is Bruce Springsteen

  • Matt

    When does the next season of FNL start

  • What?

    So getting rid of their two best kid actors and singers in Lea and Chris and keeping 3 mediocre actors and singers with Chord, Darren (good singer, blah actor) and Heather? …ok Ryan.

    • Sammy D

      That’s what I’m thinking. Why get rid of your hit cast on your hit show? It’s #1 for a reason, and they really have a big part in it…

      • Rachel

        Yeah why get rid of your Golden Globe winner?

      • Maddie

        Well, they had to get trid of them! They arent going to keep the characters on here forever, it too unrealistic; and then the show would just start getting old!!
        & i wished cameron didnt choose to leave the glee project….):

    • Tom

      Chord is not a medicore singer by any means. They can’t keep the cast in high school forever. Get over it.

    • Amy

      @What? It’s funny that you say that since Darren actually majored in acting and considers himself an actor before a singer.

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