Busted! Fox's 'MasterChef' faked crowd scene -- PHOTO


Fox’s MasterChef cooked up a hilarious blunder by doctoring a scene that shows hordes of people trying out for the show.

In the opening sequence of Gordon Ramsay’s latest cooking competition, there’s an American Idol-style shot of an excited crowd waiting to audition. The voiceover claims “thousands upon thousands lined up” to try out for the show’s second season.

Except if you look closely, producers replicated portions of the crowd to make the group appear larger than it really was. Here’s a screen shot and an exclusive response from the producers, below. Notice the circled areas show the same clusters of people used twice (including a very obvious woman in a bright orange hoodie):


The shot was first posted on Reddit when a sharp-eyed viewer noticed the doctored footage at the start of Monday’s fifth episode, then was called out by Reality Blurred.

Reveille Productions, who produce the show along with Shine TV, told EW in a statement: “We have reviewed the footage and it’s clear that the scene was enhanced in post-production. We sincerely apologize to our viewers and hope that they still enjoyed the show.”

A spokesperson says the shot will be not be used in future episodes, and the producers stand by the claim that thousands tried out for the show.

Here’s the shot included in the show’s premiere:

Insiders point out the fakery didn’t impact anything crucial to the competition — like the judging or the eliminations. And it’s not like viewers have set their expectations really high for reality show authenticity anyway. Now if only Photoshop could somehow double MasterChef‘s ratings…


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  • LOL

    Hilarious! Fox’s entertainment programming is as bad as their “news.”

    • Tom

      Who is going to waste their precious vacation time on being in a studio audience for a cooking show? Come on.

      • Captain

        It wasn’t the studio audience, it was the people trying out.

      • Alan

        FINALLY Entertainment Weekly mentions Masterchef! And it’s for something negative. This show has no recap, no Popwatch mentions, no “what’s on TV tonight” previews. For 2 years now, EW.Com has IGNORED the existence of this show, which is a GREAT SHOW BTW. So if it takes something negative to get Ew.com to finally mention Masterchef in an article, great

      • DJ

        Wow a crowd scene. At least it’s not like corrupt NBC and the exploding truck or their Christian and American bashing pledge. Taking Americana sports to spread leftist propaganda, while not paying net taxes on 5 billion profit. That’s NBC/GE.

      • Robo

        Reality shows are conservative by nature and exploded on the scene due t a hunger for reality shows after so much fantasy garbage produced by liberals. Say, Ben Shapiro reminds us that the blacklisting of non-liberal actors by Hollywood liberals is going strong.

      • DvM

        @ Alan, I don’t think EW likes Gordon Ramsey, or certainly not Hell’s Kitchen anyway.

    • Sam J

      Anything and everything with name FOX is a lie. Except football and the fuury little animal.

      • Bob Moboley

        Everything except the expose about how the moon landings were fake, right? And the alien autopsy show of course, that was a fair and balanced examination of the evidence, right? I don’t trust the liberal media but I believe everything I see on Fox!

      • Cece Fraschetti

        Unlike the rest of them. They are as pure as the dirven snow.

      • rscott

        Go pound sand you idiot.

      • Deborah Gold

        You actually believe what they say on the Commie News Network (CNN)?

      • flip

        Remember, Sam, all absolutes are always false.

      • Jim Watson

        Since “everything” they say is a lie please give us just one, specific example of a lie told on Fox news. Just one. You won’t be able to do it because you just repeat the same tired crap that all liberals say.

      • Rowdy Boots

        You Idiot!

        Typical response from a Lib Moron who, when it is a Lib Liar in question, plays every cheap excuse to isolate that person, but when a Conservative person or group, plays the “…see? they are all the same…” card.


      • Doc

        Can you give one example with a back up resource about one lie from Fox new, Oriely, Beck, or Hannity. Every time someone ask one of you guys give one lie you can’t come up with anything and just look stupid on camera trying to dodge the question. And you will dodge this one as well.

      • Johnny C

        Flip, does that statement include your own statement? “all absolutes are always false”

      • Suzy

        FOX News has freed me and millions of other people from having to listen to the brilliant psuedo intellectual journalists who want to “shape” my views and control our world. I worked in TV News for years, and I saw the slant firsthand.

      • Buckwheat922

        Typical Liberal…If they believe 2+2=5 no matter how many ways you prove to them it’s 4, they will still say it’s 5…..I love liberals.

      • Sam J

        USC did a study of 1,000 registered repubs and 1,000 registered dems IQ’s. Each test subject made no more than the national average in annual income ($52,000 or so), and the results were no surprise to me. Dems average IQ: 109 Repubs:100 Further testing revealed that the higher the repubs income, the higher the IQ. Conservative politics favor the rich, liberal politics favor the people.

      • Sam J

        I am a liberal and I have to be honest, it is the liberal way. Look at the time of the above post and this one. You see, minutes apart right? The above post is a joke. HA! Did any repblicans believe it? Be honest. I am, I lied.

      • Joe E

        fox news viewers are consistently shown to be more misinformed than others, more likely to believe falsehoods than others who do not regularly follow the channel. i believe all mainstream media followers are misinformed and subjected to some form of political bias, but fox is by far the worst.

      • Tim

        Typical Kool-aid drinker. Can give ONE instance where Fox News has lied?

      • Joe E

        In an April 2009, the Fox News show America’s Newsroom made the claim that Obama’s $3.6 trillion budget is 4x bigger than Bush’s costliest plan. This isn’t true at all. Bush’s budgets for 2009 and 2008 were $3.1 and $2.9 trillion respectively. Keep in mind, Fox News lives in an age where even a second grader could access this information in about 20 seconds.

        Fox News and the New York Post reported completely unsubstantiated rumors that Obama was raised in a Muslim madrasah. Naturally the story turned out to be a half-truth that Fox News used to its advantage.

      • Halucination

        @Tim….check out the last two minutes of the video link I posted above. There are many examples of faux news lies.

      • Joe E

        When the false “death panel” rumors started in August of 2009, Fox News reported on a supposed, “death book” by the Veterans Health Administration. In liu of actual reporting, they fanned the death panel flames by promoting a number of falsehoods that would have been cleared up had they actually read the thing.

        When the 9/12 Tea Party march on DC was being reported by Fox News, the numbers they were parroting were massive: 1.5 million, maybe 1.7 million. In fact, other news organizations were putting the number between 60,000 and 70,000.

      • Halucination


      • Joe E is a Retard

        Joe E, you’re a typical liberal r e t a r d. Fox news has never reported that Obama’s budget is 4x greater that Bush’s. They have reported that Obama’s biggest annual budget deficit is $1.4T (and growing) is more than 4x Bush’s largest annual budget deficit which is somewhere in the $400B range. You obviously don’t understand the difference.

      • vaporland

        and The Simpsons and Futurama

      • Sam M

        Funny that when Sam responded it was in a way to slam and not face the facts. He says he did this as a test…….. Then he comes up with a fake IQ study and not sighting a single link to back him up. Just another lib, enough said.

      • Feech LaManna

        Correct. If you’re a brain-dead, Kool Aid guzzling liberal, this is how you perceive things. Good luck with your false God, Obama.

      • @Sam M

        Sam J here. My 12:40 post is a JOKE!!! Or a test to see if the reader believed it. I admitted it and laughed at the republican reader below at 12:44PM. The second post 4 minutes later PROVE it was a joke above. I do not lie. Liberals are smart AND funny. HA HA HA !!!

      • Jake Lockley

        Except this had nothing to do with FOX, it was the production company that made the show. Fox Broadcasting Company just airs the show on their TV network.

      • sergeant343

        An example of a Fox News lie you say? Back in 2007 Fox News did a story over a video game called Mass Effect and said the game had full frontal nudity, but the game did not have full frontal nudity in it. That is all I can think of off the top of my head, for the other cases are just cases of partial truths. Hannity is an admitted “Conservative,” Beck falls into the right wing as well, each time Sarah Palin appears on the channel she gets asked only soft-ball questions(Glen Beck – Palin interview). All media is biased however one way or the other and if you don’t believe that, then well there is no hope for your ignorance. Fox News is the Neocon equivalent the the Liberal MSNBC, and the only person who I trust on that channel is John Stossel. The only news agency that has little bias is CSPAN.

      • Fester

        Statistics show that 87.25% of statistics are made up on the spot. Or you can do like mi kid, just say it three times and it becomes true. I am afraid your rose colored glasses are opaque, dude.

      • ha’Navi

        SamJ are you really trying to argue that liberals have a higher IQ and are therefore “smarter?” you know that an IQ just measures your capacity to learn, not how smart you actually are, right? and liberalism does not favor the people, it is designed to control them. go read some of karl marx’s poetry. you’re a buffoon.

      • raingod

        I see the right wing retards are out in force and off their meds.

      • Mac Arthy

        Joe, you are an absolutely moron. Studies show that FoxNews viewerss are MORE informed. The trick is, you dumb clucks on the left are too dense to see it. When this last round of “Fox viewers believes this dumb list,” came out a few months ago, we laughed at how you and all your idiot friends in the media reported things that were supposed “untrue” that were in fact true. You are clueless.

        And btw, the death panels are in the health bill. One of your heros, Chuck Schumer, referenced them on May 29. Another one of your heros, Paul Krugman, wrote a column talking about why they are necessary and should be KEPT in the bill just a few months ago.

        Pick up a newspaper and stay away from the blogs and learn something.

      • Kip Noxzema

        All you MessNBC viewers do nothing but watch TV and collect government checks.

        Fox doesn’t need you, anyway.

      • Sam J

        @Mac Arthy

        Rationing? Schumer wants to give the priority to those that have the best chance at life. In emergency rooms the patient in most need of care goes first, OR the patient that has the best chance to live. I received a heart transplant at age 28 and it will average 14 years before my body rejects it. USC University hospital will not give me another. Children who receive heart transplants will “out grow” their new hearts in an average of 14 years so they will get a new one as adults. At 42 in the year 2022, if I reject my new heart, I am out of luck. This is more than fair.

      • marty porter

        Hows that kool-aid

    • Jerry

      Wow, still peddling your anti-fox news agenda. Pretty pathetic LOL.

      • Bill O’Reilly

        The only thing REALLY pathetic is the Fox New Channel itself. Opps…wonder if I’ll get fired for that. Hey, it’s not like I called Murdoch Hitler or anything. Now, where did that staff we hired from World Weekly News put my latest script…

      • Rob

        What’s worse is the Faux Fox News AGENDA. Love how you conservatives throw that word around. Any tough question is regarded as a ‘gotcha’ moment, even though…and I laugh heavily here…said tough question could be about what you read for information…but I digress. Fox News is full of smirking Stepford Blond anchors who preach the gospel of Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes on a daily basis. Bill O’Reilly would have NEVER had on Lupe Fiasco but once Fiasco was quoted as being critical of Obama…guess whose show he was booked on? No, that’s NOT a gotcha question…sheesh. Fox News devoted more airtime (and was pretty much the only network that was so outraged) by Common performing at the White House. No mention of former Republican presidents who had um…er…questionable ‘talent’ perform. Again, I digress. Hey, if you love your Fox News, good for you. Just don’t be surprised when you find out how scripted…or photoshopped it is.

      • sam

        why is it that facts have a fox news bias?? food for thought

      • D.

        Rob, your response is a typical liberal response. “No mention of former Republican presidents who had um…er…questionable ‘talent’ perform.” Yet not one example of someone in particular you found offensive from past Republicans.

      • jlburdge

        I”m pretty sure SamJ has a signed pic of Obama hanging over his bed, and another of Hillery in his bathroom. What a guy.

      • your daddy

        Fox is fair, but they do lean to the right, which is ok because it provides BALANCE to the hard left lean of all the other news media. Libs always act like Fox is out there way to the right and all other news media is just straight up the middle. LMFAO

      • Jen

        Rob: O’Reilly had on Fiasco because he’s a rapper who trashed Obama and that’s unusual. THAT’s why he had him on. It’s news. It was also covered on other news outlets and on the internet. Because O’Reilly covers it it’s wrong? Also, in typical lib fashion you state Republicans had “questionable” talent at the White House without giving one example. Give us ONE example of a questionable entertainer at the White House under a Republican president. Just one. Didn’t think so… (sigh… so sick of libs. So, so sick of libs…_

      • Whawhawha

        @jen, ill give ya 2 examples easy e and ted nugent.

      • vaporland

        @D, well we have the right-wing paragon Reagan whose wife regularly consulted with astrologers to advise him on policy and strategy

    • ObserverMI

      “Hilarious! Fox’s entertainment programming is as bad as their “news.”

      Obviously you rely on false talking points, going along with the sheep instead of diligent facts.
      If you research, you’ll find the Fox News has not only the most trusted and accurate hosts, yet also the most accurate ‘fact based’ news from ‘all’ other tv news.

      Be intellectually honest would ya? It not only stinks up the place, it does us all as a whole a disservice.

      • OHIO

        Those who poke at Fox are you smart enough to know their is a FOX entertainment Dept and a FOX news Dept? Bet you think they are one and the same. I do ask what mention of Bill O having -All The good RAP names were gone so I made this one up- Lupe Fiasco on, when he states ALL the Presidents we have had or will have are terrorist and should be arrested for crimes. It just good TV to show stupid people like him and to show they really are out for your money. BUT HOW does that remark about Billy O and Ramsal Cooking Show, have in common? I watch CBS and enjoy NCIS< BUT I know friends who work for NCIS and the REAL NCIS is not a thing like the TV Show,. YET many want to blast FOX for a Cooking Show and say it is the same as FOX NEWS? Please. May as well say NCIS and CBS news are one and the same.. I would love to have those who blast away at FOX, watch them from 9 am to 11pm. mark down how many liberals they have on to talk and discuss something, then watch CNN or MSNBC or HLN or CNBC and see how many Conservate Republicans they have on in a day. You would be amazed to see FOX news has more LiberalDems on then the others have Conservate Rep. BUT that is OK. We know you real liberasl are concern what you watch on TV.. I mean you watch Realitiy TV.. BTW The Bachelorette Ms Ashely, picks JP over Ben F.. Ooops guess you Liberal dems will have to turn on American Pickers or Pawn Stars now for your news.

      • STP

        I guess they are starting to learn from the democratic machine. Now maybe the demoncrats should then from Fox…then maybe someone would listen

    • Griff

      Spoken like most misguided left-wing, Nut Roots critics who have never watched Fox News.


        I’ve watched fox “news” plenty of times and they most certainly are extremely biased and no, I am NOT a liberal.They hate all democrats and love all republicans.

      • evoval

        Love all republicans??? Is that why FOX had fake boo’s when Ron Paul won CPAC.
        They love their masters and their not Rep or Dem. it’s all a dog and pony show and your falling for it sucker.

    • hillcoguy

      Reveille Productions, who produce the show along with Shine TV, told EW in a statement: “We have reviewed the footage and it’s clear that the scene was enhanced
      So Fox isn’t mentioned as the producer of the gaffe……AND Fox News is an entirely different entity from Fox entertainment, BUT you see what YOU WANT to see. ;o)

      • Ms. Dipesto

        I was thinking the exact same thing! How does a reality cooking show on Fox have ANYTHING to do with Fox News??

    • schoendog

      …says the sheople that follow the Big Ears Lame Stream Media

    • liberals suck

      Maybe you should watch their news. you may learn something. while you’re at it pull your head out of the liberals a$$ next to you.

    • Kramer

      Spoken like a true uneducated liberal.

    • Dave Eske

      How could you possibly know? Wing nuts are real, and boring, reality shows are entertainment…hopefully.

    • TMA1

      Justtrying to capture thr Commie NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBD and The View Crowd by using thier own tactics.
      So why are you being smug? Or did I miss something?

    • scott gravitt

      No, the hilarious thing about this story is how you think ‘Fox News’ is bad…. You must be a “typical lib”..lol

    • nitwitpatrol

      Fox News isn’t meant as entertainment?

    • Bob

      Why would you say that? Fox News is actually pretty reliable compared to the other news networks. As long as they have Napolitano they are A okay in my book.

    • laurie

      you nuts …………

      • laurie


    • Alan

      FINALLY Entertainment Weekly mentions Masterchef! And it’s for something negative. This show has no recap, no Popwatch mentions, no “what’s on TV tonight” previews. For 2 years now, EW.Com has IGNORED the existence of this show, which is a GREAT SHOW BTW. So if it takes something negative to get Ew.com to finally mention Masterchef in an article, great!

    • jlburdge

      Compairing fox news with a fox cooking show is like compairing msnbc morning Joe with the Ed show. Get a life, libs…..

      • 3reddogs

        While we’re all out getting a life, why don’t you learn now to spell “compair”? (It’s “compare”, Einstein.)

    • John

      1) Its a reality TV show. At what point did you think that reality TV was real?
      2) As soon as you can point to Fox News faking a photo, you’ll have a point.
      On the other hand we DO have CBS news (via 60 minutes) passing on a faked National Guard memo that their experts said was fake.

      • Nate

        I’m not sure about a photo, but Fox News has shown fake videos before, one that showed “thousands” of people turning up at a Tea Party rally (which was false) and edited a video montage for Sarah Palins’ show that made it appear as though she had interviewed LL Cool J, when, in fact, she did not. And – as a side note – instead of issuing an apology for what simply could not have been an oversight but was purposefully orchestrated as a lie to the viewers, Fox News instead took it as an opportunity to bash the rappers’ career.

        Also, although I am not accusing you of doing this, John, I love when I see conservatives turn out on these message boards and use the same phrases over and over, like “typical liberal” and something or another with “drinking the Kool Aid.” It reminds me of arguing with a middle school kid.

    • ffdgs

      Yet it’s still better than CNN and MSNBC… Ha ha don’t that beat all?

    • malachi

      the news is the news you moron! go drink your moveon.org punch

    • mort_rules

      Okay, I will put you down as not a fan of The Simpsons.

    • Blue State Disgust

      Hey, stunned one, your cheap shot of Fox News comes up short when on CBS, NBC & ABC, they not only fake their own ‘reality’ shows, they fake the news and fall for phony websites (hello Rachel Maddow). Now, in the infamous words of MSNBC, ‘lean forward and bend over.’

    • RLA Bruce

      I don’t believe “Survivor” contestants only lived off the land, either. ALL so-called “reality” shows are anything but.

    • Kip Noxzema

      I guess you ignored the fact that Reveille Entertainment produced the show, not Fox.

      But you’re probably a MessNBC fan, where all you do is cry and whine. I don’t think you want to compare ratings between Fox and Mess.

      You’d lose every time.

    • john valentine

      Agreed. The “news” on MSNBC is so much more accurate and less biased.

    • Robo

      Fox News is pretty much the best news out there. Easily surpasses any other news channel.

    • Russ

      You must be a liberal democrap!

    • Rush

      Misread the title and thought this was about Halo 4.

  • The Mormon Kid From South Park


  • daisyj

    According to someone I know who was on the first season, a lot of the action was faked too. Like, there would be a big white X on the floor in front of the station where one of the more colorful contestants was working, and all of the cameras would gather around him, and then– shockingly!– he would have a sudden and totally unexpected disaster with his dish. But I’m sure that didn’t have anything to do with the outcome either.

    • hillcoguy

      It’s been clearly explained, by the producers and cast, that clashes, and errors are exaggerated for entertainment purposes. Just remember child, IT’S SHOW BUSINESS! NOTHING ELSE! How dramatic can a boiled chicken souffle’ be?

  • Wayne

    Oh please all reality shows and I do mean ALL reality shows are fake. They just got caught.

    • matt

      They’re not “fake,” well not all of them, but are for sure manipulated to some degree (some more than others).

    • hillcoguy

      The cooking is real, all else is as real as a “RASSELIN” match.

  • Melissa

    I don’t care, I enjoy MasterChef.

  • Em

    I’m more bothered by their response to the fake footage. It was basically “We saw it…so don’t forget to watch us next time…” I hate reality shows.

  • ellenbuddle

    What’s more likely than them lying about thousands auditioning, is that they couldn’t find crowd shots without gaps in them and thought they looked a bit feeble, so doctored them to make the scene look busier. Though if they couldn’t find a decent image they should have just ditched mention of crowds at all.

  • DGH

    We can file this under: Who frikin cares most reality shows are shot for shock value. Like when they show a couple laying in bed getting ready for bed then they turn the light off while the camera is still in the room. Are we to believe the film crew exits the dark room and the couple falls asleep?

  • pbev7

    The very idea of being in the same kitchen with Gordon Ramsey makes my skin crawl. Eww!

    The Faux Channel, keeping it real.

    • Squishmar

      I love Gordon Ramsay! I’d be in the kitchen or any room with him…;)

  • Heidi

    While I enjoy the show, it’s nothing compaired to the Australian version. It’s a million times better.

    • My son is also named Bort

      I do like how they travel round the world.

    • zee

      Too true – excellent and people you can root for, very emotional as well – hope you’re watching the current season?

  • Dan Uff

    I don’t care. As for ratings, maybe the writer of this article should take a 2nd look at them, as this show was #1 last and this week?

  • Jennifer

    I am furious after watching the cafeteria challenge, particularily at Gordon Ramsey who I greatly admire. Fox and all of you Chef/Judges stood by and said NOTHING while an “Chef Max” who obviously has no knowledge of safe food handling practices could have potentailly killed someone who ate the blue team’s burgers.

    Not only did Max justify using a dirty tray to transport partially cooked meat to the food line by saying “It’s just cafeteria food…” (can you say ecoli or salmonella), he put the partially cooked meat on a tray covered in NUTS. FOX AND MASTER CHEF COULD HAVE KILLED SOMEONE if the meat had been eaten by someone with a NUT ALLERGY!!!! Max needs to take a course in food handlng safety before he is allowed to serve anyone else again!

    I AM FURIOUS that the all the professional chefs, including Goron Ramsey, said NOTHING to this contestant about this potentially lethal serious of errors, esecially when Ramsey appears to be absolutely fanatically on his other cooking programs about potential allergy issues and the safe storage, preparation and handling of raw meats and produce in his kitchens.

    • Morgan

      Actually, while they may not have made a point about the bad food handling (i.e., why it was unsafe), Chef Ramsey made the Blue Team throw away all those burgers that Max brought out on the dirty cookie sheet.

      • Robin

        You beat me to it Morgan. Ramsay reamed Max for that stupid move. Personally, I think he should have been kicked off of the show for that move, but, ratings ratings ratings… he still exists so the the viewers will continue to despise the sniveling little creep that he is, who thinks that he walks on water. Thereby creating some emotion, even if it is negative emotion, toward the contestants.

    • Bob

      Um, I think that if someone can die just by eating nuts, they need to be weeded from the gene pool anyway.

  • Amber

    I absolutely LOVE MasterChef and can’t wait to see the rest of the season, but I agree that Max has to go!! He is the most arrogant one on the show and to boast that you’ve been to several of “the highest rated restaurants ever” is admitting that there’s a silver spoon in his mouth. He needs to take that silver spoon and stick it where the sun don’t shine, especially with the cafeteria challenge mistake that he made. He should have been sent home on the spot for his stupidity, especially saying that “it’s just cafeteria food.” He needs waaay more experience handling a kitchen than he has now. SEND HIM HOME!!

    • Bigmouth

      Unfortunately, everything you’ve said makes him more desirable to the producers. American Psycho is reality gold!

      • zee

        lol omg just gave me the heebie-jeebies. He is very creepy though…

  • thebitterlady

    Reality t.v. is a way to get rich without being very creative and or talented.They get rich because so many people dont ask for much when it comes to entertainment.

  • Tamarac Tim

    American Idol and America’s Got Talent have been photoshopping their crowds for years. Idol claims that 10,000 people go to auditions. But it’s really only 2,000 — the rest are family and friends.

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