'Pretty Little Liars': Will we find out who 'A' is this season? We have your answer!


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The second episode of Pretty Little Liars‘ already rapturously juicy second season aired last night, and it seems that we’re no closer to figuring out the series’ central mystery concerning the identity of the elusive “A,” the mysterious “shim” that has been terrorizing the foursome at the center of the show via text and email since it launched last summer.

Such a drawn-out mystery begs the bigger questions: Just when can we expect to learn who “A” is? Will we ever? Could it possibly be this season? EW talked to series creator Marlene King and executive producer Oliver Goldstick, who both dished on when they think that the identity of “A” will come out. Read on for all those details.

The short answer about when we’ll learn about the identity of “A” is: not anytime soon, and definitely not this season.

“I don’t think you’re going to find out until the very last episode of the show,” admits King, who adds that she “pretty much knows” the ending of the series. “In the books, there is more than one ‘A.’ There’s an ‘A,’ and there becomes a second ‘A, so you never know.”

Adds Goldstick: “It’s going to be pretty hard to move past that.”

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  • D.

    I’m okay with not knowing who “A” is until the final episode of the series (if that’s what is going to happen.) While the mystery of who “A” is is tantalizing, I continue to watch the show for the dynamics between the various characters. “A” has almost become an after-thought (for me) compared to the characters themselves. Unfortunately, “A” IS the common thread that links everything together, so at some point, I would like to know…even if it means the show is over.

    • shannon starr

      i want to know now.

      • Mya aka ezra lover

        Ikr same!!

      • JADA


    • CS

      My sister and I have come up with a theory – A is 2 people – Aria and Aria’s brother. A has to be 1 of the 4 main characters because she knows exactly what is going on in each girl’s life, and she needs a partner because she does not have the time to text/follow them around when they are alone. Aria is the only one who has had exactly what she wanted to happen around her despite A (she has a relationship with Fitz, has Fitz take her on public dates, makes Fitz agree to make their relationship public, and leads Jason on till she can look at Allison’s box). And her brother is doing the dirty work for her by breaking into people’s homes and looking for additional evidence. Jason, Ian and the cop were witnesses to Allison’s murder and captured her murderer on video – that’s why Ian is dead, Jason has lost his memory, and the cop is likely being blackmailed. We think the murderer ultimately is Aria’s mom, whose action has forced both of her kids to become A and alternate between disclosing murder’s details and keeping murder a secret. Aria’s mom also moved away for a year after Allison died, was unable to stay with her husband when she came back, and is trying to keep a close watch on her kids. Aria’s mom killed Allyson because she discovered Allyson’s relationship with Aria’s dad.

      • Lauren

        That cant be because when Aria’s alone, she gets texts too

      • JAckie

        Okay so here is the real a…. Allison has a twin sister that was in a mental hospital and she escaped and killed Allison.

      • cookie

        well that’s what i was thinking too! could very well be Aria ( even considering the fact that her name starts with A ) but it could also be Mellisa! If it’s Aria then I’m assuming that Ezra would be in with her on it! He was also probably a part of that “we see all” club thing! because in the latest halloween episode they show him.. (aria runs into him )

  • d.wolf

    What happens if the show ends before for the end? Will we still learn who ”A” is? I’m ok with not knowing to that way you never really trust anyone one.

    • Hoshiko

      I love how no one can trust ABC with ending a perfect show the right way. The last show i got into from ABC was cancelled with a cliffhanger, they cant do that with PLL.

      • shannon starr

        i know. that would be so mean. because i need to know who “A” is.

  • Reina

    I wish they didn’t come out and say that. That is a big part of what keeps me watching. “Will we get a clue this week?”

    But no. No we won’t. Because this show is about all the contrived obstacles they can throw in the way of he endgame. I still love it though. I just hope they don’t muddle up the story too much by the time they get to end. But every show does that. Alas, there is no avoiding it.

    • shannon starr

      they better say who ‘A” is.

  • meah

    love this show,i’ll watch it till its last episode….i dont even wanna know who A is yet…love aria/ezra and hanna/caleb..#pllstan

    • shannon starr

      you forgot em/blond girl and spencer/toby.

    • shannon starr

      you forgot em/blond girl and spencer/toby

  • Dort

    I don’t care about “A” identity. Unless it turns out that “A” killed Allison. My money is on Melissa as the killer. Ian wasn’t covering up for himself, he was helping Melissa. Jason worries me also. So many twists, makes my head spin. Buy I’m hooked, can’t stop watching.

    • Flip

      I’m not so sure Alison is even dead…

      • Kaitlyn

        Aly isn’t dead. You have to catch the hints in the show.

      • FYI

        But that CAN’T be Mona

    • Slang

      I totally agree that it’s Melissa! Last night REALLY convinced me!

      • Theresa

        I started thinking it was Melissa when the lady said that the bracelet was ordered by Spencer.

        Melissa found out that Ian was banging Alison, so she got really pissed. Then when Ali left the barn to bang Ian, Melissa walking in on them and killed Ali.

        Ian is covering for Melissa. The reason why Ian doesn’t want the videos to be seen is because
        1.) Everyone would know that Ian was with a kid
        2.) Ian and Melissa were together at the time, and if people found out that Ian cheated on Melissa with a Alison, Melissa would instantly become a POI. Melissa is weak, and would confess, and Ian doesn’t want that.

        I know how the Criminal Justice System works.

      • Rachel

        That makes a lot of sense! Also explains why Spencer is the one being framed, cause Spencer was also with Ian but if Melissa knew about the videos why would she still marry him? So he wouldn’t snitch?

    • liza

      Ah! THAT’S why Ian said “I’m doing this BECAUSE I love your sister” to Spencer at the end of last season! I neverrr thought of him covering up for Melissa.

      • shannon starr

        i think he tryed to kill spencer because melissa knew about him and alison and killed alison and ian is trying to spencer because he does not what her to tell melissa about there kiss and i think melissa is “A” and “A” (witch i think is melissa) pushed ian out of the way and killed him because she knows about him and alison and then wrote the suicide note so no one knew it was her who killed alison.

      • Taylor

        But Melissa was looking at Ian’s dead body WHILE “A” slipped Ian’s phone into Spencer’s purse.

      • A

        Alison’s murderer and A might be different. That would explain the suicide note. If A had killed Alison, why would A show the girls that the note is fake?
        I think Melissa is Alison’s killer… but not A.

    • shannon starr

      omg i never thought of that. so juicey

      • BabyGirl

        Mona is A.

      • FYI

        But it can’t be Mona

    • shannon starr

      omg i never thought of that. so juicey.

    • Maureen Brentley

      these are my exact thoughts. i think that ian was covering for melissa. my theory is that: when the video of a was made, melissa followed them up to where the video was made, and out of jealousy she killed allison after ian left.then since she was dead, he just settled with melissa and helped her cover for what she did.

  • saint of E. 69th st.


    • shannon starr


  • Flip

    They should reveal “A” to the audience and then maybe do a season where the audience knows but the characters don’t. And when that story climaxes, they can do what the books did and bring in a new “A”.

    I have not read the books, but my money is on Mona being “A”. If I’m wrong I’ll be disappointed.

    • Taylor Adams

      I agree, I think Mona is atleast one of the “A”s. She is too sneaky and always seems to know everything that is going on.

  • skullcapcomix

    I already know who ‘A’ is…. if the series runs like the books, then we should find out in the ‘last’ season towards the end. It is REALLY, REALLY lame though, just to warn you….

    Also, Flip, you WILL be disappointed.

    • Sara

      They have said a million times the show is different from the books.

      • Justin

        but if you observe the behavior of the person who’s A in the books on the show after you know it’s them, it’s pretty obvious they’re not changing that bit.

      • Flip

        Yes, but if they change the identity of “A” there will be a fan uproar. “A” will be the character from the books but probably with a twist.

    • Ashley.Denn…

      IT IS NOT LAMME I read the last book and it was so interesting to me!! i couldnt stop reading the book! nad the show is not lame either it’s soooo cool and sooo mysterious!

      • Dancer

        Yeah I thought the end was sooo clever!!!!

    • shannon starr

      it is not like the books

  • John K

    Well, there is a story series synopsis on Wikipedia, for those who want a clue regarding where the show might go in the future. As Marlene King said, in the book series, there was more than one A, but not at the same time.

    Also, if Allison is not dead, how can they reconcile the show to the authorities finding her body? Wikipedia provides some possible clues…

    • Flip

      They found *a* body, but how can we truly be sure it was Alison’s? What if “A” or the killer has a police connection and they identified another body?

  • Reed

    Unless everyone in town “A” or “A” is supernatural, no answer will be satisfying to me. No one person could be “A”. Not with “A” being freaking everywhere. Not realistic at all.

  • Flip

    I have no proof of this, but my gut tells me “A” is two people: a girl/guy combo. The guy does the heavy lifting (i.e., moving Ian’s body), and the girl does the catty cyberstalking.

    • KBrain

      Jenna and the cop guy

  • Jon

    I have absolutely no problem about A not being revealed until the last episode. Know why? Because the writers/ABC family/producers/creators never promised us that we were going to know the identity of A during the first, second, third seasons etc.

    Take that, “THE KILLING!”

  • Jon

    I have absolutely no problem about A not being revealed until the last episode. Know why? Because the writers/ABC family/producers/creators never promised us that we were going to know the identity of A during the first, second, third seasons etc.
    Take that, “THE KILLING!”

    • Carrie Ann

      The producers of “The Killing” never made a promise, either, so I’m not sure what your point is. Rosie’s killer was never meant to be revealed at the end of the first season. Apparently, we’ll find out early on in the second season.

      • Jon

        AMC did. Remember all those commercials going, “guess the killer online before the finale to see if your right!” yea. That was baisically saying “were gonna reveal the identity of the killer”, you know, even though they didn’t.

  • Ashley

    That sucks

  • barbii

    doesnt allison have a twin sister?

    • shannon starr

      yes and in the book she killed her twin to make it look like she was dead

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