Parvati from 'Survivor' dishes on her new show, beating up 'Big Brother' contestants, and whether she'll ever return to the island

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It’s not like Parvati Shallow is short on money, having already won over a million dollars courtesy of three appearances on Survivor (including winning Survivor: Micronesia). But that won’t stop the cheapskate from trying to travel the globe without paying a single penny. Starting on July 5th, she’ll be starring on’s Around the World For Free, taking over for previous host Jeff Schroeder (of Big Brother and Amazing Race fame). On the show, Parvati will spend 100 days on the road — with rides, shelter, and meals provided by viewers themselves. (She gets four free flights along the way to handle longer journeys.) Viewers will also help determine where Parvati goes next on her journey via an online interactive map at I talked with the Survivor champ/minx to get the lowdown on her latest adventure.

Okay, Parvati, tell me what the hell you’ve gotten yourself into this time.
Basically, this is my dream come true from the day I was born. I love more than anything in the world to travel, and meet people, and learn about different cultures. And being able to do that and meet people from incredibly remote places like shamans in the Amazon rain forest or Bushmen in the Kalahari Desert, I am so excited. It’s going to open up this whole new way of life for me and for everybody that’s watching the show.

How many boys do you plan to seduce on this trip?
[Laughs] At least one in every country.

That’s how you’ll get around for free, I suppose then. So this show used to be hosted by Jeff Schroeder from Big Brother. Does that mean you’re now taking his sloppy seconds?
I never watched Jeff on Big Brother. Big Brother to me, I find it to be a little less than exciting.

How diplomatic.
I definitely think I’m going to make this my own. I have a very strong personality and very strong opinions on the direction I want to take this show in. It’s going to be much more focused on adventure, culture, meeting people in more remote places. I know Jeff kind of trekked around big cities, and I want to be in the jungle, in more uncomfortable places where people aren’t given all the comforts that we have in America. I want to experience life.

So what you’re saying, basically, is that you’re tougher than Jeff Schroeder.
I’m definitely saying I’m tougher than Jeff Schroeder! And if he wants to have a boxing match to prove it, I am down for that.

Your fellow Survivor villains Russell and Boston Rob also have new shows coming out. Why should people watch yours instead of theirs?
Because I’m cooler. Because I beat both of them! Also, with this show, I’m the first girl to do it — to go out there and travel on her own with no money. Basically, I’m independent. I’m relying on myself to get from place to place but I’m also building this huge team behind me to support me on this journey. It’s very raw and very real time and very in the moment, and that’s where I excel.

On this show, you’re really dependent on the kindness of others. Who is the former Survivor contestant that would be least likely to help you?
I think, honestly, every Survivor contestant would help me because they all want to be back on TV.

Even Sugar Kiper?
Definitely Sugar! I was thinking maybe Jonny Fairplay, but I know he would want to be back on TV so he would help me for sure. He would send me someplace horrible, but even sending me somewhere horrible is still helping me.

How shamelessly are you going to be pimping your new Santa Monica spa/gym, ESP Wellness Center, throughout the course of the show?
You can expect ESP Wellness Center to throw up all over your face. It’s a huge part of the show. I’m leaving, essentially, my home, which is ESP, that I’ve spent the past year-and-a-half building with my blood sweat and tears — and I’m leaving it. It’s like my child. So I’m definitely going to be checking back in, finding out what’s going on in the studio, and how our clients are progressing.

You told me earlier this year you were done with Survivor and I said I didn’t believe it and that you’d return one more time. Where is your head at now as far as appearing on Survivor again at some point?
I definitely think every thing I’ve done in my life has prepared me for this show. I think competing on Survivor three times has prepared me for being able to do Around the World for Free. I think that I’m moving in a new direction and I’m pretty much closing the book on Survivor, but I’m taking those lessons that I learned from that experience with me as I move forward and take on this new challenge.

You’re full of it, Parvati. You’ll be back.
Never! Well, I don’t want to say never, because we all know what happens when I say that.

Follow Dalton on Twitter @EWDaltonRoss. And enjoy a classic clip below of Parvati and Russell arguing over who should have won Survivor: Heroes vs Villains.

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  • John

    Yes I’ll watch. Love Parv

    • John

      and im pretty sure she’ll be back in Survivor. Maybe on its last season.

      • KC

        She needs a reality show where she wears as little as possible. THAT’S her appeal.

      • dlipy

        She looks good in a bikini, no doubt. But unlike most of the models and “actresses” they cast on the show, she had brains as well.

      • Dave

        She can seduce me! I’d nail her 6 ways to sunday.

      • davey

        She can seduce me too – and I’m gay! Love ya Parv!

    • Karl

      YESSS!!! Parvati back on my TV!!! <3

  • John

    I think she’ll be back in Survivor. Maybe its last season

  • Tabitha

    Man really going to miss Jeff. I think Parv. is a little full of herself.

    • Lucy

      a little? she’s totally full of herself, I couldn’t even finish reading her praise

      • Grace

        Hmmm…I read it mostly as sarcasm.

    • Deb

      If this was her dream, now she can AFFORD to do it…so why doesn’t she share the wealth with someone who can actually blog a good story, and really can’t afford to travel the way she can. It’s all “pyramid marketing”…and I for one, will boycott the show. She could do so much better with the opportunities afforded her. Shame on you Parv…shameless and narcissistic…..

  • Moreau

    When it was announced that 2 former castaways would be returning to Survivor next season, Parvati was the only one I could think of that I’d enjoy watching. (Though I’d still prefer a completely new group of castaways…)

  • BillyD

    Good lord…haven’t we seen enough of her?

    • David

      There is no such thing as too much Parvati. Best female ‘Survivor’ player ever. I hope she comes back one more time.

      • Fabe

        I know. She’s my absolute favorite. I hope she comes back one more time, and if Jeff ever decides to leave the show, she should be the host. I will definitely watch her new show. I was going through Parv withdrawl.

      • Karl

        Yess! No such thing as Parvati overload. She’s fun, flirty, has opinions, and smart. Definitely a good host.

      • John

        what about Sandra….she won TWICE!

      • bj

        Yes- much better than that freak Rob.

    • jen

      Apparently there re a lot of people who enjoy watching self-absorbed unemployed fame wh*res. Go figure.

      • Jane Doe

        I don’t know if you read that article ’cause it clearly seems that is not the case but she is in fact employed.

        She owns her own business, ESP Wellness Center.

      • Roger C.

        Give me a break. There’s plenty of morons who “own” their own business, but don’t really do anything in it.

    • xynthai


      • Jane Doe

        Why so much hate in your heart, dearies?

        I assure you however that this is one business woman who actually participates in her business. After all she is responsible for the current Miss USA’s physique that won her the title.

        Plus often a time, her clients who have Twitter(sometimes with pics), mention working out with her.

    • Serena

      I agree. I think her last name really fits her. I can’t stand it when women flirt to get ahead.

  • Tabitha

    If they wanted a woman they could have taped Jordan Lloyd she would have been great or some else. Parvtti is over played. Probably wont follow. Jeff such a great job!

    • Gabe

      Ummm no… Jordan was sooo annoying and vapid.. Parvati is entertaining and funny and looks amazing! Definitely the best female survivor player ever and I can’t wait to watch this show!

      • Mel

        entertaining? funny? you don’t get out much, do you?

    • Claire

      Girl can’t tell time…she’d constantly be late.

  • shanghaikate

    Yay! This is awesome news for me cuz I can never get enough of this fascinating woman. This is my dream too and I plan on taking such an adventure in a few years but i’ll be traveling and making my way thru tattooing as I go. That should be fun. Watch for it. . . Good luck Parv .. .. you’ll kill this!

  • Mark

    So many deserving people could have been used for this. Jeff Schroeder was awesome he really needs to do other things. the older camera man Zsolt wanted a woman BAD,,

    • T2

      Is that you, my friend? I love Jeff, I love Big Brother, I love Survivor (except for last season)…but I do NOT love Parvati. Not even a little bit.

  • Glenny From The Block

    Literally could not be happier. Not just because she’s one of the Top 3 (at least) Survivor Players ever, but just in general one of the smartest, funniest and all round coolest women to come from the pantheon of Reality TV Contestants in the last decade. Hopefully she ends up in Australia! *hint hint*

  • Justin

    Love her!

  • MCS

    My favorite Survivor contestant ever. Cant wait to see her back on tv.

  • kevin

    I feel bad for Dalton for having to interview such useless people. Even his questions seem fake.

  • Cindy

    This girl is as phoney as can be.Hopefully this trip will humble her!Jeff and Alex brought such a great attitude to the show sincerity and humility goes a long ways.

  • Horatio

    I guess you could say that Parvati…

    *takes off sunglasses*

    is pretty shallow.

    • Karl


    • Jo

      Haha, wish I could give you a thumbs up for that!

  • trufan

    man, whatever happened to your 15 min. of fame being up? Shouldn’t someone punch her ticket expired already?

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