AMC's president responds to 'The Killing' finale criticism -- EXCLUSIVE


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AMC president and general manager Charlie Collier broke his silence on last week’s finale of The Killing, saying the network didn’t anticipate such a strong backlash among some viewers and critics.

“We underestimated the passion of viewers have for closure within this season,” Collier says. “It was never our intention to misguide the viewer. The audience has an important voice, we heard them and don’t take them for granted.”

The critically acclaimed first season of The Killing teased viewers with the tagline for its central mystery “Who Killed Rosie Larsen?” then declined to solve the case in the finale, instead rolling the story into next season in a last-minute twist. The show plans to introduce a new mystery at the start of season 2 and then solve the Larsen case.

Collier spearheaded the network’s rise to become a top outlet for quality drama series, ordering shows like Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and The Walking Dead. He says if the network could have done anything differently, it would have been to do more to prevent viewers from expecting the murder to be solved in the season closer. “I stand by [showrunner] Veena Sud, and risk-taking is what we do; cliffhangers are a staple of TV and a huge part of mysteries,” Collier says. “If I could do anything differently, it would be to manage expectations.”

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  • Juneau

    It’s a little late for that now, don’t you think? You blew it! I stopped caring about who killed Rosie after episode 5 and only finished the season to find out. AMC needed a more compelling murder mystery if they were going to cliff-hang the ending.

    • Renee

      I thought the show was and still is fantastic. It is one of TV’s best shows and will continue to watch AMC. I love The Killing, Mad Men and The Walking Dead. Please keep the shows coming and stop worrying about the few. They will watch, it is great writing, directing and the actors really play their parts well.

      • Peter Bishop

        people like Juneau are whom reality tv was made for, along with serialized shows like CSI and Law and Order – flash and no substance

      • Peter Bishop

        Anyone else think the mother Mitch was the killer?


        Actually I think the Dad, Stan, is the killer.

      • Thomas Nalepa

        It was the campaign guy!

      • bob

        Lots of AMC plants and shills on this comment board. Be warned….

      • Tim

        hmm, pumps up AMC and other AMC shows, doesn’t say anything negative about other commenters, yup, Renee’s a PR tramp. The Killing was awesome but I got scared they were starting to go off the tracks with the casino ep, and sadly, it nuked the fridge on the ending.

      • Tim

        before you say “oh, Tim loves reality TV, he’s a flyover state moron.” I wanted to love the killing. It had an amazing pedigree (the original Forbrydelsen was outstanding, subtitles and all). It was shot in a brooding but beautiful pallette. Several of the actors hand in outstanding performances. But by not solving Rosie Larsen, you M. Nighted it. Twisting just to twist. Additionally, you destroy the Holder-Linden dynamic. Just a terrible call.

      • Holder

        My guess is that the killer is the rich billionaire who is looking to build the stadium because he also likes utilizing the underage escort service that Rosie belonged to…. I enjoyed the show and will follow it, but I did feel let down as just about everything that I read leading into the final 2 eps pretty much said that the killer would be revealed. Altohugh disappointed, I didn’t see the twist and like said before, I will follow the show next season.

      • deb frey

        Tim – to a degree I see your point, but really, I felt the point was to depict police procedure as it is without wrapping it up in a neat little package. I think that most people who make the comment that the show is not for the reality show viewer is on point. It is not action packed, it does use misdirection – excessively at times, and the average run of the mill viewer won’t be satisfied by that. PS, you used a lot of pretty language to show you know what you are talking about and then blew it by using the phrase about people in the “fly over states.” You don’t have to live in New York or LA to be a thinking individual. Try to come on down out of your little tower of superiority. And no, I am NOT an AMC plant.

      • Walternate


        You are a f*cking idiot. I would have possibly listend to you argument i you hadnt started with the over cliche’d “reality television is meant for..” BS. You dumb sl*t just cuz you find thing a show is smart because you dont understand it doesnt meant it is. it just means you are a go**amn idiot. I HATE people like you.

      • Walternate

        yeah i realize i made many grammatical errors on that post. Before I get accused of loving reality TV pleas understand I was, and am, very drunk at the time of this writing. I still stand by my overall points:
        1) Renee is a stupid sl*t
        2) Besides the whack cliffhanger the entire series if full of many, many plot holes that Renee (and most other posters) are too R-tarded to understand.

      • Walternate

        I now realize that Peter Bishop, my very own son, is the one who suggested that an intellectual superior to him loves reality shows. Once again, I am drunk and MY APOLOGIES TO RENEE!

      • Krauss

        Some viewers should just stick to Law and Order, CSI, King of Queens. America, home of the stupid.

      • Jango

        Krauss, that cliched, blanket statement may help you sleep better at night, but i don’t think there was ever a huge audience overlap between the Killing and shows like King of Queens ( or According to Jim, etc.). I loved shows like the Wire and Sopranos (and the original Danish version of the Killing), but this show was junk. It was all style, no substance.

      • Jim

        I agree. I loved the show, even though the finale was a bit of a shock. But that is GREAT television for you. If you like your mystery solved in 60 minutes, watch L&O.

      • the minister

        “I stand by [showrunner] Veena Sud, and risk-taking is what we do”

        You sure are taking a risk standing by that talentless hack. She can’t even COPY well.

      • Sally

        I thought the show was sloppy written. Plot was boring. Nothing really made me want to ever see this again either.

      • Tim

        @Deb- It wasn’t my intention to paint people from states off the coast in that manner. It was more my intention to make fun of pretentious commenters who have been mocking people’s intellect as a result of disagreement over a tv show. I’m terribly sorry if you took it as demeaning.

      • Lala

        Well, I haven’t watched a second of this show, but if it follows the story line of the original, it should be fairly obvious. From the first second I saw him, I knew it was the racist idiot (can’t for the life of me remember his names). So there you go.

      • Steve

        Jim: I don’t have to have my mysteries solved in an hour, but you’d think they could do it in 16 hours! I was disappointed in how they ended the season. That’s all I’m saying…

    • Done with the Killing

      Yeah, the backlash wasn’t just about not revealing the killer in the season finale. It was about many things. I get that you can’t toss your showrunner under the bus but you have to know that the freakout wasn’t about the finale. It’s about the quality of the show.

      It just isn’t that good.

      • JLster

        I totally wasn’t expecting to never know who the killer was this season,because it wouldn’t leave much interest for the next season! OBVIOUS!!( so It’s kind of ridiculous for every to be so mad about that!) As far as show quality,I like it. I love the setting of a dark/always glummy Seattle,Puts you in the mood for a murder mystery. I must say at times it felt dry, specifically around the 6th episode was when I starting giving up on the show. but I stayed w/it and Of course the finale was a shocker.Just when start to love holder..BAAAMM he goes and ‘betrays’ Linden so to say!

      • Mea

        Wrong, JLster! It’s not OBVIOUS that solving the murder would have resulted in no interest for next season. They could have wrapped Rosie’s murder up in the first 50 minutes… and then in the last 8 or 10 minutes…. presented a snippet of a new murder. Depending on how well it was done… I would have been very excited for next season!

      • Walternate

        JLster must love GAPING plot holes strewn throughout every show he/she watches. Idiot.

      • stickittotheman

        Totally agree. The show is poorly made and lazily written. The first episode lost me with the whole “you’re still on our dime” lame way the police dept. refused to let the female cop go to her new job. Yeah, because that’s the workforce works. And her new partner? Bad casting – how could that skinny weasel ever become a cop? Lazy decisions like that took me out of the show. Gloom does not equal realism.

      • hank

        I guess when the Seattle PD put out feelers for new recruits, they forgot to say “skinny weasels need not apply”.

    • sarCC

      I think you’re right, Juneau. The show gets compared to Twin Peaks a lot, but that show had interesting and compelling characters that made you want to come back even if you stopped caring about who killed whomever. The Killing had terrible writing, unbelievable characters and was not realistic at all. And very boring. It looked nice, though.

      • sarCC’s Reality

        @sarCC: So “The Killing” has terrible writing, unbelievable characters and not realistic..but TWIN PEAKS DID?!? What reality are we from? Dwarfs who speak backwards…we maybe hats your reality.. Say its slow fine…but not realistic? Not valid.

      • JLster

        I think the characters where very believable! I think Linden & Holder are the best detective pairing next to Stabler & Benson from Law&Order! I’ve constantly loved that they care for each other but aren’t best friends. Plus Holder being fake nice(at times) trying to get Linden home so he can have her job isn’t something unbelievable! And Linden revolving her life around a case, that’s classic Benson! lol

      • batman

        OMG Jlster you have obviously never spent 5 minutes around real cops. Those two characters were the WORST representation of detectives on TV since . . . . I don’t know, Barney Miller? Insert name of crappy cop show here. NONE of the real life protocols were followed and they were checking into things on day 13 that should have been day 1 !!

      • lisa g

        Only the cops are good actors. Everyone else sux esp the teacher.

      • DUH

        holder was the best character on the show and they went ahead and ruined him in the last 5 minutes. and to everyone that thinks those who were upset by the ending would be “better suited to reality tv,” i think you’re fools to believe that cliffhanger=good show. one does not automatically mean the other. AND the fact that they’re already recycling plot points (cops were wrong, possible innocent person gets hurt) in season 1 shows that the writers are LAZY.

    • PS

      Juneau –
      Umm, so you stopped “caring” who killed Rosie after Ep 5 but continued to watch a 1/2 dozen more episodes just to find out something that you claim to not care about? HMMM…

      • Rusty

        Yes, that is what s/he wrote. It is possible to not care about a show but watch it anyway because you just want to finish what you started. Is it really that difficult to understand?

      • rerun

        Yeah, sometimes you want to finish what you start if you see a finish line in the distance. For many of us, we wanted to get done with this marathon- it was only 13 episodes but it felt like I watched 30. I could have watched the pilot and the last 2 episodes and gotten everything I needed.

      • stickittotheman

        PS, you’re a troll.

      • JD

        Umm yeah watching something you don’t care about it a little weird. Maybe you watch it to come on to forums and comment about how you don’t like it? And @stickittotheman YOU are a troll, not adding anything to the conversation.

    • snapthejap

      dude, YOUR expectations ruined it for you, not the show. Did they ever say there would be closure? It was a GREAT finale to a great season.

      • George

        Yes. They did. In the advertising promos for the whole last week before the finale. They said “watch The Killing to find out Who Killed Rosie Larsen.”

      • JD

        @George – The show itself NEVER said they would show the Killer. People need to differentiate between the network and the show. AMC was the one who made the promos. Clearly someone didn’t do their homework when making them, or just didn’t care.

      • Madison

        Then why did they show the POLL every week. 52% think Richmond did it, etc.??? I call BS and spare me the you should just watch reality tv snobbery.

    • Liena

      Juneau, so why did you wanna find out who killed her if you stopped caring who did it?
      I personally wanna know what’s the deal with Holder and what Richmond was doing on the night Rosie was killed, so I’m definitely gonna watch season 2! Honestly I can’t understand how other people aren’t interested in it at all. That said, I found the finale to be very interesting, maybe because I wasn’t expecting to get an answer. Also I think if they revealed the murderer in the finale it would have been kind of out of nowhere, because nothing was building up to that.
      Also I just wanna say that the episode where they were looking for Lindens son was totally boring and didn’t add anything to the show.

      • west coast ram

        The show needed better character development and stop with all the red herrings. It became obvious that there would be one with every suspect.

    • Done with the Killing

      Juneau – I feel the same exact as you.

    • matt

      Declined? Wasn’t it painfully obvious the moment the chick ratted out the governor dude or whatever, she was setting him up and did it because he nailed Rosie and she was jealous?

    • renee

      sorry i’m with juneau. the issue is the show led everyone to believe the murder would be solved in the finale. it wasn’t. yes, shows leave cliffhangers for the next season, but usually something is tied up by the end of the season. the killing tied up nada. it’s good but not great. if they tie it up in the first episode of next season they’ll probably keep a lot of fans. Don’t, the show is in trouble.

    • Lily

      FYI, the Danish TV series, upon which this AMC version is based, is fantastic. I was on the edge of my seat with every episode. And I couldn’t guess who the killer was until the last hour of the last episode. You can watch some of the Danish version, also called “The Killing” or “Forbrydelsen”, on youtube.

      • Lala

        What are you talking about? In the first episode it was obvious it was the racist guy.

    • vin

      I still think it was the mother

    • jared

      People have obviously forgotten about “Twin Peaks Syndrome”, where once the initial mystery is solved, viewers lose interest and soon the show is a shadow of it’s former self, as it its audience.

    • Alex Michael Chandler

      I, for one, love AMC’s quality line-up of shows and innovative programming. I can’t wait to see what this show has coming next season!

    • wino

      they couldve solved the case and briefly introduced next year’s mystery…which couldve been the cliffhanger. and i agree, the problem was not thepace of the show..i love slow character build up. but the shallow, one dimensional presentation of Rosie. we have to care about the victim, if we are to care about the case.

  • Pete

    I was a tad miffed, but I’ll tune next season. Call me a sucker.

    • Sam J

      In the pilot ep, there was a shot of the Larsen’s buffet with family pictures, the camera focused in on a picture of Rosie(same as ad photo”Who killed R.L.), and around the framed picture was wadded up, wrinkled dollar bills? I thought this was a clue that the murder was about MONEY. The $5 million campaign contribution guy was my suspect. Then I find out he likes young hookers. Too easy? He would be at a casino? He might have a “conspiracy/game” thing with the cops and politicians? He can afford it. I will watch season 2.

    • Judy

      You’re a sucker. (But I am too; count me in.)

  • Tania

    Juneau, you are a classic example of what a dumbed down viewer is.

    • KCWolf

      Just so we’re clear that dumb is in the eye of the beholder, I believe the sentence would be more grammatical if it read “Juneau, you are a classic example of a dumbed down viewer.”

      • Olivia

        No, it would not be more grammatical. Smoother, but Tania’s grammar isn’t incorrect. In the eye of this beholder, “dumb” is making corrections when you’re wrong.

    • Dale

      The issue is that this is a remake of a very successful European show. In the European version, each season has wrapped up the case at the end.

      While this was a fantastic remake that deviated a lot from the source material, finding its own voice, I don’t think it’s fair to insult Juneau’s intelligence for expecting this when we were led to believe we would have an answer based on both the show’s origins and the way it was marketed.

      • Tim

        Dale, this is the internet. You have to insult everyone, or else your argument is invalid. God forbid someone disagrees with someone without forfeiting their right to be considered intelligent.

      • Elle

        The Dansih version was shown in two arcs, 10 eps each, the first one ending a bit like the remake. The uproar in Denmark was so big though, that DR (the original broadcaster) had to show the remaining parts earlier than originally planned.

    • Mo

      Tania, you are a classic example of a condescending, self-righteous… poster. I myself adore other (occasionally) slow-burning AMC shows like Mad Men and Breaking Bad. For my taste, The Killing had a lot of flaws and weak writing; I stuck with it because I hoped it might get better, or that something unexpected would happen that would finally grab me, but it didn’t happen. I didn’t care about the characters that much, so by the end I was also watching just for the resolution. I don’t really care what happens now, and I won’t be back for the second season. Feel free to disagree, but not to call me dumbed down. I think my reasons are good enough, even if they are at odds with your opinion.

      • RL

        Thank you. Totally agree. I had an investment in this time-suck (an entire episode wasted on Jack going missing ?)and I hoped it would pay off. It didn’t, and I’m not coming back. AMC seems to be listening, but it’s too little, too late.

    • Sam J

      To all who are giving up on this show: This will not happen again. Rosie murder solved quickly in season 2, then the new murder will be silved by season 2 finale. No other way.

      • Mike

        But they won’t air the next season until 9 months from now. Why would they expect people would wait that long for an answer to a boring question? By that time no one will care.

      • bmv

        they tried that with Flashforward. by the time the show came back, nobody cared. the momentum and urgency were gone.

  • bob

    I know this show isnt the greatest thing on tv not even close, but i really enjoyed watching this show. So i consider myself a fan even though they did have a few boring episodes. With that said the season finale was one of the worst season finale’s i have ever watched. I understand cliffhangers and all that but you dragged the mystery on all season. The fans of the show deserved some type of closure on this. Thats just what i think. Im curious to know what everyone else thinks.

    • Cindy

      ITA they could have deleted the middle four episodes and we wouldn’t have even noticed. The filler level of the show is an all time high. Sure slow pacing is fine if your writing holds up. Look at Breaking Bad. It’s not all fast cars and shootouts. But we love it because the writing and acting are good, and the producers don’t jerk us around just for grins and ratings.

  • Michael

    I loved every bit of it.

  • Jeff Benjamin

    Good God! I can’t believe the whining, sniveling nitwits who HAVE to have the answer NOW. “Who killed Laura Palmer?” The producers, pressured by these same whining people, gave us an answer sooner than they had planned. And what happened? The answer KILLED the SHOW. The Killing was great – all 13 weeks! The ending was PERFECT. I want more of “The Killing” next year, and now I’ll get it. Many thanks to the Producers of THE KILLING !!!

    • bob

      I can understand what your saying but if you read the article closely they said there going to answer who killed her almost right away into the second season. So what was the point of not answering it at the end of this season. I wouldnt have a problem with it if they just kept going with this case the entire next season. But there not.

    • MarcHon

      The writers changed directions mid-year, that’s not a good strategy. You could almost pick out the episodes they had to add to make their new strategy work…coughstupidcan’tfindmysonepisodecough.

      Had they kept a nice flow, I think most viewers would have forgiven the finale.

      • Doug

        You’re exactly right. The writing slowed down A LOT midway through the season, only to have the last two episodes cover more ground than the previous seven. And then leave with more than one cliff hangar and nothing resolved.

        The only thing resolved during the entire season is that the teacher didn’t do it. Everything else is up in the air. Will she leave to California and get married? Was it Richmond? Is Holder dirty after all?

        Horrible, horrible writing.

        No reason they couldn’t wrap up the Larsen murder in the finale and intro another murder (or the murder of someone we already know) as the case for next year.

      • Tajah

        I totally agree with Doug and MarcHon. The writers tried to make a compelling murder mystery and threw in so many plot points that in the middle of the season the writers seemed to be overwhelmed and lost; like their train of thought was interrupted for a couple of weeks. The show then seemed to pull itself together for the last couple of episodes but for all that waiting and confusion, the fans didn’t get resolution to MOST of the season’s questions. I mean, as Doug said, they only resolved that the teacher was innocent. Underage hookers, pedophile teachers, casinos, weird ex-boyfriends, campaign drama, and possible terrorist activity all in 1 season?? It seemed too much, IMO.

    • keth

      Twin Peaks was a far superior, character driven show that had a lot more going for it. This is a procedural, it’s job is to solve the crime. Epic fail.

    • StephenKC

      Disagree with your logic. The excellent “Damages” solves its murder at the end of every season, and it didn’t kill the show. Twin Peaks didn’t die because we finally learned who killed Laura Palmer; it died because they didn’t have anything else compelling already in place. I LOVED that show, but the writers failed to give us anything else to care about once Laura’s murder was solved.

      Unfortunately, that was the case with The Killing, too. The writers failed to give us much to care about other than whodunnit. Which, I suspect, is why they gave us the lame ending they did, because they knew we had little reason to tune in again nine months from now.

      • Doug

        “Disagree with your logic. The excellent “Damages” solves its murder at the end of every season, and it didn’t kill the show.”

        Amen! No reason to wrap up the mystery and introduce next year’s case in the finale.

      • Tajah

        Damages is a badass show with fantastic writers! The Killing is not even in the same realm of excellence.

    • el

      Yes, expecting an answer makes one a whining, sniveling nitwit. Could you be any more smug and pretentious?

      This show is not subversive, it is poorly written and paced. The acting is fairly solid, but there’s only so much you can do with red herring-fake cliffhanger-something that invalidates everything. It leaves no room for actual character growth or an actual mystery, it’s literally just, “Look what crazy thing is happening now!”

      If they had a good story, they should have wrapped this plotline up and done something interesting next season. Desiring, or even expecting that, doesn’t make one whiny or a “nitwit”.

      • Tajah

        This. Completely agree, el.

      • hank

        No…EXPECTING an answer doesn’t make one a whining, sniveling nitwit. What makes one a whining, sniveling nitwit, is when one comes on to a blog and conducts oneself like a whining, sniveling nitwit, simply because he or she didn’t get what he or she EXPECTED.

  • Pam

    During all of the pre-show press, Veena Sud was intentionally vague if the murder would be solved this season. However, with the tension ratcheting up in the last two episodes, I honestly did expect for it to be resolved. However, I will definitely watch next season. This season was not perfect so hopefully there will be improvements over the next season. As far as quality, it does not come close to my favorite AMC show, Breaking Bad.

    • james

      Breaking Bad is the best show on TV right now, it’s hard for anything to come close


    it started out such a great show, but it had way too much filler. Then that horribly stupid ending. I will watch at least the first half of season 2. But with Veena Sud behind this show there won’t be a season 3. I still love AMC!!!

    • Mo

      I love how AMC keeps trying out new genres, even when they fail it’s interesting. We have had period soap opera (Mad Men), crime drama (Breaking Bad), horror (The Walking Dead), spy thriller (Rubicon), police procedural (The Killing), and I guess science fiction? (The Prisoner) Whatever’s next (war? fantasy? sitcom? 8-O) I can’t wait. Still 23 days until Breaking Bad season 4 premiere! Boo! (And no, I’m not an AMC shill – I thought The Killing was very weak.)

  • Amber

    Awesome, love that he’s standing behind his series. I thoroughly enjoyed the finale, and am excited to see how they solve Rosie’s murder next season. The show is deliberately paced; we all knew that. It may be uneven at times, but the characters are totally captivating. I’m in this one for the long haul.

    • JANE

      Agreed. AMC has a chance now to redeem themselves with Season 2. The viewers (AKA ratings!) have spoken.

      • poe

        this show bled viewers throughout the season. the only jump in viewers was for the finale and it’s a safe bet the extra viewers for that won’t be coming back. enjoy season 2, it’ll be the last.

  • Michelle

    I wouldn’t call The Walking Dead a “quality” drama series; it was the first AMC show that I was disappointed in. I expect nothing to change, as the original formula received such strong ratings.
    The ending of the first season of “The Killing” was bad but the head of AMC and the seemingly egotistical Venna Sud are kidding themselves if they think fans are solely upset about the oh-so-shocking cliff-hanger–fans are more disappointed because it was the end of a once promising new show that turned lack luster as the season progressed. Sud and AMC do not have the prize they think they do. I care about none of the characters on this series, and that’s not because of the finale.

    • MarcHon

      I disagree with your Walking Dead comments, but I agree with your Killing comments.

      I found myself annoyed with the characters. The cliche’d cop that puts her work ahead of her personal life, the cliche’d minority suspect that didn’t really do it…just poor uneven writing.

  • Mace Moneta

    If you go to a book store and pick up a murder mystery novel, you might be miffed to find that the last chapter had never been printed after reading the entire book.

    Saying “We underestimated the passion of viewers have for closure within this season” is like that book publisher making the same statement.

    Serial programming is different from procedural programming; it’s a story, and needs to have a beginning, middle, and end. It’s not a surprise.

  • bob

    Stand by Sud and you’ll lose most of your viewers. That’s not ‘risk-taking’ it’s just bad storytelling. Send her back to CBS where she belongs. Why have there been so many articles questioning if she ruined your brand name??? Wake up AMC…or don’t…but I will NOT be tuning in for a 2nd season. Seems like BB and MM were a fluke. Thank heavens there’s still HBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sam J

    Breaking Bad will not let ANYONE down on July 17. The best show on TV.

    p.s. The Killing is pretty cool

  • StephenKC

    Thank you, Mr. Collier, for at least pretending to care about your viewers (unlike the remarkably smug Ms. Sud). I appreciate you acknowledging that at least part of the viewer anger is based on expectations — we were led to believe it would be a self-contained season.
    Now to those of you defending the show, that’s fine, that’s your prerogative. But don’t call the rest of us dumb. Quite the contrary: the reason I watched this show to begin with was because it appeared to be a smart, unconventional show. To me it turned out quite the contrary. Weak writing, ridiculous plot turns and the silly piling on of one absurd red herring after another is why I’m disappointed in this show. To me it showed promise but failed to live up to it. The fact that it didn’t have a neat, tidy ending wasn’t in and of itself a crime. It’s that the ending was the latest in a long line of examples of weak, lazy writing. Unless the producers shore up the writing, I won’t be back next season. I’ll be looking for something a little smarter, more realistic and more appreciative of the time I give to it.

    • Lyn

      Well put, Stephen; the weak writing, ridiculous plot twists and red herrings were piled as high as the Space Needle by the end of the season. (I did find some of the characters intriguing, and if season 2 is launched in an equally dull time for TV, I’ll probably be back.)

      • west coast ram

        Totally agree and instead of pushing through any additional hours of viewing I’ll stay tuned to EW for the case results.

  • Kerry

    My biggest problem with their decision was that it was made without knowing the show was renewed. They only got approved for a second season a couple weeks ago and they had no alternate ending ready. So if they didn’t get renewed, they would have left us with NO ANSWERS. I have no trust in the showrunners after a move like that.

    • Jonathan

      Get over yourself, the show has been renewed.

    • Bosco

      Perhps they only ANNOUNCED they got renewed a couple of weeks ago, but knew a couple of months ago….

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