Is Charlie Sheen returning to TV with a new sitcom?

Is Charlie Sheen taking another step closer to getting back into primetime?

Radar is reporting the actor has made a deal with production company Lionsgate Television to shop a new sitcom to networks and that channels are already bidding for the show. “Networks and cable are bidding on the show right now, with TBS being the front runner,” the story reports: Only problem: There doesn’t appear to be a Lionsgate deal yet (the company has no comment). As for TBS, a spokesperson says, “TBS is not in discussions for a possible project with Charlie Sheen.”

Though Sheen’s name is still red hot in the media, that sort of intensity doesn’t always translate into TV deals, even for a proven draw like Sheen. It’s tough to imagine any network, even a cable network smaller than TBS, getting in bed with Sheen without having some real reservations, given his admitted/bragged-about substance abuse and media rants — there’s just so much can go wrong. Even if Sheen draws big ratings, advertiser support could be iffy, and a big audience is only valuable if you can sell it.

What do you think?

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  • Dicazi

    I think Mr. Sheen is living in Fringe’s Red Universe.

    • LOL


      • Tom

        Lorre just can’t win.

      • Bobby

        TBS is NOT in talks, and his last “goddess” just walked out on him and took the brand new Benz with her.

        Lorre, OTOH still has this show and a few others, plus dev deals for the upcoming season.

        Sheen will be arrested soon, then go to rehab and claim he was molested or abused by someone in his past… typical Hollywood bull.

        Mark my words.

      • Veronica Mars

        Hey EW,
        Give the Charlie Sheen articles a rest. We don’t care what misinformaton “Radar” is reporting.
        Stop being such lazy shills. There is a LOT more going on in the entertainment world than rumors about this dead story.

    • SallyinChicago

      Agree with @dicazi…somebody in Sheen’s camp is putting out word on a deal that’s no deal.

      • dm

        exactly – same as when it was reported that he was in talks to return to 2 1/2 men.

      • Dave

        No way TBS has the money to pay for Charlie either, that alone screams phony…

      • anonymous


      • While we’re at it

        “Though Sheen’s name is still red hot in the media…” Really? Red hot? Apparently the new meaning of “red hot” is lukewarm to… oh, I’m sorry, who were we talking about again?

      • Simon Jester

        Given that Sheen’s camp previously bragged he already had a deal with HBO, I don’t think anything they say can be believed.

    • joe540ci

      If the 2 1/2 men shows next season without charlie, I wont thrn it on even for a second

  • bj

    Ithink he would be great on THE OFFICE

    • Joe

      For sure!

  • Jay

    Sheen is is a total freak-A-zoid. I’d still watch him in just about anything, though.

  • pywacket

    I think it’s crazy!!! No way.

  • Jane

    Nobody is going to be able to match the $2M he got from CBS, so if he takes the job. He’ll spend the whole run complaining about his salary and bulldozing over all the execs, who unlike him, don’t have tiger’s blood or are Vatican warlock assassins or any of that nonsense. Until he settles down, gets real help, and realizes that he can’t bully everyone in giving him his way, he’s not going to be of any use to anyone.

    • LMFAO

      Don’t hate. Appreciate!

    • Jilli

      @Jane – well put. @LMFAO – your name reflects your moronic comment.

    • Monster

      Charlie Sheen is Winning !!!

  • LeeInOceanside


  • Lana

    He shouldn’t do that. CBS is gonna be begging him to come back after Ashton Kutcher tanks Two and a Half Men.

    • Ashley

      I agree

    • LMAO

      “CBS is gonna be begging him to come back”.
      Never Gonna Happen.

      • hmm

        is. CBS is still mad at lorre and company for screwing it up. it doesnot matter really. morally sheen is a wreck, but he is functioning one. and people like him. i would not let my daughter go on date with him, but i liked the show.

        and since everybody knew what sheen was like, for lore and company to pretend they are suddenly horrified is bs.

        we want charlie back, and there are milions of us

        and ashton is gonna regret it. never hated the guy, but for this i will boycot ttahm

    • Tara

      Lana, I absolutely agree with you. My husband and I have been huge fans of Two and a Half Men since inception. Now that Charlie Sheen is no longer on it will not watch it again. Not fans of Ashton Kutcher at all.

      • tenletters

        Charlie Sheen, please stop posing as “Lana” and “Tara” to drum-up support for your washed-up self.

    • Slaptastic

      He doesn’t even have real teeth. Don’t tigers have real teeth? The only ppl more spinelessly dishonest than this hot mess are the squids who praise him. Man up and think for yourselves, squids.

    • Farmer Dave

      Although I don’t think SeeBS (CBS) will ever beg CS to come back, I do agree the show is doomed.

      Ashton Kutchner? Now that is funny, only not in the way the network would like. Who did he “know” to get that gig?

      The show has jumped the shark.

  • goose

    His name isn’t still red hot in the media.

    • LMFAO

      You have Sheenis envy!

      • Dominic

        Yes, we all want to be sad drug addicts who desperately need help.

    • Carlos Estevez

      That’s what I was thinking, hey you spelled “was” wrong!

      • Cdn. Diva

        Man-up Charlie! We all know who Carlos Estevez is. Watch your reruns every night – you were the best! Miss you as you used to be.

    • Eurydice

      I rhink more for being a red hot mess.

      • Eurydice

        Oops, that’s “think.”

  • Latilleon

    Why would TBS get a Charlie Sheen sitcom? Wouldn’t corporate cousin Warner Bros, producer of Two and a Half Men be a little upset about that? You’d think corporate cousin Entertainment Weekly would mention that little nugget.

    • Eurydice

      Yeah, I was wondering about that. Maybe they’re the kind of cousins who only see each other once a year at Thanksgiving.

  • Brett

    I can’t wait until he makes his comeback and when he does, he will be clean and sober — just to spite and show everyone that he really is a winner. He can do it, he’s done it before. This didn’t kill him and what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

    • Dicazi

      I’d welcome him back clean, sober, and apologetic about his behavior towards CBS, his bosses. and his co-workers.

      Not holding my breath.

      • Jilli

        I totally agree with everything you said, Dicazi

    • Right

      All of that will happen when pigs can fly.

      • Kevman

        Haven’t you been to Cincinnati? They build monuments of “Flying Pigs.”

    • LBMHOU

      Brett, you mean like he has come back clean and sober in the past? He stayed that way, too…right? WRONG!!! He couldn’t stay clean and sober even if he wanted to and he doesn’t want to. He will have to hit total rock bottom and lose everything and everyone that ever meant anything to him before that happens…if he doesn’t kill himself with his stupidity first.

      I think they could pull it off with Ashton Kutcher, but only time will tell. I like all the other actors on the show, so I will give it a chance and see what happens. It could work.

  • Rasha

    My initial reaction is completely unpostable because it’s so profane. Why are people just willing to throw money at this drug-addicted, narricisstic, SICK man? He’s already proven he can’t be professional. He’s already proven he needs serious mental help. I don’t get it. Lindsay Lohan is a lost cause but Charlie Sheen is golden? Disgusting all around.

    Even if you take away his monumental issues, he’s not even funny or talented.

    • anne

      You said it well, Rasha.

    • Eurydice

      Evidently, they’re not willing to throw money at him – but they are willing to write speculative articles about him.

    • Lucy

      Rasha..actually Lindsey Lohan has projects so stop your “pity party” whining..
      As for Sheen being the worst human being on this planet hey it is question of opinion and maybe you can respect that others think differently than you…

      • LBMHOU

        I don’t know why you say “pity party whining”…didn’t sound like Rasha was pitying anyone…you must be the one having the pity party, because Rasha sure isn’t.
        You go Rasha…you’ve got it right.

  • Ashley

    If I had a million dollars to pay him I would he is funny an sick retarded shallow ect.he is everything tv is these days he teaches people what not to do lol he makes money an brings in money they r stupid not to put him back on tv. They might change there mind after ashton screws it all up lol

    • anne

      Good luck with your sobriety, Ashley.

      • Jeff


      • LBMHOU

        Yep…what anne said.


    Rock on Charlie. Ashton is gonna blow the other deal cuz he just blows anyway. They are gonna beg for your return.

  • Santiago

    All the proof you need that the entertainment industry is a complete joke is the fact Charlie Sheen MIGHT even have a new tv show.

    • Amy

      don’t think so… he is more talented and charismatic than majority of actors you see on tv right now imo.

  • HaHA

    WHOOOOOOOOOO CARRRRRRRRRRRREEESSSSSSSS??????? Dam can he go away please!

    • haha as if..

      you care since you post about it..DUMB.ASS.

      • Angus T. Jones

        I miss my Uncle Charlie…PLEASE COME BACK! Oh well, Aston will blow it and TAHM will be a lost cause. One more season is all we will see.

    • Monster

      You are sore losers, Charlie sheen is WINNING!!!

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