Breaking news: Jeff Probst of 'Survivor' to host talk show in fall 2012

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Survivor host and three-time Emmy winner Jeff Probst has closed a deal with CBS TV Distribution to host a one-hour daytime talk show starting in fall 2012. He joins an ever-growing pack of celebs (Katie Couric and Ricki Lake, among them) looking to fill the void in daytime now that Oprah Winfrey has departed.

“I’m fascinated with human nature and thrilled that this show will allow me the opportunity to connect with real people and explore their stories on a personal level,” Probst said in a statement. “As I continue with Survivor, I am excited to extend my relationship with CBS with this new adventure in the world of daytime.” Probst has talk show experience, filling in for both Regis Philbin on Live With Regis and Kelly and Larry King on Larry King Live. The new show will cover everything from newsmakers to ordinary families in extraordinary circumstances.

With Survivor now filming its 23rd and 24th seasons in Samoa, many have wondered how long that show will continue. Since the program now films both of its installments during the summer, Probst could pull double duty and continue to host the reality franchise into fall 2012 and beyond while also doing his new talk show. Or, the still untitled new venture could end up being his transition off the island.

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  • MetroHack

    My advice to Jeff……….Stay on the Island.

    • Dave

      I agree, though Jeff is extremely talented at hosting talk shows. He periodically hosts Celebrity Superfans for Howard Stern and does a fantastic job hosting that. BUT, does this mean the end of Survivor? I sure hope not…

      • wsugar

        His first guest should be Boston Rob!

    • TAS


      • Jethro

        Please no talk show for this “pompous, who thinks he knows it all” personality.

        Just because he thinks he provokes issues and controversy on Survivor does not qualify him to host his own show.

        Go away and be eaten by a Samoan!


    • stu


      • Ifin

        Posted on Very interesting topic , rrageds for putting up. There are several good protections against temptations, but the surest is cowardice. by Mark Twain.

    • Helena

      That explains it then. The past couple of seasons of Survivor Probst has been treating Tribal Councils like it WAS his talk show.

  • Frank

    I’m going to assume this will be on daytime? Are we expecting the mass execution of soap operas in 2012? With both Katie Couric and Jeff Probst getting talk shows -it kind of feels that way.

    • Meli

      Hardly. Chances are likely CBS will cancel ‘Let’s Make a Deal’ to give Probst the one-hour slot. And ‘Young & the Restless’ is a ratings winner for CBS Daytime, and will likely get more viewers (along with Bold & the Beautiful)now that other soaps have been cancelled.

      • . Lisa

        It says he’s replacing Oprah. That means he’ll be on at 4. So the lineup would go: Y&R, B&B, The Talk, Let’s Make a Deal, and then his show. He also said “As I do Survivor…..”. That probably means Survivor will continue also.

    • Coco

      Add Anderson Cooper to that list.

    • Jaded

      Probably a safe assumption that it’s on daytime since the artice states “Jeff Probst has signed on to host a one-hour daytime talk show” LOL!

  • MDinEW

    Perhaps year Probst is part of “Survivor: The Finale” with the greatest players and challenges of all time. It’s filmed early in the summer so he can prep for his new show and it’s aired when his new show is on so CBS can have the ousted survivors appear on his show and give his new show needed publicity.

  • Wes

    Will people leave his talk show willingly, or will he have to snuff their torches?

  • JANE

    This sounds perfect for Jeff…but he just left Ryan Seacrest in the running to replace Regis!

    • Meli

      Seacrest is not going to replace Regis. Either he’d have to give up hosting American Idol and move to New York, or Kelly Ripa would have to move to LA. They’re going to give the co-host chair to Ripa’s husband Mark Consuelos (cheaper to pay than Seacrest by a mile).

      • wsugar

        Plus Geldman think he is the star, and would not spend the money needed for Seacrest.

  • Pat Howard

    We need another talk show like we need a hole in the head. Also, where does this fit in the CBS daytime schedule? It would have to replace “The Talk,” “Let’s Make a Deal,” or “The Young and the Restless.”

    • Meli

      See above. Y&R is a ratings winner for CBS in daytime (along with B&B). ‘The Talk’ isn’t going anywhere because ChenBot married well. So that leaves ‘Let’s Make a Deal’.

      • DeJesus

        Being a ratings winner isn’t always enough to save you. A talk show would be much cheaper to produce, they don’t have to even get as high ratings to make a profit, so who knows.

      • chris

        Y&R is renewed until 2014. Lets Make a Deal and The Talk were only renewed for a year. The Talk has Les’ wife and Lets make a Deal while cheaper to produce has been a ratings failure but I will miss it. I prefer game shows to talk shows.

  • Rho

    I agree w/Pat. Why do we need another talk show???

  • Dee Jones

    Dr. Oz is moving to Fox in September, what`s gonna take its place, anyone know?

    • dan

      Dr. Oz is a syndicated show, it isn’t owned by a network. It may be moving to your local Fox station, but in my area it is on the ABC affiliate.

  • bruno

    hahahahahaaha……oh i’m sorry, you’re serious.

  • Liz

    I really hope survivor is better this year, the last two seasons were awful. Any word on the cast? And where is it going to take place?

    • MPBerry

      It takes place in Samoa, & the new cast (don’t know much of them yet) will be joined (again) by 2 former players (1 on each tribe).

      • wsugar

        Ozzy and Coach are returning.

      • Marianna

        I could be wrong but I heard the two returning players were hopeless, hapless, ice cream scooper Erik – revenge of the truly outwitted, and dehydrated Russell from Samoa the First – to finish what he started and fought so hard not to quit.

  • Joe

    I just want Survivor 24 to be a good season–good cast, good editing, no Redemption Island BS, and a final 2. Then end it on a high note to make up for these past few awful editions.

  • reece

    Another talk show? Jeff Probst seems like a really nice guy, but I’ll pass. Now that the soaps are gone, I’m switching to cable. I’d rather watch a marathon of “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant” or “Freaky Eaters” than watch one of a trillion boring talk shows. “The Chew”? WTH?

  • Mary

    I believe Jeff would make for a good talk show host. After Survivor leaves the air though. My fear? He’ll talk about Survivor too much and feature past players far too many times. You all have to know that Russell Hantz is hoping to be his first guest don’t you? Sigh…….

  • Sandi Watkins

    Jeff Probst?!?!? Are you Kidding??? WHO makes these decisions??? Are there NO QUALIFICATIONS anymore for being the host of a daytime show??? He has done nothing more than sit in tribal councils and narrate. He has NO DEPTH, NO SKILLS, he’s just a talking head. GEEZ. Daytime TV is NEVER going to have another hit show if we keep getting empty-headed moderators like Jeff Probst and Anderson Cooper!
    Anybody overe there at CBS care at all what we women watching tv really want or are you just sitting around in an executive circle jerk convincing each other of nonsense ideas???
    Another failed talk show on the horizon- Jeff, save your pennies- this could be the last gig you ever see.

    • Staring

      Years before Survivor ,I recall him being witty and engaging on FX’s Backchat and Rock ‘N Roll Jeopardy. Also, he had a part in introducing hundreds of early FX viewers to Mr T’s classic song about treating your mother right.

      At least take 30 seconds to search for info on his career before bashing it.

      • Clesca

        iPhoneSmiles97 on September 11, 2011 @StandardAlOh, just shut up you immutare idiot. If you want to be pro choice, than fine. I just hope you know yo are making a HUGE mistake. And watch your language. Don’t be saying that to me.

    • julie

      You’re an idiot. He fills in for Regis all the time and is great.

    • popsy

      Where have you been. Probst has plenty of experience other than Survivor. But sice when do you NEED qualifications? Rosey? Caroline? Even Kelly Ripa? or any other ‘talking head’? Before anyone had a hit takl show, they didnt have much else…thats why they went the talk show route.

    • Alice

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  • gerg

    Just bring back Rock & Roll Jeopardy on VH1

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