'The Voice' is going on tour!


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It looks like NBC's The Voice is about to (wisely) steal a page from American Idol by sending its contestants on tour. Nothing's announced yet, but coach Adam Levine sent out this tweet: "@Javstwtr [i.e. Javier Colon]

and @casey_weston are hitting the road in July for #TheVoice Live On Tour. Go check them out. You can thank me later.”

The Voice ends its first season run on Wednesday. Developing…


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  • DIA FTW!

    If I lived in the US I would happily pay to see these contestants sing. Seriously, this is the BEST reality TV talent show out there right now… i wonder if they’re going to go against American Idol next season… #ILOVETHEVOICE

    • Veronica Mars

      EW has become a joke. The just reprint tweets and add superfluous infantile punctuation to their headlines.

      • Kelcie


    • President O

      Even though you don’t live in the U.S., please vote for me in 2012.

    • Gray Garters

      Vicci Martinez! WAR DANCE!!!

      • My Man

        Is Vicci gay? Just askin doesn’t matta

      • President O

        She is big time lez. Just sayin’.

  • Nana

    The only interesting part is the blind auditions. The more I get to know the contestants, the less I like them…Dia needs more confidence, Javier needs less, Beverly seems nice enough, but leans too heavily on Joplin and Ethridge, and Vicki needs a little more refinement I think. Overall, I’d like to see either Vicki or Beverly win, but I think the winner will be Javier as he appeals to a larger audience.

    • President O

      He appeals to a larger audience? You mean black latinos? Seriously? Btw, your name is awful, you should be ashamed of yourself.

      • Gabe

        I think Nana means tween girls… If America has a say, then the guys always win even if they have less talent.

  • whatevs

    Really? I don’t see this being successful.

    • President O

      If I was interested in such an unintelligent opinion, I would have asked my main man, Joseph.

    • SallyinChicago

      They will be singing covers….something you can see in any karaoke bar….the AI singers have records out with new music that they will be singing….I don’t see the VOICE being a successful tour.

      • Bryan

        Have you seen the American Idol tour…? All they sing are covers. They tour long before their cds are out.

      • Lily

        Glee tour…all covers except one original song.

      • PN

        But they need to not live on those covers so much. They should let them record some brand new songs in the studio before they go on their respectable summer tours. Why are they holding them back from recording new material? Get them in some studio with some A-list producers or some lesser known name and record some new songs, learn the words and lyrics fully and perform it on tour. I think the concertgoers would love to hear that the most instead of well worn covers that we already know the words to. Just hear how much they’ve improved with their singing since we first saw them perform live on TV.

      • SallyinChicago

        Bryan, like I wrote before, the AI singers have new songs on the charts and 5 have been signed to record contracts and will have music released for the tour. What do the VOICE singers have? “Who are they” anyway?

      • jag

        Your taste sucks! i have to assume you like music produced and written by a team of people and lip synced by some pop tart! American Idol is partially to blame for the downfall of the music industry by convincing an entire generation that a singing voice means you should be famous, not actual music ability, talent and drive. By the way most of the voice contestants already have multiple albums released of actual original music that they wrote, played and sang. One name Sanjaya. All other arguments are lost after that!

  • Whawhawha

    whoa didnt see this coming! /yawn

    • President O

      Your Mom didn’t see my python coming last night but she figured it out when it was blowing in her face.

      • Whawhawha

        obvious troll is obvious kids!

      • Kate

        For that to happen, you had to be sitting on her neck with a pair of tweezers.

  • Amy B

    No one will go to this tour! With American Idol we were invested in the contestants because they sang like 15 songs. These guys sang 3 and some duets! The Voice is not the right format to take contestants on tour. Ticket sales will show I am right.

    • President O

      Nobody cares about AI, its stuck in the early 2000s as are you.

      Please, stop eating, go to the gym and get a clue.

    • Lee

      To each his own. I prefer Idol over Voice. There is not one singer on the Voice I would pay to see or buy their album. However, there are a few on Idol this past season that I would: definitely Haley & Casey, and maybe James Durbin. Say what you want about Idol but at least it has much more talented contestants IMO.

      • President O

        Say what you will about your opinion but it is just that – YOUR opinion. And guess what Lee, nobody cares, not even your parents. Seriously, they can’t stand you. I’m having dinner with them right now. Your Dad told me about how he caught you masturbating to Simon Cowell back in 2005. Dude, get some counseling.

  • Amy B is bitter

    Such a hater Amy, why so bitter.. u work for A.I??

    • President O

      Amy B is one of those fat chicks that only votes for dorky guys and large women. Too many fat women have been allowed to vote for AI contestants and the results each year are predictable and absolutely awful.

      • Lee

        It takes one to know one.

      • President O

        My wife Michelle has chiseled arms and if you haven’t already seen pictures of me at the beach lately or on the gulf course, then you should know that I’m tall, lean and probably a missed burger away from looking like I’m malnourished. Thank you very much.

      • Leigha

        @President O – Go away!

      • President O

        Leigha is a racist.

  • cindy

    Can’t wait hope season 2 of The Voice they will get the coaches to go on tour to. This way better than idol!! Go The Voice!!

  • Chase

    I have been an avid fan of Idol and have watched every season. With that said, I went into The Voice with an open mind only to be sorely disappointed. For a show that’s supposedly all about “the voice,” it has more gimmicks, more distractions and more karaoke-like performances than Idol has ever seen. I neither cared for nor was impressed by the contestants and found the format irritating. Idol may running its course and will likely deflate in a few years, but I can’t see The Voice being its replacement. Especially with that grating orange woman as a coach.

    • SallyinChicago

      I agree Chase. I give the Voice about 2 more seasons, then it will be a summer show.

      • President O

        Moron – it already is a summer show.

      • PN

        But I agree with SallyinChicago that it wouldn’t last in a regular September to May season against all that heavy TV competition and all the scripted comedies and dramas.It would be better shown in the summer when it can find its audience against those network show repeats.


    The Voice is a far superior show than AI and the talent is also superior. However, the tour will flop.

    • jag

      takes shts at work, takes shts at work!
      Very funny!

  • Shawnuel

    The Sing-Off makes both AI and The Voice look like Pre-school talent shows.

  • The Hypnotoad

    This isn’t Glee. Kids don’t care.

    • SallyinChicago

      Most of the Voice singers are “old” and the kids can’t relate to them.

    • President O

      Nobody cares about Glee except queers.

  • RM

    An American Idol concert is as apple pie/family fun as you can get. Low production costs and the Pop Tarts commercials entertain throngs of kids and senior citizens. The average viewer for Idol is a 47 yo female this year. It would be interesting to test the conjecture that The Voice draws a different demographic or if they really share the same audience but the limit on voting is what makes the difference between the two shows.

  • PN

    Can’t they get a break after all those TV performances? I think that they’re more ready to start signing up with record labels, getting with producers and musicians to make their albums and get their music careers going. I think that Voice needs to have its own identity and stop copying American Idol’s format so much! It might have moderate success in some markets but I don’t see any sellouts with their tour.

  • johnc

    AGT also has a live tour after each season. I do not think it is necessary a copy of AI.
    I believe they would like to hit the road while the contestants are still fresh in the mind of the potential concert goers.

  • Jim

    Go Dia!!!

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