Should 'Men' kill off Charlie Sheen's character?


Regrettably, the studio behind Two and a Half Men had no comment about a report suggesting that Charlie Harper — a.k.a. the hedonistic character played by Charlie Sheen — will be killed off in the premiere episode of the CBS comedy this fall to make way for the introduction of Ashton Kutcher. (Specifically, Charlie may drive his car off of a cliff.)

Though TMZ hedges that the “first script isn’t locked” and that creator Chuck Lorre “often makes changes until close to taping,” it’s entirely possible that Men will want to wipe the slate clean. Nothing says good riddance to an ugly chapter in a show’s life than offing a character for good.

Those who know Lorre wouldn’t put it past him. After all, the uber-producer demonstrated his macabre sense of humor in 2008 when he wrote an episode for CSI. His victim in the episode? A high-maintenance sitcom star played by Katey Sagal. Given his history working with some of Hollywood’s most difficult women, everyone assumed his script was based on his relationship with Roseanne Barr. (Or maybe it was Cybill Shepherd. Then again, it could have been Brett Butler.)

In a behind-the-scenes clip pasted below that chronicles the making of the CSI episode, Lorre goes out of his way to say “I need to say this, we are making this character up.” But the episode features a frustrated writer muttering, “Can you take my pencil and drive it through my eye into my brain” — which definitely reflects Lorre’s often complicated relationship with talent. (Hey, we didn’t call him the angriest man in television for nothing!)

In the same behind-the-scenes video, CSI exec producer Carol Mendelsohn has this to say about Lorre and the episode: “He really had this itch to write an autopsy scene.”

Should Charlie Harper die in a car crash, it wouldn’t be the first time a sitcom character met his Maker while sitting behind the wheel. A fatal car accident was used to explain the sudden departure of Valerie Harper in the comedy Valerie’s Family in 1987. Harper disagreed with the direction the producers wanted to take the comedy, so they killed her off in a car crash. She was replaced by Sandy Duncan.

Other comedies have dealt with high-profile departures in a kinder, gentler fashion. Cheers addressed the loss of Shelley Long — who wanted to leave TV to pursue a movie career in 1987 — by explaining how Diane Chambers got a huge advance to write a book. She promised to return to Boston to marry Sam (Ted Danson), but he knew she didn’t mean it. “Have a good life” were Sam’s last words.

Cheers, however, featured plenty of memorable, sentimental moments. Men hasn’t, so it doesn’t seem likely that Lorre would show a bereft Jon Cryer (who plays Charlie’s brother Alan) and Holland Taylor (Charlie’s mom Evelyn) weeping over Charlie’s casket at a beachside funeral home. That’s just not Lorre — and frankly, it wouldn’t be a satisfying outcome for TV’s most-watched comedy. Keeping him alive might make better sense anyway. One longtime sitcom writer has this suggestion for Men: “They should keep the character alive and off screen, like Vera on Cheers or Maris on Frasier. I’m sure the writers would have a field day writing hilarious reports from his antics abroad. Plus, if Ashton tanks, a humbled Sheen could return in a year or two.”

Another, more cynical writer offers this alternative: “Alan: `Where’s Charlie?’ Jake: `You mean Uncle Charlie?  He’s been dead 10 years.  Dad, are you off your meds again?’ Alan takes his pill. That way you can start over, saying all the previous episodes were only in his imagination.  You can then enter Ashton Kutcher like he’s been there all along.”

How do you think Men should deal with Sheen’s departure?

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  • Simon Jester

    “Should ‘Men’ kill off Charlie Sheen’s character?”


    • tcc

      I am pretty sure they will make him move away, because they want to leave to door open for him to come back. I know it may sound weird but the greed of both CBS and Sheen makes me think that in a year or so they will ask him back.

      • DGH

        They better hope Ashton does well if not Mr. Lorre has two options either hire Charlie back at a even higher rate or lose the #1 rated comedy on tv. My guess we haven’t seen the last of Mr. Harper.

      • Veronica Mars

        Instead of killing Charlie, they should maim the next EW writer who does a shill piece on this dead issue.

      • Veronica Mars

        Ditto for the next EW writer that uses the infantile term “uber-producer”.

      • bb

        and right into the Sheen Ravine !

      • gbpackerdog

        have the zoo come to town and have him malled by tigers. that could be how he got the tiger blood

      • vicki keller

        Just have Charlie leave town and Ashton rent the house with Alan included. Leaves door open with no new set etc

      • Slim Pickens

        Have him get BOBBITISED by a spurned ex.

      • reenie

        “Greed of CBS”???? Aren’t they a COMPANY whose purpose is to MAKE MONEY???

      • Maggie

        @Veronica Mars: How exactly is ‘uber-producer’ infantile? I’m not the biggest fan of the term myself, but that doesn’t mean it’s infantile.

        @reenie: Right on! Every single show on every single network’s primary goal is to make money.

      • dee dee1

        They should make him move away. Killing him off is mean and too strong. Geez it’s a comedy show, talk about showing how they feel about Charlie. Wow…

      • natacha

        I agree with tcc, they will leave the door open for him to come back. because charlies was the main man in two and a half man

    • Grumpster

      I think they should have him be the victim of a really grotesque accident or something really obtuse that just is painfully funny and gross, and ensures his sorry self will never ever return.

      • Creep-E

        How about ending up in the fridge like one of Dhamer’s victims?

      • Farmer Ted

        His accident could be alcohol poisoning. He goes into a coma and is on life support so his money and house have to be sold. Ashton shows up as the son Charlie never knew about, his mom had kept it secret. He’s also rich, buys the house and moves in to get to know his uncle and nephew better. Every now and then Alan or someone can visit a hospital where you see someone on a bed with respirators and tubes but you can’t see the face. This was if Sheen and the show make up, Charlie can wake up.

      • Florida

        Farmer Ted – If Ashton were Charlie’s son, then Jake would be Ashton’s cousin, not his nephew. Like your idea, though.

      • Rose

        Ashton Kutcher is 33 & Charlie Sheen is 45. I’m sure that Charlie Harper started young, but becoming a father at 12-years-old is too much of a stretch even for this show.

      • Fred

        Having Ashton Kutcher’s character be Charlie Harper’s son is not that far of a stretch at all. For crying out loud, it’s fictional TV. You see actors playing parents all the time to actors who may only be a few years younger. In fact, it’s not that uncommon to seeing an actor playing parent to actor that’s older than him/her.

      • @Rose

        Rose, please don’t confuse reality with TV. If you watch any teeny-bobber show, the actors in their mid-late 20’s play High School students.

      • Sam

        Well, Ashton looks 25 and Charlie looks 55- that could work!

      • Lois

        Fred & @Rose,
        when they have older actors play young, all the actors are older, so at least they look the same age. But Two & a Half Men has an 18-year-old on the show, and Kutcher looks more than a decade older than him.

    • Mike Armstrong

      Lorre needs to do two things: take the classy way out and at the same time protect the brand. Fans love the show and will accept the fact that Charlie Harper is off serving time. Verbal reports back of serenity in Soledad (or whichever prison Charlie calls home) can counter balance comic scenes of Ashton, Jon, and The Kid. Ashton will be the wild and crazy guy while Charlie cows in his cell. Could be some great scenes. This way Lorre has options. If he wants Charlie Sheen to come back, the door will be open. If not, the new guy will be right at home with the fans. The writing is the key and Lorre has the chops to get the job done.

      • D

        Yeah, I thought of the prison idea myself…

    • FC


    • Josh

      “Should ‘Men’ kill off Charlie Sheen’s character?” They should kill off all the characters.

      • tanya

        @Farmer Ted. You better stick to your day job Farmer Ted…that is so off the mark for a comedy show. Besides, Ashton Kutcher looks a lot older now to be Charlie’s son, oh also, the show is already going to tank with Ashton in it…he sucks so bad on so many different levels, and acting, even in a comedy isn’t Ashton’s forte either.

      • lizzy

        Have you seen That 70’s Show? Aston was actually quite good in that.

    • ron

      no way i wont watch on more

      • joey

        wow, ron, I won’t watch no way no how no mo’ either or.

      • ron’s brother earl

        me no watch on mo, no way neither, me no like no.

      • Lan Ev

        Huh? What? Is there a statement somewhere in that collection of random words?

    • JD

      I’m sure they have a script ready that had Charlie killed off. I mean did they really think he was going to live more than five years without OD’ing.
      They can kill him off and just not have the body found, if that’s the case then it’s always possible Sheen could return. If they really hate Sheen they’d make it so there is no way he can come back, like say they were in an open casket funeral.
      Then Ashton could be his son from a teen pregnacy, and he would inherit Charlie’s property since he probably wouldn’t leave a will, and son outranks brother.

      • Quentin

        why not give open auditions? Ashton kutcher is obviously too old to play Charlie’s son. C’mon!!!!

    • Rush

      Have him drink a bad batch of tiger blood.

    • wizard62

      Kill that mofo. Go Big or Go Home!

    • kyle

      no they shouldent kill off charlie because without charlie there is no two and a half men he is what makes two and a half men.

      • Quentin

        I agree!

      • Linda

        You are so right, Kyle, I am sitting here right now watching a rerun, can’t get enough watch everytime it’s on, Ashton has some big shoes to fill, it’s to bad nothing could not be worked out with Charlie Sheen.

      • Ola

        You right no Charlie no show

    • CP

      I like the offscreen idea. “Charlie’s off in Europe, Charlie’s in rehab, Charlie’s away for the weekend,” – nothing better than a running joke, unless it’s a running insider’s joke.

    • yt

      Brett Butler?? I think she served me fries at McDonald’s yesterday.

    • arwegryerf


      t s h i r t s -12

      s h o e s -35

      b i k i n i -17


    • Jay

      I think they should have him join a monastary.

    • M&M

      I suggest driving the whole cast over a cliff and and ending this network television atrocity for good. Lorre’s a hack.

    • dianaprince

      No. I agree with the comedy writer in the article…it’s more funny to have him off screen somewhere. Like Maris on Frasier and Vera on Cheers. Writers could write crazy fun antics for him abroard. Alan could talk to him on the phone. Whatever. If he died it wouldn’t be comedy, it would just be sad seeing the characters upset. Whether Sheen ever comes back or not…doesn’t matter. The comedy is what matters, and Charlie dead is NOT funny.

    • Monster

      No and if they kill charlie i will never watch this show again. stupid Lorre.

  • Bobby

    Ha ha… #Losing.
    Lost the ‘goddesses’, the show, and soon, the freedom.

    • Jack

      The show lost him, you loser.

      It was the most watched sitcom during the last 5 years.

      It’s like Seinfeld losing Seinfeld.

      • Creep-E

        Except Seinfeld was funny and 2 1/2 men was not.

      • Grumpster

        Most watched doesn’t make it good.

      • Lois

        You can’t compare the 2 shows. This wasn’t the Charlie Sheen Show. He was just one character. Seinfeld couldn’t exist without Seinfeld, as it was built around him.

  • SM

    Either kill him or explain that he’s away in extended rehab.

    • Jane

      Yeah, he could be in rehab for sex addiction and needs to relocate after he gets out because he needs to get away from old triggers. We could occasionally hear about his “relapses.”

    • D

      @Jane-not bad. I was thinking the story could be he had a heart attack in the middle of doing something he loved, if you know what I mean.

  • Smallville

    Yes. And EW should stop talking about this douche.

    • DGH

      not as long as people keep giving the articles attention by posting on them.

      • Jen

        bien dit, ‘dans ta face’ Smallville ! (lousy tv show Smallville by the way..haha).

  • Hope

    I think a death durning sex with a hot babe or even by his stalker.

    • KC

      He’ll be dying a slow death from an STD, so you’re halfway there…

      • Jack

        jealous much ? he’ll probably outlive Chuck Lorre !!!

      • KC

        What’s to be jealous of?

    • Larc

      I like the idea of him dying in the saddle.
      1-Hot babe comes to the door looking for Charlie.
      2-Alan tells her he’s at the bar (she knows where it is) and then covers Jake’s popping eyes as she’s leaving.
      3-The next scene is in a funeral chapel with services about to start. Alan says he’s never seen anybody dead with such a big smile on his face. Jake says he’s never seen *anybody* with a smile that big.

  • Imitation Crab

    Charlie should be killed off. Alan inherits the house, but not any money. Herb and Judith get divorced and Herb moves in with Alan to help pay the rent. Voila! Two and a half men again.

    • DGH

      Are you trying to kill the show altogether?

      • KC

        That’s not a bad idea.

      • k

        Personally, I can’t see Charlie leaving Alan a thing – not even the house. I could see him leaving everything to some random hooker before leaving anything to Alan. Remember, the key to the show is things not working out for Alan. Charlie leaving him the house is far too close to things working out. In my world Charlie would leave everything to Courtney (Jenny McCarthy). He changed the will while they were dating but dies before he can change it again. So now, Courtney owns the house, the car, etc. That would be a huge thorn in Alan’s side. Now his choices are to remain in the house with Courtney as his landlord, move in with his mom, or find a run down apartment building filled with strange and funny neighbors.

    • MMJ

      Good one! I love Ryan Stiles.

    • Sailor

      @k That’s an even better idea that you came up with. The writers can have Alan inheriting nothing and Ashton’s character inheriting everything because he was an old buddy who got Charlie out of some sticky situations. Ashton can hold off on saying what they are but Alan spends time during the entire season trying to figure out what those situations were. He gets clues along the way. Maybe he thinks he finds out and was intentionally fooled by Ashton’s character.

    • Frank Me

      I like that idea of herb on the show he is a funny guy

  • Brian

    They should just pull a Bewtiched and not explain anything…

    • SisterZip

      Brian, that is PERFECT!!!

      Brilliant idea!

    • Abe Froman

      I’ve been saying this since he was fired. Pull a Darrin and have someone else play Charlie and not even acknowledge it.

    • Joseph

      I don’t think they should kill him at all. I think Ashton should just be Charlie. Either with no explanation at all (A Bewitched as Brian said), or plastic surgery. What better way to prolong his promiscuous life style then to make himself look longer and better.

    • Billl

      Or a Roseanne ala Becky. They could even have the fat kid in therapy confused by the switch ala D.J.

  • Nikki T

    Yes, kill his character off, so no more

  • Alice Adams

    If they use this, I want to be recognized for it.

    He should be killed by Tiger.

    • Alice Adams

      not Woods, just a wandering beast.

      • saint of E. 69th st.

        tiger woods would be better..say he went after Tiger’s ex…..and have the real Tiger play himself in a two-ep arc…

    • Billl

      Tiger from The Brady Bunch?

      • DebS

        HA! I thought the exact same thing!

  • joan

    The producers of this show should bite the bullet and hir Charlie back. There is no show without him, and Ashton Kushner has tanked in every movie he has ever made. My remote will be on re-runs and not the new show, as the kid is getting too big and too stupid and Alan gives you a pain in the ass. So what is left

  • Vedura

    My idea.
    Charlie dies in a fiery car crash, hence, only an urn at the funeral, which leaves open space for his return.
    Each member of the cast files by to pay ‘respects’ but says to the urn what they would like to say to Charlie Sheen. When stalker-girl looks up from the urn, she sees Ashton Kurcher next in line and immediately forgets that Charlie ever existed. He is a cousin or such that Charlie decided to leave his beach house to in his newly changed will because he and Alan had a fight. Now Alan has to live with another ‘Charlie’ type, or move out

  • Lobster tail

    Without Charlie the show will most likely end, give him another chance!

  • Bebe

    Forget his television character, I wish they would kill off Charlie Sheen.

    • DGH

      I’m sure people say the same thing about you.

      • PowerJunkie


    • Bebe is disgusting

      wow Bebe you are creepy, border line don’t now this guy and you wish his death ?! You only read some pieces of reports about him twisted by medias..mostly trash gossip advice get help and above all get a life !!

    • Howard

      Sheen will probably take care of that himself.

    • Grumpster

      Yes…please wipe this guy off the planet in some horrible and gross way so-as he can NEVER return. And make some rumor about how he died so that it will affect whatever show he goes to afterward.

      • Former 2 1/2 fan

        The problem is not what happens to Charlie Sheen from this point on. If the show’s creators don’t want him to return, it won’t ever happen anyway. There is no reason force viewers to accept such an unhappy concept as a the death of a main character when it’s unnecessary. People watch comedies to escape the harshness of the world, not to be reminded of it. The solution of killing off the character of Charlie speaks volumes about Chuck Lorre’s temper, ego, and utter disregard for his customers, aka the viewers who keep him in business each and evey week.

    • Linnea Heaverlo

      Harsh much?

  • Nicholas

    Its two & a half men .if u do that it wil be half a man ans gay dad that has a sic fetish to be spank by judith. Come on guy s every body goes thru life .

  • Nicholas

    And a nother thang I want to be like charie off the screen. A real person.

    • LMFAO

      America has Sheenis envy!

      • Mike Armstrong

        That is wicked funny! Sheenis envy. Good one.

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