'Lost' vet to help produce Fox's 'Alcatraz'


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As if Alcatraz didn’t have enough of a Lost pedigree, the Fox show has tapped Jack Bender to join the show as executive producer and director. Bender directed many of the biggest episodes of Lost — 36 of them, according to IMDb, including the finale. He rejoins former Lost producers J.J. Abrams,¬†Elizabeth Sarnoff and Bryan Burk on the show which, as you recall, co-stars Jorge Garcia (a.k.a. Hurley). But can the show reproduce the success of the ABC hit? The pilot — about former inmates who disappeared 50 years ago coming back into modern day San Francisco and committing crimes — feels closer to the first episode of Fringe than that other island adventure.


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  • xxc

    Ok, I’m officially excited for this.


      I have a bad feeling about this show, it has a “freak of the week” vibe to it. Smallville was able to survive this, but this seems to be the premise of the show. I love LOST and FRINGE but this show seems like neither

      • katie

        I’ve seen it, and it isn’t good. But I didn’t like Lost so I have a feeling I’ll be in the minority on this one, too.

      • Wha’ever

        On the contrary : Fringe was also “freak of the week” in the first season, and the vibe is still there in the latest episodes, but it’s still real good. I will watch the pilot, that’s for sure.

      • Justin

        please Katie, enlighten me on how you’ve seen it? because I highly, highly doubt it, considering very few executives at FOX have even seen it.

  • Kristen

    One of the two pilots I’m excited about.

  • Fresh

    Sounds cool! Coming back after 50 years? Sounds a little like the 4400 to me.

    • Jen40

      I STILL miss The 4400 and I thought the same thing when I read that.

  • Dave

    This show looks more like Fringe than Lost. I have a feeling that it, like Fringe, will be somewhat underwhelming at first, but given some time could become a great show.

  • Smallville


    • Emjay


  • Mike K

    If you go in to this show thinking or wanting it to be the next Fringe or LOST… you’ll be disappointed. Yes, there will be comparisons but you got to give it the chance to speak for itself and let it breathe a little.

    • Bosco

      Absolutely- let’s not build this up to impossible heights only to see it crash down- let it happen on its own merits. Personally, I’m excited by the premise and the individuals involved!

      • Bosco

        Came out wrong- let it crash or succeed on its own merits- see, I can hardly wait!!

  • Anna

    Now I am definitely watching this. Not expecting it to be the new Lost or anything, but I’m still excited.

  • kyle

    i was already in but this will make me count the days

  • Duncan

    Excellent news. Too bad that we must wait until January for the premiere.

  • lost fan

    Is Michael Giachinno doing the score?

    • Jean

      Would love that! His score for Lost was so beautiful, I listen to the soundtrack a lot!

      • lost fan

        Me too, that score was so good. To be honest that is part of the reason why I watch Fringe.

    • Mary

      What a great question – sure hope so and will remain optimistic. Can’t wait to see Jorge’ on screen again.

      • lost fan

        Thank you! Looking forward to seeing Jorge also, but the music to series often makes it for me!

  • Alma

    Is this show also going to be a disappointing blah fest that ends up being Christian propaganda?

    • DJ

      The finale of Lost was fundamentally Buddhist in its conception of the reality of the world. That part, at least, stayed true to the themes of the series. Of course, it was a bastardized Buddhism, but namaste, anyway.

    • Grumpster

      With a Buddhist wife, I can not agree less with your analysis. This was Christian all the way. Pheh…not gonna watch this and further that propaganda.

      • lafleur

        Grumpster, you say you have a Buddhist wife and can’t agree less. Well I come from a massive Christian family and completely disagree with your statement as well. It was original, and beautiful. Let’s not place religion or names of any sorts onto that final episode. Unless you use the word- beautiful.

  • lost fan

    None of j j abrams shows are Christian propaganda!

    • former lost fan

      Well, what the hey was the end of LOST all about daddy-o ?

      • Shane

        Oh for the love of….the finale of Lost was about one thing and one thing only : LOVE.
        It was true to the core of the show, true to Lost and it was perfect.
        For those who got the show, it was what we expected.
        For those who thought the show was about smoke monsters and time travel, they had their own ending written in their non-imaginative heads and never understood the show in the first place.
        Any true fan who was willing to do the research saw the ending coming after the S1 DVD with its special features was released.
        I know I did.

      • Grumpster

        Agree with FLF…total Christian propaganda…and the ending stunk like nothing else before or since.

      • Jean

        I totally agree with Shane.

      • Mary

        Remember Season 1? From episode one, the show was character driven and we learned to “love” them early on which made the finale ever so significant. The episodes remained character driven and there was no preaching any religious faith or lack thereof. Why would they need to do that? Our humanity is who we are, no matter what faith we have or don’t have. Death comes to all and the writers handled it beautifully bringing us ever closer to our “Lost family”. Open your minds and your hearts to others.

      • anonymous

        Still a cop-out.

      • lost fan

        It was a true expression of genuine acceptance of all religions. God is good and accepts all people regardless.

      • lost fan

        Shane, what a great response! Though I was a great fan and watched it from the beginning and all the extras on the season one dvd I am not sure I saw the end coming! It still puzzles me.

      • former lost fan

        Grumpster, I am with you on this. The ending was the biggest let down ever, and don’t get me started on the sideways.

      • former lost fan

        PS. Needless to say I did not invest in the season 6 DVD’s. LOST ended at the end of season 5 for this viewer.

      • Ash

        The major issue of Lost is that it was billed as SCi-Fi. In it’s last episode it tossed six years of sci-fi mythology out of the window just to give the audience a feel good ending. I’m sure there are a lot of people who watched Lost JUST for the characters. There were also a lot of people who watched Lost for the mythology of it all. I think anyone who ever hoped that Lost would stay true to the world they built was disappointed. People who were interested in the show for the characters were not. Plenty of sci-fi shows have had satisfying character endings that stayed true to the mythology of the show. Lost did not. It was not as great as you want it to be. You are being blindly loyal to a show that was not loyal to its own fans. If the show was not in some part about smoke monsters and time travel then why were those elements even there? That is where the cop out is. Couldn’t the story of Lost been told just as well without any sci-fi elements? Nobody is saying the show had to be either about the character or about the sci-fi. In fact I prefer my shows to be a nice mix and Lost was a mix until the very end when they veered off into the bs ending that they had. Whatever, I’m sure this will be debated until the end of time but I was so disappointed in the ending that I can’t even rewatch the good years because I know it is all for nothing. There is no real closure to 99% of the story they told. I guess I’m just stupid or whatever else people call you when you didn’t like Lost. I like to think I like storytellers to conclude stories not cop out and say “and then they all went to heaven.” My 5 year old nephew finishes stories that way.

      • former lost fan

        My sentiments exactly. Well said.

  • 3reddogs

    I wasn’t the least bit interested in Alcatraz until I saw the trailer. Have been totally amped ever since.

    • Big Bill

      I’m right there with you. I had the exact same response.

  • Shane

    I am looking forward to the show cause of the Lost connections but I think The River sounds like its a much better show.

  • LOSTbean

    Anyone know the start date for Alcatraz?

    • former lost fan

      Mid-season Jan.2012.

  • Grumpster

    Yeah..and i have a bridge to sell.

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