The best (or worst) 'Toddlers & Tiaras' clip ever? Watch!

Tonight on the ever-infuriating, ever-addictive Toddlers & Tiaras (TLC, 10 p.m. ET), we follow 8-year-old Alaska as she competes against her 5-year-old brother Braxton (pictured) in Indianapolis’ Circle City Stars and Cars pageant. Watch an exclusive clip below.

A few choice quotes:

• “You’re not a stripper, but shake your butt a little bit.” — their mother to Alaska

• “Now, why would you even say that?” — Alaska to their mother

• “I’m Alaska. My biggest supporter would be, um, I don’t really have one.”

• “I am Braxton, and my sister doesn’t do as good as me.”

• “My son Braxton rocks every pageant he goes to. The only [way] that I could see Braxton not winning this pageant is if he fell over dead.”

• “We’ll see how [Alaska] does. And hopefully, she accepts defeat or, you know, failure, with a smile on her face.”

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  • me

    Cut that Braxton’s hair please!!

  • Alex

    I’m sure there are worse parents in the world, but WOW.

    • Sgt. York

      I can’t think of any that haven’t committed any crimes.

  • Joe

    This show is just sad. I feel so sorry for those poor kids. Even if the show is addicting, idk how you can feel good about yourself watching it.

    • el

      Yeah. Shame on TLC for airing this exploitative garbage. People like this should go to jail and or counseling, not paid money and given the fame they obviously desperately crave.

      • mary rayburn parker

        TLC, Doesn’t that stand for “The Learning Channel”? What happened to the education for what you use to create?

  • Rusty

    You know, there’s so-bad-it’s-good train-wreck entertainment and then there’s just deeply unsettling and sad. Toddlers and Tiaras is too much the latter. These poor kids that don’t even have a chance–screwed in both nature and nurture. Hopefully they find themselves a decent teacher or some other adult who can help guide them to a life that is not so completely narcissistic, vapid, shallow, degrading and pointless.

    • Amy

      I don’t think you can say it any better than that. I too feel really awful that these kids have to live this way, but I also fear what kind of adults these kids will be in another decade or so. Let’s face it – this is just a small cross-section of the hideously bad parenting going on out there. What on earth will the world have to deal with when these narcissists are unleashed into society? They won’t know how to operate in any mode but the glorification of a life lived in front of a camera, and the deification of instant and bottomless excess.

  • Anne

    Good grief, that girl is going to need an entire team of shrinks. I wonder if that mom has the self-awareness required to feel ashamed of saying those things?

    • Katie

      Really, you wonder that? You are a far more optimistic person than I am to even consider the possibility.

  • charlotte

    Yikes. I know I laughed watching the clip but that is just plain sad, sad, sad. Those poor kids.

  • Sarah

    I watch these shows and pretend that they’re just mockumentaries like Christopher Guest films. I did the same with Kate Plus 8 for a few episodes. It makes everything less sad for just a fleeting moment.

  • Nodnarb

    Ah, out come the holier than thou brigade in droves! Are you so jealous of your average kids and your puny lives that you have to trash people on the internet? Oh, you must all be such models of parental PERFECTION to pass judgment on others. Please.

    • jen

      believe me – a baboon would look look like parental perfection compared to these moms.

    • Rusty

      Dude, there are parental mistakes that everyone makes, and then there is willful and purposeful damaging of one’s children. These parents set their kids up to feel empty and badly about themselves potentially for a lifetime. And they don’t care. The parents are probably only replaying what was done to them as children, but it’s still a sick cycle that needs to stop.

    • Clancy

      To hear Alaska’s mother, she’s the one with an average kid. Nothing like blatantly favoring one over the other there.

    • Julz

      I don’t think anyone here feels they’re holier than though or expecting perfection. We’re just looking for some consideration and kindness towards their own children. The comments made to this little girl were cruel and appalling.

    • why mom?

      Nodnarb or Brandon, I haven’t read ‘holier than thou in droves’, have read some comments that have gotten too personal when making comments, such as commenting on the mother’s looks or teeth. That is not needed, nor productive. BUT Nodnarb/Brandon, you are taking this too personal. I don’t think any of us are jealous. We could have done this with our kids too, if we wished. Do not call our kids AVERAGE. The before pics on ALL THESE KIDS SHOW AVERAGE LOOKING KIDS! Then they are plastered with makeup, hair is puffed up, wigs added, etc, fancy dresses, fake eyelashes or DYE eyelashes and DON’T forget those flippers (OR BLEACH THEM like A&B get done to their teeth each week). No talent sections then little dances than most kids can do, No our ‘average kids’ COULD be up there too, if we and they wanted too. No, most of us are UPSET that this mother and stepfather is taking away any self esteem Alaska has. This is Mental Abuse, YES ABUSE! These pageant parents say they are building up self esteem, but this set is ripping apart her feelings. and her brother? he is being taught that HE CAN DO NO WRONG, HE IS THE BEST LOOKING, ETC. In everything you do out there, there is good and bad. We saw the bad with this episode.

      • Abby Bushor

        Simply said…it’s mental abuse through and through!

      • ms boop

        Agreed!! She is damaging Alaska’s self esteem and is doing permanent damage. And why does she think the little boy is so handsome??? Did anyone see the Ewoks on Star Wars???

      • taeem

        in the t&t where alaska and braxton are performing the stepfather has to write down some nice things about alaska, he can’t write anything down, before saying stupid things first, thats sick, than you should shut up and be a real man and give her some affection and love, but that’s even too hard to do, so he he is also a looser, as it comes to fatherhood.

      • Dena Weigel Bell

        Regarding the brother…it’s equally distructive to ‘build’ him up the way they are in this clip. Someday he will find out that not everyone thinks he’s the best and he won’t know how to deal with it. Bitterness, anger, resentment… Not too mention, that the parents are fostering a great relationship between the two children by pitting them against each other.

    • Jennifer

      You must be one of those moms!!!

  • @Nodnarb

    So…which pageant is your daughter competing in?

    • ga green eyes

      Easy, easy. No holier-than-thou attitude here. People are free to do what they please with their money,time,teeth or kids but I do have honest heart-felt empathy for little Alaska.

    • Abby Bushor

      You must be one of THOSE parents huh…

    • Jennifer

      Ha Ha EXACTLy!!!!

  • Lacy

    The entire show is troubling but the name “Alaska” might be the worst thing yet.

  • Lisa

    I know it is hateful, and no I’m not perfect, but I’m going to say it anyway. The money spent to enter these poor kids into pageants would be better spent on the mother’s teeth. I know I’m a terrible human being for saying it.

    • ms boop

      I agree 100%. That woman would do well to spend some on her ears and her teeth!!

  • Valerie

    Braxton has momma’s teeth and charm.

  • Emily

    Anyone notice the mother is missing a tooth? Classy.

    • Emily

      Sorry, the previous posts were not showing on my site when I posted this – Obviously lots of people noticed the mother’s teeth!

  • Rui Neves

    This is fictional rigth?? if not its very troubling. the worst of all is that i want to see more off it, whats wrong with me??

  • annabelle

    Is that little boy wearing a wig? It looks like a wig.

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