'All My Children' sets end date in September

Parting is such sweet sorrow: All My Children will air its series finale on Friday, Sept. 23. Many alums are already on-board to help the show say goodbye, including Josh Duhamel (Leo Du Pres), Eva La Rue (Maria Santos), Thorsten Kaye (Zach Slater), Carol Burnett (Verla Grubbs), Kate Collins (Janet Green), Jennifer Bassey (Marion Chandler), Melissa Claire Egan (Annie Chandler), and Leven Rambin (Lily Montgomery).

To fill the void, the network’s new one-hour lifestyle series The Chew will debut the following Monday. The show promises to bring together “a diverse panel of co-hosts that includes restaurateurs and Iron Chef stars Mario Batali and Michael Symon, entertaining expert Clinton Kelly, Top Chef alum Carla Hall and health & wellness enthusiast Daphne Oz.”

The Chew is the first new series to launch on ABC Daytime in 14 years.

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  • Flip

    I have never liked AMC but I have watched every soap series finale since The City in 1997, so I’ll be tuning in.

    • Justin F

      Me, too.

      • Batok

        That is an excellent idea! I am relaly sad to hear this news. I am 43 and have been watching AMC and OLTL with my mom since I can remember. The shows are almost as old as I am so I remember mom watching them when I was a kid. They are like family and will be sorely missed. I had planned on watching them online and now am relaly sad. I wish AMC had the opportunity to wrap up the show for good. I know they left it open to continue and now I wish they could go back and do one last ending .

  • MrsMorales

    I won’t be watching that nonsense. I want my soaps.

    • Lucy


    • brenda harris

      hi iv watch all the soaps i was 9 years old and im 55 now why are they going off i and my sister watch everyday from 1pm to 4pm please dont take them off a lot of people watch them all my children and one life to live and genral hospial we are going to miss them dont take them off

      • Wanda

        I agree but nobody listens to us fans about how WE feel! I still watch OLTL but its just a matter of time before that one goes off the air too…boo hoo! I will miss it terribly!

    • christy

      I cant blieve they will be gone! I DVR my soaps so I have something to watch on weekends. I have been watching since I was 13. now 45 and I still enjoy a heathy outdoor life. I hate all these talk shows and stupid reality shows. I will truly be sad when the start to touch NCIS or Law and order. I hate hate all the housewives were ever they are from. Oh soooo sad. sigh.

      • deb

        I to have been watching AMC and OLTL for years. I used to watch soaps with my Grandma when I was 15 I’m now 53. I really don’t think Ill ever watch the Chew or the other one taking the place of OLTL I’ll be watching the other networks soaps !

      • Wanda

        I love to cook but do we have to have ANOTHER cooking show shoved down our throats. I dont like half the crap they demonstrate anyway. Like 100% of us commenting here—I want my soaps!

  • really?

    Can’t wait until all the lame, badly acted crap is gone

    • sean

      So you’re not a fan of reality shows huh really?

      • terry

        reality shows are the biggest waste of air time

      • Lisa

        Why are you making comments if you are that negative to soaps???

    • BJG

      Because the “lame, badly acted crap” is worse than lame talk shows with people you don’t know telling you how to live your life?

      • Wanda

        You’re wrong. Soap actors/actresses are the best in this field! They make a person whos is watching actually FEEL their emotions and what they are going through. It’s like real life!

    • Jacquelyn Roberson

      Just keep your comments to your self some of us grew up on them and enjoy them. So what if they are doing the same thing over and over again our grandmothers watched them with our moms and our moms watched them with us she shut up

    • george1138

      I know how you feel. I watched the show for years, as the storylines got dumber and dumber. I quit watching 2 1/2 years ago. I only watched again when Myrtle died, when Bianca was going to marry her girlfriend, and when Palmer died. From what I’ve heard, they’ve got some really lame storylines going right now. Of course, I’ll watch again when the show is in its final days, like I’ve done with sevberal soaps.

      • roy

        AMC has the story lines right now. The. CHEW. IS. GOING. to. Be. Stupid ! I hear. AMC. Will. Be online

    • karen widner

      Many very good actors have had their beginnings on soaps. How many talk shows have been on for 25-30 years??!! Generations of grandmas moms and daughters have shared in these. The Chew??!! REALLY?? ANOTHER stupid embarrassing show. I will NEVER watch any of these,ABC bad,bad move.

  • Lindsay

    This is SO sad! Someone please save our soaps! I WILL NOT watch ABC ever again, and I will certainly NEVER watch the “informational” programs replacing them.

    • SLB

      Sure you won’t.

      • Jessica

        Well, I won’t be watching. Instead I will be watching Days of Our Lives, The Bold and the Beautiful and The Young and the Restless. But I will continue to watch ABC…when General Hospital is on.

      • Anastasia

        To SLB – I won’t. All of the talk shows that are already on are awful, who needs more of that crap? I don’t need “lifestyle” advice, thank you very much – I have a brain and common sense and know how to take care of myself without some blow-hard know it all forcing their opinions on me.

    • Karen Justus

      once this show is gone I will not watch the replacement shows. why bother. we watch at work on our lunch hour and now we will be having withdrawls. It’s just not right. Even the men in the office were getting into the characters.

      • Wanda Pope

        I agree I will not watch the replacement shows! There are too many of these kind of shows on nighttime as it is. guess TNT or TBS will be getting my business now.

    • Gin

      I agree! I’m 46 now and have been watching since I was like 12 yrs old. I’ll miss AMC!

  • mel

    I watched AMC, OLTL and GH for 15 years back in the 70s and 80s. I have very fond memories of those times and am sorry to see the end of an era. Unfortunately I got too busy with married life and children to continue, but I will definitely be tuning in to see all my old pals. Won’t be watching The Chew because I still don’t have time to add daytime programming to my already busy DVR.

    • RaRa

      Ditto. Finding out that the teenager Devin was pregnant with her boyfriend Wally’s baby was the current storyline when I tuned in for the first time. Jenny and Brad (wasn’t that his name?)… Those were great stories.

      • Tawny

        It was Jenny and Greg. I had forgoten about Devin and Wally. I started watching in the second year, the first one that was in color. I taped it for years, but stopped watching about 8 years ago because the storywriting was so bad. I am still sad to see them go.

      • Beckie

        Jenny and Greg

      • DL

        There was a Brad and Jenny couple on OLTL in the mid to late 70s. He was a bit of a cad.

      • Edgar

        Oprah has made it clear she has no interest in the soap busnseis. Why can’t people understand that. She made her statement. We may not like her decision, but we need to accept it and move on. Soaps are expensive to produce. PP should have made sure they had financial backing before they jumped into this. What I want to know is-why can’t they just wait and hold off until they hav ethe funding? It is obvious to me that they are no longer (or maybe never were) really interested in pursuing this. If they were, they would have been realistic and not told soapers that the shows will start airing in January. Really? did anyone actually BELIEVE that would happen? I personally feel sorry for the actors that signed up.

    • Ms. Rose

      I agree w/ Mel.I watched AMC, OLTL and GH for 15 years back in the 80s. I too became busy with career, parenthood, and family life to keep up. I work in education, so during our Christmas, summer, etc. breaks, I would still tune in, and also would tape them via the old VCR days. Soaps like many other things end to go in other directions.Thanks for the memories however, I will DVR the finales.

  • stu

    i hope they kill off Erica!

    • cj

      How mean!!!!

      • Luisa

        I know that there are a lot of people who alaedry watch the episodes online on sites like Youtube. Plus when its online you can access it on iPads, Laptops, etc. It would pave the way for a new era of web series.As a college student studying Television/Video Production, it was a nice hope for the future of the industry. I love OLTL and hope maybe its not completely dead but that they concentrate on quality instead of deadlines.

  • Frons is a smuck

    I wish their was an end date for Brian Frons’ career. ABC must love this guy. Frons has diligently worked to undermine ABC’s daytime soaps…especially by hiring inept producers and writers (especially at AMC & GH). I hope the new ABC daytime go down in flames. I have very slim hope that GH can survive but with the current non-braintrust running ABC, I doubt it will.

    • Jessica

      Unfortunately it doesn’t matter how bad the new shows are because they’re cheaper to make than soaps and it’s money not viewers that ABC cares about.I hope beyond reason that GH can keep going.

  • Ashley

    Still so sad about AMC and OLTL ending. My soaps gave me something to bond over with my mother, aunts, and grandma. Hope all the wonderful actors, writers, and crew are able to find jobs elsewhere.

  • AN

    I love All My Children and that’s my freaking birthday!! Seriously??? That’s like salt in the wound!

    • Robert

      I never understood why people feel the need to mention when something happens on their birthday. I’m sure they didn’t have you in mind when they set the date. Birthdays are just another day once you aren’t a kid anymore.

      • Jane

        You sound like so much fun to hang around with! What a fun person you seem to be.

        What a loser.

      • ger

        I was born on March 15th, and I still haven’t forgiven Brutus for killing Caesar on that day.

      • Jesus

        How the hell do you think I feel? I was born on December 25!

      • jb

        and your a jackass bob

      • cindy

        well I really think it B.S. taking it off.My birthday is Sept.11,1962 and Jerk didnt care.Boy was that a birthday to remember.

      • karen

        Damn ya’ll she was just saying it was gonna be a bummer to have to have a fave show end on her birthday.

    • AN

      Dude, I turn 31 this year and I love my birthday! I always do something fun with my husband and friends and that hasn’t changed since I was two (except the husband part). I have watched AMC with my mom and grandma since I was 15. It’s sad. And it’s sad on my birthday. So there. That’s why I said it’s salt in the wound.

    • Wanda

      I have always loved watching All My Children and One Life To Live. Those are the two best soaps on TV! All the characters felt like ‘family’ to me. I will be going to see my musician “honey” Enrique Iglesias on September 23. Maybe that will in and of itself distract me from being so sad about the ‘loss’ of my soaps! Talk about going into withdrawals! One thing for sure, I will NOT be watching those two new shows that will take their place!…CHEW on that ABC!

      • cj

        As for the Chew, just what we don’t need is another cooking show. Aren’t we fat enough already!!!!!!

    • Marsha

      Hey anytime you live to another birthday, it is a special day. Stop being a jerk and let her vent.

  • claudenorth

    Tell you what’s gonna happen: the networks will kill off all the soaps, and then a few years down the line, a network executive will get the idea to try something really innovative — serialized daytime dramas — for which he or she will receive ridiculous amounts of praise.

    • jeffster

      In a few years, prime time will grow weary of all “real housewives” nonsense and those will be banished to daytime. Reality meets the soaps – and cheaper to produce.

      • bootsycolumbia

        Actually, my local NBC station is showing repeats of the Real Housewives series at noon. So it’s already happening–unfortunately.

  • Flip

    Apparently the AMC series finale will be TWO HOURS!!!

  • Iakovos

    Love or hate soaps, the sadness of a genre that will pass into history should be noted. The soaps are not a joke (although the conventions and conceits provide the basis for humor and satire). They really do require time, talent, effort, creativity… AMC, OLTL along with ATWT and GL really were good programs and deserve respect.

  • Micah

    I love my ABC soaps, but people should realize that it is not ABC or any network that is killing the soaps. It is us, the viewers who stopped watching long ago. Netowrk TV viewing is not where it used to be and it is expensive to keep Erica Kane going. It all comes down to being a business.

    • Lisa

      Um, if the writers are writing crap (see current storylines on any given soap), and the networks/ producers are hiring untalented actors putting them front and center while simultaneously moving the characters people tune in to see to the back burner, viewership will be done. I was a faithful fan of GH and would VCR it when at school and later work, but when it became Mobsters, Inc. I tuned out. That is strictly the fault of the writers and producers. I haven’t been back. Re-writing history (Erica’s un-abortion), retreading the same storylines, uninteresting characters front-burner stories, etc. is what drives viewers away. That’s not our fault if the network/producers don’t listen. We just find other things to do.

      • lisa

        Well, the story line WAS unbelievable, but not an “UN- abortion” but supposedly a carzy Dr kept her fetus and grew it or something wierd like that. But then, how did that Dr claim to be the father ?? Uh its soo confusing, silly, unrealistic… But I have watched AMC since it STARTED, like 40+ years ago, at lunchtime, good ol’ days when we went home for lunch lol!

    • Melissa

      Actually, the president of Daytime TV over at ABC has basically been spitting on soaps since he took over. While crappy storylines drove away viewers, it was his Machiavellian shenanigans behind the scenes that truly drove ABC soaps into the ground.

    • Abe Froman

      It IS all about business. You can’t expect a company to lose money just out of a sense of nostalgia.

    • Mike

      Actually, the ratings only reflect the number of people who watched the first showing of each episode. ABC never counted DVR viewers, any of the 3 repeats on SoapNet nor did they count how many people watched the episodes on the ABC website. My guess would be that soaps still have strong viewership, but ABC is not counting everyone. They talk about The Chew being a modern trend, but wouldn’t accounting for DVR and the internet also be accommodating a modern trend?

  • kate middleton

    “The Chew” still sounds like the worst show ever.

  • Jessica

    I love this show! I am a 35 year old female. I’m the demographic this show is looking for. No one is counting me! I grew up watching Susan Lucci. I hope to see her on another show, maybe on primetime TV, but definitely not ABC.

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