Starz cancels 'Camelot'

Starz has cancelled its Arthurian fantasy Camelot after one season.

Camelot received middling reviews from critics and had somewhat ho-hum ratings, averaging less than a million viewers per episode. The lavish series also had trouble generating much buzz after it launched alongside HBO’s breakout fantasy Game of Thrones and Showtime’s better-reviewed historical drama The Borgias. Starz’ genre fans can at least look forward to the upcoming Torchwood and the return of Spartacus next year.

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  • Sean

    I’m honestly going to say that after 4 episodes I stopped and switched over to Game of Thrones. A far better series. Camelot isn’t Spartacus… and I think Starz knows that now.

    • Dan

      Both Camelot and Game of Thrones are awful shows.

      • kgb

        Game of Thrones is excellent. Turn back over to American Id(i)o(t)l, idiot.

      • Slob

        Games of Thrones is next to be cancelled.

      • MAK

        Game of Thrones already renewed, dumbass.

      • Bill

        I guess you might be the last to know then.

      • Al

        Good now we have less Brit on tv next stop Game of Trone

      • Kelly

        Game of Thrones is brilliant

      • JBD

        In order from best to worst: The Borgias, Game of Thrones, and way below is Camelot. No surprise that it didn’t last.

      • ®ustymustdie

        camelot was so so but game of thrones was pretty amazing. your a tool. die.

      • Captain

        Wow the “anyone who doesn’t like what I like is stupid” argument. I believe that one’s a favourite at Harvard.

      • Okay


        I’ve never heard of “American Idiotl.” (Using quotes here because italics are impossible, of course! Sorry, MLA!) Is that, like, Aztec or Incan or something?

        Ha, ha, yeah: should have had a slash there at the end of your hilarious little conflation-equation, not a parenthetical. My gosh, is the egg on your face. PWNT.

      • Asa


        You must have awful taste.

      • Thawedtheorc

        What a troll you are. Camelot is trash and boring. GoT is one of the best shows in TV history. Go back to watching your Chuck Norris flicks.

    • Al

      i did turn off when i see to much Brits

      • zeba

        @ Al-Maybe if you’d watch more Brits, you’d learn to speak/write better English. It’s ‘too’ not ‘to’. For that matter it’s ‘too many’ not ‘to much’. Geez, when are people going to bother to type/write/ speak properly?

      • Dani

        You turned off when you saw too many Brits? What a horribly parochial attitude.

    • Deborah

      Some day, someone will make a series about Camelot where cast and storytelling do the tale justice. This version was a loss from the start.

      • chase

        @ Deborah. I totally agree. Merlin’s was way too intense. In certain scenes he appeared to be overacting. Author was deeply flawed. When the character 1st appears he’s caught sleeping with his brother’s girlfriend. Later on, he admits to sleeping with one of his knight’s girlfriend. He broke the bro-code, his character can never be re

      • Jenn

        Couldn’t agree more. The legend is almost perfectly structured as it is! Why keep messing with it, rather than doing a straight adaptation? I skipped Camelot (because Starz pulled up-to-date Netflix streaming) but all my friends know that the writers of “Merlin” are my arch-nemeses. That show makes me scream and hurl things.

      • teekay

        I agree too; you’d think it’d be impossible to make the legend of King Arthur and Camelot boring but these guys did it.

      • Jodi

        They already did…it’s called “Excalibur”. “Arthur” with Clive Owen was also a good version but this…this was horrible.

      • Julie

        If you know the story of King Arthur then you know Arthur was deeply flawed. And I thought that Joseph Fiennes stole the show.

    • Naomi

      Amen to that

    • bfd

      Oh good, then I don’t have to feel bad that I didn’t understand it.

      It was terrible

    • lindsey

      this is crazy! i was seriously in love with the camelot seris, starz you have stole my thunder. shame on you. i will never bounce back from have no idea how terribe this decion is. now i will never know what the heck even happened. i will pleed with you if it will change your mind. pleazzzzzzzzzzzzzz bring back camelot.even its it just for me .

      • krista

        Omg!!!!! Im glad someone agrees with me! I absolutely loved camelot! Did not have starz at the time, & i.was dying to see it! I finally did see the season, and was convinced i was most def ordering starz just for camelot! Only to be completely disappointed to hear they cancelled it! Ugh! Sooo pissed! I was hooked from the very first episode! Great twist on the story with the dark magic, loved it! King arthur could have been a lil more appealing, but after the movie with clive owen as king arthur, no one could have compared much! Lol, but, he was a young king arthur just learning the ropes so was forgiven in my eyes! Merlin, morgan,
        & igraine i loved. Hated they killed her off, for merlins love interest! Plz bring back! And bringing sparticus back for a 2nd season after the maim character passed away, but not bringing camelot back, sooo not cool! Do not even want to see the 2nd season of it now. I like game of thrones but story line moves too terribly slow, find myself bored at times. Atleast with camelot i was interested at ALL times!

      • NINA



        Just like everyone who has a great show they stoped makeing Camlot it was one of the best show last year along with Games of Thrones you do not care about the viewers !!!!!! without Camlot i do not need Starz so good bye Starz you messed up big time and i will spread the word how STARZ IS STUPID AND STOP MAKEING THE ONLY GOOD SHOW THEY HAD CAMLOT IT WAS THE ONLY REASON I HAVE STARZ NOW I CAN SAVE ABOUT $30 A MONTH NOW I DO NOT NEED STARZ PEOPLE WHO MADW THIS CHOISE DID NOT TALK TO THE FANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • johnc

    I believe the casting was completely screwed up.

    • HJ

      Agreed! The actor playing Arthur was scrawny and completely not right for the role.

      • Mea

        Absolutely. The casting for Camelot was one of the major reasons I stopped watching. King Arthur was so unappealing and could not carry the series. (sorry… I never even bothered to learn his name… now that’s when you know there’s a problem!)

      • Lily

        Totally agree. The casting was uninspired. Arthur was a kid and Guinevere was blah, but I kinda like Merlin. I just didn’t care about anybody so stopped watching after the first 2 episodes.

      • Benn

        yeah that guy was no King Arthur and Guinevere just looked like a pretty face out of Seventeen Magazine or something…neither had real gravitas, totally agreed with everyone else

      • Michael

        I thought that Guinevere was stunning and loved the woman who played Morgan. She was terrific.

        I’m a sucker for period pieces, even crappy ones. I liked the feel of the show and, although I found Arthur miscast, he did grow on me by the end of the season. I would have followed it to a second season but am not surprised that many abandoned it.

      • Em

        I stopped after about 3 episodes in because of the writing. I could get past poor Author casting but I can’t get past terrible writing. I really disliked how they handled Guenevere & Aurthur’s storyline.

      • Carly

        In total agreement about the casting. Arthur was uninspiring. It was just bad casting. Arthur should have been more stoic and not so thin and childish. Joseph Fiennes as Merlin was the only good thing about the show

      • Olive

        Eva Green and Joseph Fiennes was the only thing working for me on that show. KIng Arthur actor, whatever his name is, was annoying and unconvincing.

      • Patty

        When the scrawniest and least good-looking and interesting actor is cast as the lead, it doesn’t work. Especially as Arthur was supposed to be charismatic and strong, as well as “usually” wise (not in evidence in the series).

      • CK1

        Can we get Eva Greene on Game of Thrones now for Melisandre?

    • ks

      Writting was awful as well

    • Roncon

      Dude from FlashForward ruined both shows for me.

    • Slob

      I know what you mean.

    • K

      Spot on. Casting was puzzling. The kid playing Arthur had zero charisma and wasn’t particularly good-looking. I watched 3 episodes and wanted to love it because this is definitely a favorite genre for me, but I gave up after that because it was such a yawn.

      • selina

        agreed and sadly he has been casted as a lead in a book to movie adaptation of a YA novel. Another thing for him to ruin.

      • alex

        yes, love the genre, but then EVERY time they do a reboot, it ends up like this…bad

        merlin isnt terrible, the acting is at least good

    • Levidog

      That’s what we said after the first episode – just could not take the Arthur character seriously. I think with a more appropriate cast, the series would have been given another shot.

      • Angel

        I think the guy they had play one of his knights who married Guenivere would have made a better Arthur. And my biggest thing was where’s Lancelot. That was the true love triangle of the tale. The whole premise of the show was just unappealing.

    • Sally

      The main reason for Camelot’s failure – the casting. I love the Camelot storyline, but the casting sunk the series. The actor who played Arthur was dull. Joseph Fiennes always overacts and did nothing new here with his Merlin (though at least he wasn’t dull). And the actress who played Guinevere. She was actually ok, but the character was badly written.

      • loren

        i agree the story of camelot is ggreat …they just casted the show really bad…especially arther! …and how can you have a camelot with no lancelot! they needed a hotter cast and more vulgar

  • Gon

    Camelot was the biggest disappointment this year so far. Very bad writing and casting (other than Eva Green).
    Now they can find a better use for the money.

    • Lily

      Right on. Eva Green was amazing in the 2 episodes I watched.

  • Roger

    I loved the show. I will miss it. Especially that hotty Morgan who liked to take a bath now and then.

  • RedRidingHood

    I have to say I am happy. I wanted to watch this but as a fan of BBC’s Merlin I was kind of miffed that Starz decided to do a big-budget version of Camelot a couple of years after Merlin starting gaining a little ground in the US.

    • The Hypnotoad

      I love Merlin but KATIE MCGRATH’S SMIRKS OF DOOM (Copyright pending).
      Drive me up the wall!!.

      • Korri


        Seriously, it almost broke the 4th wall

  • James

    I think a lot of people saw this coming. The casting especially was off.
    Does this mean though that James Purefoy is “free” now to possibly play Stannis Baratheon?

    • rainia30

      good one, you saw the connection too?

    • Erika

      That would be excellent casting! He is an amazing actor. Except for the coloring, he actually would have made a great Jamie too!

    • Flyer

      That’d be a fantastic bit of casting there. HBO, make it happen!

    • District 12

      that was my first thought as well! hopefully HBO will take notice and scoop him up

    • Bill

      I completely saw that connection too.

    • Sarasota

      I thought Rufus Sewell was going to play Stannis?

      • James

        I’ve heard both Purefoy and Sewell’s names tossed around. I just think it’s convenient that Camelot gets the boot and HBO’s still mum on most of the major season 2 GoT casting. All they’ve announced so far is Dormer as Margaery, and she’s not that important in the second book.

      • Michael

        Wasn’t Purefoy killed in the first episode? I think that he was already free

      • James

        Maybe, I’ve never watched it. I just know there were rumors about him playing Stannis (or someone) on GoT, and I’d heard he was on Camelot and didn’t know if there’d be a conflict. But I didn’t know his character was killed (like I said, I never watched Camelot), so I guess there wasn’t a conflict after all.

      • Heather

        I believe James is working on The Saint at the moment. Though I’d love to see him in GoT.

      • Emoney

        Awesome. Either of them. Purefoy is awesome, and we already know him to get along with HBO. Rufus Sewell is so underappreciated and great. He would be a fantastic Stannis too. Awesome.

    • James

      To add: Jamie Campbell Bower’s casting and awful word of mouth were the primary reasons I decided to pass.

    • Olive

      Purefoy was gone in the pilot episode so he was always free and yes he’d make a good Stannis.

    • Brenda Corinthos

      I’d love to see James Purefoy as Stannis!!! He was the best thing about Rome, and I loved him on Camelot. I stopped watching after he was killed off.

      • Jen

        James Purefoy = hot, it is known!

    • Dani

      I was thinking Joseph Fiennes would make a good Stannis but James would work too.

  • not from here

    I can’t wait for Torchwood!

  • dee

    I agree..after the 1st 4 episodes it went downhill…it had potential…what happened?

  • Jean in Santa Rosa

    Boooo! It wasn’t an either/or situation. I enjoyed both shows. I sure hope they’ve set realistic ratings expectations for Torchwood. Not a lot of people want to shell out for premium channels when they can just wait a few months for the dvd to come out… 8 days until Captain Jack!!!

  • angel

    I wanted to like it, but with that atrocious episode about excalibur been made, it completely lost me

  • Angie

    I watched the first episode, but I just couldn’t get into the show. I think I will stick with Merlin for my Arthurian legend fix.

  • Gina Vera

    I only signed up to Staz to watch this show . .yeah is no GOT but it’s still very good. It will be missed. RIP Camelot . . the only reason to keep signed on to Staz is Torchwood . .then is going off the air in my household.

    • bhm1304

      You want a great Starz show, its all about “Spartacus” — they kept their audience this year even with the huge loss of Andy Whitfield. It has much better writers than “Camelot” had.

      This “Camelot” lost me because I couldn’t get past the fact that this twerp playing Arthur was just awful. There was absolutely no reason for Guen to want him. Everyone else in the cast was OK but the story and Arthur killed it.

      • Brenda Corinthos

        I looooove Spartacus. I don’t have Starz so I recently watched all of the episodes on DVD. It is an incredible show, and I can’t wait for the DVD’s of the prequel to come out. Andy Whitefield was phenomenal in the role. Hopefully, the new guy can measure up next season. I’m actually going to subscribe to Starz next year just to see season 2.

  • MMJ

    I am not surprised. I stuck with this show hoping it would get better. It never did. In fact, week after week it got worse. There were a few good scenes–sadly, none with the pissant who played Arthur. After sticking with it for the season, I decided I was done.

    I won’t miss it either.

    • Bill

      Wow, now that’s dedication. I didn’t make it that long with this show.

  • uberstellar

    I was really excited for this show because I’m a huge Spartacus fan, and boy was it a disappointment. I could accept a lot of creative changes to the story, I could get past the stilted dialogue and Arthur’s constipated face. But I could not stand that no character ever did a logical thing. Every episode was an exercise in blatant stupidity. What a waste of Eva Green and James Purefoy.

  • Ashley

    I liked Merlin better even though it’s more family friendly.

    • Bill

      It seemed slightly contrived. Almost a cartoon of his actual character from the original story.

      • alex

        it improved over time, watch the season 2 finale. it shows the growth the show has gone through, a bit like smallville SHOULD have

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