'Voice' coaches on board for season 2

They’ll be back! NBC announced today that Christina Aguilera, Blake Shelton, Adam Levine and Cee-Lo Green will return for a second season of The Voice. The quartet wrapped their first season on Wednesday, when Javier Colon was officially named “The Voice.” He scored a recording contract with Universal Republic, a $100,000 cash prize, and a key spot on the summer Voice tour that kicks off July 27 in Los Angeles.

“Our fantastic coaches were integral to the tremendous success of The Voice this year and we are thrilled that they are all returning,” said Paul Telegdy, NBC’s head of alternative programming, in a statement.  “We look forward to building season two and making The Voice an even greater experience for fans.”

Season 2 of the show is expected to bow in the winter.

Wednesday’s finale was watched by 10.8 million viewers and received a 3.5 preliminary adults 18-49 rating. It ranked as NBC’s best non-sports performance in this slot in years. (Plus, it was up 6 percent from last week’s season low.

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  • IYAD


    • wsugar

      I pitty this fool.

  • Sadness

    Pay Christina less and Adam more. She was a waste of time. Her big ol’ self needs to stop oversinging and stop making the singers believe she really knows how to be a singer and not a celebrity for misdeeds.

    • whatevs

      I agree. Having been born with the best voice doesn’t necessarily make you a more valuable coach than the others. Their comments have pretty much been echoes of each other on the episodes I’ve seen.

    • IYAD

      Really…5 grammys and 44 millions c’ds sold…. the best voice to come out in the last 20 yrs… pay her more…. stop jumping on the hate x-tina band wagon…

      • GinaBallerina

        Kelly Clarkson has a better voice than Christina. She would make an excellent judge.

      • RyRyNYC

        Kelly has the second best voice in the game… lets keep it real.

    • anon

      If you honestly think they would pay Christina Aguilera the same amount as the guy from Maroon 5 and someone most people had never even heard of until this show, you are out of your mind. She’s the most famous, had the most success, and the most talented singer of them all. I like Adam, but when he’s sold 50 million albums, has number one tours, and a freaking star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, then he can command as much as her from the beginning.

      • drew

        Preach It!

      • Sam

        Boooo! Adam is way better then christina.
        She needs to jump on her high horse and live with the rest of the world!

    • Max

      It would be insane to have paid the other judges the same as Christina. She is by far the most famous. Love her or hate her, that is one the main factors in bringing in viewers & keeping the show in the news. I’d never even heard of two of the other judges before the show started & I’m sure I’m not the only one. Christina is controversial & polarizing, apart from being mega-famous for her musical assets, and that keeps people interested. The other guys will no doubt be paid substantially more next season now that the show is a hit and they’re not relative nobodies. Anyway I’m never going to feel much pity for someone who makes more in one show than I make in a year.

    • Eurydice

      They probably won’t pay Christina less, but they might be paying the others more. At the start Xtina had the greatest name recognition – but now, the other coaches have a wider following, too. Especially, Blake – he was kind of a breakout star.

      • rose

        i think all of them singed weeks before this annoucement , i think paying them equally is better, but also i think that they will give adam and blake a rise but not like christina, i never heard about this show only when i heard that christina will be judge in it. christina is famous before this show but she only needs sometime to be comfortable she is not the type of tv personality and this is will not make them better than her she was in the business for about 12 yrs and she was a success she even did a movie with cher. producers know who will bay more. if they want press they need her.

  • Jim

    I am glad all 4 coaches are returning. I hope next year more time is spent showing what exactly the coaches do to improve their team’s performances, how they mentor the contestants.

  • PN

    I know that Blake Shelton’s given format is country, but he should think about doing a pop album. Maybe a one-time only shot. He sounded so good singing Maroon 5’s This Love with his Team Blake group a few weeks ago. And that Tom Petty song a few weeks ago. I see him doing something with catchy pop hooks with rock guitars or maybe even attempt to do a Lady Gaga dance pop song with the Autotunes with his outspoken husky voice over it. And get an army of pop producers to orchestrate it, rather than his usual producer of Scott Hendricks. It would be a good experimental album for him if he wants to take a short break from the Nashville formula.

  • Flip

    I hated that Javier won, but I’m glad the coaches are back and will tune in for a second season. Just PLEASE let a more-talented person win next year!!!

    • Deb N

      Flip, you’re crazy!!! I’m just saying!!!! Javier easily had the best VOICE!!!

      • Flip

        No he didn’t. He sucked all kinds of @$$—that much was obvious when he butchered Angel!

    • Huh?

      People voted for who they wanted to win and that person was Javier. Deal with it.

      • Flip

        They actually wanted Dia to win. Javier just has a small handful of crazy, f***ed-up fans who spent all night clicking away voting for him.

      • T

        @Flip……and it worked!!! Imagine that. If you want your favorite to win a contest that’s based on VOTING, you VOTE!!!! If more people had voted for Dia, then she would’ve won, point blank period. How is that such a hard thing to comprehend? If you prefer another contestant over another that’s your right but don’t knock someone’s talent just because you didn’t get your way. There can only be one “winner” and it was Javier. As Huh? said……deal with it!

      • Squishmar

        And people also voted for who Justin Bieber told them to vote for… not who they wanted to win. They had probably never even seen the show. I’m just saying that I really think that 2% difference between first and second was because of the “Bieber Factor.” I love Javier and am fine with him winning. It’s just unfortunate that at the last, the pool of voters got tainted yet again by the tweens.

  • Rob

    I’m probably in the minority, but I always thought this show would be cool if there were different coaches each year, or have the winning coach return to defend against three new coaches. There are some pretty high profile names here, but now I feel the singers know what the coaches may want in their team. I don’t know- just a thought.

    • Jethro

      I’m sorry to see them returning. The format should be that new coaches come in, offer more of a variety of talent [coaches]. Although very established and rightful, if they had to bring one back, it should be the coach whose singer won the competition, hence, Adam and that’s how it should be done! I gave The Voice a try, liked it, watched it most of the time, but found the coaches to be more self-loathing than the contestants. Will try out season 2 next year, then make my decision.

      • Eurydice

        I don’t understand – what do you mean the coaches were “self-loathing”? I think they liked themselves just fine.

        And I think it would be a good idea to have different coaches, but maybe not right away. The show was on for only a short time – not everybody’s had time to watch it and it hasn’t had time to fully get into the press. Might as well keep to a recognizable and reliable format for another season before changing things up.

    • Jonathan

      I agree. And think of the other talent they could get. I’d want to see some hip hop/rap artists, some Broadway stars even.

      • Liya

        The only hip hop star I can see as a coach is Lauryn Hill because she can actually sing. I don’t think an artist like Soulja Boy will be a good fit for a show called The Voice.

      • T

        I think Mary J would be great for this show. Or Alicia Keys.

      • tnsmoke

        A coach with any style of music would be fine as long as he/she is someone who is willing to do like Blake did: pick based on voice then let the artist sing songs they feel they can do their best with. Blake didn’t force anyone to be country.

    • Laurie G

      I agree.

      To me Christina was the weak link, but Adam Levine proved particularly savvy, Blake Shelton wore his heart on a sleeve in an adorable way (and no doubt his legion of country fans voted for Dia like mad), and Ceelo Green was terrific in terms of what we didn’t see (you know, the coaching), and his performances. Christina turned out to be an air hog who didn’t pick a diverse team.

      But I think to keep the show fresh they need to replace coaches and not ruin the show by expanding it, running it twice a year, etc.

    • Squishmar

      Rob, it will be interesting to see the coaches and the singers in the blind auditions next season. The coaches might actually be put in the position of defending some of their actions this season to desirable singers. Like, for instance, what looked like Adam’s decision to keep Casey solely for the purpose of using her to throw under the bus to keep Javier. It really seemed like he never had any intention of keeping her and actually kicked Jeff off because he didn’t want Javier’s dominance threatened by another early favourite. I know, I know… way to much analysis, but it should be fun next year. I bet a lot of quiet, “quirky” singers will by dying to be on Blake’s team.

  • vin

    Yay for all the judges coming back! Adam was a tad bit annoying but he really was fu nto watch and knew wha the was talking about. Cee Lo was really helpful. Blake is a hoot to watch and really gives a damn about his team. As for Christina, I as skeptical BUT she really proved herself. Her voice is incredible as well. Just get her a stylist please!

  • Bobby

    Christina has got to go. She is full of herself way too much and was always interrupting and being rude to other judges, even to the point of trying to draw them into conflicts. Sometimes CeeLo and Adam would just have blank stares at what she was saying. Probably thinking “What the hell?” . Also all judges are too nice. Where is the criticism? They should focus on being critical but not in a mean or personal matter. Doesn’t matter, this in one show to skip, if Christina remains…way too annoying.


    Those performances were so bad. You could see Christina’s face in horror as her contestant performed that terrible One Rebublic song. What a trainwreck! Who were they featuring???? The contestants or the featured artists? Pat Monahan never shy’s away from the spotlight! Stevie Nicks pratically sang the whole song. Why were they singing back up? Anyone can sing back up! This finale was almost as bad as the Queen song the coaches tried to sing!

    • Jethro

      Beverly was terrible last night. She tried to emulate Ryan, who looked like a cerebral palsy victim and she blew it. Who the heck wears a heavy coat during that kind of performance. Christina’s look on her face during the performance was comical because she must have thought Bev was on something. I remember David Archuletta during his final duet on AI that season, he too had trouble singing with One Republic. Their songs are written in keys that are very difficult to achieve and get to, how Ryan does it is mystifying.

    • PN

      I thought that Ryan Tedder and Beverly McClellan sounded woefully uneven in their performance. Their voices never blended with the band and Ryan looked like he wanted to scram off the stage after that performance.

  • Jonathan

    Stupid. It would be way more interesting and less Idol-like if they switched the coaches up each year. This will get tiring, just like Idol.

    • Bettina

      Great suggestion!

  • Jethro

    I think Blake went way overboard with his praise for Dia. In the beginning it was sweet, but some weeks he almost became obsessed with promoting her, it became very eerie, predictable and annoying.

    I don’t think it was appropriate for him to have Dia duet with his wife. It felt like he was actually in love with her, very strange!

  • o

    I like all the coaches so I’m cool with that, but I’m sure this will be the last one these guys do. Like others have stated, I think it would be cool to see them switch up the coaches each season with different artists like they did this year. It would give this show such an interesting dynamic that other singing competitions really don’t have. This is much more of a musicians singing competition than shows like American Idol or X-Factor and it would be great to see that played up with a new crop of current music star coaches each season.

  • Rob

    Just imagine a panel of Lil Wayne, Rob Thomas, Katy Perry, and Michael Buble….the mind boggles

    • Rachel

      Love it! That panel would be brilliant!

  • really?

    Oh boy…..I will be sure not to give a crap or watch….WHO CARES?

  • Diane Lymn

    Leave Blake on the show. I am a country fame and of course I knew Blake. Adam is a hunk and he can sing. I live Ce Lo and his matching outfits. Not so much Christina. Only one show was her boobs not falling out. And her bleached hair is horrible. I did not like Beverly. Too manely. Gay is OK but not so show off. Looking forward to next season. Michael Buble. YES

    • Squishmar

      I love it… so gay is okay but not if you flaunt it? Only to an extent is gay OK? Very funny.

    • Squishmar

      Of all the misspellings… to call Beverly “manely” is ironic, seeing as she’s bald.

      • Feyonce

        ^^^^ hahaha, I lol’d outloud. Clever.

      • Feyonce


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