'The Voice' runner-up on the winner: 'A saint'


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Dia Frampton may not have won The Voice but one thing’s for sure: Wednesday’s runner-up probably won’t be recording any more records with the sound of a dishwasher in the background anytime soon.

The last album she recorded was in her mom’s house in 2010 with her sister Meg. “You can hear the dishwasher in some of the songs because she refused to stop her life for our record,” the 23-year-old recalled to reporters after the show. “But she was adorable.”

Now, Frampton might score a solo deal of her own with Universal Republic, since the label has an option to sign any artist on The Voice — not just winner Javier Colon — within 30 days. Maybe that’s why Frampton didn’t seem fazed that she came in second during the season one finale. “When it was down to Javier and I, I was really excited,” she said after the show. “If it was someone I thought was a terrible person I would be like, ‘I really hope it’s not you.’ But he’s like a saint. He’s always Skyping with his kids. It’s so hard to balance the music industry with a family and he’s balanced it out so well. I’m so happy that he can do that now with a security belt.”

Meanwhile, Frampton has a new family to boast of in coach Blake Shelton and his wife, Miranda Lambert. Case in point: Lambert gifted Frampton with a blank journal to write “hit songs in,” along with a bouquet of roses. He and Lambert even paid for the gorgeous Phillip Lim floor-length gown that Frampton wore to the finale.

As for her first solo album, she’s hoping her new stuff will be more upbeat compared to the folksy style of music she and her sister used to perform (they released four CDs and four EPs together). “The next one I kind of want to make it a little more upbeat, a little more fun, a little bit more rock. I’m excited to experiment.

“I couldn’t be happier,” adds Frampton. “It’s been amazing.”

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  • Jesse

    I’m not the kind of person that watches shows like “Idol”. But I was curious about “The Voice”. I watched for the blind auditions. Dia had me from the first moments of “Bubbly”. Great job by everybody on this show. Any of the final four could have won and I would have no problem with it, but my heart was with Dia. I tend to download more rock oriented stuff from iTunes, but I am definitely a fan of Dia’s and will buy anything she puts out going forward….

    • Terry

      I was shocked & bummed Dia didn’t win, but I think she will have the most promising career of the four.

      • Me

        They better sign Dia! Her voice reminds me of Eliza Doolittle. Such a fun singer.

    • Aiden

      I’m so with you here. I had no problems whomever took the title but Dia’s my first choice. Beyond The Voice, I see myself actually listening to her not just because of the covers she does but the WAY she does them. I’ve been a fan of her and her band Meg and Dia, and I really think her run on the show can only help them from here. No reason to be discouraged and disappointed when you clearly have a bright future in music and a great mentor to support you from here.
      I’m a fan of the other 4 as well, but I honestly would only faithfully follow Dia Frampton’s career from here on out. Despite not being hailed “The Voice,” having the #1 record on iTunes above any other artist counts and weighs heavily in the real-world music industry as well.

    • reqtweg


      t s h i r t s -12

      s h o e s -35

      b i k i n i -17


    • Rach

      I toats agree. I only watched the Voice because of the blind auditions, and I was a HUGE fan of Dia from the beginning. No doubt that all of the singers had amazing voices, but Dia stood out for sure. She will land a record deal and make bazillions. Love her.

    • wino

      slightly disappointed that she didnt win, however, after boasting a few #1s on iTunes, I think its safe to assume she’ll be signed by Universal by the end of this week.

    • mike

      I’m glad she came to her senses regarding her style of music. That stuff she did wih her sister will never sell in this market. She’s right to change up and do more uptempo rock stuff. I think she learned her lesson from that boring folk based music she used to do.

  • Pogi

    Please give her a record deal!!!! Meg & Dia are amazing and for Dia to gain recognition after not winning (yet still dominating iTunes…) would be insane!

    • nicole

      If they were truly amazing people would have bought their cd’s. The reality is that they were boring and their style of music was out-dated.

      • Aiden

        You’re incorrect there. Everybody knows sales don’t always accurately reflect quality of music. If that’s the the reality, then it would carry over to Dia’s performance on the show and iTunes. But no, she’s the girl with the #1 song in the country even when the voting ended. It’s proven that people want to her her sing.
        What Meg & Dia has been doing for 10 years is what contributed to Dia’s winning style and talent on “The Voice”, what made her unique performances dominate on the real world charts. You say out-dated, I say musicality that sets them apart from everybody. All they really needed is exposure, and clearly now they’ve got everybody’s eyes on them.
        If Dia can sell an fairly well-written, rushed, original song such as “Inventing Shadows,” then Meg & Dia’s talent in meaningful songwriting and beautiful and unique melodies will blow the present music world away.

  • mark

    Really surprised that she didnt win but I hope to download more of her songs (new) in itunes.

  • Mia

    Loved Dia and Vikki. Bev was amazing when she was jazzy and toned down. Loved the fast pace of the show series. Cutting the cast in half at every episode really moved things along and Idol who?

  • alan of montreal

    She and Vicci were my faves. I wish the show would have a different set of judges each season, though, instead of bringing back the same four. I think that would shake things up a bit. I’ve posted this suggestion in the past (I doubt the producers read these forums, though). I thought a good combo of judges would be Seal, Kelly Clarkson, Natalie Maines, and Chris Martin. Another combo I could see is Shania Twain, Dave Grohl, Shakira (or Ricky Martin), and Jill Scott (or Kelly Rowland).

    • T

      Ooh, Kelly Clarkson as a judge? She would be hilarious, plus I bet she could give the contestants some really cool advice. Neat idea! I would love that.

    • Vince from NYC

      Just replace Christina wil Kelly.. The other judges are cool..

      • Nathan

        Putting Kelly Rowland on there would be a mistake, the point is to use artists who actually have careers.

      • Nathan

        Oh you meant Clarkson, I’m down with that haha sorry.

  • Mark

    You are a natural Country singer. Go get ‘em girl!

  • Ash

    She’s such a cool cat! Looking forward to her upcoming success. Love you long time Dia!

    and I agree this show blows AI out of the water!

  • Jeannie

    She should have won. I actually believe she would have won if Justin Bieber hadn’t commanded his twitter followers to vote for Javier. Regardless, she’s gained plenty of exposure and fans and I’m sure she’ll have a great career after this, even without winning.

    • Sara

      While I am aware of the scary amount of power Justin Beiber holds, I think it’s really unfair that people are saying it’s the only reason Javier won. Both Dia and Javier deserved to win. Stupid Justin Beiber ruining Javier’s win.

      • tnsmoke

        Sore losers always find some kind of conspiracy theory. Javier was already holding songs in the top 10 on iTunes from the first Blind Audition song. Bieber didn’t even meet Adam till less then 10 days ago and tell his fans to support Team Adam. You also disrespect Vicki and Bev and Dia, who all love Javier, when you try to say he stole the win.

    • kd

      Arguably Javier needed the win more. Dia will have an amazing career either way, and will more than likely be signed as well within the 30-day window.

  • Squishmar

    That is kind of strange about Bieber getting involved. I guess it’s fair, but looking at the margin Javier won by, it may be that that was indeed the difference.

  • TJ

    Seriously. Who the f#*k is Justin Bieber to butt into a show that he’s had nothing to do with and put his thumb on the scale to command his millions of teenage fangirls to vote for someone they’ve never heard. Dia was robbed.
    But just watch…when their first albums come out and success will be measured by ACTUAL SALES, Bieber’s mindless followers won’t be able to skew the results: Dia will come out on top, when it REALLY counts.

    • Nanncy

      It was not only Bieber, even Pia toscano tweeted asking to vote for Javier. Are Adam, Bieber and Pia under the same record lable?? looks like some kind of a deal.

  • Rose

    Jeannie I agree with you, justin bieber shouldn’t have done that at all…its unfair as well

  • David Rosenthal

    All of the final four contestants were great, but The Voice should have been Xenia. Xenia’s voice is unique and mesmerizing.
    i wouldnt be surprised if Blake becomes involved in Xenia’s rise to stardom.i have my money on Xenia to become a megastar.

    • Angie Rodre

      Hell yeah! This!

      Xenia’s voice is amazing.

      • CIP

        Amazingly off key half of the time…

      • Nanncy

        Agree Angie., Xenia had the most unique voice in the whole competition..

    • kd

      I don’t know. I liked her okay, but they kept saying how original her voice was. She sounds just like Norah Jones to me.

      • Tony

        Xenia is THE. WORST. SINGER. EVER. Good heavens people, open your ears. Uniqueness does not a good singer make. Maybe she’ll figure out how to actually sing when she gets older, but for now, she sounds awful on 95% of each song she sings and she was so timid and afraid up there and it actually comes through in the way she sang the verses; she was barely audible singing the verses. I thought she was comically bad.

  • Robyn Swan

    Indeed Dia should have won, but as stated in Dia’s interview the record company has the option to offer her a contract within 30 days as well…..so let’s hope that happens! I’m sure it will because if not, there are plenty more labels out there waiting.

  • cotton

    Dia is awful. Seriously. I can’t stand her.

    • jimmy

      Oh yeah, who do you like?

    • Alan

      LOL. Sux to be you.

  • Michael

    I’ll admit that I preferred the voices of Bev and Javier, but I love kind souls and she seems to be one.

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