'The Voice' winner: 'I thought it was going to Dia'


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It’s a good thing Javier Colon won the inaugural season of NBC’s The Voice. Had it not been for the show, he would’ve moved onto Plan B — teaching music to kids.

“Before I came out to do this audition in January, I had been rejected from yet another record label that I really thought [I was] gonna get,” Colon told reporters after the show. “It was over.” As the story often goes, the label passed. Since his two previous records in 2003 and 2006 failed to take off, The Voice was Colon’s last-ditch effort to have a music career.  He didn’t even want to audition, but his brother talked him into it. “I thought, I can’t just keep living on a dream and expecting that things are going to work out because it’s not just my wife and I anymore.”

Flash forward to Wednesday, when the Connecticut-born artist earned the title of “The Voice,” as well as a recording contract with Universal Republic, a $100,000 cash prize, and a key spot on the summer Voice tour that kicks off July 27 in Los Angeles. “I wasn’t expecting to win, honestly,” Colon said. “I, 100%, thought [host Carson Daly] was going to say Dia Frampton and she is most deserving of it. She is amazing. I think any one of us, Vicci or Beverly or Dia, we all are deserving of the title.”

His coach, Adam Levine, couldn’t agree more. He thinks Colon won because his voice was “so powerful and special. It’s his voice. That’s all you need the name of the show is The Voice. I just like the fact that the winner really reflects what the show is all about.”

Colon is confident that his new deal with a record label will be a success this time. “I think they understand who I am they know the mistakes that were made it he past with my last label who didn’t really get who I was.” As for the sound and feel of his next record, Colon – who also independently released an EP in 2010 — says, “I feel that some of the best songs are songs that tell stories. I think my album is going to have a lot of those elements. There are going to be some acoustic moments, just me and a guitar, intimate, and then I’m sure we’ll have some fun stuff on there as well. But for the most part, I’m going to be coming from a singer-songwriter perspective with a soulful background.”

He also plans to ask for a little help from his friends, Levine and fellow coach Cee-Lo Green. “Me and Adam are definitely going to get into the studio and do some things,” says Colon, who plans to use his prize money to pay off student loans, pay down his mortgage, and take his wife on a spa weekend. “Even Cee-Lo and I talked about doing some stuff as well.”


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  • Mollie

    Javier was good, but all of the women were so much better. It goes to show the music industry is still sexist!

    • Adley

      He should have won. He was the best.



      • Soul

        Javier sang from the heart. We felt it. Dia is gifted but no connection to people when she sang.

    • Jon

      The music industry? This was voted on by fans, you know that right?

      • nicole

        …and what would the music industry be without the fans?

    • Lynn

      To the person who thought it was sexist that he won- come on…. he was better than the ladies. I’m not saying they were bad.. he was just much better. Are you sure YOU aren’t sexist? Anyway, yea, i thought Dia had won too and I was disappointed at first because they were hinting a lot that she had but I was very happy when they said his name. For the flaws that the Voice had and will hopefully work out for next season, here is the one superior thing it has over American Idol so far.. somehow it seems to have inspired America to get it once for right. Imagine that.

      • Dia rules

        this guy is ok for a justin guarini but lol @ anybody buying his records FLOLOLOL

      • CandaceTX

        I actually own 2 JG cds. seriously.

    • bumsrush

      You’re right, it wasn’t politically correct to pick a man over three oppressed women

      • mindymall

        Or maybe it has something to do with the fact that, hours after the show has ended and he has been declared the winner, Dia is still outselling him on iTunes.

      • JRP

        Mindy please, she’s number 1 and he’s number 2…for all we know she’s selling a small amount of singles more atm. Itunes isn’t the be all end all arguments. In fact Javier has 5 singles currently on their charts while Dia has 4…yet that doesn’t mean anything either.

        . Javier was a better “Singer”, it doesn’t mean he will outsell her.

        He deserved to win just as much as she did. If her fans had put as much time into voting as they did arguing on message boards maybe she would have won. You forget their are plenty of people who voted with their phones/websites that didn’t download anyone’s song on itunes.

      • Squishmar

        JRP… with the two percent difference between Javier and Dia, I think we can be pretty sure that it was “The Bieber Factor” that did Dia in… not her fans not voting, but rather a new onrush of previous non-voters suddenly rushing the phones and computers to vote for Javier on a whim and at the behest of their commander, Justin.

    • Wynter

      And if Javier didn’t win, some would say, “See? The music industry is racist.” Just adding to the never-ending “I’m going to find something wrong with this” attitude.

    • jimmy

      Are you kidding me? Maybe it was sexist to only have 1 male in the top 4 ? You suck! People like you are ruining this country.

      • Anna

        Jimmy-don’t be rude! He deserved it

    • Anna

      I am so glad he won. That is who I will pulling for. What a smooth voice….would buy his cd’s

      • Jamey

        Then go buy them on Amazon – he has a few. Beverly has one and Vicci a couple. Dia and her sisters are there too. Listening to those gives you a better flavor for each artist.

    • Ken Saunders


    • Ames

      I don’t think it was sexist, but I do think he was the 3rd most talented person on that show. The reason his first attempt at a record deal didn’t work will be the same reason his “post-Voice” album won’t work: he’s just not unique, at all. There are, at least, 27 other signed recording artists that sound EXACTLY like this guy. That’s what makes his win seem pointless to me. If it’s about the voice, why did America pick the voice they’ve heard so many times before?

      • Lisa

        Well please name the 27 artist Exactly like Javier. He was my favorite from the start. Stop being so negative!!!!

      • Mary Jane

        None of them were successes. That’s why they were on the Voice. Dia also was dropped from her label.

    • truwrt


      t s h i r t s -12

      s h o e s -35

      b i k i n i -17


    • Tony

      He won based upon the vote of the public. What does that have to do with “the music industry being sexist”?

    • Mike

      I fail to see how you can say the “music industry” is sexist when it was “we, the people” who selected Javier over Dia, Beverly and Vicci. At the same time, look at who is ruling the Billboard charts this summer. Female artists predominate. If there is any “sexism,” it is that of the audience. Because it couldn’t be that he deserved to win, right;)

    • PN

      That night he was better than the 3 women. He showed respect and complimented them on their performances at the end of the show’s finale. I don’t think it was sexist with how the results came out, just the voters preferred Javier that night.

    • kd

      Music Industry? AMERICA decided the winner.

    • Jim

      America voted for him because he had talent. He also had the best voice. Watch yourself, you sound a bit too bitter…

    • Diogo

      Agreed!!! Dia, Vicci and Beverly were singular singer, very amazing and unique, each of them. Javier is more of the same, the next Bruno Mars…

    • Steve

      @ Mollie- well it wasn’t the music industry that picked the winner, it was the voters and I’d bet well, well over half of them were female so….

  • Tammy

    I am beyond excited that Javier won The Voice talent competition. He is the embodiment of talent, poise and humility! My 8 yr. old son who plays piano, sings and just started taking guitar lessons urged me to vote this morning and we prayed that he would win! Much love and blessings to Javier and his family!!!

    • Armando Peralta

      So true a person of Class and what a great role model the way he adores his family .. God bless Him

    • Lyn

      Seems like a nice guy, but I really hope Dia does well, too. Her voice was the one that offered something a little different.

    • Ames

      that’s weird…were you this amped when his first album came out?

      • the_girl

        To be fair there are some people who have never heard of him before The Voice. I myself had never heard the name before even though I found out last week that I used to listen to one of his songs. So I couldn’t have been amped about his past albums when I didn’t know who he was. I imagine I am not the only person who experienced this.

  • Ken Johnson

    There is justice and there is a GOD. Javier Colon was CLEARLY the best from the start, but so many were pulling for Dia Frampton, I thought she’d beat him. Good job America! Great job Javier!

    • Cris

      I really and truly hope that if there is a God, He’s not wasting his time and efforts on making sure the most deserving singer wins a TV reality show competition.

  • Marie

    Wow! Why to spoil the show right on the front page! And the show just aired a few hours ago!

    • Bosey

      SERIOUSLY!!! Thanks for spoiling the results EW!!! Next time keep the results in the body of the column… Geeez!!!

    • sleepd

      Because the rest of the world is supposed to dumb down their conversations and wait around until you catch up with your DVR since you were so busy doing something else for yourself.

      • CandaceTX


  • bumsrush

    Way to go, Javier, you really put those women in their places. Everyone knows men are superior to women in music and most everything else. Boy Power!

    • Dani


  • Amber

    Javier deserved it. I honestly thought Dia didn’t do as well on the original song. She was the only one that you could hear grasping for breath and it was distracting.

  • julie brie

    VICCI was Freaking robbed! We love you girl!

    • bumsrush

      Women just can’t compete with men when it comes to musical talent.

      • Dani


      • Dani

        I meant sexist

  • Brian

    Worst outcome possible. The least talented of the four won the competition! It’s sad that all you have to do is sound like every other R&B singer to get young peoples votes. I blame MTV they went from playing music to playing anything with autotune and a beat that would sound good on the club. Dia is far more talented and unique!

    • Steve

      You are clearly someone that either cannot hear, or lacks the ability to judge what true talent really is. Javier had by far the best voice in the competition and deserved to win. To say Dia had more talent shows your ignorance. First, Dia’s version of heartless was not original,she copied the version by The Fray. Second, when she sang Losing my Religion, she basically talked the song. All of the songs she sang were filled with breathy, pitchy notes and over annunciation. I’m not saying Dia is not talented, because she is, however, she is clearly not in the same class as Javier. I’m happy America got it right!

      • Doug

        Wow, didn’t even know The Fray did a “Heartless” cover, but just compared it phrase for phrase to Dia’s, and you’re right – she didn’t “invent” this cover. It was still a good idea, but she should be getting all of the raves for being so groundbreaking for coming up with this arrangement. I also agree with your take on Dia’s voice. I’m obviously not getting what a lot of other’s are getting. In her live performances, she’s almost inaudible at points, and in her studio version of “Inventing Shadows,” there’s a harshness on the “a” in the word “shadows” that’s a bit grating to me. I do think the girl is talented, but frankly, she was fortunate to be paired with Serabee in the battle rounds, because she was so mousy and breathy that she really should have lost. Dia won less for her own strength than for the mistakes made by Serabee – who was infinitely stronger vocally – when went directly against Blake’s instructions and overcooked her performance. As for Jack in his comment below, Javier “sounds like EVERY other R&B singer out there”? Really? Given that he’s not even really singing R&B, that’s pretty amazing. I guess because he’s black, he must be an R&B singer, right? That’s why he did covers of songs by Cyndi Lauper, Sarah McLachlan and Coldplay – because those are such amazing R&B artists. Take the time to listen to his EP, “The Truth,” and you’ll know the truth about Javier. He’s nothing like every other R&B artist out there. Hopefully he’ll get better treatment from Universal Republic and then better A&R support once the album comes out. Dia already has her group, Meg and Dia, and Blake will likely help her get in front of record execs. Vicci is a strong vocalist who deserves a shot, and Cee Lo will probably help her out there. And Beverly is an amazing singer – and if the jaded business can look past pre-packaged tendencies, hopefully they can find a place to give shot to a balding, 40-something woman who can sing the lights out of any song. All four deserve their shots at the big time, but IMHO, Javier truly had “the voice.”

      • Amanda

        I’m glad some other people noticed this too! As soon as she started singing Heartless I immediately thought of The Frays version. I was shocked when all the judges were raving about how original it was when it wasn’t original at all. I think that was my turning point when I stopped liking Dia. Javier has a great voice so it makes sense that he won. Vicci and Bev are still my favorite performers/artists from the show!

      • Jonathan

        This is just ridiculous; Dia did not copy the Fray version of Heartless. There’s no doubt she was inspired by it, but KRIS ALLEN completely copied that version of the song. Dia changed pitches and various other aspects of the Fray’s version to make it her own (and in my opinion, better) cover. My problem with Javier’s victory is that he’s just a singer. Yes, he’s incredibly talented, but he doesn’t have the vision that Dia does. To me, Javier is a singer, and Dia is an artist. That’s why she deserved to win.

      • Doug

        But the name of the competition is “The Voice”, so the “artist” should not have won out over the singer. But I actually enjoyed Dia’s performances and thought she should have won. Oh, and not everyone has heard of The Fray or their version of Heartless. So at least for some, it was, being the first time they’d heard it, original.

      • Steve

        I actually thought Vicci should’ve won. Javier does have a good voice though. Just needs to watch his phrasing choices and not going too overboard with the vocals.
        Dia was interesting too. Sometimes pitchy live and sometimes not quite as emotionally connecting in the studio though.

    • Jack

      I agree Brian. Javier sounds like EVERY other R&B singer out there and it gets boring. Dia should’ve won. her arrangements were awesome and her voice is amazing and unique. oh and gorgeous! Im tired of hearing bruno mars! we dont need another one! i didnt even know javiers name until the 2nd to the last show lol but like every singing competition on TV, the runner up is more sucessful than the winner lol. The Proof is in itunes, youtube, social networking sites, etc. Dia will be successful.

      • Dana

        Really? Cause Javier has and still does have more followers on Twitter than Dia….

      • Jonathan

        Yes @Dana, twitter followers equate to strong album sales. Just look at Ashley Tisdale’s last album or Heidi Montag’s. Oh, wait…

    • bumsrush

      You sound like a wuss. What color panties do you wear? I’ll send you a pair.

    • Chim richels

      You are not capable of measuring musical talent, Brian, if you believe that the least talented and skilled won the competition. Style is a matter of opinion. You cannot argue, however, that Javier is very close to mastering the craft of singing, which few people on this earth ever do. The other 3 ladies were great in their own way; the most skilled apart from Javier was Beverly, the most unique was Dia, and the early front runner Vicci. BEST OUTCOME EVER. The one most deserving and most able to do something with opportunity given to him. I would suggest viewing other reality talent shows.

      • Squishmar

        I love how you can’t come up with something legitimate to say about Vicci. No, the early front runner would be…. Javier.

      • Squishmar

        I’ll help you out… the most interesting was Vicci.

  • Rose

    Not sure why there’s talk of his win as being sexist, he has one of the most amazing voices I have ever heard, Man or Woman. He was well deserving of the title, stop trying to rain on his parade.

  • sammy

    I thought Dia would win! She was awesome. I voted for her every episode. I cant believe that she didnt win!!!

    • maggiesmith

      I thought they were all winners. Fantastic voices on each and every one of them!!!

      • teekay

        Ditto. It was nice and refreshing to see a reality singing competition where the final four were so strong. I’ll admit Xenia was my sentimental favorite so once she was out I was just along for the ride, but what a ride! Good job voice finalists, wishing you all the best for your careers from here.

    • CeeCee

      It’s the petty, negative comments that ruins shows like this. I believe America got it right. Four very talented singers with their own different style were chosen, only one could win. I wouldn’t have been unhappy, whoever won..in this contest I was rooting for Javier. And I thought he held his own with Stevie Nicks:D

  • David Rosenthal

    All of the final four contestants were great, but The Voice should have been Xenia. Xenia’s voice is unique and mesmerizing.

    • Steve

      Perhaps in a much longer competition she may have done better. She was too 16-year old off the street in her stage presence and it sometimes hurt her live vocals too. SHe did sound good in the studio. She’ll be ok. Maybe already in the studio and perhaps in a few years for live.

  • Anne

    You are amazing Javier! I know your family is very proud of you! Ten times better anyone on AI this season!

  • Taylor

    My goodness! Stop hating on javier!! He was 100% The Best out of them all!! And I really wasn’t into Dia’s style or voice.. Vicci was second best. I <3 javier!!!!

  • Lainey

    Thank God! I seriously thought people were going to pick Dia. She definitely can play a piano, has the ability to take someone else’s song and create something different, but she is not The Voice. She was off key many times and lacked power in some of her performances to maintain the notes. She is young and will still do well since she has Blake supporting her efforts. However, Javier has such a powerful, smooth, soulful voice and his song Stitch by Stitch is far better than Inventing Shadows. I was afraid America would get it wrong. For all you nay sayers, time will tell and you will see Javier was the best choice as The Voice. I think Dia appealed to the younger audiences out there so she’ll do just fine. Wishing all of them great success.

  • karen

    I knew Javier would win from day one. He is amazing, but Dia was awesome too. She really grew and made the songs her own.

    • Billy

      ARE YOU KIDDING ME THE GUY STINKS, And fot hose of you who thinkg that “oh America voted” BS! This was a popularity contest between the judges. That’s why he won, Adam had more of his fans voting. Dia will probably go on to win a Grammy and this loser will be on a ‘whatever happened to them special in four or five years. Beverly kicked ass all the way through this competition and she deserved to be there with Dia at the end but oh know to many uneducated brainwashed people in America that cant see past the fact that she was a FEMALE and on top of that a lesbian. OMG . . . yeah, if America voted for this loser then well we know whats wrong with our country its full of people who have no clue what they are doing and people who are stupid. . . . I’m sure he only won because he was black, if he’d been a white guy he would have never won. . .

      • Jessica

        I totally agree with ‘billy, this guy was so bad on so many occasions. He had a good tone at times but he was so pitchy that it was bad. America isn’t trained to hear that or know that. there is a reason he was never able to sign a record deal. And when Adam set there saying all these things about the guys voice, i was thinking are you kidding me. He only did it to prove that he could brainwash Americans into thinking the way he was thinking, and guess what. . . HE DID! Why are people so gullible. In other words he proved how stupid most of you are!

      • Toni

        I think you hit on something. I have noticed that a white man has more trouble, more racist remarks than any other race in this county today. I see it in the inner city where I work everyday. HMMM you are onto something there. black folks vote for black folk no matter what the cause, agenda, or reason, they only see color. . . Excellent POINT!

      • jimmy

        You are right about the white racism but Javier is not black. How about the double standards. Christina demeaning the country guy by basically just saying “Take off your pants” because she had zero interest. Imagine Blake said that to one of the girls?

      • mlj

        Oh jeez, seriously? Can’t anyone ever just leave the race card out of it??? He won because he can SING, period. Let him be joyful in his success and just wish all of them the best, will you?

      • larry L

        You are a flaming racist dude ! Plus you are a know nothing about what defines and qualifies as a great singer. it’s kinda like someone offering medical treatment options and advice without having a PHD in medicine based on opinion only and devoid of any true educated understanding. Are you a professional singer ? Probably not, so until you can specifically explain any technical reasons why Javier shouldn’t have won, your opinion is basically useless. Unless you are a professional singer or a vocal coach that really knows about the correct mechanics of singing, you only know what you like or don’t like (And obviously you don’t like black vocalists) Beyond that, it’s only your opinion of which I could care less other than your blatantly racist remark which I find truly offensive and lame on your part. Go find a southern redneck state to live in, fly your confederate flag, put on your white robe and pointed hat, and burn crosses !! You are a real creep !

      • ur mama

        That’s funny and probably true!

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