Chord Overstreet not returning to 'Glee' as series regular

Ryan Murphy is making some cast changes on Fox’s Glee: Chord Overstreet will not be a series regular next season, sources confirm to EW. But Darren Criss and Harry Shum Jr. are getting promoted to full-time cast members. There’s a chance Overstreet could still occasionally appear on the show during next fall’s third season. Overstreet hinted at the news on Twitter earlier today: “well its been a good yr too bad its over, time for summer and starting fresh.”


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  • craig

    get rid of Criss he is annoying, bring back Chord his story was the emotional highlight of the whole last season!

    • Who Craig


      • Luiza

        lydia, even though you ended your post with spam the first part of it is correct. Glee has no direction, no vision, it’s just about making more music to sell. I mean come on, they release a new “album” every month or two it seems. It’s all very Brady Bunch back when they were trying to make a go of music within their show.

      • Jeff C.

        You guys are nailing it. Nip/Tuck had absolutely zero vision or direction either, despite starting out as a great show. I agree that Ryan Murphy is a terribly unorganized, scatter-brained showrunner.

      • Veronica Mars

        Hibberd mailing in another one of his creeper Glee stories.
        Real sicko.

      • NO REMAKES

        i think Dr. Cornell Overstreet, the Canadian President,should take over

      • KK

        Murphy seems to have no clear vision of the show and seems to be making decisions as he goes. Characters have been bizarrely inconsistent, to which he has basically answered that that’s how teenagers are, which is a copout. He also seems to place too much emphasis on fan reaction, which is just not how great shows are made. I loved the first season but found myself rolling my eyes way too often this year. But I totally get why they put out so many CD’s, it’s a huge moneymaker for Fox and I don’t think it hurts the show.

      • topazbean

        No one except me seems to be ecstatic about Harry Shum Jr becoming a regular. Despite him being completely adorable and wonderful. And perhaps it means Tina will also have a little more to do apart from cry and never finish a song…well, I can dream…

      • gleelover

        As long as glee keeps blaine singing & dancing, i’ll b watching. he is the reason why i re-discovered my love & pure joy of music. rachel, finn & kurt (&jesse) crack me up, but watching blaine sing.& dance always lifts my spirits & gets me up singing & dancing w/him. ryan mjurphy, if u reading this, just keep him singing & i will keep watching!

    • Jesse

      You’re the only person in the entire world who thinks that. “Teenage Dream” was the biggest-selling single on iTunes in the show’s history. Darren Criss is going nowhere.

      • PJ

        No he’s not. I find Darren Criss incredibly annoying too.

      • Anya

        I don’t have a problem with Darren Criss as an actor, but Blaine really does annoy me now.

      • Glee Fact

        Teenage Dream is the 3rd highest selling Glee single, after Don’t Stop Believing and Forget You.

      • Mikey M

        I really doubt that.

      • Delon

        I guess Darren Criss sucked Ryan Murphy off and Chord Overstreet didn’t.

      • BRANDY

        I agree with Jesse yes we all love Chord but he wasn’t popular like Darren, Darren was youtub sensation. Maybe in time they will bring Chord back and give him a better story because they one they had didn’t have much to it.

      • Kay

        Get your facts straight. Teenage Dream only sold half as much as Don’t Stop Believin’ and it wasn’t even the biggest seller in Season 2. Forget You was.

      • angie

        I agree with others who like Criss and loathe the character he plays. And anyway, his single sold so much mostly because of the back-up group; it was such a refreshing departure from all the previous songs that people ate it up.

        But yes, bring Sam back. He was a genuinely likable character.

      • Daw Johnson

        It 100% was. Best opening week sales performance of any song in the show’s history.

      • Hannah

        Darren Criss has amde a huge impact on the show- he plays an inspirational character, Teenage Dream was the top selling Glee song EVER, and he’s had a generally postivie response since day one. And to the comment that he is going nowhere, he definitely has a career in the making- he sells out shows all over the place, has a sucessful theatre company in Chicago, has a record deal, and was landing roles even before Glee.

      • Shawnuel

        The comment that Darren Criss is going nowhere means he is NOT leaving the show. Not that his career isn’t going anywhere.

        I think Criss acts the part of Blaine really well. I think he is a mediocre singer, however.

      • AK

        I can’t stand Blaine. What an uninteresting character. Can he and Kurt just run off somewhere together, leaving us better off without the couple that seem to completely suck the energy out of the show every time they appear on screen?

      • Kate and Hannah

        Actually I think you’ll find that it was!! It’s a fact, dumbass!!!

      • jake

        I think it’s a mistake to remove chord overstreet, but let’s not compare him to Darren Criss — it is no relation to the other — besides without darren criss — this past season would be unbearable. he is the first glee singer to hit number 1 on itunes, that’s fact. But can’t they find room for Chord? And can they please get rid of the ridiculous notion of getting rid of all the cast after graduation and brining on a new batch? That’s insane and will just kill the show.

      • Yo

        It doesn’t matter who sang it on GLEE. Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” is one of the year’s top-selling, most played songs. That had to do with the Glee version’s success more than anything else. Otherwise, the recently released original GLEE singles would have become huge sellers too, and they did not. In fact, they came and went unnoticed.

    • S

      Oh for Christ’s sake, stop bashing Darren and/or Harry. It’s not their fault and it’s time for us to show sympathy for Chord and not bash other people from the cast.

      • A

        Finally, some positive comments!
        Yeah, Ryan murphy doesnt make sense sometimes but he at least gave chord a story for a bit. And we have no clue what will happen! Maybe his character just won’t be seen as much. Maybe he is off to another school because his parents got jobs. That’s the real world people. What’s the big problem?
        And Darren criss’ character is a bit odd, but still…. He is working and part of a great story line.

        And you all know everyOne will be replaced after this season, right?

      • Harry

        this doesn’t mean that Chord’s character is being completely written out, does it? Maybe Ryan Murphy wants to focus on the original main cast members who were there from the beginning of season 1 and the new person who won the Glee Project. Since the character of Sam can stand as his own character (whereas Darren Criss’ Blaine basically revolves around Kurt), they don’t want to promote him for just one season and throw in another major storyline in the mix. Also, Harry Shum Jr.’s character of Mike was on the show since season 1 and his story involves the character of Tina (who I hope they give more storylines/songs to).

      • SaraS

        If you watched the Justin Bieber episode, you can see why Ryan made this decision — he was so awkward singing and dancing.
        Good choice. Now cut Lauren please.

      • Shawnuel

        I agree…cut Zises. Poor actress.

    • Benn

      uhhh, what? from my point of view, darren criss was one of the key factors in saving glee from having a terrible, terrible season.

      • Yvonne

        Yeah, from your point of view. From mine, his character is dull as dishwater and annoyingly takes time away from the main kids.

      • Lily

        Darren Criss is a good singer but his character is bland because he was meant as a mentor…Now he is an idealized prince charming and hopefully he will fall from his pedestal again…

      • Zach

        I think Blaine is a very solid part of the show. So stop hating!

      • DDE

        Finn is the dullest character on this show. At least Blaine has a personality — and Darren Criss can actually sing.

      • Dilly

        You are correct Benn – Darren was an excellent addition to the show and most of the music the rest of the cast did was a rehash of what had already been done. Sue Sylvester has gotten so ridiculous and over the top I wish they would replace her. It’s like putting the wicked witch of the west in an episode of Greys Anatomy!

      • Mica

        I love Blaine and Darren. Love to see more of him.

      • Jenni

        yvonne, girl, you crazy.

      • Kate and Hannah

        We love you!! Finally someone is talking sense on this site!!! xx

      • jake

        benn you are correct. the problem with this season is that there were no storyline arcs until the end (which happened to be with chord). the music should enhance the storyline not the other way around — it can’t be all about sue going after the glee club or regionals and darren criss from the second he got on the screen — he is a major star. But chord should not be cut and one does not have to do with the other.

    • Pamplemousse

      Darren Criss is basically the only good thing about the show now. Honestly he deserves a better venue for his greatness. Has anyone seen A Very Potter Musical?

      • AliciaJo

        I have, he was totally awesome in it.

        I watch Glee for Darren and Lea.

      • Vernon

        A better venue than the one of the most popular show on TV? Gosh, Darren fans are so delusional.

      • ursula bonadeo cesare borgias is your destiny. stop fighting it

        an american playing a fellow brit in a horrid musical that bashes jk rowlings masterpiece no thanks. and ryan murphy created a superior show that analyzed the many discourses of plastic surgery in nip/tuck. no one gave a crap. each season got better and ppl stopped watching. but with glee the 1st season was great this season wasn’t but ppl are still going on about it. he should bring nip/tuck back.

    • Whatever

      Chord didn’t have a plot last season at all, aside from one episode. Are you watching the same show?

      Sorry if the gay people are getting in the way of your boring, random straight plots. Who’s zoomin’ who? OMG!

      • craig

        actually I am gay, and I still find Criss cheesy and annoying with his constat mugging when he sings!..and Cord’s scene in the motel room when he admited what had happened to his family and he breaks down was the only scene all year when I felt something for any of the characters because it felt real!

      • calling the shark!

        I hate to break it to you but Darren Criss is STRAIGHT and Had to make a point of it on various talk shows, so dream on WHATEVER!

      • world

        Sorry Shark, Craig’s right. Criss’ mugging is simply deplorable. Eat it b”””h.

      • Kristina

        I honestly became very bored with the Kurt/Blaine storyline. It seemed to go nowhere after the “big kiss.” I love the gay community, and it was groundbreaking to have such high-profile gay characters on a teen-oriented show, but it seemed as if their relationship was the only thing Ryan Murphy cared about in season two. Every other character was put on the back burner, including Rachel and Finn.

        (Note: I am saying the following without having seen the last three episodes of the second season.) As a former Gleek, I have to say that this season went nowhere. No plot development. No character building. Nothing. What was so great about the first half of the show’s first season was there was an actual storyline. After the show “blew up,” it felt like Murphy and Co. were only interested in the money (see the current tour and upcoming 3D movie). And as a fan, I felt robbed. So robbed.

        I wish Chord the best because he deserves better, hell the whole cast does (especially with having to deal with Gwen Paltrow).

      • Lily

        Love Kurt and him and Blaine being in the spotlight in Season 2. So now it is time for others… straight and gay to be in the spotlight in season 3… Mercedes and ?, Tina and Mike , Santana and hopefully Brittany ? And what will happen to Artie ?

      • Lily

        They should be at least one of two hetero love relationships as interesting as the gay ones.

      • Javadude54

        “boring, random straight plots”. Yeah, you’re not biased at all.

    • Israel

      Glee is for losers. Nobody wants to see two f*gs kissing

      • Michael

        I do. I wish it were gays kissing for the entire hour. You’d probably prefer the Showtime version where they’re blowing each other.

      • tommymommy

        Uh, I do.

      • Waynob33

        Yeah…I would rather see them do much more than kissing……..BOO YA

      • LMFAO

        I’d watch this show if it had girl-on-girl action.

      • Mikey M

        I do you moron bigot.

      • Lily

        I don’t mind, but not Kurt and Blaine… It is the turn of the girls… Prefer to have Kurt -and Blaine – interaction that are not really related to their orientation.

      • Lily

        Why not Kurt and Blaine ? because their love relationship has been in the spotlight for too long. Would love to see them having non-love conflicts e.g. ego conflicts that they are able to overcome…

      • Chris

        I totally want to see that.

      • Daniel

        I like to see dudes kissing and stuff, but just in porn, Glee sucks!

      • BJ

        “Glee” is introducing instruments next season.

        First up – SKIN FLUTE!

      • Tina

        I thought it was sweet. Would like to see more smooching. And I’m an open-minded straight who just likes romance.

      • greg fo shizzle

        I’m sure most of the posters on here are first or second chair in the skin flute!

    • Chris

      He was a terrible actor. No loss.

      • greg fo shizzle

        A voice of reason among the crowds of idiots!

      • GleeKev

        Yeah, but he has a BEAUTIFUL body – – that will be sorely missed!!!!

    • Annette

      Wasn’t there a story with Mercedes with him? What the frak! Glee really knows how to sell people not!

      • DivaSoulSista

        They were finally going to give Mercedes a love interest and it was supposed to be Sam (Chord’s character). I guess Ryan just forgot about that.

      • Amanda

        I was confused about that too. That was one of the previews for Season 3 that came out after this season ending. Ryan Murphy had said that Sam and Mercedes were going to be a thing…so what now? Just nevermind? We put a little handholding scene in the season finale as a hint to their relationship for absolutely no reason?! I still enjoyed Glee this season, but it completely lacks direction. It’s becoming more of a variety hour than an actual fleshed out show.

      • Amy

        I was looking forward to the Sam and Mercedes story line. Oh well, poor Mercedes and Sam. Always getting the shaft.

      • Leroy Grey


      • Hali

        @Leroy: right?! So annoying.

      • Sierra

        I completely agree! I thought they would have been SO cute together!

    • ninago

      so what?

    • kendra

      JACKASS. Darren can actually sing… so can chord, but not as well. AAANNNNDDD he’s more talented than Chord! Darren plays a ton of instruments. plus, gleeks like blaine more than sam.

      • greg fo shizzle

        You act as though these people are actually talented in the musical arts, as opposed to being actually talented, period. Good for you! You’ve shown me a new level of ignorance.

      • Connie

        Uh, Chord plays A LOT of instruments too! And he’s a songwriter to boot. Check your facts before you compare Darrin and Chord. They both happen to be very talented! That’s why they were cast. IDK what is going on with Ryan Murphy. Keep up the comments, maybe he’ll reconsider. I only discovered this show in season 2 BECAUSE of Chord Overstreet. I can’t watch it anymore if he goes.

    • trwrh

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    • Rebekah

      I don’t necessarily think Criss is annoying, but I do agree that Chord’s storyline was the emotional highlight of the season. I hope this doesn’t mean he is gone for good. *crosses fingers* If the creators felt they needed to weed out weak characters, they should have gotten rid of Mike or Tina. I would say Artie, too, but I guess he is intertwined in the awesome Brittany/Santana storyline. Keep Sam!

      • mary q contrary

        Yeah, that’s what really kind of bothers me about the whole thing. Mike and Tina have consistently been weak links the entire season, while Sam has at least had something to do for a bit, and I think he did it pretty well. I’m disappointed that Murphy is making these decisions based on diversity only. Hey, Ryan Murphy, I have news for you: Leaning on diversity simply for the sake of calling your show diverse is really a very lazy, plastic way of doing things. These bad decisions will finally catch up with you, my friend, and you’ll have yet another once-promising flop on your hands.

    • Beth

      I couldn’t agree more. Blaine/Darren is so anoying, so boring, I just fast forward whenever he appears.

      • gary

        you might be better of fast-forwarding through the whole show.

    • shelly

      more chord less criss…i see a true agenda on murphy’s part

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    • Stan

      If we can get the rest to quit, how long until the show is gone forever? I’m hoping that it is very, very soon!!!

    • greg fo shizzle

      Do people really watch this show? You all know that their voices are synthesized to sound better, right?

    • Miranda

      Glee is washed out anyways.

      • JoJo

        TOTALLY! The rating are gonna plummet even more one the orig. cast graduates

    • Fred

      I like Chris, I like Cord. Can’t we have them both?

    • Rain

      Ditto to this!

  • Jesse

    What about Ashley Fink?

    • HoneyB

      Get rid of her. She’s horrible. She comes on the screen and sucks the life out of whatever she’s on.

    • Theo

      TOTALLY AGREE. Get her out of there. I groaned when she was on the show once in a blue moon, and now she’s in the club? Wha?

    • gleelover

      Agree, lauren’s character is just an annoyimg, troublemaking b____, lose her, keep chord!

      • sarah

        You know this is make-believe, right? Actors in this show aren’t really high school students with high school problems…

    • mary q contrary

      Notice the dynamics that now make up the Glee club: Puck is Jewish, Lauren is plus-size, Artie is in a wheelchair, Tina and Mike are Asian, Mercedes is African American, Kurt, Blaine, and Santana are gay, Rachel is an adopted Jewish girl with two gay dads, and Finn, Quinn, and Britney are all straight and white. I guess there weren’t enough slots left for straight white kids, huh Ryan Murphy? I’m honestly a big fan of diversity, but when a show is clearly prioritizing it over actual talent, it becomes a problem. Chord was more talented and had a much better storyline this season than several of the characters I mentioned, yet he’s getting the axe. Eff you Ryan Murphy. Oh, and my daughter teared up when she heard the news. Sam was her favorite character and she’s pretty devastated.

      • mary q contrary

        Sorry, in my haste I said she’s adopted, obviously that’s not the case but motherless, Jewish, with two gay dads packs the same diverse punch, no?

      • Mark

        No wonder your daughter is in tears, as emotionally unstable as you are. Geez. That being said, let’s get some MORE gay characters! Wheeeeee! And make them Black Men!

      • I Agree

        Unlike Mark, I don’t see any emotional instability in your comment. I prefer talented and interesting characters, and there are several who can’t sing as well I would cut before Sam (Lauren, Tina, Mike…). It’s a shame Sam is being cut just when the writers figured out something more for him than just appearing as eye candy with his shirt off.

    • Miranda

      I dont know 1 person who likes dshley Fink lol

      • Kat

        Well, you don’t know me I guess, but I like Lauren! Her one singing attempt was aaaawful, but that’s what the original song sounds like, so whatever. I think the character is kind of fun.

  • Julia

    But what about him and Mercedes??!

    • Chelsea

      My first thought as well. They were what I was looking forward to most when the show returns! Oh, well…

    • elena

      seriously. get rid of quinn, who’s storyline is going nowhere, and keep sam, who ended the season with an interesting new relationship.

      • el

        Agree! They never would, but Quinn seriously adds nothing. She’s back and forth so much she’s like three different characters, none of them particularly good. Give some more time to Santana, Britney, and even Ashley Fink who’s at least original.

      • HoneyB

        Sounds good to me. I’m bored with Quinn (never liked her anyway). I was also excited for Mercedes to have a storyline.

      • Whatever

        I LIKE Quinn, but they didn’t do anything with her last season. I’d rather see her leave than for her to hang around being random for another year.

      • Anya

        I kind of like Quinn too, but I agree with this. Her Finn storyline at the end of the season was so weird and made no sense. If that’s the best they got for her then let the actress go do something else.

      • Pen

        I really dislike the actress who plays Quinn. It’s like every time she is trying to express an emotion she starts whispering. WHY?!?! Speak up baby! I don’t really see a point in keeping any of the characters none of them seem to serve a purpose. This show was so poorly written last year it was a disappointment after the stellar first season.

      • Lily

        I thought Quinn said she wanted to transfer…Maybe together with Sam ?

    • Olivia

      I know! Finally a love interest for Mercedes, but obviously that doesn’t matter. They are never going to give Amber Riley a decent story, just the big vocal moments they rely on. CO was very talented, but I have to say this news doesn’t surprise me. The writers never figured out what to do with Sam. Of course, CO is the one who got fired, not the writers.

    • Reba

      Oh no! I was so looking forward to Mercedes and Sam being together.

  • Mike

    This seems a little strange. The guy has a good voice, he is cute, he had a story until they seemed to lose total interest in him paired with Quinn. I even saw the potential for an eating disorder story with him which being male centric, would have been different. Plus Mercedes? AND, aren’t they already losing several major characters to graduation? Wouldn’t you want to keep characters that would still be viable, in school, known to the audience, AND talented?

    • Kate

      RM even said that Sam was one of the characters that was not graduating. I always wished that they would explore the friendships between the guys more. I LOVED when the guys fought Dave in the locker room for Kurt. Sam and Kurt have great chemistry even if it is as friends. It also would have been cool to see Finn and Sam go from somewhat rivials to close friends but god forbid they did a story line soley on friendship…

      • Bee

        I totally agree.
        But they DID have the Furt friendship this season, which I absolutely loved… (really, the only reason I didn’t start hating Finn this season.)
        And while it wasn’t a guy/guy friendship, I really liked the development of the Rachel/Kurt relationship this season.

      • Lily

        Yeah would love to see a Kurt/Sam friendship or a Puck/Sam friendship… and having a guitar face off… like Kurt and Rachel had a face off…

      • E

        Yeah, & you can’t graduate if you’re not a student at the school. He didn’t say he’d be a junior, he said he wouldn’t be a senior.

      • lisa

        Who cares? The show is stupid, the singing is electronically enhanced, and the only people who watch this crap fall into two categories: Drama queens and Thespians. Never trust a thespian.

    • Xander

      Ryan Murhpy is a pompous hack who doesn’t know what story-arcs or story is all about. He may have ideas, but not the follow-through. How many inconsistencies and plots dropped have we been through? I don’t even care about these characters anymore, and the moment we get a glimpse – he takes it away to sell more recordings or reality stars or whatever.

      He revels in the fact of adding new writers and proclaiming “Story arcs!” – like that’s a new thing? Seriously, Chord is talented and underused and will find something more suited, hopefully. Darren Criss I love but I find his character grating and saint-like. Jane Lynch needs out of her contract asap and Matthew Morrison’s Shuester is just plain lame-o.

      At least they have Marti Noxon who had a hand in the awful last two seasons of Buffy. So I guess there’s hope.

    • greg fo shizzle

      Jazz hands! I’m sure you know all about that, don’t you, Mike???

  • miss k

    Well this sucks. I want to know about him and Mercedes.

    • Captain

      It doesn’t say he’s not coming back, he’s just not on contract. They didn’t start that storyline for no reason. Ryan said Mercedes has a big storyline next year and I’m guessing her relationship with Sam is a catalyst for it, he’s just not going to be the center of it.

      • Lily

        Sigh… I guess you are absolutely right…

  • chocolateislove

    Meh, he was a kind of boring character and when he got paired with Mercedes, it just seemed like the showrunners are just putting people together just for the sake of it.

    • Vanillaislove

      I agree. Sam was boring. Blaine is hot and fun.

  • NedPepper

    Ryan Murphy is destroying his own mega popular creation. I just…don’t get him. At all. He’s like a kid with ADD. No direction, indecisive, and no clear vision for where Glee is headed. For a TV show runner, this is just completely unacceptable. What a shame.

    • Woot

      As a fan of the show I completely agree with you. He came of with this great concept, had a fantastic bunch of first episodes (the pilot is impressively strong both narratively, and emotionally.) Then he realizes that he has all these ideas, and all the messages he wants to convey, that he forgets about coherence. He wants to fit in the anti gay bullying theme (which I admired… but again I feel like he lost sight on it.) It’s so frustrating watching a good show lose focus and quality due to one man. Chord is a surprisingly good singer and actor. He got several quality story lines set up (Homeless due to recession, dating Mercedes) and then it seems Ryan Murphy lost interest and instead is opting for a different direction. Sorry for ranting, but it is just heartbreakingly aggravating.

    • Avon

      Ryan Murphy has NEVER had a clear vision. Nip/Tuck is all the evidence you need to back up this point. Murphy goes for the moment and not the future

      • T

        And I’m still pissed at him for totally f’ing up “Running With Scissors”!

      • Chris

        But his show Popular was genius from start to finish. The network canceled it before he could ruin it.

      • Julie Cooper-Nichols

        I have always thought Tammy Lynn Michaels from Popular would be perfect fit for Glee.

      • Cat

        Popular is another example.

      • Emily S

        To Julie Cooper- Nichols: YES! I have always thought that Tammy Lynn should come back as “Nicole” and play a rival cheerleading coach for Sue.

      • @T

        Now I know why it was so bad! I LOVED the book, but when I saw the film I was SO disappointed. It all makes sense now. So what, if anything, does Ryan Murphy touch and not eventually ruin with his own ego?

    • Annette

      He always has New Directions lol!

    • Somebody


  • Trey

    Can’t they get rid of Harry Shum, Jr.? His character does pretty much nothing on the show, they shoulda got rid of him when they got rid of Dijon Talton.

    • Olivia

      Harry Shum’s the best male dancer on the show, by far. I’m not surprised he’s getting a promotion. It bugs me more that they made all this time to create a story for KAROFSKY and couldn’t be bothered to write one for Sam.

      • Trey

        But he doesn’t sing or do anything else on the show. He’s a big waste of space.

      • Connie

        It’s a glee club, not a dance troop. I don’t get the need for the Mike character, although I do like Harry Shum, Jr. Just don’t see why he was promoted and NOT Overstreet!

  • Carrie U

    Maybe they got mad he cut his hair.

    • Chris

      The Felicity Curse strikes again.

  • Eve

    Seriously? They are keeping Ashley Fink instead of him. Her character is so annoying and can’t sing. Chord at least has talent. His character had so much potential. They should have kept him with Quinn. BOOOOO!

    • Captain

      Ashley Fink is GENIUS! Lets not bash characters cause one you like got cut. He’ll be back and it doesn’t mean he’ll never be back as a series regular, just not in Season 3. They may bring him back when the cast graduates.

      • Mikey M

        I don’t hate the actress just the character.

    • jules

      Why do you think they’re keeping Ashley Fink? I thought her character was a senior this year — Puck even mentioned it during the prom episode — so she may very well be graduating and gone before the first episode next season.

      I hope they bring back Chord Overstreet enough to do justice to the relationship with Mercedes. She hasn’t gotten anything in that department and she’s way overdue.

      And whether or not they “promoted” Darren Criss doesn’t change anything. He was on more than most of the regulars last season, anyway.

  • Patty

    So disappointed!!

  • Snsetblaze

    I am sad to see Sam go but I’m glad Harry Shum, Jr. and Darren Criss are now full-time cast members. Its about time for the former. Will Darren transfer? Ashley Fink so far is not a full time cast member … and she plays well off Mark Salling.

  • PJ

    This is why I always laugh when Ryan Murphy claims he has a vision, and he knows exactly what’s going to happen. He doesn’t. My guess is he re-watched an episode today, didn’t like Chord’s hair, and is cutting him.

    • Mikey M

      Why did he create the character and then give him nothing to do?
      A homeless story seemed to wreak of despiration.
      This show has gone off the rails.

  • Piper

    Good luck Chord, Glee is on the way down and out sooner than later. Hope you will find a better place where your talent will be appreciated!

  • Lucy

    I love Sam!!!!

    • Carol

      That’s exactly what I was going to type. BOOOOO!!!!

    • Lara


      • greg fo shizzle

        Cancel the show!!! America will be smarter for having done so!

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